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Managing Editor Andrea Alhadari, Α Γ Director of Communications & Events Editor Janet D. Garraty, BM Editorial Contributors Marni Kaner, Χ Nancy Hart-Esposito, Φ Τ Hannah Ford, A A Molly Wolff, Φ Τ Art Direction Eighty6 Founders Dorothy Cohen Schwartzman Ida Bienstock Landau Minna Goldsmith Mahler Eva Effron Robin Sylvia Steierman Cohn

Mission: To provide a sisterhood experience rich in tradition, innovation and opportunities for growth. Vision: To inspire and empower our sisterhood to engage in a lifetime of leadership and service. The TRIAD, official magazine of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority is owned by the Sorority, edited and published under the direction and control of its International Governing Board. Published twice a year. All submissions become the property of the Sorority and may be used for promotional purposes. Delta Phi Epsilon is a member of the Fraternity Communications Association and the National Pannhellenic Conference.

the president

& Friends of Delta Phi Epsilon, The past few months have been filled with many Centennial Celebrations. I have thoroughly enjoyed attending events and seeing other sisters on social media celebrating as well. Each chapter I visited made me feel like I was one of their chapter sisters. I wish I could have attended more. One of the highlights for me was dedicating our bench at Washington Square Park outside NYU Law School, the place where our DIMES started it all. Despite the cold and snowstorm from the previous day, sisters from many different chapters attended the ceremony. We even had family members of some of our Founders attend! You can read about this momentous event on page six. The day truly exemplified our bond, as sisters who had never met greeted each other with excitement and open arms. We also had a record-setting DIMES for DPhiE campaign in March, which raised more than $200,000. Learn about the amazing way we honored our Centennial on page 13. Thank you to all who donated and to our Educational Foundation for running such a successful campaign. As we look ahead, now is a good time to remind every DPhiE you know about the promise we made at initiation and the oath we took to live Justice, Sisterhood and Love forever. There is no end to Sisterhood; rather, it is an evolving journey. I challenge you to celebrate our Centennial by reconnecting with each other. Be a part of our “Each One, Reach One” campaign. Pick one sister and reach out to her. Remind her that DPhiE is her family and help her find a way to reconnect with our sisterhood. Imagine how many women we could bring back to DPhiE if each one of us reading this TRIAD focused on finding at least one lost sister. Learn more about Each One, Reach One on page eight. Let’s use our Centennial year to not only reflect on where we came from, but where we are going. And let’s make sure we bring as many sisters as possible along for our continuing journey. Yours in True Sisterhood,

Stac� Segal Delta Phi Epsilon International Headquarters 251 S. Camac Street Philiadelphia, PA 19107 P: 215.732.5901 l F: 215.732.5906 l



Fall 2017

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Centennial Celebration Deep in the Heart of DPhiE Going Global with Alumnae Engagement Honoring the Love of Sisterhood

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Letter from the President Engage U Chapter Installations & Future Colonies Record Breaking Fundraising - DIMES for DPhiE

On the Cove�

Alumnae brave the cold weather to celebrate our Centennial at The TODAY Show in New York City.

Corrections: From the Spring 2017 issue of the Triad. In the chapter updates, the Phi Iota Chapter at Edinboro University was listed as being inactive of 1973. The correct year is 1982. Additionally, Phi Eta Chapter at Northeastern University is listed as being established in 1989. The correct year is 1969. In our story “New Beginnings,” Delta Nu Chapter at Temple University charter history lists an inaccuracy. The chapter went inactive in 1984 and was re-chartered in 2009.


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Fall 2017



celebration By Andrea Alhadari, Director of Communications and Events


isters around the globe have been celebrating our Centennial in ways big and small to commemorate that moment in history when five brave women began a legacy that grows ever stronger 100 years later. After our Centennial edition of the TRIAD was released, the March celebrations began in earnest later that month. Our DIMES would have loved them all. At the Place Where it All Began NYC March 17, 2017 Even Winter Storm Stella, a category 3 nor’easter that dumped eight inches of snow two days before our Centennial celebration in New York City could not keep our sisterhood away. Traffic for St. Patrick’s Day be darned when more than 100 guests, including sisters, board members and even a few of the DIMES’ descendants attended our DPhiE bench dedication ceremony held at Washington Square Park, across from the original NYU Law School building (now the NYU Silver Center) where DPhiE was founded. St. Patrick’s Day is arguably one of the busiest tourist days in NYC. But sisters were also loud and proud for our own celebration in front of the NBC TODAY Show’s cameras bright and early that morning. They got on camera and they got on the cover of this edition of the TRIAD too.



