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STEPPING UP IN THE NEW YEAR! By Susan Hutchinson Have you been elected to a new position, joined a new club, been promoted this year or just want to be able to make a smoother presentation at your next job interview? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions then you just might be ready for Toastmasters International. Great leaders need to be fluent when they speak but everyone joins for his or her own reasons—and not necessarily to become a great public speaker. Communication is one of the most important things we can learn, and your local Toastmasters Club can help you become better at it. Toastmasters a safe environment in which to take risks; it challenges you to grow more than you ever dreamed possible. Our club members are supportive, encouraging and nonjudgmental. The Club’s standards are high – you may think you are a good speaker but there is always the potential for learning and growth! This is the place where leaders are made! Toastmasters can help you to gain confidence as a public speaker and leader. There is no instructor in a Toastmasters meeting. Instead, members evaluate one another’s presentations. This feedback process is a key part of the program’s success. Toastmasters is a

convenient platform to practice leadership traits as Club members are all mentor/ leaders in Toastmasters and we strive to lead by example. Listen to one of our own members Val Pfeffer and how it helped her! I joined Toastmasters 6 yeare ago because My supervisor (and friend) Insisted. He made It clear that if I Did not improve my presentation skills, my days with the company would be numbered. What motivation!


International Speech Club Contest Categories: Speech and Table Topics Date: February 18, 2013 Time: 6:00 PM Where: Ocean Palms Retirement Center

I joined and was awful- ask anyone who was a member at the time, but I kept going. Over time, the company recognized my dramatic improvement and had me start a company Toastmasters club. During Contestants must have completed the years with Toastmasters I have speeches to enter the Contest! held many roles and officer positions: Treasurer, VP of For information call: 772-398-6727 Membership, VP Education, and President. Toastmasters has not only improved my public speaking abilities, but given me confidence in all other aspects in my life. I would, and do, recommend Toastmasters to everyone that has any interaction with people. (And who doesn’t?) Give potential speakers fortune cookies and let them comment on Val Pfeffer the fortune statement!

Table Topics Tips

Joe Duerr, Division D Governor




Meet - Grant Morris One of my goals in joining Toastmasters was to become more comfortable and natural when putting on any type of presentation. This also includes one on one situations where I joined Toastmasters preparation and delivery is and specifically the everything when you are trying to Treasure coast chapter get your point across and help a for several reasons. My client or prospective client. relatively recent career change into financial I am not where I want to be but I services was a major find myself more confident than motivator. I am when I started and I now look required to put on forward to getting up in front of seminars and make my Toastmaster group. presentations in front of many people. I found I was a guest at a couple of I was not as different Toastmaster clubs. I comfortable with this selected the Treasure Coast as I would like to be. chapter because of the members Looking ahead I see involved. many more seminars in my life.

The meetings are well attended and I liked the fact that we have a very diverse group of individuals in the group. We have some embers with a lot of experience and many who are just getting started. We all have the goal of improving and this is powerful. Having your speech reviewed and critiqued is also something I appreciate. This part of the process helps to reflect and think about how you can improve on future speeches. My next step in the process will be to evaluate other speeches and I am excited about developing this talent. Bottom line is I am committed to improving my public speaking and Toastmasters is a wonderful way to move this process along.

HAPPENINGS New Year, New Start Membership Drive Party Thank you to all our members for making this event a success and to Norma Reubert, Vice President of Membership for opening her house to us and making this drive possible! More than 50 members were present with guests. It was an occasion to celebrate also the Distinguished Club member award to our own Joe Duerr. See article about Joe on page 3

Ildiko Haidacher talks to Luminaries A life isn’t important except for the difference it makes!


At work, your communication with employer and associates will become more effective and productive.

In your community, you will become more effective in getting things said, planned, and done.

