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Let’s Go Tom Cruising Tom Cruise, mainly because I’d honestly like to know if he is a nut or not. The truth is that he Actor Tom Cruise was in probably isn’t, he’s probably as sane as they get the Hamptons over the for somebody that has to deal with that kind of weekend, as verified by celebrity, but when you have media reports of my friend who works at him doing anything, it’s always skewed towards East Hampton airport, and “that he’s a weirdo.” he was with his daughter I don’t get what’s so crazy about getting Suri. The actor is going married, having a child and getting a cordial through a divorce, and so divorce where you have joint custody of the far, it hasn’t been as ugly child. This is pretty much exactly how I was as I had expected it to be. brought up and I think I turned out just fine. With celebrity divorces, it And so he’s a Scientologist. Who cares? There always just seems awful. is this thing in America, it’s called freedom of Knowing what I know about the media and religion, and last time I checked, it still exists. celebrities, the truth is that almost 100% of Why make such a big deal out of it? the time, wrong information is given about a I feel like these days no matter what your celebrity. Tom Cruise religion is, people can jumped on a couch on skew it in such a way “Oprah” a few years I don’t get what’s so crazy about that you are a weirdo. back, and the whole getting married, having a child and I’ve personally stopped country freaked out, telling people that I go and suddenly, anything getting a cordial divorce. to church on occasion he does, makes him (well until just now) some kind of weirdo.  even though I was born “OH MY GOD, DID YOU SEE HIM CARRYING half-Jewish and half Catholic. Whenever I’ve HIS DAUGHTER OFF OF THE PLANE IN EAST told anybody my own age that I go to church, HAMPTON? HE’S SO WEIRD!!!”  I’m looked at as if I have three heads. “Why do “OH MY GOD, DID YOU HEAR THAT HE’S you go?” I’m asked. GETTING DIVORCED, WHAT A WEIRDO! AND “Because it’s nice sometimes,” I say, and NOW HE’S COMING TO THE HAMPTONS, WHAT then don’t even know how to process the IS HE LOONY TOONS?”  judgment, and this is for going to a freaking I mean come on folks.  church and I feel this way. Even Mitt Romney is I’d genuinely like to have a sit down with given crap today for seeming weird because he

By David lion Rattiner

The Hamptons half of TomKat

doesn’t practice a religion that everybody else practices and they have “weird” beliefs. It’s all weird.  I’m ranting, sorry about that.  So yeah, obviously I don’t know what to make of Tom Cruise in the Hamptons. I hope he had a good time and continues to come back. 

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Dan's Papers July 27, 2012  
Dan's Papers July 27, 2012  

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