Fall 2017

Mayor� Sing Ou� Praise�

From NYC’s Mayor Bill de Blasio to fellow Mayor Susan Ornelas from Arcata, California, city officials from around the country heralded March 17 as DPhiE Day in their communities. We received nearly a dozen proclamations from mayors and city leaders throughout the country from towns and cities where our chapters and alumnae associations call home.

Founder� Familie� Join In Through an exhaustive search that took a few months, we located several descendants of our Founders. Many said they were thrilled to have been contacted by our IHQ team. Several attended our bench dedication ceremony and Ida Bienstock Landau’s granddaughter, Chela Landau was the guest of honor during the California Alumnae Association brunch celebration March 18. “It was so moving to be in a room full of wonderful women who knew of my grandmother. It was the closest thing to having her alive again. I felt her in the room, and I know how proud she would be to know that this sorority has carried on with such a positive spirit and such empowering women. And I know how much she would have loved that I was there. I had such a special bond with her. She was so very, very kind, compassionate and intelligent,” Chela Landau said.

Upcoming Centennial Celebration� Carbondale, IL Hosted by: Gamma Chi Chapter at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale September 16, 2017 Contact: Ashton Novick at

Big Number� in the Peac� State

Co-hosted by six collegiate chapters, more than 900 sisters from the southeast danced the night away at the Atlanta Biltmore March 18, making it our largest Centennial celebration event. “It was truly amazing to see 900 women in attendance for this celebration. We had young to young at heart dancing and laughing in celebration of our amazing sorority,” said Kristin Morgan, Alpha Chapter at New York University and NPC delegate.

Las Vegas, NV Hosted by Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson Alumnae Associations October 6 - 8, 2017 Contact: Alyssa Ruggiero at Stevens Point, WI Hosted by: Beta Lambda Chapter at University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point October 21, 2017 Contact: Madyson Main at College Park, MD Hosted by: Delta Xi Chapter at University of Maryland October 29, 2017 Contact: Payal Pubbi at Ann Arbor, MI Hosted by: Delta Eta Chapter at University of Michigan - Ann Arbor November 11, 2017 Contact: Emily Hein at Sigma Alumnae Columbus, OH Hosted by: Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation DATE: October 29, 2017 Contact: Andrea Alhadari at

Meanw�ile Bac� �� IHQ The opening of our official time capsule, sealed during our 75th Anniversary in 1992, was streamed live on Facebook March 17 from International Headquarters in Philadelphia, Pa. More than 3,000 viewers tuned in to watch.

Delta Rho Alumnae Poconos, PA Hosted by: Delta Rho Alumnae Association September 15-17, 2017 Contact: Jill Proskin at To view an up-to-date list of all past and future Centennial celebrations, please visit TRIAD

Fall 2017


deep in the heart of dphie Alumnae Engagemen� Keep� Sister��� �riving By Marni Kaner, Chi Chapter at University of Texas


ar from home, on the deck of a cruise ship out to sea, there I spotted a young woman adorning our DPhiE letters across her jacket. Tossing aside any misgivings about our age difference, I scurried across the deck to meet a fellow sister. Rheaven introduced herself as an active sister of the Gamma Sigma Chapter at Tarleton State University. During our cheery conversation, Rheaven told me she never met alumnae outside of her chapter. She was comforted to know there are alumnae out in the world eager to meet her and her fellow chapter sisters to help them whenever a need arises. We took some selfies and exchanged numbers. As a good alumna sister, I told her to call or text me if she or her chapter ever needed help. That chance meeting with Rheaven reminded me of the things I missed about sisterhood and how I yearned to help pass on all the gifts that had been given to me from DPhiE. I am fortunate to be a mom. You could even say I am “that mom.” From the time my children were little, I was involved in everything. From preschool parents’ to PTA president, Girl Scout leader and team mom, I attended every feast, program, ceremony and sporting event. So when my daughter Elizabeth went to college only 45 minutes away, I as-



