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Mission Statement: To combat and help eliminate all forms of abuse with an emphasis on children, elderly and animals by creating more awareness of all forms of abuse and the secrecy that allows the abuse to continue.

Objectives: Tear Bear, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 organization founded to provide awareness for abused individuals; implement youth programs, encourage people in various communities to become more pro-active and unafraid to alert authorities even if there is a suspicion of abuse. The intent is to give support and help individuals of all ages and be an advocate on community projects dealing with abuse. The vision is to also strive to put forward and develop programs that are customized to bringing more awareness to abuse and prevention. Our motto: tear Bear Says “It’s Ok To Tell” Let’s Stop All Abuse and connecting individuals with the national hotline numbers for every abuse. Tear Bear Inc. will provide Tear Bears to be used as a mascot and educational tool against bullying, stranger danger, peer pressure, date rape and even college illegal hazing that often lead to harm.

Tear Bear, Inc. is a Columbus, Ohio based company started by child abuse survivor Theresa Johnson who is dedicated to breaking the code of secrecy relating to all abuse. By disarming the abuser’s weapon of secrecy, “IT’S OK TO TELL” will prevent, educate, and help those seeking counseling for the

abused as well as the abuser. This will lead to awareness organizations becoming more empowered, foster cares more educated, nursing homes monitored more closely, schools more alert, and most of all leaving our children with the openness and awareness for a better and more secure future.

The goal is to place The Tear Bear in hospital emergency rooms for children of abuse, rape and batter as well as serve as a catalyst “It’s OK To Tell” to adult victims whom have a fear of telling.

NATIONAL HOTLINE NUMBERS CHILD ABUSE (800) 422-4453 ELDERLY ABUSE (800) 677-1116 SEXUAL ABUSE (800) 656-4673 SPOUSAL ABUSE (800) 228-7395 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (800) 799-7233 ANIMAL ABUSE (888) 426-4435

The diamond teardrop means how precious you are! One teardrop means no more tears. You will get the help you need!

Tear on the left side: With help, your pain will be left behind.

MESSAGE ON TEAR BEAR’S SHIRT: “OK TO TELL” is to empower you to get the help you need!

Black and Blue Shirt: Because he wears

SIGNATURE on the bottom of his foot is of child abuse survivor ResaJ


Tear Bear Brochure  

Brochure to market Tear Bear, an abuse awareness organization based in Columbus, Ohio.

Tear Bear Brochure  

Brochure to market Tear Bear, an abuse awareness organization based in Columbus, Ohio.