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Acquired in 2007, JC Hydraulics Inc. (JC) is a leading hydraulic repair shop in Northern Ontario. Our reputation is a testament to our team’s experience, dedication and delivery of quality hydraulic services for over 10 years. Consistency in our product quality is ensured by the rewarding, safe, and environmentally sound workplace in all sectors of the company. As a complete solutions provider for several industrial companies, we are proud to offer professional fabrication, hydraulic and machine services through our affiliated companies: Hydraulic Solutions & Machining and JC Hydraulics. JC Hydraulics offers a full service set to suit the needs of large and small industries alike. Offering a modern workshop; and a highly-trained team of machinists, hydraulic repair personnel, and certified welders—we are proud to provide solutions for your company. JC Hydraulics (JC) means quality workmanship and dedicated 24-hour service. Our experienced trades people, coupled with innovative state-of-the-art equipment, has allowed us to set the industry standard for response, craftsmanship and performance. JC specializes in servicing the needs of the expanding and changing manufacturing industry. We can repair all of you hydraulic needs Hydraulic Solutions is Equipped to Meet Your Needs: • Hydraulic Services • Troubleshooting • Repair & Design of Hydraulic Systems and Compnents • 24 Hour Field Response

To be the best, companies need to acquire and retain the best people while creating a culture that fosters higher levels of teamwork. In the field or at our offices, we work together in consistently bringing our core product – the best service – to our customer’s day in and day out. In striving to provide a competitive atmosphere while emphasizing the importance of solidarity amongst our workers, we are able to continually grow and sustain a competitive advantage over our peers in the same industry. By maintaining our original vision of delivering quality products and services, we are able to continuously deliver quality services, while keeping a sense of teamwork on each and every project we work on. A Team Approach

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A success of any organization comes from a solid foundation of teamwork and a commitment to a culture that supports it. We continue to push each other to the higher limits of workmanship, quality, and solidifying relationships with our outside customers and within the company.

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Custom In-Cab Control Consoles | Hydraulic Filters | Directional Control Valves | Hydraulic Motors | Hoses and Fittings

Snow Equipment

Snowplows | Sand/Salt Spreaders | Replacement Parts and Accessories



Ice Control

Anti-Icing/Dust Control Systems | Electronic Spreader Controls | Hydraulic Valves | Brine Systems | Storage Systems | Pre-Wet Systems


Air & Electrical Power

Pneumatic Compressors | Generators, Welders & Jump Starters | Inverters


Bulk/Liquid Haulers

Compressors | Hydraulic Oil Coolers | Product Pumps | Blowers


Cables & Controls

Cables | Controls | Custom In-Cab Control Consoles



Industrial Winches | Recreational Winches Winch Rig-Ups | Accessories

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Muncie Blowers • Power Take-Offs • Hydraulic Pump Motors • Product Pumps • Winches • Hydrapaks Whether it’s a wetline system, blower, compressor, or product pump; JC Hydraulics is a distributor of the complete product lines from Muncie. JC Hydraulics not only carries quality products to satisfy your needs, we also offer our expertise in product selection. Visit our website or contact us directly for more information on Muncie products.


TUlsa Winch Group JC Hydraulics provides custom designs and manufacturing to suit all your winching requirements using legendary winches by the Tulsa Winch Group. Whether it’s tri-drives, Texas Rigging, or Bed Trucks; JC Hydraulics can accomodate your needs. JC Hydraulics is a Canadian distributer of Tulsa products. For more information, visit our website or contact one of representatives.


Omsi Transmission Inc. Omsi Transmission Inc. provides JC tailored to the customer’ specific needs.

Hydraulics application involvement, prompt engineering response, quality products Call or visit our website for more information on our Omsi Transmissions product line.

Gardner Denver Drum Gardner Denver Drum has a high reputation in building market leading designs and system solutions and a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered compressors, blowers, pumps and other fluid transfer equipment. Whether you are looking for systems engineering, manufacturing, installation and repair, our team of experts are here to help. VIsit our website or call us directly for more information.