Fall 2017

sumed we would continue enjoying these special moments. But, as chance would have it, there was no Delta Phi Epsilon on campus at the University of North Texas. My daughter chose Alpha Delta Pi sorority instead. Elizabeth would come to know different “secrets.” While she tells me sisterhood stories that I do understand, our Greek bond only goes so far. I cannot volunteer. I am not a sister. I cannot be there to serve her sisters meals during recruitment or help them practice speaking to potential new members. I may not be able to do all of this with my daughter, but I can for someone else’s. That is why I re-engaged with DPhiE. I can be there for someone else’s daughter, a young woman far away from home, like Rheaven, who may need a supportive smile and shoulder on which to lean. It is support I even wish I had when I was president of Chi Chapter at the University of Texas in 1989. We struggled and could have benefited from engaged alumnae. Now, 27 years later, as part of IHQ’s Alumnae Engagement Committee, I am a part of shaping the future for many daughters. As a chapter representative I am helping a young sisterhood of women who need us. They need to know we are here for them to pass on great experiences and memories for future generations of DPhiE women. There are women from all types of campuses with different backgrounds with one thing in common. They are all our sisters. And while I am a proud mom of an ADPi with a car sticker to prove it, my sisterhood needs me. You do not have to have a daughter who is Greek (or a daughter at all). You may not have even met an active sister. But like you were once, or my daughter, or all the Rheavens of DPhiE now, our sisters need us. There are proud DPhiE moms out there that count on us to support their daughters. Join me in re-engaging with our wonderful sisterhood. Take a few moments to read the website, find an alumnae association in your area or create one. Join a few alumnae Facebook groups, give a donation, or find the chapter in your area and go meet the sisters who are now sharing the experiences you once shared.

An �dite� �er�ion of thi� �tor� �ir�� ��eare� on the Delta Phi Epsilon �log (dphi�.or�/�log). TRIAD

Fall 2017


�oing �lobal �i�� �lumnae

engagement By Janet Garraty, Beta Mu Chapter at Rowan University

“Eac� On�, Reac� On�” Initiative Su�on� All Sister� t� Come Home


ecause we live in a big country in an even bigger world serving an ever-growing sisterhood, Delta Phi Epsilon announces an initiative that is finding and re-engaging sisters all over the globe to inspire a new century of sisterhood experiences. The Alumnae Engagement Committee’s mission is to locate lost sisters, re-introduce them to today’s DPhiE and help them reconnect with the sisterhood in a way that befits their interests. Called the “Each One, Reach One” campaign, this large scale volunteer outreach initiative is summoning all sisters from active and dormant chapters alike. “Ultimately it’s about bringing our sisters back home. Because our sisterhood really is for life,“ said Emily Meister, Alpha Iota Chapter at the University of San Francisco and co-chair of the committee. The committee was established as part of the sorority’s commitment to promoting relationships for the members not for just four years but for life. There is also some self preservation to this Meister concedes, as the sorority always needs emerging leaders to keep the sisterhood healthy, vibrant and relevant. “The question is how can we answer the call to provide better service for our sisterhood,” she said. Early indications are the outreach is working. The sorority has updated more than 400 contacts, which means there are more than 400 alumnae sisters out there who have reconnected with DPhiE. The co-chair is loving her own re-engagement. “I came back because I could help the sorority. Also, there are some new friendships I would never have made if I didn’t go beyond my chapter,” she said. Fellow sister Kathy Piccari, Alpha Alpha Chapter at West Chester University agreed. “I’ve remained virtually connected with my sisters through the years, despite the gap in distance and time. But 18 years after



Fall 2017

Chapter� Mi�ing �n AEC Representative Alpha Chapter at New York University Zeta Chapter at University of Toronto Theta Chapter at University of Denver Nu Chapter at University of Pennsylvania Omicron Chapter at University of Louisville Pi Chapter at University of Alabama Rho Chapter at University of Illinois Sigma Chapter at The Ohio State University Upsilon Chapter at Long Island University – Brooklyn Phi Chapter at Brooklyn College Omega Chapter at University of Miami Delta Alpha Chapter at University of Vermont Delta Zeta Chapter at University of California – Berkeley Delta Theta Chapter at Wayne State University Delta Kappa Chapter at University of Florida Delta Mu Chapter at Georgia State University Delta Xi Chapter at University of Maryland – College Park Delta Omicron Chapter at New York University – Heights Delta Pi Chapter at Pennsylvania State University Delta Tau Chapter at Washington University Delta Upsilon Chapter at University of Tampa Delta Phi Chapter at Oklahoma University Delta Chi Chapter at Georgia Washington University Delta Psi Chapter at University of Hartford Delta Omega Chapter at Monmouth University Phi Alpha Chapter at City College New York Phi Beta Chapter at Baruch College Phi Delta Chapter at Eastern Michigan University Phi Epsilon Chapter at Lehman College Phi Zeta Chapter at University of North Texas Phi Eta Chapter at Northeastern University Phi Theta Chapter at Oglethrop University Phi Iota Chapter at Edinboro University Phi Kappa Chapter at University of North Carolina Phi Lambda Chapter at Emory University Phi Mu Chapter at Newcomb College Institute of Tulane University Phi Nu Chapter at University of Missouri Phi Xi Chapter at Illinois Institute of Technology Phi Omicron Chapter at Worcester Polytech Institute Phi Pi Chapter at Widener University Phi Rho Chapter at Bucknell University Phi Sigma Chapter at Northern Illinois University Phi Tau Chapter at Rutgers University – Camden Phi Upsilon Chapter at Robert Morris University Phi Phi Chapter at Towson University

