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Bull: The Myth of Nasty Pit Bulls By kate maier

Last week, there was a vicious dog attack in Springs, the kind that newspapers love to get a hold of because there was a pit bull involved, and for some sensational reason dog attacks involving pit bulls are far more newsworthy than dog attacks involving, say, cocker spaniels. In this instance, there was also a distasteful photograph of a mutilated lap dog published in a local paper. Now, I once again find myself in a position to defend myself and my dog, amidst accusations of irresponsibility among all pit bull owners, and the idiotic suggestion that the Town of East Hampton “get rid of” Yukon and me the same way Mitt Romney wants to “get rid of” Planned Parenthood. The dog in question, the one who, unlike his

In typical pit bull fashion, Yukon burst into my life without invitation. He escaped an undoubtedly evil owner and hauled his scrawny butt into the restaurant where I worked, smack in the middle of dinner service. With no intentions of leaving the food source, he hung around all night, and weaseled his way into my heart with his big brown eyes. We named him Yukon Jack Daniels, for the booze he most resembled, although in later years, he seems more like a potato than a shot of hard whiskey. The first night I spent with him, I was terrified that he might maul me in my sleep, as the pit bulls you see

on T.V. are prone to do. But I did some research and grew up to be a responsible owner. Now I don’t sleep without him under my chin, to the disdain of several boyfriends who didn’t make the cut for obvious reasons. My little ball of terror has been, without compromise, the best part of my life since the moment he walked into it. He is my companion, my best friend, and he has treated me better than most humans over the course of our delightful and unexpected relationship. Punish the deed and not the breed.

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K. Maier

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The Montauk Monster?

owner, will be euthanized as a result of the attack, was an abused animal that, according to neighbors, spent most of his underfed life locked in a garage. He got out, and, acting on instincts, went after a fluff ball that looked something like the rabbits and small game that terrier breeds were bred to go after. That’s right, the adorable Jack Russell that is your favorite part of late night “Frasier” re-runs is descended from the same savage dogs as my vicious pit bull. If you have a dog with a prey drive—and that dog could be any number of breeds—you should have the common sense not to let him roam free. Period. Since I’ve known him for years, I let my little pit bull off the leash quite often. If he gets too excited, or if another dog shows up that seems mildly aggressive, we pack up and leave the party, because I have a pit bull, and I know damn sure who’s getting blamed if there’s a dog fight. But for the most part Yukon acts like an embarrassingly huge wuss. My landlord has two tiny fluffy dogs, and they chase my vicious pit bull around the yard mercilessly, yapping at his heels as he bolts in the opposite direction.

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Dan's Papers July 27, 2012  

Dan's Papers July 27, 2012 Issue

Dan's Papers July 27, 2012  

Dan's Papers July 27, 2012 Issue