Roper Pumps Roper Pump is recognized world wide as a leading supplier of industrial pumps including helical gear pumps, progressing cavity pumps, triple screw pumps, rotary lobe pumps, pumping systems and solutions. JC Hydraulics offers broad selection of pumps from Roper Pumps. For more information visit our website or call us and speak directly with one of our representatives.


piston Pumps

Hydroleduc | Muncie JC Hydraulics offers customers a complete line of High Pressure Piston Pumps and Motors to meet a variety of system requirements. We can offer a complete system solution for most applications including oilfield, utility, construction, off shore, forestry and many more. JC Hydraulics supports these systems with accessory products such as proportional hydraulic valves, filters, coolers, PTO’s & Gearboxes, we also provide technical support, installation services and repair. At JC Hydraulics we have your high pressure application needs covered.


Vane Pumps

high tech Along with Piston Pumps, JC Hydraulics also offers a complete line of high quality Vane Pumps that comes with a wide range of sizes and combinations for circuit requirements. These vane pumps have compact design that allows for large flow pumps in smaller frame sizes and hydraulically balanced design for longer life and reduced bearing loads. Typical applications include aggregate equipment, wheel loaders, forklifts, mining equipment, truck body builders, waste handling equipment, agricultural equipment, truck canes, aerial devices, lawn and garden equipment, construction equipment, forestry equipment, marine equipment and plastic injection/mold machinery.


Drivelines Trust the professionals for your driveline solutions. The JC Hydraulics location offers complete in-house application engineering, manufacturing, and repair using state of the art equipment and high-speed electronic balancing. We offer driveline solutions for all your mobile and industrial needs, including automotive, light/heavy duty trucks, off-road, agricultural, marine, and military applications.

JC Hydraulics is your source for driveshafts manufactured to OEM specification for military vehicles, on and off-road equipment, agricultural, automotive and industrial applications.

U-Joints JC Hydraulics offers U-Joints to OEM Specifications in a variety of designs whether they be OSR, ISR, WB, BP or just about any combination in standard + metric sizes.

yokes JC Hydraulics offers Yokes cast or forced to meet OEM specifications. Yokes can be designed and manufactured to meet your needs.

Powertrain savers Torque fuses provide torque overload protection for drive train components. Fuses are designed to shear under heavy torque conditions just prior to over torque damage on transmissions, differentials, gears, axles and drive shafts



JC Hydraulics offers an extensive line of valves for any system. Our selection of valves with a variety of types, pressure ranges, flow ratings, viscosity ranges, and temperature ranges ensure that we provide you with only the best fit for you needs. - Directional control valves - Flow control valves - Pressure control valves - Proportional control valves - Check valves - Modular valves - Solenoid valves - Relief valves



Custom In-Cab Control Consoles JC Hydraulics offers a variety of in-cab control console assemblies for Power Take-Offs and hydraulic functions. Whether you need cable or air shift, JC Hydraulics evergrowing family of console assemblies can fit your requirements.

Hydraulic Filters Protect your hydraulic failures by using one filters. Traditional paper available for nominal

system from contamination related or more of JC Hydraulics hydraulic or synthetic micro glass media are or absolute filtering requirements.

Directional Control Valves If the pump is the heart of the hydraulic system, the control valve is the brain. JC Hydraulics offers a complete line of valves to control the direction, pressure, and flow of the oil in a system. The JC Hydraulics family of directional control valves includes several series. Whether your needs are for a small one-ton chassis tool circuit, a snow and ice control vehicle or a refuse packer, there is a valve to fit your needs.

hoses and fittings Hydraulic motors Hydraulic motors provide solutions in applications involving infinite speed control, stalling under full torque, high power-toweight ratio and small size. With motors that are interchangeable with most competitive models, JC Hydraulics offers many different options and a variety of solutions for many applications.

JC Hydraulics offers a comprehensive line of Weatherhead abrasionresistant hydraulic and pnuematic hoses for low and high pressures, full vacuum to 5,000 psi. Choose from a variety of materials, diameters, lengths, and assorted colours for easy identification. Whether it’s braided, spiral, heavy-duty, flexible or abrasion, oil, and weather-resistant, there is a hose engineered to suit your needs.


