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PRINCIPAL’S BIT It has  been  a  busy  second  week  for  teachers  with  our  Three-­‐Way  Interviews.  Thank  you  for  making  the  interviews  work  so  smoothly  by  being  at   interviews  on  <me  and  taking  such  a  posi<ve  interest  in  your  child’s  learning.    Thank  you  for  your  pa<ence  if  you  have  had  to  re-­‐schedule  due   to  Mrs  Fraser’s  absence  recently. The  Ministry  of  Health  has  released  a  statement  about  the  current  round  of  influenza  [H3N2  strain]  that  has  been  affec<ng  schools.  At  Waihao   Downs  we  have  had  a  small  percentage  of  students  off  with  flu  like  symptoms.  If  your  child  is  unwell  please  keep  them  at  home.  This  reduces   the  risk  of  others  being  affected  by  the  same  virus.    It  appears  that  this  par<cular  bug  takes  some  geLng  over,  so  please  don’t  be  in  a  hurry  to   send  your  child  back  to  school,  even  if  they  appear  to  be  over  it.    The  possibility  of  a  relapse  is  quite  high  and  they  may  con<nue  to  be   contagious  to  others.  Staff  are  equally  vulnerable  to  the  illness  and  covering    for  their  absences  for  a  length  of  <me  can  be  problema<c.  The   informa<on  from  Ministry  of  Health  is: Influenza  in  Schools Influenza  like  illness  has  begun  to  impact  on  some  schools  in  the  last  10  days.  Although  this  is  the  usual  <me  of  year  for  winter  illness  it  has   happened  suddenly  and  some  schools  have  large  numbers  of  staff  and  students  who  are  sick.  Influenza  is  a  respiratory  illness  that  causes  fever,   muscle  aches,  sore  throat,  coughing  and  a  runny  nose.  It  is  highly  infec<ous  from  contact  with  respiratory  secre<ons.  The  illness  can  last  for  7  –   10  days  but  most  people  start  to  recover  aUer  2  -­‐3  days.  The  best  way  to  manage  symptoms  is  to  drink  plenty  of  fluids,  bed  rest  and  an<-­‐  fever   medica<on. However  if  sick  people  aren’t  improving  aUer  2  -­‐3  days  then  contact  your  family  doctor  as  there  may  be  another  reason  for  illness. Ways  to  reduce  spread  of  disease   • Stay  home  if  you  are  sick   •  Wash  and  dry  your  hands  frequently   •  Cover  your  cough  or  sneeze David  Pirie Principal

New Teacher Last  week  the  Board  interviewed  candidates  for   the  middle  room   teaching   posi<on.     We   are   pleased   to   be   able   to   announce   that     Kate  Mansfield   has  been  appointed  to   the   posi<on   and   will  begin  at   the  beginning   of   week  6.     We  are  especially   pleased  that   we  were   able  to  select  a  teacher  of  Kate’s  experience  and  ability,  and  also  that   she  is  from  our  own  community,     being  a  mum  to   Molly   and  Anna  -­‐   new  entrants  this  year.     We  look  forward  to  having  her  teach  in   our   school   and   to   the   addi<onal   elements   she   can   contribute   to   our   school  culture.  

School ProducBon

From next  week  we  will  begin   work   on  our  whole-­‐school  produc<on   Safari.   This  will  involve  daily   prac<ce  of  both   the  roles  and  scenes,   and   the   songs   that   are   integral   elements   of   the   story.     As   we   men<oned   last   newsle\er,   there  are  many   roles  and  opportuni<es   for   all   children   to   shine   and   have   their   moment   on   stage.     The   process   of   selec<on   and   /or   cas<ng   will   involve   have   mixed   age   groups  learning  scenes  and  possibly   having  mul<ple  roles,  which   will   also  mean  having  mul<ple  costumes.     This  rather   ambi<ous  plan  will  require  some  addi<onal  parent  help,   details  of   how  this  may   happen  will  become  clearer   once   we  have   begun,  but  please  be  alerted  to  the  likely  need  to  have  helpers  once   we   have  our   plan  in   place  and   know   who   needs  what,   in   terms  of   headgear  and  costume. Mrs   Simonsen   will   be  leading   the   produc<on  process  up   un<l  her   departure,   however   all   classes   will   be   par<cipa<ng   in   rehearsal,   learning  lines  and  ac<ng  skills  over   the  coming  month  or  so.    We  will   confirm  the  date  once  we   know  for   sure,   but  it   is  likely   that  we   will   look   to   have   the   an   official   opening   of   our   mul<-­‐purpose   room   combined  with  the  performance  so  as  to  make  a  real  occasion  of  it.    

Year 7  visit

This coming  Monday  we  welcome  back  last  years  Year  6s  -­‐  now    fully-­‐ fledged  Year   7s  from  Waimate  High  School.    This  is  a  new   aspect  to   the  transi<on  programme  that  allows  the  returning  students  to  share   their   experiences   of   High   School   and   pop   back   into   their   old   schools.We  are  looking  forward  to  seeing  them  all  again,   and  we  hear   that  they  are  certainly  looking  forward  to  thew  visit  too.

