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SEMI-FRAMED GLASS BALUSTRADE Product Specification Sheet The perfect garden balustrade, a stylish and economical glass railing solution for a decking or patio area creating a safe and family friendly environment in your outdoor living space. Choose the right balcony solution for your project with our extensive product range

A modern and durable glass balustrade system allowing minimal disruption of the views ahead thanks to an intelligent stainless steel posts design that safely secures the glass in place without the need of a top rail. Easily customisable, it can provide a fast and efficient solution to even the most quirky of surroundings.

Our manufacturing process goes through strict ISO 9001 Factory Control System and meets all UK Building Regulations & Standards. ISO 9001 ensures quality is monitored and managed across all operations; it is the world’s most widely recognised standard for quality management and highlights a benchmark for consistent performance and service. All our balustrade systems are CE Marked, providing you with peace of mind that your glass railing is made to last. The CE Marking recognises that our systems are certified and abide to factory production control, meeting all EU health, safety and environmental requirements.

Because of the stainless steel posts supporting each glass panel, only a 10mm glass thickness is required for this system whether it is a low level installation or a raised balcony. We offer a selection of glass tints which can act as a privacy screen creating a personal environment whilst still enjoying the outdoors. Due to its durability it is the most commonly used system for environments with greater pedestrian traffic. Available in two profiles, based or side mounted, it can be personalised to meet a variety of requirements. Our posts and clamps are manufactured from a superior quality grade 316 stainless steel, ideal for external use.

Useful Tips: A minimum height of 1.1m is required by the building regulation standards We recommend a maximum size of each glass panel of 1.2m The gap between each post and glass panel is very minimal and determined by the glass clamps utilised SPECIALIST IN BESPOKE BALCONY SOLUTIONS

Semi framed glass balustrade product specification sheet

Semi framed glass balustrade product specification sheet