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Richard O. Lazarou 3102 Stratford Pointe Drive Sugar Land, TX 77498 October 29, 2011

To Whom It May Concern: It is with great pleasure that I am recommending David Pillen to you. Currently I am a teacher, varsity football coach and head soccer coach at B.F. Terry High School and I worked with and supervised David Pillen, who was a player and student of mine at Fort Bend Austin High School from 2004-2008. David would be a great asset to any organization / company. He is one of the hardest working, and most encouraging people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. When you look at David’s college career, one of the first things that will stand out to you is his work ethic. He has done everything from assist with marketing and content design and creation to planning and facilitating media day events for the Lone Star Conference. These tasks in themselves would take the most dedicated and humble person to perfect and David worked on these projects and countless others while playing football and rehabbing a serious knee injury. All organizations need people who are willing to step up and get work done no matter what circumstances they are presented with and David’s life reflects the fact that he is one of those people. In today’s work, hard workers are hard enough to come by, but finding someone who is willing to take the time to encourage others to be the best people they can be are even shorter supply. All teams are in need of the sort of people who are humble enough to look out for the people beyond, beside and behind them and David has proven over the course of his life that he is such a person. During his college career he has equipped and empowered those around him to make a positive difference in their communities by planning team retreats, mentoring young people and helping to raise thousands of dollars for worthy causes. David makes the people around him better, exactly the sort of person we would all like to hire. I believe that David Pillen will be an excellent fit for your team. David is a hard worker and encouraging leader and will definitely be an asset in any community. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at 713.410.1621 and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have. Sincerely,

Richard O. Lazarou Sociology, AP Psychology and World History Teacher Assistant Varsity Football Coach Head Soccer Coach B.F. Terry High School


Richard O. Lazarou 3102 Stratford Pointe Drive Sugar Land, TX 77498 David would be a great asset to any organizati...

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