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Photo Page Editor: Maria Tennariello

GUILD HALL HONORS MEL BROOKS The Guild Hall Academy of the Arts honored Mel Brooks at their annual Lifetime Achievement Awards dinner held at the Rainbow Room in NYC. Mr. Brooks was cited for his contributions to the Performing Arts. Other recognized this year were Joe Pintauro for Literary Arts; David Salle for Visual Arts and a special award was given to Robert F.X. Sillerman for his leadership & philanthropic endeavors.

Brenda Seimer, Mercedes Ruehl

Alec Baldwin, Mel Brooks

Frieda & Roy Furman

Ruth Appelhof, Albert Maysles

Joe Pintauro, Greg Therriault

Patti Kenner, Christine Wasserstein, Julie Ratner

Christina & Paul Strassfield

Mel Brooks, Dan Rattiner


Jon & Jill Steinberg, Richard & Renee Steinberg, Sarah & David Fiszel

Photos: Tom W. Ratcliffe III

Layout Design: Joel Rodney

Text: Maria Tennariello

COLDWELL BANKER AWARDS CEREMONY Coldwell Banker Prestigious Properties held its First Annual Awards Ceremony at the Tuscan House in Southampton. Awards for top Producers for 2007. Daniel Rowen missing from photo.

Caralyn Kozlowski, Deborah Sonnenberg, Nancy Ringham, Judith Ivey

Lena Davin (SMD), Beau Hulse (CEO), Pat Hulse (BA), Lorraine Stever (MB), Greg Berinato (MB)

#1 Janice Hayden

#1 Gloria Lofstad

Josh Gladstone, Kate Mueth

David Salle, Angela LaGreca

Kathleen Clark's charming new play "Secrets of a Soccer Mom," directed by Tony Award winner Judith Ivey opened at the Snapple Theater Center in NYC with Caralyn Kozlowski, Nancy Ringham and Deborah Sonnenberg as three mothers, who rediscover their spirit for life with poignant results. For tickets or 212-307-4100 through March 31.

#1 Linda Kouzoujian

Dan's Papers Mar. 14, 2008  

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