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By marissa pollina

ollecting (and holding onto) antiques is a popular hobby. After an item has been in someone’s possession for many years, the owner will often appraise it to see if it has increased in value. That is where the experts come in. The show Antiques Roadshow is an appraisal service as entertainment. Experts travel all over the country to various places to see people’s antiques or collectables. People in communities bring their items so they can learn more about what they have been holding on to for so long. The experts then go over the item with the owner and give all the details they would want to know. Now you can meet Gary Sohmers, an expert from the show. Sohmers will share his expertise at the Rock Art Show at the Jedidiah Hawkins Inn in Jamesport from June 29 through July 1. He will be selling valuable memorabilia as well as doing appraisals all weekend for people bringing in pop culture items, which is his expertise. As an expert on Antiques Roadshow for 13 seasons, he has appraised hundreds of items associated with pop culture history. “It’s fun,” said Sohmers. “My dad was a traveling salesman. As I grew up I wanted to get involved. I started to collect records.” Sohmers explains that he took his passion of wanting to be a Rock & Roll star and combined it with his collecting skills. “I love it. I have seen some crazy things,” said Sohmers. “(Someone) brought in original comics of the Peanuts by Charles Shultz. That went for $450,000,” said Sohmers. Sohmers laughed and said, “The craziest thing I saw was the Spinning Jaws of Death. A guy walked in with this giant piece of metal that actually spun out of control and grabbed the camera.” He, along with other Antiques Roadshow experts, always tell the owner of the item all of the essentials: if there were any abnormalities, if the date was important, what certain inscriptions mean (if there were any) and what price an item would sell for in the market. The show has experts in all different fields—furniture, watches, portraits, jewelry, scriptures, ceramics, glass and much more. In a particular episode shot in Chattanooga, Tenn., which aired April 6, 2009, a woman’s grandfather had owned a cinema and she had all of his posters, or “lobby cards,” from movies over many generations. Sohmers was able to tell her a great deal about the “lobby cards” from when the poster was created to when the film opened. At Jedidah Hawkins Inn, he will be looking at items people bring just like he does on Antiques Roadshow. “Now I can (give details and prices) without even seeing (the object). Forty years of buying and selling, it’s easy for me to visualize,” said Sohmers. He continued to explain that there are three evaluations for an item—liquidation (what could you get from the item right now), fair market (if the item were in an antique shop what would its real value be) and replacement cost (if the item were to damaged in some sort of fire or other hazard (Continued on page 58)

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