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Annual Report 2016-2017


Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. advocates Asian awareness and empowers women leaders through its values-based programs and everlasting sisterhood.

Delta Phi Lambda will be the sorority that is recognized by universities and among the greater fraternal community for its progressive initiatives that aim to develop women into strong, independent leaders.




August 2, 2017

Dear Sisters and Friends of Delta Phi Lambda, It is with great excitement and deep gratitude that we submit the 2016-2017 Annual Report of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. for your information and review. Through the ongoing support from our members, Delta Phi Lambda has experienced tremendous growth within the past year, significantly impacting our ability to help sisters emerge, develop, and flourish in leadership and sisterhood. With this report, we highlight the Sorority’s accomplishments and our plans for continued future success. With the addition of four new Board members, we were able to assess, evaluate, and implement policies furthering the vision of our seven Founders, and those who have led our Sorority in the past. Many of the policies created by previous Boards were put to work this year, allowing us to evaluate where changes were needed most: collegiate financial accountability, and a sustainable membership management system. In the new fiscal year, we are elated to announce our partnership with GreekBill, a financial management service for the Greek community and memberplanet, a membership management system which allows us to collect membership data, manage events, and track donations. Our investment in both will reduce administration duties on the national level and simplify operational processes on the collegiate level. Additionally, the Board updated the sorority's Operations Manual to reflect our current verbiage across policies, added new HQ Staff positions to balance time commitment from volunteers, and updated our BOD and Staff application process to adequately reflect the skillsets needed to be successful in any of our National positions. Although, we have made positive strides for the future of Delta Phi Lambda, there is plenty more to be done. None of this would be possible without our members, whether you are a National Staff volunteer, undergraduate, or alumna. We thank you for your countless efforts in helping the Sorority thrive. Our future is bright, and we can only expect more great things to come as Sisters add to our legacy. Again, we are grateful for the support and we look forward to serving you in the 2017-2018 year!

In Everlasting Sisterhood,

Our National Office consists of the Board of Directors and the Headquarters Staff. The Board of Directors plans the strategic direction of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Incorporated while the Headquarters Staff (HQ) leads day-to-day operations and implements the strategic plan. Eventually, the Headquarters Staff will be led by an Executive Director, but for now the Board-Headquarters relationship is a partnership. The National Office cannot function without both working in tandem.

Jaleesa Reed

Justina Ho

Jenny Qiao

Mai Nguyen

Jennifer Kim

Tracy Wang

6 L to R: Mai Nguyen, Jennifer Kim, Jaleesa Reed, Tracy Wang, Justina Ho, Jenny Qiao

Our national volunteers provide support, structure, and resources to 18 collegiate chapters and 2 alumnae chapters, ensuring that the organization continues to thrive.

Camarin Chargualaf

Sydney Kronrad

Christina Shin

Joann Podoll

Jennifer Vo

Jenna Bradshaw

Jessica Kouch

Chelsia Lai

Katy Rivera

Valerie Li

Jennifer Rosario

Honey Hong

Maria Thomas Jen Li

Lyna Cao

Alberta Chu

Sarah Nguyen

Chapters also host an annual philanthropy week centered on the “Three C’s of Osteoporosis Awareness: Collaboration, Cooperation, & Celebration.” The purpose of Three C’s week is to promote our mission and unite chapters by providing an avenue for showcasing our strength in numbers. Noteworthy chapter events include “Stretch your Bones off” Yoga (Clemson, Colony Chapter) and Better Your Bones (UCF, Epsilon Chapter), both focused on increasing activity levels and thereby decreasing the risk of osteoporosis. This year, we signed on to a partnership with American Bone Health, which will provide our members with annual training as peer counselors for osteoporosis.



Every chapter hosts a “DPhiL Week,” commemorating the founding of our Sorority and/ or their respective local chartering date. During this week, chapter’s celebrate by raising Asian-American awareness within their campus and community. Every year, chapters rise to the occasion by making their DPhiL Week better than the last with new events like Successful Living (University of Iowa, Colony Chapter), Hmong Sewing (UNC Charlotte, Colony Chapter), and Taste of Asia (Loyola University Chicago, Kappa Chapter) to name a few.


Since Spring 2011, DFL Chapters have sent 2 representatives to the Association for Fraternal Leadership and Values Conference (AFLV). This year, collegiate members attended workshops focused on public relations, intake and membership recruitment, leadership development, and health and wellness. To increase our partnership with AFLV, the Board of Directors signed a recurring contract which significantly reduces the yearly registration cost. This will ensure the opportunity of attending AFLV Central to future collegiate members, as well.


Our leadership development and empowerment initiatives focus on professional development for HQ staff and leadership training for collegiate members. A portion of our budget covers conference attendance fees for our national volunteers. We invest in the Sorority by supporting our alumnae personally and professionally. Collegiate members uphold the Sorority’s mission and vision statement with local programming. Below we highlight our national and local events planned and hosted for the benefit of our members.

