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Honoring the Artist: Joe Chierchio Managing Editor: Susan M. Galardi

The lure of nostalgia has never been stronger than it is now in these days of financial crisis and discontent. Yet cover artist Joe Chierchio is not one to paint subjects just because they reflect a relevant time and place. Chierchio’s images respond to his own childhood growing up in Brooklyn and his love of the past. They also represent his penchant for storytelling and distinct way of capturing an important moment in the life of a person, event or environment. Whether he is conveying a big city at night, in works like “Late Shift Diner” and “Last Train,” or small town life in “Barbershop” and “Sag Harbor Cinema,” Chierchio adds a personal touch to every scene. Q: What do you think is appealing about the cover? A: The barber was one of the nicest persons in town. He gave us boys our first haircut. Going there was fun. And he gave us a lollypop. Q: Getting a first haircut was a rite-of-passage, too. Did your barbershop have a red and white pole outside? A: You bet. I still remember the one I went to, Louie’s OK Barbershop, in Brooklyn. Everyone had their own shaving mug on a shelf. It was also a wonderful meeting place, like a diner. Q: I know you have painted a lot of diners. A: Yes, I did a series called “The Regulars.” There were three people at a counter reading a newspaper. We’re wondering what they’re reading. Q: Besides what they are reading, how about why they are reading? A: In my art, people are not just sitting around. They have things to do. They have chores. If it’s not so explicit as to why they are doing things, viewers can read into it. And they

can say, “I had a moment like that.” Q: That’s what makes a good narrative or story. I have a feeling that your own personal life is filled with doing things, activities. A: Yes. I work on several things at a time; I like to keep busy, painting, going to galleries, having dinner with friends. But I don’t read. I’d rather do an art work or see a film or watch TV. Q: Talk about your various projects, you are working on a series about Coney Island. A: When I was growing up, this was our Hamptons. It was a great escape; we would bring a blanket, go swimming, go under the boardwalk where the Bop House was. We’d dance and party, get out of the heat. Q: How about the mixed media project you’re doing? It presents other kinds of challenges. A: I am doing works with two media, photography and art. A photographer friend is doing the photographs, and I’m doing the art. The style is like Film Noir and Pop Art. Sometimes the images have a comic book feel, with strong colors. I’m working now on something called “Horsing Around.” The narrative has sexual overtones: a couple is in bed where the woman has the upper hand. She’s in the driving seat. There’s a hotel sign outside the window. Q: So what’s your primary purpose in painting an image? A: I try and create moments in paint. —Marion Wolberg Weiss Chierchio’s work can be seen at New York’s Broadfoot and Broadfoot Gallery (484 Broome Street, 646-808-7470) and Southampton’s Arthur Kalaher Fine Art (631-204-0383) You can email him at


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Dan's Papers June 11, 2010  

Dan's Papers, the 51-year-old bible of the Hamptons, is owned by Manhattan Media, a multi-media publishing company based in New York City,...

Dan's Papers June 11, 2010  

Dan's Papers, the 51-year-old bible of the Hamptons, is owned by Manhattan Media, a multi-media publishing company based in New York City,...