Snow Equipment JC Hydraulics snow removal products are guaranteed to guide you through winter’s worst conditions. We carry only the best names in the industry and offer a wide variety of snowplows and spreaders ranging from personal to municipal. All JC Hydraulics locations are complete service facilities for maintenance, repair, and installation requirements.

Snowplows If you’re looking for a wide range of heavy duty snowplows that provide versatility and efficiency, JC Hydraulics is the perfect source. We currently offer a standard and v-plow snow plows from several sources including Western, Fisher, Meyer and more; which are guaranteed to increase the efficiency, and productivity of your snow control operations. Snow plow sizes range from 71/2’ to 10’, are available in several types of materials, and designed to fit a wide range of truck sizes. Usability of snowplow controls are outstanding.

sand/salt Spreaders Whether it’s an insert hopper or tailgate, JC Hydraulics has the salt and/or sand spreader to fit your needs. We offer only industry proven products to ensure maximum performance. Personal or commercial use, we stock several models to fit a wide selection of applications and vehicles, and the majority of our spreaders are compatible with pre-wet systems. JC Hydraulics is a complete service facility for all your maintenance, repair, and installation requirements.

Replacement parts & accessories Looking for genuine and aftermarket accessories or replacement parts? Our SNO PRO line has everything you need for your Western, Meyer, Diamond, and Fisher snowplows and spreaders. Trip springs, cylinders, warning lights, blade guides and more – we’ve got it all.

Road salt is one of the most effective snow and ice control materials available. Timely application of salt will prevent snow and ice from bonding to the road surface. For this reason, salt is often spread early in a storm to prevent snow buildup and to aid in snow removal operations. In some areas, liquid anti-icing material is applied directly to the pavement to prevent frost and black ice. JC Hydraulics is a complete systems integrator for central hydraulic, pre-wet, anti-icing, spreader controls and data collection.


ice control anti-icing / dust control systems Our anti-icing systems are closed loop and ground speed controlled to accurately monitor discharge rates. Custom designed systems apply a constant rate of antiice liquids directly to road surfaces; available in 1, 2, or 3 lane spray bars. Our units can be designed to mount on a custom slide-in skid for a dump body or mounted directly to the truck chassis and can be powered hydraulically or with a gas engine.

Electronic Spreader controls JC Hydraulics carries a full line of spreader controls and data collection products. Our spreader controls regulate spreader and spinner rates to increase or decrease to desired speeds and our data collection products measure material output. Optional ground-based automatic spreader control, event logging, compatibility with information management systems, and road temperature displays are available.

Hydraulic valves JC Hydraulics offers an extensive line of valves for any system. Our selection of valves with a variety of types, pressure ranges, flow ratings, viscosity ranges, and temperature ranges ensure that we provide you with only the best fit for you needs.

Brine Systems JC Hydraulics is your complete brine product systems source. We offer a variety of capacities, from 3600 to 5600 gallons per hour continuous production, with a full range of salinity adjustment. Salt brine system insulated shelters are also available to provide an economical solution for a non-corrosive heated enclosure.

Storage Systems JC Hydraulics offers a comprehensive line of liquid containment products. Our free standing flat bottom tanks are available in sizes up to 10,500 gallons and can be used indoor or outdoor. We offer many standard configured systems and are able to customize our designs to meet your needs.

pre-wet systems JC Hydraulics has had proven success in pre-wet systems design and installation. Open or closed loop, our systems can be designed for both constant and linear application rates of de-icing solution directly on granular materials. Our prewet systems are custom designed for all truck body types; including u-body, v-hopper, and side dump, and are compatible with numerous de-icing solutions.


Air & Electrical Power pneumatic Compressors JC Hydraulics can supply you with a compressor to perfectly compliment your needs. We offer under chassis and above deck compressors that are engineered for versatility and maximum performance. Explore our selection of compressors with capacities, pressures, and speeds to match any application.

generators, welders & Jump starters Choose from our excellent selection of generators, welders, and jump starters. These products can be installed separately of as options with an under deck compressor and can be PTO, hydraulic, or belt driven.

Inverters Our Power Inverters are the perfect solution to your AC power problems. Whether you require static or dynamic inverters we have the products to meet your need.