In our club, you will meet new people, have fun and learn important public speaking and leadership skills

For more information, contact our Membership Director at 303-618-0998

Ildiko Haidacher, the president of the Treasure Coast Toastmasters was recently featured in Luminaries. She explains her passion for Toastmasters “Her biggest passion as she told Luminaires reporter Jackie Holfelder is for the Treasure Coast Toastmasters Club of which she is president, Ildiko feels that everyone can benefit from joining the organization stating that it makes people more confident in themselves and their skills. She is walking proof of this because one thing is certain Ildiko Haidacher’s confidence makes her a successful business women and an effective volunteer and Treasure Coast Toastmasters Ocean Palms Retirement Center community member in Martin County!” 772-225-1989

DIVISION D GOVERNOR JOE DUERR CONDUCTS TOASTMASTERS LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE TRAINING AT INDIAN RIVER STATE COLLEGE (IRSC) By Doris Thurston. Photos by Susan Hutchinson From an Article submitted to the Stuart News JOE DUERR, Division D Governor of Toastmasters International, past Area 40 Governor and past President of the Stuart Treasure Coast Toastmasters Club, qualified for his Distinguished Toastmaster designation by conducting the first bi-annual Toastmasters Leadership Institute officer training held here in Stuart. More than 500 Toastmaster members are active in Division D’s 25 clubs, spanning from Wellinton to Ft. Pierce. There were 122 attendees present at the event, including Toastmaster members and guests. Most clubs change officers every year and some every six months, thus providing leadership training and opportunities for every member. “Toastmasters on the Treasure Coast and surrounding area,” said Duerr. These training events have previously only taken place in Boca Raton or further south. The Stuart event was a huge success and it is now anticipated to occur every six months at this newly established venue.” said Duerr. These training events have previously only taken place in Boca Raton or further south. The Stuart event was a huge success and it is now anticipated to occur every six months at this newly established venue. As division governor, Duerr is responsible for all of the clubs in Division D of Toastmasters’ International District 47, which includes Southeast Florida and the Bahamas. Joe’s goal when he first joined Toastmasters was to become an effective motivational speaker, which he did with aplomb at this event. He presented a masterful keynote speech which is available on Utube at e=youtube_gdata_player Treasure Coast Toastmasters from various local clubs participated in the seminar by organizing and presenting

leadership topics and tips in 50-minute sessions. Lecturers from Stuart's club included local past President Tony DeAngelis; Club VP of Education Norma Reubert; Table Topics speaker Veronica Montoya; Valerie Johnson, on the position of Treasurer, and Danielle Baron and Vic Miskanic on VP of Public Relations, Carol Andrew on Speech Writing and presentation and Mary Phipps on the position of Sgt at Arms. Special guest speakers and hypnotists, Justin Kunst and Rich Alexander demonstrated how to overcome fear of public speaking through hypnosis.

HOW TO BECOME AN EFFECTIVE TABLE TOPICS MASTER by Val Pfeffer, CC Val is an experienced Toastmaster having assumed many roles in our club. She shares with us her tips on the role of Table Topics Masters.

As the Table Topics Master: •Your goal is to have as many members speak at the meeting as possible. Choose participants that do not have ANY speaking positions first, then smaller roles, and then guests. Participation is a member privilege- do not call on guests unless all members have a chance to speak during the meeting. •Table Topics is the section of the meeting to adjust for time. The Toastmaster will let you know when to finish. Have enough questions ready to fill in time as required. •Have 6-8 or more Table Topics questions tied to the theme of the day. You may not need them all- but better to have and not need, than to cut this portion, and our meeting, short. • Be creative, select quotes of the famous as topics or questions related to the theme of the meeting. Questions or statements should be short. •Repeat the question prior to selecting a participant and then again after the participant is onstage.

MAKE IT FUN. If you have fun, the audience will have fun. Val.

2nd Treasure Coast Toastmaster newsletter  

A quarterly publication aimed at providing Treasure Coast toasmasters members with leadership and public speaking information.

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