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TWENTY SOMETHING by David Lion Rattiner

It’s always been amazing to me how seriously people take bottled water. I know a lot of people who only drink bottled water as a rule. They even cook with it and I’m sure, if they could, they would shower with it. I’ve heard over and over again the reasons why you should drink bottled water: Long Island water causes cancer. Breast cancer rates are high on Long Island, so obviously it is the ground water that people are drinking. When I was about 18 or so, I switched to drinking bottled water after hearing about this and, as far as I could tell, almost everybody else did. Since then, landfills have been filling up with plastic bottles because it is so common to drink. But up until about a month ago, I was having a conversation about cancer rates and how they were going up in wealthy areas and I got to thinking a lot about bottled water. The truth is that cancer rates have been going up in areas where bottled water is most frequently purchased, not down, and it is also going up in the wealthiest of areas on Long Island, which if you ask me, includes most people who do not drink ground water. I opened up a bottle of Poland Spring and took

a sip and tasted the water I was drinking, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been able to taste a hint of sweetness to Poland Spring water out of the bottle, which was always something that I thought had to do with the quality of the water. Maybe there are sweet flowers that sit in that wonderful Spring in Maine that cause the sweetness where this water comes from. But then, for the first time, I got to thinking about how that was most likely not the case. In fact, Long Island, especially the East End and its ground water, is probably more untouched and undisturbed than any other location in the world thanks to feverish environmental policies and a summer-only population. In Maine, they have allowed a large corporation to literally throw hoses into a lake, suck it out, bottle it and sell it for a lot of money. I highly doubt anything like that would happen here on the East End, EVER. But back to that sweet taste from Poland Spring, which has nothing to do with the water itself, but chemicals in the plastic bottles. Study after study has shown that a chemical product used in bottled water and in canned food called BPA is not just bad for you; it is REALLY bad for you. BPA causes everything from diabetes to cancer and it leaches out into our food and into our bottled water because of the packaging in plastic. If you heat the plastic container, or if it gets hot in the sun, the chemical leaches into the water at a higher rate. Have you ever drunk a bottle of water from a hot car? I have, and I just figured out that I was pretty much swigging a mix of BPA and water and who-knows-what-else, because according to the FDA, the bottled water industry is self-regulated. Meaning that there is

absolutely no testing done to the water you drink and in fact, much of the bottled water we consume comes from municipalities, with the famous brand Aquafina, coming from the water that comes out of the Detroit River. It’s true, look it up. As a kid I drank from water fountains, with no BPA in it. Our tap water from our highly regulated, highly funded municipalities may contain chlorine, but that’s something that YOU WANT in your water because it kills bacteria, unlike the bottled water industry, which in a lot of studies, has shown to contain more bacteria than tap. The next thing you might find is fluoride, which is another thing that you WANT in your drinking water because it prevents cavities in your teeth dramatically. I’ve also personally given out tastes tests with my friends, who are unable to identify a taste difference 100% of the time. They always just guess which water is the tap. “The one that doesn’t contain any BPA chemicals is the one from the tap,” I laugh. Even after saying that, some of my friends still won’t drink tap (which I now drink for 100% of the water that I drink) because the advertising has been hammered so strongly down our throats for so long that “bottled water is better.” Well it isn’t, even the companies that run bottled water businesses have stated publicly, after being seriously investigated by independent scientists and filmmakers, that there is absolutely no difference between what comes out of your tap and in your bottle, except of course, for the fact that chemicals from the plastic are leaching into your water. I’ll see you at the tap.



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Dan's Papers Feb. 4 2011  
Dan's Papers Feb. 4 2011  

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