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This issue is dedicated to Laurie Anderson.

J UNE 8, 2012

35 200th Anniversary by Dan Rattiner Most celebrations of the War of 1812 (the 200th anniversary is this year) involve defeats. The encounter in Sag Harbor at Long Wharf involved a victory. The enemy came, landed briefly on Long Wharf and was driven off, never to return.

29 South O’ the Highway All the latest Hamptons celebrity news.

37 The Hot Mercedes-Benz

37 East Hampton’s Main Beach Ranked 3rd

by Dan Rattiner In an astonishing parallel to the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, some kids in their early 20s “borrow” one of their parent’s hot red Mercedes convertible without permission and plan to have it back before the parents find out, but then something goes horribly, horribly wrong.

by Evan Reeves Dr. Beach has come out with this year’s Top 10 Beaches in America. Main Beach in East Hampton continues to rise, making it to the No. 3 spot. All other beaches in the Hamptons are not nearly as good...

41 Empire State Building, Jealous, Strikes Back

49 My Brilliant Divorce

by Dan Rattiner

by Dan Rattiner Is it possible for the legendary 102 story Empire State Building to be jealous of competitors?

32 Police Blotter

31 Hamptons Subway

by Dan Koontz Review of Bay Street Theatre

50 Johnny Winter

41 Problem by Dan Rattiner The author sees a black cable loose, halfway down on the side of his house and figures out it is a TV cable. He has an interesting conversation with the people who put it up on the building.


61 Life: Love it, Hate it by David Lion Rattiner Go to the gym in the morning honoring the artist

43 PotatoHampton Diary

by Debbie Slevin Performing at Riverhead Blues and Music Festival

by David Lion Rattiner All the news that’s not fit to print on the East End. Featuring Shelter Island.

by Dan Rattiner My day watching the run for the potatoes in Bridgehampton

52 A Bay Street Comedy Preview

sheltered islander

33 PAGE 27

43 All About the Bulova

by Katey McCutcheon Coming to Sag Harbor in June

by Sally Flynn The Brits’ plan for the Island

Watchcase Factory

Your route to where the beautiful people play.

by Evan Reeves Getting closer to completion...

guest essay

hamptons epicure


by Stacy Dermont It’s hard to put a name to this

45 Jesus, or Someone Like

55 Diving Under the

by Marion Wolberg Weiss

62 Cricket Anyone?

63 No Hallmark Card

him, Carries a Cross Here

by Raymond Conklin An idyllic East End summer

by Evan Reeves “Jesus” “crosses” the Forks?

58 Graduation and Beyond

47 Let’s Get Together in

by Robert Sforza What happens after graduation?

by Darren deMaille The Memorial Tournament

Who’s Here

66 News Briefs



62 Dinah Maxwell Smith

by Mr. Sniev My scientific endeavors

59 Polly Draper by Debbie Slevin Actress

10 Minute golf

65 Tom Watson Honored

Dan’s weekly update from around the East End

Dan's Papers June 8, 2012  

Dan's Papers June 8, 2012 Issue

Dan's Papers June 8, 2012  

Dan's Papers June 8, 2012 Issue