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Guitar Picking When playing the guitar people always want a unique sound. Its not how the way the guitar sounds its how the way you play the guitar. Depending on what type of sound you want to play its all about picking the guitar the right way. There are 2 ways on having a great sound: To have a reverb sound to the guitar • Pick the strings but let the strings ring • You can also do this in mute by palming the strings To have a picking sound (no reverb) • Pick the strings but mute the string by palming quickly • Palming the strings will disapate the sound Fingerstyle, Bluegrass, Folk, Celtic and Flamenco are guitar genre styles by using either just your fingers or fingers, fingernails and fingerpicks. Fingerstyle can be used to all types of genres of music, typically Jazz, Celtic or Fingerstyle. Bluegrass and folk are a upbeat type of guitar music, people who play this such as Ewan Dobson uses fingerpicks to get a perfect sound.

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