Bulk/Liquid Haulers Compressors JC Hydraulics has the perfect compressor for all your pressure offloading liquid requirements. We offer under deck PTO driven and above deck hydraulically driven compressors that are engineered for versatility and maximum performance. Our compressors eliminate the need to operate your vehicle at high engine rpms, providing a fuel efficient solution to pressure off-loading. Choose from radial vane, oil free or piston compressors and explore our selection of capacities, pressures, and speeds to match any application.

hydraulic oil Coolers JC Hydraulics offers the best in hydraulic oil cooling packages. Enjoy quiet operation from our highly efficient, lightweight, self-contained Hydrapak coolers. Hydrapaks increase your pay load and decrease your maintenance by eliminating your 100 gallon oil tanks. Our packages are easy to install and virtually maintenance free so that you can spend your time on the road, not in the shop!

product pumps We have the perfect product pump for all your liquid transfer needs. JC Hydraulics carries pumps with multiple variations of mounting flanges, ports, shafts, and seals. Whether cast iron or stainless steel, chemical or food grade, you can be confident that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Blowers JC Hydraulics carries the industry’s most versatile dry bulk truck blowers. Off-load or self-load any dry bulk product, including fly ash, pebble, lime, and cement. Our blowers are geared for high efficiencies with minimal slippage and lower air temperatures, have high pressure capabilities, and a wide range of speeds.


cables & controls JC Hydraulics offers custom in-house manufacturing and supply of cables and control systems for almost any application. We provide complete solutions from concept design to implementation. All our cables and controls are manufactured to OEM specifications to operate PTOs and hydraulic valves for off-road, utility, military, marine, and agriculture applications.

cables We have the solution; whether it be push, pull, brake or throttle, we have a solution.

controls Whether light, heavy or extra heavy duty in spring return, detented, friction or manual; let us know your needs.

Custom In-Cab Control Consoles JC Hydraulics offers a variety of in-cab control console assemblies for Power Take-Offs and hydraulic functions. Whether you need cable or air shift, JC Hydraulics ever-growing family of console assemblies can fit your requirements.



JC Hydraulics is your source for recovery winches to operate rolloff wreckers, drilling rigs, mining, marine, construction, forestry, and recreation applications.

Industrial Winches JC Hydraulics carries only the best winch product lines on the industrial market today. From light to heavy duty winches, all our products are recognized for outstanding performance and durability. Our winches provide superior strength and efficiency for pulling or lifting tasks. Pulling capacities range from 2,500 20,000 lbs.

Recreational winches Recreational vehicle owners depend on JC Hydraulics to fulfill their winching needs. Check out our durable and reliable line of winches, mounting systems, and accessories. Pulling capacities range from 6,000 - 16,000 lbs. JC Hydraulics is a Warn Authorized Service Dealer.

winch Rig-ups JC Hydraulics provides custom designs and manufacturing to suit all your winching requirements. Whether it’s tri-drives, Texas rigging, or bed trucks, JC Hydraulics can accommodate your needs.

accessories Along with our main product offerings; we supply a number of accessories to help you increase your productivity. DP Bumper Winches intelligent design and precision engineering result in faster line speeds, cooler operating temperatures, less wear on internal parts and a more compact design. Because you work around live wires and in dangerous environments, safety matters. That’s why JC Hydraulics provides you with DP Capstans; their designs include a number of intelligent safety features that are not an option.


installation facilitY

Make us your one stop shop for custom installations and repairs. JC Hydraulics location offers complete service and installation facilities, and our skilled and friendly mechanics are trained to deliver 100% satisfaction. Installations include: Hydraulic Oil Tanks, PTO’s, Pumps, Drive Shafts, Valves, Motors, Snowplows, Winches, Blowers, Compressors and much more. JC Hydraulics specializes in complete system installations and we are more than glad to help you design or choose the system which best fits your needs. The JC Hydraulics installation facility has equipment such as high speed balancers and test benches to ensure that all installed systems are in working order before delivery to customers. Repairs for all parts and systems sold by JC Hydraulics are taken care of at our facility, so whether its the harsh winter conditions taking a toll on your snow plow equipment or general wear and tear on parts; they can be serviced in-house.





