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Honoring the Artist: Charles Wildbank This week’s cover by Charles Wildbank is an image rich with delicious tastes and political metaphor. According to Wildbank, it is “an antidote for our crazy economy” as well as a “symbol for our modern society’s indulgence in excess.” Q: The cover really inspires us to go out and buy an ice cream sundae. Tell us more about its symbolism. A: It’s called “Megabyte,” a towering dessert made up of all sorts of ice cream flavors mixed with a rich berry sauce and rose petal trimmings. Could it be that much of the world’s abundance has ended up on the platters of the privileged few or even sitting there unattended? Q: How is this cover similar or different from your other paintings? A: Well, it’s got that look of photorealism like previous covers, only this one’s a bit more playful and

happily out of control. Q: How has your style or subject matter changed in the last several years? A: It’s essentially that same signature style but with a dash of photoshop and a certain transcendence. I’ve introduced the elements of nature in a series I’m doing now called Hado, which means wave. Q: When you’re not painting such luscious concoctions as this cover, what are your favorite things to do? A: I’ve done so much traveling since my last cover – it’s one of my passions – Japan, Korea, Hawaii, Peru, all of Europe including Eastern Europe. Traveling, hiking, horseback riding, scuba diving and yoga are my favorites next to painting. Q: Since you love to travel, if you could paint anywhere in the world, where would it be? A: If one was to spin the globe with eyes closed and stop anywhere, I’d be fine with that location, setting up a studio away from home. I find all countries so beautiful – one place I especially liked was Capri where I swam in the caves. Q: Who are some artists you admire? A: One particular new artist recently caught my attention. He is an Australian sculptor residing in the UK, Ron Mueck. I keep his books around as a reminder that there are other means of viewing life at large where one would not be the same again. Q: If you could be involved in another profession, what would it be? A: I happen to enjoy writing poetry, although I’ve dabbled in many types of work. They all fall under the heading of creation. Q: What things have influenced your art or inspired you? A: Nature has always inspired me. Even love is nature to me. Love for me is the poetry of the universe, and the blank canvas is my consciousness from which the unborn manifests. Q: How did your early years inspire you? A: I remember my grandmother giving me some support and the time she took me to get my first set of oil paints and brushes. I was 11 then, and she asked me to paint a tropical scene from Hawaii from her photo album. I still have that first oil painting, and it is posted on my Web site. — Marion Wolberg Weiss Wildbank will be participating at the Westhampton Art Festivals on August 1 and 2 and on August 22 and 23. Visit or visit South Street Gallery in Greenport to see “Megabyte” in person until the end of June.


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positive changes from something as simple as planting a garden in an abandoned lot.” Constantly keeping busy, either on the road or recording music, Havens most recently released his 30th album, Nobody Left to Crown, last August, which he co-produced. On this album he takes on The Who classic “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” which draws the connection between the politically turbulent 1960s and the world we live in today, as well as Jackson Browne’s “Lives in the Balance,” which features Derek Trucks on slide guitar, and Peter Yarrow’s “The Great Mandala.” This record also features several of Havens’ songs as well, including “The Key,” “(Can’t You Hear) Zeus’s Anger Roar,” “If I” and “Fates.” Tickets to Havens’ June 19 performance at the Stephen Talkhouse are $50/$65. For more information or to purchase tickets, go to or 1197373

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