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This issue is dedicated to Bob Edelman

MAY 18, 2012

25 For Conscience Sake

29 Big Fish

29 Fast Food

by Dan Rattiner A search for the first words uttered by the first settler landing at Conscience Point, Southampton in 1640. This person, a woman, waded ashore from a small boat and said “For conscience sake, we are on dry land again.” The world wants to know.

by Dan Rattiner Another world rod and reel fishing record for Montauk. A fisherman from Bay Shore, after quite a fight, brings in his catch to Montauk Fishing Village. The crowds cheer as the fish is hauled up by the crane. Is this on the up and up? Only a careful reading of this story will lead you to the answer to that.

by Dan Rattiner A dizzying trip through the mind of the author about hot fudge sundaes, visits to the doctor, fast food laws in East Hampton that aren’t, the new offices of Dan’s Papers and his mother. It’s possible he will be telling you more than you care to know.

20 South O’ the Highway

37 The Montauk Monster

All the latest Hamptons celebrity news.

by Kate Maier Who would destroy such a beloved piece of public art?

21 Hamptons Subway by Dan Rattiner

Who’s Here

22 Police Blotter

by Judy S. Klinghoffer and Kelly Laffey Grammy Award-winning singer/ songwriter

33 The Andy Warhole Gallery by Mr. Sneiv The selling of a painting sparks the entrepreneurial sprit of an author who wants more than the few pennies he now makes writing stories such as this. (Wait. He submits these.)

39 Suzanne Vega

by David Lion Rattiner All the news that’s not fit to print on the East End. Featuring Shelter Island.

28 Literary Prize

23 PAGE 27

by Nicole Stanek Be a winner.

Your route to where the beautiful people play.

31 The Rowers by Dan Koontz What will be the fate of Sag Harbor Community Rowing?

31 Poxabogue Golf by Dan Rattiner Sailing into the waiting arms of Southampton Town.


35 Smart Crosswalks by Nanci E. LaGarrenne Beep, Flash, Flash, Flash, Zoom

20 Something

Hamptons epicure

41 Seen: Billy Joel

42 Seen in my Salad Bowl

by David Lion Rattiner Billy Joel and motorcycle.

by Stacy Dermont A story from a self-proclaimed farmers market groupie. Honoring the Artist

44 John Chierchio by Marion W. Weiss

52 News Briefs Dan’s weekly update from around the East End

Dan's Papers May 18, 2012  

Dan's Papers May 18, 2012 Issue

Dan's Papers May 18, 2012  

Dan's Papers May 18, 2012 Issue