Alfons Haar


APsco Inc.

The Brevini Fluid Power lines have been collectively operating for over 25 years on an international scale, offering a complete range of fixed and variable displacement piston motors, variable displacement open and closed loop piston pumps, and pressure compensated load-sense directional valves.


Dixon offers a wide range of cam and groove, fittings, valves, and couplings in various sizes and materials.

Brand Hydraulics

The Dowmax series of low speed high torque products is highly noted for their smooth torque control at very low speeds. Dowmax products are designed for optimal operation with high starting torque and high overall efficiency.

Alfons Haar is a world leader in the aircraft refueling industry and offers a full line of pumps, vents, valves, and dead man systems.

Since 1964 APSCO Inc has manufactured pneumatic cylinders, controls and valves for the mobile, truck equipment and automotive markets.

Blackmer offers a complete line of mobile petroleum pumps, designed for maximum performance and reliability. You will find Blackmer pumps operating throughout the world in a wide variety of industries.

Brand Hydraulics manufactures a full line of hydraulic control valves including manual and electric flow control valves, relief valves, dividers, stackable valves, shuttle valves, check valves, and selector valves.



DP Winch Bowman

Bowman is a worldwide, ISO9001:2000 certified manufacturer of Heat Exchangers for industrial and commercial applications, valuable experience gained in the arduous marine environment has enabled Bowman to build exceptionally reliable heat exchangers for land based duties including hydraulic oil systems, waste heat recovery applications, oil coolers for mining equipment and other areas.

DP Winch is a leading manufacturer of quality planetary gear hydraulic winches, with over 500 standard and custom models ranging from 2,500 to 150,000 lb. line-pull capacity. DP Winch supplies the crane, tow/recovery, utility, railroad, oilfield, mining, construction, marine, fishing and forestry industries.


Suppliers Driveline


Driveshafts manufactured and repaired to O.E.M. specifications for all makes and sizes, featuring quality parts from Spicer, Rockford Powertrain (Mechanics), Dana iC-UG, and more.

Magnaloy Coupling Company manufactures the original light weight, heavy duty flexible drive coupling. Magnaloy offers many products in addition to flexible drive couplings including pump / motor mounts, cylinder rod end alignment couplers, a complete line of fluid power accessories, and hydraulic manifolds and manifolding accessories.

DynamATic Dynamatic (Dowty Technology) gear pumps and motors are available in both SAE and DIN configurations and are used for a wide variety of mobile and industrial applications.

FISHER With more than 50 years experience, Fisher has earned a solid reputation for its trip-edge snowplows, spreaders, and replacement parts. Whether you’re a homeowner, small business owner, professional landscaper, or municipality, Fisher’s trip-edge blades will do a first-rate job

Meyer Meyer is a leader in trip-blade snowplows, accessories, parts, spreaders, and controls. All Meyer snowplows are custom designed to fit exact vehicle frame and weight specifications.

Miratron Improving the performance of hydraulic equipment by providing innovative electronic control products including radio remote controls, valve drivers, switches and transducers.

Force America FORCE America specializes in electronic spreader controls, hydraulic pumps and valves, and reservoirs dedicated to the snow and ice market. Through antiice and pre-wet applications, FORCE America is proving that it is “The Complete Systems Source in Mobile Solutions”.

Gardner Denver/Drum Gardner Denver/Drum specializes in the liquid and dry bulk delivery systems market, offering versatile products that will self-load or off-load any dry bulk product. Included in Gardner Denver/Drum’s product lines are: blowers, vane and piston compressors, chemical and food grade pumps, and Hydrapak selfcontained hydraulic oil cooling systems.

Muncie Muncie is the global leader in mobile power applications. Products include power take-offs, wetline kits, pumps, motors, hydraulic valves, tanks, accessory items, clutch pumps, power packs, and mounting kits.

OMSI OMSI Trasmissioni is the leader in application studies and development of complete custom mechanical drives. Experience and production capabilities has facilitated OMSI Trasmission to become a competent and efficient supplier.