Year 6  TransiBon  Day

The first  Transi<on  Day  at  Waimate  High  School  for  Year  6s  is  planned   for  next   Thursday  9th  August.    Students  will  get  the  opportunity   to   mix   with  students  from   other   schools,   see   the  High   School,   spend   <me   with  the   senior   students  who  will  be  the  peer   support  leaders   next   year   and  they  will  meet  the  Year  7  homeroom  teachers.    The  day   begins  at  10am  in  the  school  hall  and  will  finish  around  2.30pm. They  will  need  to  bring  morning   tea,   lunch  and  a  drink.     The  school’s   canteen  will  be  open  should  they  wish  to  buy  anything.   Stationary invoice Your stationary invoice, for the Terms 1 and 2, was attached to the previous newsletter. It would be appreciated if you would settle the account as soon as possible. Thanks.


Ski trip One  of  the  tradi<ons  here  at  Waihao   Downs  School  has  been   that   the  whole  school  have  a  trip   skiing   once  a   year.    The   dona<on  that   all  school  families  are  asked   for   each   year   by   the   PTA   is  earmarked   especially   for   this   purpose.     The   thinking   behind   it   is   that   money   gathered   in   this   way   contributes   to   learning   experiences   for   all   children,   and   allows   for   the   school  to  provide  these  sorts  of   learning   experiences   outside   the   classroom   that   would   ordinarily   be   beyond   t h e   reach  of  some  children  and  their  families.   The   PTA   also   has   a   clear   direc<ve   to   try   to   fundraise   from   outside  the  of   the  immediate  school  families,   which   is   what   the  Sports  Challenge  has  successfully  achieved  in  recent  years.   At   the   last   PTA   mee<ng   it   was   decided   to   try   something   different  this  year  to  see  if  we  could  offer   a  be\er   skiing  experience   for   all  children.       As  the   size  of  the  school   has   increased  in  recent   years  it  has  become  more  challenging  to  get  all  children  transported   to  the  skifield.  It  has  also  been  challenging  in  terms  of  managing  the   risks  and  taking  responsibility  for  student  safety,  which  are  very   real   considera<ons  for  the  school  and  the  BOT.     We  are  planning   to  go  to   Roundhill   Skifield   in   Tekapo  this  year,   on   Friday  7th  September. A  bus  will  be  taking   the  majority   of  the  school  children,  with  5  staff   accompanying  the  children  and  managing  their  ac<vi<es  on  the  day.     There   will,   as  always,  be   a  need  for   parents  and  all  are  welcome  to   come  along,  however  we  will  need  5-­‐   6  parents  in  actual  key  roles  on   the  day.    There  is  always  plenty  to  do  helping  kids  in  hands-­‐on  ways   and   people   volunteering   to   do   this   need   to   appreciate   what’s   involved.   Clearly   there  will  be  a  need  to  have  a  few  private  vehicles,  but  the   plan   is  for   the  bus   to   depart   at   6.30am   on   the   7th   Sept,   with  40   children   on   board.   In   previous  years  there  has  always  been   a   few   unable  to  come  due  to  illness  or  absences  but  overall  there  shouldn’t   be  a  need  for  too  much  extra  transport  for  children.     More   details   closer   to   the   <me,   along   with   the   usual   risk-­‐ management  form-­‐filling,   but  in   the  mean  <me  diary  this  date.    We   will  try  to  have  a  postponement  date  the  following  week  if  possible.  




3 AUGUST 2012

Term Calendar

Other Information Boil Water Notice As we had quite a bit of rain the Waimate District Council advises everybody on the Waikakahi scheme to boil their water.

Week 4 Monday 6 August

Kiwisport Juniors (at school) Year 7 return visit - pm

Tuesday 7 August


Wednesday 8 August Thursday 9 August

Transition Day Y6

Friday 10 August

Kiwisport Seniors Week 5

Monday 13 August

Kiwisport Juniors

Tuesday 14 August

Fish and Chips Day

Wednesday 15 August Thursday 16 August Friday 17 August

Kiwi sport Seniors Week 6

Values in the curriculum Our school values underpin our current approach to managing behaviour in the school. We highlighted Responsibility in our last newsletter as being one of our six school values, and it is central to the behaviour management procedure. Our school curriculum is built on an alignment of these values and Key Competencies through the 5Cs which overarch all aspects of learning in the school. We reinforce positive behaviour by recognition of the 5C attributes. Those who try hard - Conscientious Those who are inquisitive and enthusiastic to learn - Curious Those who think about others and show caring - Considerate Those who share, listen and express themselves in appropriate ways - Communicator Those who play fair and give things their best - Confident Children have these positive behaviours recognised at our weekly assemblies, and we evaluate children against a set of criteria established in relation to specific learning attributes on their school reports. Every child will be recognised in some way throughout the year by receiving a certificate or two. Most families will have several of these 5C certificates on their fridge or children始s bedroom walls. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions, to be reliable, honest and able to manage themselves. The principles that support this approach are based on three ideas Being fair, being caring and being kind. We aim to built and sustain an environment that supports positive behaviour. As we review how we manage behaviour in the school we are reflecting on the principles that underpin what we do and how we respond to challenging behaviours. We know that positive behaviours can be learnt, and negative ones unlearnt. We will be looking at evidence-based approaches that are known to be effective, if we need to alter anything about our approaches.



Monday 20 August

Kiwisport Juniors

Tuesday 21 August


Wednesday 22 August Thursday 23 August Friday 24 August

Kiwisport Seniors

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