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Vacation time isn’t always relaxing for pets By Alison Johnson

an option of overnight shifts. Newer online ventures such as also connect owners with local individuals who can do the same, or take pets into their homes for reasonable rates.

For many people, the worst part of a vacation is leaving their pets. Deciding where an animal would be safest and happiest – at home with a sitter or boarding at a kennel or The obvious advantage of veterinary practice – depends on temperament, health and age. in-home care is the calm of familiar surroundings. Animals “Animals are like people, in that are very young or elderly, that each one has a unique aggressive or anxious in new personality,” says Michelle environments, in cages or Daikos, owner of Wagging Tails around other dogs tend to be Dog Walking & Pet Sitting of ideal candidates. Pets with Hampton Roads, LLC. “There working owners also may be can be a German shepherd that more accustomed to spending gets just as anxious about loud part of the day alone at home. noises as a Chihuahua.” “They have minimal changes to their regular daily routines,” For animals at home, many pet notes Joy Baker, a Newport sitting services offer multiple News-based sitter for daily visits for walks, feeding and one-on-one attention, with

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