Orscheln High-Tech High-Tech offers a complete line of high quality, versatile vane pumps. Used in a variety of applications including: mining equipment, oil patches, truck cranes, construction equipment, forestry equipment, forklifts, aerial devices, marine equipment, and plastic injection/mold machinery.

Hydro Leduc Hydro Leduc is a specialist in the design and manufacture of piston pumps, hydraulic motors, hydro-pneumatic accumulators, and custom hydraulic components.

Ingersoll-Rand Ingersoll-Rand’s “Onboard Power Solutions” product line is a leader in under deck mounted rotary screw and above deck air compressors. Complimented by a wide range of PTO hydraulically driven generators, welders, and jump starters, Ingersoll-Rand will help you “Go the Distance”.

Orscheln designs and manufactures mechanical control systems, including brake cables, brake levers, push / pull control cables, light duty cables, fluid level indicators, and other related products.

Perfecting Perfecting Coupling Company offers only the best in pneumatic, hydraulic, and straight-through couplings; which are available in a wide range of sizes and materials, including plastic, steels, brass, and aluminum.

Roper Pumps Roper Pumps proves it is “the leading force behind liquids” through its wide range of quality products. Roper offers helical gear pumps, positive displacement pumps, bulk offloading product pumps for heavy liquids and crude.


Suppliers Rotzler

Rotzler Titan winches are recognized for their outstanding performance and durability. Titan winches are weather resistant and feature large rope storage capacity, fast line speed, and the ability to withstand extremely high back pressures.


Sno-Pro is your genuine and aftermarket snowplow replacement parts specialist; offering service parts for most manufacturers, including Western, Meyer, and Diamond.

VariTech VariTech Industries has a compete offering of salt-brine production and support systems; Poly and Stainless Brine-Makers, Single-wall and Double-wall Storage Systems and Transfer-Stations.

VMAC VMAC is a market leader in the development of world-class underhood air compressor systems and engine throttle controls.

WARN Swenson Spreader

Swenson Spreader is a leader in the ice and snow control industry; offering tailgate and insert hoppers and pre-wet and anti-ice systems. Experience since 1937 is your guarantee of the best product, best service and the best possible value.

W.H. Green

W.H. Green has been serving the Fluid Power & Compressor Industry for 20 years from coast to coast. Your #1 Source for Coolers.

With unsurpassed motor efficiency and fast line speeds, Warn winches and hoists are built to the highest industry standards.

WESCON Wescon designs and manufactures mechanical control systems, including brake cables, brake levers, push / pull control cables, light duty cables, fluid level indicators, and other related products.

Yuken Thermal Transfer

A leading manufacturer specializing in hydraulics, Yuken Hydraulics offers components such as directional control valves, flow control valves, pressure control valves, proportional valves, as well as piston and vane pumps.


Webster Instruments, a division of Webtec Products Limited, an ISO9001 manufacturer of fluid power components and test & diagnostic equipment for use in mobile and industrial hydraulic machinery.


White Hydraulics is the world’s largest manufacturers of low speed, high torque gerotor hydraulic motors.

A global leader in manufacturing highly engineered heat transfer products, providing application solutions in the mobile, industrial, process and compressor markets.

webster instruments Timbren Industries manufactures hollow rubber spring suspension enhancement systems for all vehicles, front or rear axles. “Smoothness with Stability”.

White JC Hydraulics Security for your valuable equipment. Trimmertrap offers the most comprehensive line of superior trimmer racks, blower racks, and tool racks through intelligent design.

Tulsa Winch

Tulsa Winch manufactures worm and planetary gear winches from 9,000 to 130,000 lbs. line pull, worm gear speed reducers and planetary swing drives for the utility, crane, construction and truck equipment markets.


UFI offers a complete line of return filters, pressure filters, suction filters, transmission filters, off-line filters, and a variety of accessories.

Western Snowplows Western specializes in snowplows with trip blades, spreaders, and replacement parts.

Weatherhead With a wide spectrum of hoses for practically any application, Weatherhead offers hoses that handle pressures ranging from 50 to 5,000 PSI. Weatherhead also carries a full line of air brake brass and tubing, steel and brass fittings, hose assembly and fabrication equipment.

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