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T BULB S S U J The Light Bulb Store

“It’s Not Just An Awning, It’s Your Image� Servicing Nassau & Suffolk Licensed & Insured

Arc hitectural & Par ty Light Bulbs

w w w.ju s tb u lb s n yc .c om THE RIGHT LIGHT BULB IMPROVES THE MOOD

Shipped via FedEx and Jitney


Patio awnings, store front awnings, solar panels, boat canvas party tents, and patio furniture. Water repellant. Uv protectant. Removal of black streaks and mildew bird droppings. Clean any outdoor fabric or material. Winter specials for take down clean and storage.

1-855-2SCRUBIT(272-7824) 14841

The Jamesport Manor Inn


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By David lion rattiner


A man in Montauk with his pants down was approached by a police officer in the middle of the evening. He was caught red handed, urinating in public. When the officer explained to the man that what he was doing was illegal and that he was going to be written a summons, the man then made a run for it, but still with his pants down. During his brief escape, the man tripped over his pants and fell to the ground, where he became uncooperative and “flailed his arms and kicked his legs.� The officer arrested the man and then subsequently found a small vial of a white powdery substance that was later identified as cocaine.


A young man who was sleeping in his car in the middle of the road in East Hampton was found to be intoxicated. He gave police a fake ID from Virginia and when he was arrested, he kicked the window of the police vehicle he was placed in and shattered it. Well that’s one way to get a criminal record.

Shelter Island

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Sunset & Spirits.... the Manor!

™™™™™™ Patio dining overlooking rustic farmďŹ elds and breathtaking sunsets

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Relax & Unwind Stormy Captain

Captain Morgan Rum, Ginger Beer

Tequila Sunset

Tequila, Blackberry Brandy, OJ

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Peconic Bay Oysters on the Half Shell Lemon Granite

Chilled YellowďŹ n Tuna Sashimi Salad

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Old Man McGumbus, 103-year-old former World War II flame thrower infantryman, and president of the Foreign Affairs Reporting Trust, also known as FART for short, was giving a speech at FART headquarters located on the South Side of the island. “We have a problem that’s right in our face, and the problem is loud, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s embarrassing. Just talking about it puts a bad taste in my mouth, but I’m here to lead, not to follow. None of us here can stand the silent but deadly menace that is sending rips of violent, dangerous, loud and painful tones through our community. As FART President I will do everything in my power to rid Shelter Island of the hippie menace that is ruining our youth and our nation. I simply cannot hold this in any longer. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!� It was at this point that McGumbus became so angry that he kicked the podium that he was giving his speech from, however the podium, which apparently is made of Shelter Island Oak, the strongest wood in the United States, didn’t budge and McGumbus broke his leg. The FART conference was rescheduled and McGumbus was airlifted to Stony Brook Hospital where he was treated and released.

Sand Shark

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For reservations visit and for additional information visit

67 #*4$%515267&2--617/,05067)#651

+!757 45755%4#5*77++" "!+.!.+"77333.342--61.*4$

370 Manor Lane . Jamesport New York 11947 15344


(Closed Monday & Tuesday)


An 8-foot sand shark was caught just off the shores of Amagansett by a local fisherman on Saturday. Sand sharks, which are known for NOT eating people, still looked really, really, really freaking scary if you ask this writer. The shark survived being caught and was released back into the water.

Dan's Papers July 27, 2012  

Dan's Papers July 27, 2012 Issue