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MINI POST GLASS BALUSTRADE Product Specification Sheet An innovative concept for a frameless glass railing system, the mini post balustrade is a stylish and economical solution for a glass balcony or garden balustrade around your decking or patio area. Choose the right frameless system for you and enhance your outdoor living space.

Personalised to meet your exact requirements, this unique system allows you to create a modern design of a frameless glass railing within a set budget without compromising on quality and safety. This balustrade solution can be manufactured for both internal and external use, for a simple yet effective design.

Our manufacturing process goes through strict ISO 9001 Factory Control System and meets all UK Building Regulations & Standards. ISO 9001 ensures quality is monitored and managed across all operations; it is the world’s most widely recognised standard for quality management and highlights a benchmark for consistent performance and service. All our balustrade systems are CE Marked, providing you with peace of mind that your glass railing is made to last. The CE Marking recognises that our systems are certified and abide to factory production control, meeting all EU health, safety and environmental requirements.

The glass panels are available in toughened and laminated glass from 12mm up to 17.5mm thickness. The glass thickness required is dependent on the location of the balustrade and will require our unique mini rail design offering minimal disruption of the views ahead. We offer a selection of glass tints which can act as a privacy screen and give that personal touch to your system. Available as a base mounted or side mounted profile, the system can be applied to a variety of installations. The mini post brackets are manufactured using 2205 grade duplex stainless steel, offering superior corrosion resistance and high strength, ideal for use in marine or high chloride environments.

Useful Tips: A minimum height of 1.1m is required by the building regulation standards We recommend a maximum size of each glass panel of 1.2m with a 10mm gap between each panel When using the standard domestic mini post bracket with 12mm glass no holes are required in the panel, however when the heavy duty mini post brackets are utilised with thicker glass then holes are specified to enable the system to offer greater loading strength capabilities


Frameless mini post glass balustrade product specification sheet

Frameless mini post glass balustrade product specification sheet