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Henry Hill at the airport

cohorts from killing one another and harming people that didn’t deserve it. I saved a lot of men from gettin’ whacked.” Hill paused and gazed blankly at the horizon. “It’s ironic. East Hampton was where the federal marshals first relocated me to hide from my enemies.” Nostalgically, he lulled in thought. “And 32 years later, I’m back in the Hamptons to tell you my story.” In 1978 Hill was the broker of the largest unrecovered cash robbery in history. It was his magnum opus, a $6 million haul that his associates plucked from the Lufthansa cargo terminal at Kennedy Airport, a spectacular crime that fascinated the media. However, fear that someone amongst the robbers might point the authorities to the lead pirate, Jimmy Burke, caused Burke to unleash a slaughter, murdering 13 of his co-conspirators. Hill had been spared. But months following the Lufthansa ambush, a devastating event crumbled his high life, an arrest for distribution of narcotics that carried 30 years of imprisonment. Hill had betrayed his mentor, Paul Vario, who gravely forbid drug trafficking. Hill’s defiance of Vario’s orders put Hill’s life in jeopardy and that sobering thought drove him to the safe haven of the FBI. Death at his heels, Hill sought shelter in the Witness Protection Program and began his journey to redemption. He emerged as the keystone witness who decapitated the Cosa Nostra by assisting in convicting 46 of its bosses, a triumph that branded him a turncoat equal in infamy to Sammy The Bull Gravano, and Joe Valachi. Having recounted his services to law enforcement, Hill’s weary eyes seemed to say he’d rather switch to a lighter topic. “After testifying for the prosecutors and puttin’ away the bad guys, Nicholas Pilleggi and I wrote my book titled, Wiseguy, the basis of Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas. You know, Nick lives out here in the Hamptons with his wife—the novelist, Nora Ephron. “I’m aware of it,” I said. Hill jabbed the air with his finger and snickered. “By the way, Nora came up with the name ‘Wiseguy.’ I bet you didn’t know that.” “Actually, I didn’t, Henry.” Henry Hill, immortalized in the film, Goodfellas, died of natural causes on June12, 2012.

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BA S TILLE DAY “Cajun Style”

Saturday, July 14 th 5:30 - 8:00pm

Enjoy a twist on the French tradition. Lenz wines, New Orleans-inspired food & the soulful stylings of Southold Slim General Public: $80 Lenz Subscribers: $60

10% discount on tickets purchased by July 1st.

D I N N ER in the VINES Saturday, August 25 t h

Local Chef Local Ingredients Prepared & Served in The Lenz Vineyard

M E R LOT WORLD CL ASSIC Saturday, September 15 th

Over 60 different merlots from around the world!


Main Rd (Rte 25) in Peconic

10am - 6pm

631 734 6010

Need a Roofer quick? 16869

Dan's Papers June 22, 2012  

Dan's Papers June 22, 2012 Issue

Dan's Papers June 22, 2012  

Dan's Papers June 22, 2012 Issue