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The Champs East Hampton Boy’s Basketball Team Wins LI Class AChampionship By David Lion Rattiner It has been a long time coming for the East Hampton High School Boy’s Basketball team. Loaded with talent, the team has come incredibly close to winning the County title game played at Stony Brook University for the past three years. The disappointing loss last year, however, has made this year’s Class A championship win that much sweeter. That’s right, you read correctly, I just said Class A, as in all of Long Island, not just Suffolk County. Welcome home fellas, enjoy your championship because this doesn’t come along very often. This writer has been dying to type the words “East Hampton basketball team is the Suffolk County

champion” for the past two years. Well this year, I get to say Class A, and that rolls off the tongue even better. In front of 2,500 people at the Old Westbury arena, the Bonackers showed what they were made of. With Mike Russell, Jerome Russell, Hayden Ward, Marcus Edwards and the rest of the crew putting in everything they had, and coach Ed Petrie, their coach since they were all freshmen, supporting them, the team turned their dream into a reality. In an ironic twist compared to last year’s County attempt, the key to winning last Saturday against the Jericho Jayhawks was shutting down their 3-point game. Doing this

was key because the Jayhawks are widely regarded as Long Island’s best 3-point team with a sniper scope shooter named Matt Cajuste. With Petrie’s science-like coaching skills, the Bonackers moved from a zone defense to a match-up zone, which made shooting 3-pointers much more difficult, if not impossible for the Jayhawks. In frustration, their star player began racking up fouls, and found himself sitting out of the game for more then 10 minutes as he watched his team get picked apart by the Bonackers. The Bonackers’ offensive game couldn’t be stopped, solidifying them as the clear leader (continued on page 30)

OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS By T.J. Clemente With 35 households in East Hampton already calling in 145 complaints, the new voluntary helicopter agreement is off to a rocky start. Reports estimated by East Hampton Airport records find only half of the flights are complying. In a deal brokered by United States Senator Chuck Schumer-NY, helicopters flying out to the North Fork and East End will voluntarily fly at a minimum of 2,500 feet instead of the usual 500-600 feet that has resulted in the noise that spurred many complaints. Also in the agreement between the local airports (and

including the Eastern Region Helicopter Council) is the use of a route that basically follows the North Shore of the Long Island Sound up to Shoreham. At that point, an overland route has been established for areas like the Pine Barrens, which has very little if any population. In the past year political forces led by Southold Supervisor Scott Russell and Congressman Tim Bishop, D-Southampton, have been calling for federal legislation to create federal regulations concerning height and no-fly zones. A bill was passed authorizing the Federal Aviation Administration to study the situa-

tion. In fact, an FAA spokeswoman released a statement that the fine print of this agreement will not be released until this spring. Many residents, while realizing this was a step in the right direction, are skeptical about whether the rich and powerful, when in a hurry or delayed by the big deal, may instruct helicopter pilots to take the short cut low and directly over land. But with the increasing number of flights annually, the situation has reached the critical stage. For example, between May and August 2006, in East Hampton alone there were 3,536 flights (that number includes (continued on the next page)

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