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Party (Continued from previous page) how to maintain the house. What she found at the end of it was a list of eight houses that were apparently being used for similar purposes. Each had variations on the instructions unique to that house. Considering all the houses, this seemed to be an operation that could turn a pretty hefty profit for the month. Sachs told me that she gave these addresses to her sister Joanie in the real estate business, who, using them, got the names of the owners of them and called them to tell them what was going on in their homes. Whether Hnetinka did provide these services or if it is legal to have a graduation party in a private home I don’t know. But certainly people—the authorities, neighbors, others— could have an opinion about it. Some might say,

well this is America, America is about business and this is a good thing. It created jobs. Hooray for the guy who thought this up. The kids have their party. The property is kept neat and clean. Nobody is bothered next door and yes some money was made. If it is the case that kids were permitted to drink alcohol, as they apparently were, as per the document, others might be of the persuasion that this is not good for the community, because the teenagers are underage and surely this is not what our great mansions are intended for. Lucy Sachs gave me a copy of what she referred to as the guards’ manual. She also had given it to the authorities and to others, she said. Also in the document, toward the end, are phone numbers for the security guards to call in

case of emergency, the authorities show up or there is trouble. I called one of the numbers and the man that answered identified himself as Lee Hnetinka. I asked him if he would talk to me about this situation but would understand if he didn’t want to, and he said he really didn’t want to and so that was that. The entire document runs to nearly 4,000 words. The first thing you notice is that there are many typos and grammatical errors in it. It certainly isn’t well written. Among other things, it seems oddly and incredibly strict—every move of the potential partyers and security guards seems to be regulated. It seems to this reader to be an attempt to legitimize an underage drinking party and protect a house that is not being used for its stated purpose. For example, each person is asked to tell a guard on arrival about any knives, guns, hard alcohol and mikes, beer, drugs and prescription drugs. Then, as detailed in the document: if YOU have any of this YOU NEED TO SHOW US this way we know what they have. WE WANT TO SEE ALL OF IT AND WILL GIVE IT BACK ONCE WE HAVE AN IDEA OF EVERYTHING... HERE’S WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH EVERYTHING ... The prescription drugs will be given back should the person need them and they have a prescription. The hard alcohol will be given back once we feel they have earned it and you see they are a young adult and can handle it. This may be 5 minutes or 5 hours it depends on if you guys lie to us. If you show us what you have and we can trust you and no one lies then we will be more likely to give it back. IF YOU LIE TO US AND WE FIND OUT THEN WERE GOING TO TAKE IT ALL AWAY. Step 3: Put everything in the assigned locked room for that house and under your digression give back only the hard alcohol. Only give back hard alcohol that is clear ... do not give back any rum, gin or tequila .... I DO NOT ALLOW THOSE! Obviously do not give back drugs, knives or guns. Prescription drugs give back if they are that persons and they need it. *** How does a guard know what’s prescription and what is not? What if a teenager has drugs he or she says are prescription but which are not in a pharmacy bottle? Are we really trusting teenagers to turn over everything that they have brought? What does “feel they have earned it” mean? Is preference given to clear liquids so that if they spill, it won’t leave an obvious stain? At the beginning of the document is an explanation of how to handle the arrival of the busses bringing the kids. The busses must remain on the street with their engines off, and only one allowed at a time to disembark passengers quietly and orderly. Only when the first bus leaves is the second bus to go up and we pick it up from there. Here are other excerpts from the document:



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Dan's Papers July 27, 2012  

Dan's Papers July 27, 2012 Issue

Dan's Papers July 27, 2012  

Dan's Papers July 27, 2012 Issue