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GLASS JULIET BALCONY Product Specification Sheet A simplistic design for a glass juliet balcony, they are the perfect solution when a platform is not present, allowing you o open your large windows or bi-folding doors inwards and enjoy the outdoors from the The most have stylish and modern finishing touch to any type of building

A glass juliet balcony is the perfect solution to surround large windows or bi-folding doors without the need to create a platform to walk on to, adding an outdoor feel to an indoor space. Available in two profiles, framed and frameless, designed with simplicity in mind for fast an easy installation without the need for any specialised equipment.

Our manufacturing process goes through strict ISO 9001 Factory Control System and meets all UK Building Regulations & Standards. ISO 9001 ensures quality is monitored and managed across all operations; it is the world’s most widely recognised standard for quality management and highlights a benchmark for consistent performance and service. All our balustrade systems are CE Marked, providing you with peace of mind that your glass railing is made to last. The CE Marking recognises that our systems are certified and abide to factory production control, meeting all EU health, safety and environmental requirements.

A framed juliet balcony is manufactured with 10mm toughened glass held securely in place by top and bottom stainless steel posts, whilst a frameless profile uses clever standoff clamps with a low profile top rail to secure a 13.5mm toughened & laminated glass panel. A framed system can go up to a max opening size of 2.4m, whilst a frameless system is slightly less with a max opening size of 1.8m. Both designed are pre-fabricated in our UK workshop and delivered securely to site ready for fast ad easy installation, allowing the customer to carry out other related building work reducing the time frame of the project and costs involved.

Useful Tips: A minimum height of 1.1m is required by the building regulation standards We recommend a maximum size of each glass panel of 1.4m for a framed profile and 1.2m for a frameless profile A stainless steel mini rail is not required for the frameless juliet balcony but it is always worth checking with your local building inspector if it would be preferred SPECIALIST IN BESPOKE BALCONY SOLUTIONS

Glass juliet balcony product specification sheet

Glass juliet balcony product specification sheet