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who said, “Quality remains long after the price is forgotten.” To that quote Rabin adds his own tag line, which is, “When there is value.” Rabin has been splitting his time between Manhattan and Southampton for years. He spends the early part of the week out East with his eight-year-old son Joshua, who attends Our Lady of the Hamptons school, and lives there with his mother Loreen Enright, a music and voice teacher. Rabin cited another reason for his success over the years. “I couldn’t do what I do without the team. I have an amazing supporting cast. My sister Eileen Sorota runs the women’s store, my general manager Isabelle Hardy has been with me over 10 years, and Bill Wood is the interior/exterior designer in all my stores.” By the way, Larry Wertheimer, the 17-year-old

employee who helped load the checker cabs with the first merchandise to be sold, is still one of Rabin’s dearest friends, “I practically raised him,” Rabin said. The day that I visited Rabin in the men’s store on Madison Avenue he and his sister were preparing for a ‘going away party’ in the Women’s store across the street for an employee who’d spent 10 years with the company—an unusual commitment in a small retail business. Rabin is a formidable presence with a booming voice, a firm handshake and sparkling eyes. You’re sure to recognize him if you see him in Southampton this summer with his signature shaved head and eyebrows thick as pelts of skin. He may just be wearing something by Peter Elliot for Atlantis.


MILL L PATIO We’ve e Moved! w Shipment New

Largestt Selection Indoor/Outdoorr Woven Furniture

Daybed H x 81”W W x 35.5D 37.5”H


$1 anu ,7 fa 99 ctu * to rer $2 Dir ,4 ect 99

Chair Cushions Included

$399 Teak Guaranteed Bestt Value

Teak k Tables,, W/6 6 Armchairs,, 7-10 0 Feet.. Chairr Cushionss Included k Tables,, W/4 4 Armchairs,, 5-7 7 Feet.. Chairr Cushionss Included *Teak

10:00-AM M to o 5:00PM



The Barn Next to Schmidt’s Market South of County Road 39


t Ask Abou x Our Fle ! Pay Plan


record will be cleared. If I am caught violating a dog ordinance, then I will have to appear again in court and have to deal with both violations. I accepted the deal in order to avoid the fine. What Judge Cahill cleverly did, as I see it, is that she supported the patrol officers who give these tickets and probably assumed that I would be happy as no fine was assessed. What Judge Cahill did not do is address a poorly-written ordinance which is being improperly enforced. Had she done that, she would have forced the Town to write a better ordinance which would clearly define nesting areas and meet due process requirement for adequate notice. Some food for thought… The ordinance states that no person can enter the bird area yet there is a sign that says PATH…so by definition the fence can not denote a bird area, (running from dunes at a 90 degree angle to water which, unlike the actual nesting areas, does not enclose anything). Birds cannot nest on sand that is underwater 20 hours a day, so the wet sand low tide area cannot be construed as a bird NESTING area. If the birds are in danger at the shoreline where they feed, then the ordinance needs to be rewritten and clearly posted. Sincerely, on probation, Carol


116 North Sea Road, Southampton


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anyway? Then we have the dramatic moment. The explosion. After just one day of pumping, the pump sucking out the water suddenly wheezes and poops out. I know, I know. It’s not on any mammoth scale. Nobody is killed. No great object sinks. There’s no fire. But the effect is the same. The work stops. The waters back up into the ponds and basements and they rise and rise alarmingly again. And that’s as far as I’ve gotten on this. How do you like it so far? Next comes the who-is-responsible part. Then the arrival of the replacement pump, the inspection, the installation of the pump performed by remote controlled robots and then, oh maybe we’d best just forget the whole thing.

an $2.00

Complete Property Maintenance • • • •

Deer Proofing Mulch Top Soil Irrigation Installation & Service Landscape Construction & Lighting

• • • •


Masonry Available! Rock Walls & Patios Shrub & Tree Planting Sod/Seed & Lawn Programs

East End Landscaping & Property Management, LLC Travis Thompson - 22845 Rt. 48, Cutchogue - Licensed








2 in NYC


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Dan's Papers June 11, 2010  

Dan's Papers, the 51-year-old bible of the Hamptons, is owned by Manhattan Media, a multi-media publishing company based in New York City,...

Dan's Papers June 11, 2010  

Dan's Papers, the 51-year-old bible of the Hamptons, is owned by Manhattan Media, a multi-media publishing company based in New York City,...