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Music in the Parlor, with Spoons, Guitars & Harps The 2009 Parlor Music Series at the ago. The goal of the Parlor Music Series, Bridgehampton Historical Society in a time where technology rules every(BHS), kicked off with singer-songone’s lives, is to bring back that “live writer Terry Winchell on February 7. person to person communication.” But don’t worry if you missed that According to Dermont, “Unless you go first show, as BHS has a line-up of intito Sunday services, you don’t have contact with live music. Here, people intermate acoustic music scheduled into act so fluidly.” Often, Dermont says, the April. The next show, on Saturday, performers and the audience will chat February 28 at 2 p.m., features John in between songs as well as before and Corr, a Kings Park-based singer-songafter the show. And, with only enough writer who will perform nautical and room to allow 30 and 40 people, this Irish songs on guitar and spoons. means the shows are truly intimate. Having performed at BHS in 2008, this This also means reservations are often time around his new CD, Come Round required, as each show is usually sold Ye Northeast Mariners, will be availout. However, Dermont is hoping in the able. future that one of the barns on the Then, on March 14, in honor of St. property can be cleaned out and utiPatrick’s Day, catch Sag Harbor’s Terry lized as a venue for the music series, Sullivan, who will be singing Irish allowing more people to attend. songs and telling stories. For more John Corr is next up, with Irish songs, guitar, and yes, spoons! The Parlor Music Series concerts, information, go to by the Bridgehampton livansagh. Stony Brook singer-songwriter began working there in November 2007 that a regAssociation, Inc., are all at 2 p.m. on Saturdays. Claudia Jacobs ( will perform her ular music series again became a part of what the Admission is $5, and includes cider, cookies and a mix of folk, blues and Americana on March 21. Her museum has to offer to the community. Dermont tour of the museum. The current exhibit, new EP, Makin’ Lemonade, will be available at the also books the music series on Sundays at Christ “Bridgehampton’s Historic Turnpike,” closes on show. Guitarist Dan Koontz, with Don Schmitz on Episcopal Church in Sag Harbor. March 6. For more information about the music harmonica, will close out the Music Series on April “We look to book acoustic acts, not necessarily series and upcoming exhibits, go to 4. just old music,” Dermont said. “But the idea of this or call 631-537Though BHS has offered live music in the past, it is how people were entertained 100 to 150 years 1088. wasn’t until Stacy Dermont, program director,

Art Commentary

by Marion Wolberg Weiss

Talking Heads at Tulla Booth, “Love and Desire” at Pamela Williams Although it’s somewhat of a perhaps been helpful. stretch to compare love and There’s no such obvious politics in Tulla Booth’s curambiguity at Pamela rent show for Valentine’s Day, Williams’ present exhibit, the exhibit works on another, yet on second thought, we more intriguing level. That is believe there most certainly particularly true about is. That ambiguity does not Michael Cardacino’s montage always relate to the works’ of snapshots featuring political meaning and context, howfigures. Our bet is that each ever, but to a larger “picperson, like Hillary Clinton, ture.” Joe Biden and Bill Clinton, This concept has primariwere captured at a specific ly to do with how the show, event; the photographer then “Love and Desire,” is curatarranged the images in a grided. In fact, the presentation like shape to resemble “mug” is about the curating as shots (or “talking heads” in TV much as it is about the art jargon). itself. Williams is to be conThere are similarities in this gratulated for her skill and view we are presented: most of taste in this regard. the politicians are smiling Simply put, we are often (naturally,) with Sarah Palin seeing pieces that we have being the most animated (natnever seen before, that are urally.) The “eyes” and “lips” not normally associated carry the most weight in this with the artists’ “oeuvre.” study of facial expressions. This fact alone makes us Biden is the exception. He uses begin to reinterpret their Eric Ernst, "Distant Echoes" an open mouth and lips to more contemporary works. express his thoughts, whatever they may be. For example, Ralph Carpentier’s rendition of Which gets us to the most salient point here. The Honolulu’s Red Light District during the 1950s is a viewer is trying to imagine what set off these expresfar cry from his present landscapes in style and persions, trying to guess the context and the possible spective. Is there a bit of ambiguity in these land“story” behind these visual responses. Was President scapes that we have missed? Clinton being asked a humorous question to evoke his Cynthia Knott’s “Plato and Persephone” and “Siren” smile? Where was he when these pictures were are also far removed from her signature cloudscapes. taken? A little background information would have They are, instead, figurative, narrative and mythic,

Ken Robbins, "Lydia" yet also passionate. Come to think of it, so are her cloudscapes (except they’re not human figures.) Photographer Ken Robbins also throws us for a loop with his sensual female figure, “Lydia.” It’s apparently not like his landscapes with their surreal, iconic touch. Even so, we can see a connection. Eric Ernst also stops us in our tracks with his “Distant Echoes,” also using a female image as perhaps a metaphor. Again, the style is not what we expected, far from his often geometric, abstract shapes. Which leaves us with the most ambiguous image of all: What does the woman represent? The artist’s fading memory (the figure is about to enter a door and disappear)? The illusive presence of female sensibility? Maybe the idea is not to solve the ambiguity at all. The shows at Sag Harbor’s Tulla Booth Gallery and Amagansett’s Pamela William’s Gallery will be on view until March 30 and mid-March, respectively.

Dan's Papers Feb. 27 & Mar. 6, 2009  

Dan's Papers, the 51-year-old bible of the Hamptons, is owned by Manhattan Media, a multi-media publishing company based in New York City,...

Dan's Papers Feb. 27 & Mar. 6, 2009  

Dan's Papers, the 51-year-old bible of the Hamptons, is owned by Manhattan Media, a multi-media publishing company based in New York City,...