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Vol. 24 | June 2011


Chronicle University of New York in Prague

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The Official Internet-Based TOEFL is now at UNYP

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We and the Revolution

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Global Paths conference a smashing success

The Official Internet-Based TOEFL is now at UNYP The University of New York in Prague is proud to announce that our institution has become an official testing centre for the Internet-based version of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). UNYP had its first testing event on April 30th, 2011 and continues to hold examinations on at least two occasions every month. Although the TOEFL is offered at a number of institutions in Prague, students who have taken the fourhour examination at UNYP’s main campus at Legerova 72 after sitting the test at other locations reported that UNYP has the best testing-facilities and the most modern, userfriendly equipment. The TOEFL is a common admission requirement for nonnative English speakers at virtually all English-speaking colleges and universities. The TOEFL test is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Service (ETS) and is administered worldwide. All students wishing to take this examination can do so by going to the website and selecting UNYP at Legerova 72 as their preferred testing station. Further details and applications to take the TOEFL can only be done online at

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The Management and Staff of UNYP wishes all of the 2011 graduates success in their future careers The UNYP Chronicle | June 2011 | 1

Career Office If you are looking for an internship or part-time job or if you are our alumni and looking for a full time position, please register at: You can obtain a job or contact HR’s at companies which cooperate with UNYP. DNA Recruitment Czech Language Banking Field Supervisor or Manager Position Flexible Firefly Branding Junior Marketing Specialist Position Flexible Marketing Experience International Company Unitpetrol Czech Speaker Fluent in English Communication Major

We and the Revolution

For details of these positions, please contact the Career Office on Óscar Hidalgo-Redondo, M.A., M.Phil. Chair of the International & Economic Relations Department at UNYP


Where are they now? 1. Jan Cerny, 2004, MBA, Sales Director, HC Sparta Praha 2. Milan Fisher, 2004, MBA Marketing, Business Operation Manager, Canon

The year 2011 is going to be remembered as a year of revolutions. The continuation “kitchenware” revolution in Iceland, the revolutions in some of the Arab countries and, now, civil protests are threatening the political-economic elites in Southern Eu-

3. Lukas Hora, 2005, BBA Communication, PR& Communications Manager, AHOLD Czech Republic.

rope. People are voicing their dissatisfac-

4. Eva Kolinova, 2006, Business Administration, Director, Hotel Morava


tion with regimes that fail to deliver their If there is an element that unites all these processes in different countries with such different social contexts it is the participation of young people. The youngest generation in many of our countries feels frustrated by their living conditions and the prospects for their future. The most educated generation resents that their working conditions will be worse than those of their parents and the political parties seem to ignore their voices. Most of the people demonstrating in the streets are university

2 | The UNYP Chronicle | June 2011

graduates that feel that their future has been stolen

consider politics as something distant, something that

from them.

cannot be changed. In fact, it is the opposite attitude

During the semester, in the classes of politics, we have

that will allow us to transform the world around us. We

had the chance to discuss contemporary democracy,

rebel against those aspects of our society that we do

political participation and the alternatives to representative democracy. The political involvement of citizens is crucial in a political and social system that defines itself as democratic. The political deliberation, the in-

not like or that we consider unfair. A good citizen is not the one that conforms himself, but the one that tries to make his society a better place for living. And we must

terest of citizens in public affairs and the desire to get

do that, we must care, we must be critical, we must be

involved is fundamental for a true regeneration of pub-

active and work to transform our societies. That is the

lic life. From my experience teaching young students,

real civic democracy. Everyone can take part in it. I am

there is a feeling of helplessness that drives students to

sure that a better society is possible.

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The UNYP Chronicle | January 2011 | 3

A Hard Look at Relationship Satisfaction Mike Johnson Head of the Psychology Department UNYP

Sexuality is an important part of a good relationship and a good sex life is dependent in part on the performance of the male partner. A new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (Weiss & Brody, 2011) looked at this issue in a large representative sample of Czech men aged 35 – 65. The study focused on erectile function as reported by both the man and his partner, and found that good erectile function is related positively not only to the amount of sexual activity for the couple and the sexual satisfaction of both partners, but also other positive indicators such as overall satisfaction with their relationship, their mental health and also life in general. As the likelihood of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) increases with age, it is important for men to consider this aspect of their health, especially for men over 40. Among Czech males in the study, mild ED was found in 40% of respondents and moderate to severe problems in 6% of cases. The study used a quick easy test you can take yourself to see if you are functioning within the normal range ( The study also showed that the scale is also effective when completed by women regarding their partner. If you find you score below the normal level, then it is best to have a discussion with your physician. Do not trust internet sites offering medications for ED, as their quality is not tested, and they may contain no active ingredients at all or even be dangerous to your health! Also, not all ED results from physiological problems affected by medications, so only your doctor can advise you the best way to improve your functioning, and therefore your quality of life.

Global Paths conference a smashing success Full house at RFE/RL introduced to COMM faculty research Professors, students and communication professionals gathered at the Václav Havel conference room at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in March for a one day academic conference hosted by the department of Communication and Mass Media at UNYP. UNYP’s first academic conference was entitled ‘Global Paths in Communication and Media Studies,’ and featured 12 papers presented by UNYP faculty. In addition, presentations also took place by special guest Dr. Lynne Texter, chair of the department of Communication Studies at La Salle University in Philadelphia, and Murat Nurgeldi, RFE/ RL reporter and UNYP alumni (PCPR ’11). An audience of over 80 was treated to challenging and critical perspectives on perception and the media, contexts of media education and literacy, and media globalization. The purpose of the event – to showcase the diverse and complex research interests of the international Comm and Mass Media faculty – was a resounding success, and served to set the standard for what is planned to be a yearly event for the Communication department.

4 | The UNYP Chronicle | April 2011

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