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her style and her beauty. She brought fashion there, Alphonso built huge sculpThis soon led Courtney, with to the White House and she brought Hollywood tures ten feet tall and higher her large inheritance, to found and Broadway there to entertain them. She that he sprinkled throughout the the Ross School, which today, was surely the most fashionable woman to property. They could be seen with campuses in East ever be First Lady. along the long drive up to the Hampton and Bridgehampton, After Jack was assassinated by a sniper in house, and out the long drive is becoming one of the great pri1963 while riding in an open car through back out to the street. vate schools in the country. Dallas, Jackie retired to Manhattan, where she The couple remained together Currently, 500 students are had an apartment on the east side and worked for more than forty years, only enrolled there, nearly half of as an editor at a book publishing house. She parting when death took them on scholarship. Barry and Renee sometimes came to the Hamptons, but always Alphonso in 1985. Barry and Renee Trupin with very little fanfare. She worked tirelessly The property had originally been built by In 1977, a Wall Street millionaire who had for nature and the environment. Christian Herter, who was Secretary of State clawed and scraped his way to financial sucAlphonso Ossorio and Ted Dragon during the Eisenhower Administration. It is cess using dubious methods, married a beautiWhen Jackson Pollock died, he was driving today owned by Ron Perelman, perhaps the ful, young Catholic woman from the Midwest his car with the two young women to a party wealthiest man in the Hamptons, who, as you named Renee. The daughter of an army officer, being given by Alphonso Ossorio in celebration might expect, lives in what is the largest and she had traveled with her family around the of his return from his homeland in the most elaborate mansion in the Hamptons. country. Barry, from one of the orthodox Jewish Philippines. Steve and Courtney Ross communities in Brooklyn, asked her what she Ossorio, a well respected By all accounts, Steve Ross, wanted in her life. She said she would like to painter in his own right, the man who created one of this be a member of the wealthy WASP society in moved to the Hamptons just country’s greatest business the Hamptons. shortly after Pollock did, arrivmergers, Time with Warner, was In 1981, Trupin bought the old oceanfront ing with his young companion, a much-loved man. He drew duPont Estate on Meadow Lane, and at his Ted Dragon, a classical and people to him and urged them to wife’s behest, turned it into a French Chateau modern dancer on the New greatness. There are many complete with spires and turrets. It also feaYork stage. today who trace their success in tured a giant, indoor lagoon with sharks and The Ossorio mansion was, life to what he taught them. other fish swimming around. and is, probably the largest In 1981, Steve Ross married Southampton society was not happy to welCourtney and Steve private estate in the Hamptons Courtney Sale, a sometimes diffi- come these two into their community. A fierce in terms of acreage. Located on the shores of cult but brilliant and beautiful young woman. war raged for three years as legal battles were Georgica Pond, it involves more than 55 wood- It was his second marriage. waged to drive them out. ed acres, a main house, several guesthouses The couple had one child, a daughter, and In the end, Barry and Renee lost this war, and at the docks on the pond, numerous raised her as a homeschooled child. Courtney and, in leaving town, simply abandoned their Venetian gondolas. During his years living had very strong ideas on how children should half completed mansion. Later it was sold to be raised and taught. After Steve died in 1987, Francesco Galesi, a New York Developer, for a she arranged for him to be buried in Springs at fraction of what it was worth — about $1.6 milthe Green River Cemetery. She has devoted lion. He later sold it for $20 million to Calvin herself to his memory. As for their daughter, Klein, who lives there today. 631-537-0100 Courtney continued to homeschool her, but Barry and Renee remained together for Bridgehampton Commons also homeschooled other children as well, often many, many years. I don’t know what became 2102 Montauk Hwy Naill Spa Bridgehampton N.Y. arranging for them to take trips to far off of them, and I do know that Barry spent some (Next Door To T.J. M axx) places around the world as part of their educa- time in jail for buying what turned out to be tion. (continued on page 30) Manicure


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tained a preposterous sixteen-hour schedule.” To date, “Inside the Actors Studio” has hosted 200 celebrity guests — the very first being Paul Newman. But attracting A-list actors wasn’t easy in the beginning. “At first we were regarded with skepticism,” he said. “It was a new concept, an unscripted interview just as you and I are now having this unrehearsed conversation. Other talk show interviews are pre-scripted. But it’s the spontaneous format of my show that evokes unencumbered responses to my questions from my guests.” Lipton was eager to discuss his newest accomplishment, Inside Inside. He gently lifted it from his coffee table and spoke of it with the pride of a father speaking lovingly of his child. “I’ve just received this from my publisher. It’s a leather bound issue of my book.” The book chronicles the victories, defeats, aspirations and rewards of his life. It abounds with details told through the voice of a captivating raconteur, and outlines the conception,

scope and development of the Actors Studio Drama School and “Inside the Actors Studio.” Lipton wrote Inside Inside over the span of two years, with relentless intensity, from his home in Bridgehampton where he vacations during the summers. “I’ve been frequenting the Hamptons since the ‘60s. In one chapter he explains how he booked Steven Spielberg for the show. “I ran into him inside the East Hampton Cinema, on the popcorn line,” said Lipton. “We inadvertently cut to the front of the snack line, and had it not been for Mr. Spielberg’s fame, the incident might’ve ensued into a wild altercation.” In addition to his professional career, Lipton participates in the Hampton Classic with his horse, Chico. An even more adventurous Lipton is a daring aviator who has navigated perilous flights over some of Alaska’s most unforgiving and intimidating mountain ranges — impressive achievements for any man, and especially for one living that “preposterous sixteen-hour schedule.”

Dan's Papers Feb. 8, 2008  

Dan's Papers, the 51-year-old bible of the Hamptons, is owned by Manhattan Media, a multi-media publishing company based in New York City,...

Dan's Papers Feb. 8, 2008  

Dan's Papers, the 51-year-old bible of the Hamptons, is owned by Manhattan Media, a multi-media publishing company based in New York City,...