In 2016, the Director of Risk Reduction created a series of webinars targeting common issues for collegiate members. This year, we successfully launched our first webinar, focused on educating members on topics that affect their lives as Greek women. Our webinar on Title IX, identifying and reporting sexual harassment, had the highest turn out rate of all our webinars this past year. Future webinars will focus on educating new executive board members during the first half of the year, and providing resources and support for common problems during the second half of a term.

Total Sorority membership as of May 1, 2017

Overall GPA for 2016-2017

Percent of chapters meeting or exceeding Chapter Excellence Annual Review

Number of Chapters Exceeding Chapter Excellence

New members joining our Everlasting Sisterhood in 2016-2017

New Member Education process completion

The Sorority’s financial position remains steady with an annual growth of ~2.10% since inception. With the exception of royalty and convention income categories, revenue growth was reported in all categories for the fiscal year ending July 31, 2017. The national organization continues to be focused on being fiscally responsible, budgeting conservatively and making prudent decisions regarding spending. In addition, the Sorority has reported a steady increase in financial success recently, which enabled the national organization to expand to two new campuses in 2016 and invest in GreekBill and memberplanet, ensuring Delta Phi Lambda’s future growth.

Revenue 2016-2017

Expenses 2016-2017

Membership Dues


Outstanding Debt


Convention Registration

Midyear Leadership (AFLV)









New Members




HQ Professional Development






Incorporation, Membership Renewal, etc.








Net Income



GreekBill GreekBill is a web-based billing and financial management service catering exclusively to the Greek Community. GreekBill's secure application enables billing, collecting, budgeting, reporting, online payment options and much more for chapters of all sizes. GreekBill helps us hold individual members accountable for their financial obligations to the Sorority, without adding unnecessary stress to the chapter. Training will be provided at our annual Convention to help acclimate members to the system. • Members are allowed 2 late fee waivers during collegiate membership. Late fees are $35 per month. • Any chapter accumulating debt of $1,000 or more in 1 year will be sanctioned and recommended for Judicial Review

We ensure accountable finances with our chapters by establishing national chapter late fees, revising the affiliate membership agreement, and enacting a policy which has no tolerance for initiating neophytes with debt. These changes will remove financial stress from chapters, allowing them to focus their financial planning on philanthropic fundraising and programming events. The National Dues Agreement will be signed digitally via GreekBill. All members are expected to pay national dues on a semester basis until graduation. Any members incurring an outstanding debt larger than 2 semesters, will be recommended for judicial review. An unsatisfactory review could result in a loss of membership privileges. Potential new members sign an Affiliate Finance Agreement which ensures that payment of national dues is finalized before the completion of the Affiliate Member Education Process. New members are expected to pay dues in full within 14 days of the invoice date. In addition, refunds are only granted within the first 10 days of the invoice.

memberplanet Memberplanet is an easy-to-use online platform for chapters of any size to communicate, process payments, and manage members. It was built with volunteer leaders in mind to make the most of their limited time. Chapter leaders can collect dues and donations online, send out group text messages, create, distribute, and track great-looking emails and newsletters, create dynamic event and donation sites, track RSVPs, and more. Admins can do all of these things on the go with the customizable mobile app. An organization’s success is driven by member engagement. Engagement stems from ease of use, and ease of use from simplicity and convenience. We like to call it life. simplified 11



Since 2015, the National Alumnae Association operates under the direction of the Vice President of Alumnae in the form of Alumnae Chapters and Networks. Members of our Alumnae Chapters commit to maintaining a positive and professional image of Delta Phi Lambda. As a part of their continued service, members develop programs and participate in events aligned with the mission and vision of the Sorority.

Major cities with a concentrated DFL alumnae base have provided an opportunity for networking, event planning, and for creating new relationships. Alumnae Network Coordinators promote social interactions between alumnae, regionally. Interested parties should email for more information.

Two alumnae chapters were established in 2015. Continual chapter development will focus on expansion to the Midwest and Northeast regions. Successful completion of the Alumnae Chapter Establishment process requires a record of event hosting, a minimum amount of members, annual Convention attendance, and more. Our chapters have demonstrated increased membership, community involvement, and continually inspire us with their commitment to Everlasting Sisterhood.




Alumnae Chapters




Average Chapter Size




Number of Members




The UGA Alumnae Chapter, based in Atlanta, GA, hosted 2 Bone Marrow Drives in collaboration with their home chapter and local organizations. In addition, the chapter participated in the Center of Pan Asian Community Services Voter Registration Coalition by coordinating voter registration drives with 4 local undergraduate chapters. Members also volunteered at citizen workshop clinics, sponsored by Asian Americans Advancing Justice, to help eligible individuals apply for citizenship.

