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SEO WRITING SEO writing is article writing about an certain topic on your website. In writing an article it doesn't have to be perfect. Unless you want a real good professional look to your website. But its your website you can write whatever you like. Your can hire SEO article writers for cheap ranging from $2.00 an hour to $7.00 an hour. All SEO writing is, is common sense. Article writing is like writing an magazine. Instead of thinking about how to write the article try to stay on topic. The key to wrting good articles is always stay on topic. This will engage readers from all over the globe and to keep them attracted to your website. Once your done writing your articles, backlink them. For example, if your writing a certain article for forums, facebook, twitter, etc. Add a link at the bottom of every article, this will gain traffic to your website. Make sure its a legit link so that the search engines won't bypass your link for spam reasons. Writing articles shouldn't take you no more than 30 minutes to write each article. But like I said you can hire SEO writers as a little as $2.00 an hour. The more articles you write the more traffic you get. Search for marketable article topics such as entertainment, fashion, research, literature, it doesn't matter what type of topic it is. Of course it doesn't have to be perfect either. Just write as many as you can. One more thing where you want your audience to search for your articles, tag your articles with keywords thats relevent to your article name. Here are some websites to give you a headstart: Even blogging websites will work also. I hope this article help in any way visit my website @

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