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If you don’t start here, then you’re not really

Party House Things You Can’t Do in a Rental

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a. b. c. d.

When Piping Plovers Attack

Don’t fight back Run Call 911 Bring in the Hawks


What Parasites Can See DoPageto You 41


a. Give booze to kids YOUNGER than 21 b. Have more than 50 people c. Rent for Less than a month d. Don’t clean up the mess e. Keep the Authorities Out

starting where you’re supposed to start.

a. b. c. d. e.

Of the 2,500 art shows across the country, the Mary O. Fritchie Show ranks among the top 50

Fail to come back with the coffee Borrow money and not return it Hang up on your callers Throw away your mail Do Your Books and Steal Your Money



There’s no town ocean lifeguards for a 12 mile stretch along the barren Napeague strip between Amagansett and Montauk. People drowned there two years ago. A man almost drowned there in June. It’s swim at your own risk. So East Hampton Town thinks it might make a public lifeguard beach on beachfront they own at the end of Dolphin Drive in Napeague. Meanwhile, the members of the Dunes at Napeague Property Owners Association sued East Hampton Town last year, claiming that due to a sale 150 years ago, they own the beach, not East Hampton. If they win, everybody leaves. But even if they do win, the Town can build the beach on their property and everybody stays, but in one spot. It’s win-win. No?

“She might be a fat dog, but she’s my fat dog.” –Joan Rivers

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10 Presidents With Interesting First Names


Teddy Lyndon Dwight Horace Barack

George Abe Ulysses Millard Cynthia

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Which American Idol alumni played “Doralee,” made famous by Dolly Parton in the National Tour of “9 to 5”? a. Kelly Clarkson b. Diana DiGarmo c. Carrie Underwood d. Kelly Pickler

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holidays in july you may not have heard of

July 26 - National Apple Pie Day July 27 - text an old grade school friend day July 28 - Watergun appreciation day July 29 - Burger, Beer & Back Scratch Day July 30 - Cherry Coke Appreciation Day

to his community

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