The Central Florida Alumnae Chapter, based in Orlando, FL, hosted a variety of events targeting their local community, empowering their undergraduate chapter, and celebrating professional advancement amongst members. Their lake cleanup event pulled alumnae together to ensure shorelines remain healthy, safe, and beautiful. In addition to community service, the Central Florida alumnae chapter hosted professional career workshops for collegiate members, educating them on interview do's and dont's and resume development.

Successful expansion remains a high priority for Delta Phi Lambda. Our 5-Year plan, led by the newly appointed Director of Growth & Development, helps new chapter’s grow sustainably within the first five years. Ultimately, the plan ensures that new colony chapters are actively working towards lettered status in a timely manner. We thank our expansion committees for their assistance in establishing our first South Carolina chapter at the University of Clemson, and our newest chapter in the Northeast at the University of Connecticut! Collaborative expansion remains a hallmark of our expansion relationships – we appreciate the coordinated efforts between our organization, regional alumnae, and the local university. Our expansion plans for the next year focus on continual regional development to bridge the gaps between our existing chapters.

Clemson University | Clemson, South Carolina April 10, 2016

Recruitment: To provide concentrated attention on recruitment and chapter re-establishment, the VP of Expansion created a new staff position: Director of Recruitment. This director which will assist Chapters in strategic recruitment planning for existing chapters and potential expansions. National Restructuring: Our National HQ Staff has expanded with the addition of regional expansion coordinators, a membership manager, and a director of collegiate programming. These changes will aid the Board in evaluating and analyzing best practices for our organization.

University of Connecticut | Storrs, Connecticut April 10, 2016


Established in 2009, The Jade Times (TJT) serves as the national online newsletter of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. TJT provides a medium for undergraduate and alumnae sisters to connect. The quarterly publication features articles written by sisters on topics related to the Greek community, leadership development for women, philanthropy, and sisterhood.

Editor-In-Chief: Alberta Chu, graduated from Purdue University in 2010 with degrees in Political Science and Women’s Studies. She resides in Arizona and she practices law. When Alberta is not working, she is on the road travelling.

Social Media Icon: The Jade Times’ social media icon, adopted in Spring 2017, was designed by Elaine “Neon” Phong, alumna of UNC at Charlotte. The icon (L) won the majority vote from collegiate sisters.

#DFL: Our social media presence continuously grows thanks to Chelsia Lai, Director of Marketing. This year we covered alumna’s attending the Women’s March, highlighted volunteers with the Staff Spotlight, and rallied sisters during Sisterhood Sunday, Motivation Monday, Travel Tuesday , WearYourLetters Wednesday, Throw What You Know Thursday and Feature Friday. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

rede[phi]ning sisterhood since 1998 In August, sisters traveled to New York for our 15th National Convention. During the day, members attended breakout sessions at Queens College featuring guests, David Stollman, president of Campuspeak, and Leng Leng Chancey, keynote speaker and deputy director of systems and sustainability for National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF). Below, we highlight recipients of our national awards at last year’s banquet.

Petrice “PROVOK” Alcaron

chee ia “I.M.P.A.C.T” Yang

Amanda “Valentino” Pham

Ann “Borealis” Nguyen

Chapter of the Year Alpha Chapter

Jade Award

Philanthropy Award

Blue Rose Award

Zeta Chapter

Mu Chapter

Gamma Chapter


At the time of her keynote, Leng Leng Chancey was the Deputy Director of Systems & Sustainability for the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF). She is the now the Vice President of Development & Marketing at Quality Care for Children. Leng Leng’s passion is in serving the community. Outside of work she continues to serve on multiple non-profit Boards to help advance the common good. Keynotes:

Why Voting Matters: Asian Women & Reproductive Justice What does Success Look Like? And What Does it Mean for AAPI Women and Girls?

“Leng Leng was great, she discussed topics that applied to us and how we can make an impact on others to vote” “Her presentation was extremely eye-opening on why voting matters”

Our annual Convention post-survey pushed us to revamp our Convention with a new emphasis on leadership development. New workshops and speakers aim to empower and encourage progressive and critical thinking that will further the growth of our sorority. At this year’s Convention, speakers will focus on the power of passion in our Sisterhood. In addition, skill-building workshops focus on public speaking, interpersonal communication, and conflict resolution – all skills that will increase collegiate members hiring potential as young professionals.


Alpha – University of Georgia

University of West Florida

Beta – University of Cincinnati

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Gamma – Georgia State University

University of Iowa

Epsilon – University of Central Florida

Iowa State University

Zeta – Georgia Institute of Technology

University of Delaware

Eta – DePaul University

Clemson University

Theta – Emory University

University of Connecticut

Iota – Grand Valley State University Kappa – Loyola University Chicago Lambda – Purdue University Mu – University at Albany

Illinois State University


In Everlasting Sisterhood


2016-2017 Annual Report  

Delta Phi Lambda compiles a report every year regarding the state of the sorority.

2016-2017 Annual Report  

Delta Phi Lambda compiles a report every year regarding the state of the sorority.