pledging and now reuniting with DPhiE through headquarters has reaffirmed that joining DPhiE was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, she said. Expanding connections is a big benefit to alumnae engagement, Meister added. There are new networking opportunities that can help a sister’s career. And many alumnae volunteers report they have been able to sharpen some of their professional and leadership skills as well. The alumnae sister experience is different, she added. The collegiate obligations are lifted. As such sisters bond in ways that more mature women often do, she added.

Phi Chi Chapter at University of Maryland – Baltimore County Phi Psi Chapter at Keane College Phi Omega Chapter at University of Massachusetts – Lowell Epsilon Alpha Chapter at Dartmouth College Epsilon Beta Chapter at East Stroudsburg University Epsilon Gamma Chapter at Stevens Institute of Technology Epsilon Delta Chapter at Binghamton SUNY Epsilon Theta Chapter at Fairleigh Dickenson University – Rutherford Epsilon Nu Chapter at SUNY Oneonta Epsilon Omicron Chapter at Clarion University of Pennsylvania Epsilon Sigma Chapter at Gallaudet University Epsilon Tau Chapter at Bentley College Epsilon Omega Chapter at Barry University Alpha Beta Chapter at The Cooper Union Alpha Zeta Chapter at Lake Superior State University Alpha Eta Chapter at Montclair State University Alpha Theta Chapter at Stockton University Alpha Iota Chapter at University of San Francisco Alpha Kappa Chapter at Fairleigh Dickenson University – Madison Alpha Mu Chapter at University of Michigan – Dearborn Alpha Nu Chapter at SUNY New Paltz Alpha Xi Chapter at St. Thomas University, FL Alpha Omicron Chapter at Fairleigh Dickenson University – Teaneck Alpha Pi Chapter at Southern Connecticut State University Alpha Rho Chapter at Pace University Alpha Tau Chapter at Winona State University Alpha Phi Chapter at Ramapo State College of New Jersey Alpha Psi Chapter at Lawrence Technological University Alpha Omega Chapter at Long Island University – C.W. Post Beta Alpha Chapter at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University – Prescott Beta Beta Chapter at University of the Sciences Philadelphia Beta Gamma Chapter at Minnesota State University – Mankato

Beta Delta Chapter at California University of Pennsylvania Beta Epsilon Chapter at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Beta Zeta Chapter at University of Michigan – Flint Beta Theta Chapter at Kean University Beta Kappa Chapter at Pennsylvania State University – Erie Beta Omicron Chapter at Emporia State University Beta Upsilon Chapter at Rochester Institute of Technology Beta Psi Chapter at Brandeis University Gamma Alpha Chapter at Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville Gamma Beta Chapter at Florida Atlantic University Gamma Gamma Chapter at Schreiner University Gamma Theta Chapter at University of Connecticut – Stamford Gamma Iota Chapter at Bridgewater State University Gamma Lambda Chapter at Caldwell College Gamma Mu Chapter at Ferrum College Gamma Nu Chapter at Shawnee State University Gamma Xi Chapter at Rhode Island College Gamma Omicron Chapter at Georgia Southern University Gamma Rho Chapter at University of Maine Gamma Tau Chapter at University of Toledo Gamma Upsilon Chapter at Campbell University Gamma Phi Chapter at St. Joseph’s College Gamma Chi Chapter at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale Gamma Psi Chapter at Johnson & Wales University – Charlotte Gamma Omega Chapter at University of North Georgia Zeta Alpha Chapter at Tennessee Technological University Zeta Beta Chapter at Truman State University Zeta Gamma Chapter at Kutztown University Zeta Delta Chapter at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Zeta Epsilon Chapter at Carleton University Zeta Zeta Chapter at Young Harris College Zeta Eta Chapter at California State University Los Angeles Zeta Theta Chapter at University of Rhode Island

DPhiE understands that the volunteer experience needs to fit the sister’s own interests, she said.

ations of DPhiE sisters, Meister said.

“We want them to come back to do what they want to do,” she said. Through the alumnae page on the website, alumnae sisters can learn about a variety of ways to get involved. From charitable giving to a favorite cause, to volunteering with chapters and mentoring young sisters, the fulfilling opportunities are there, Meister said. Plain and simple, the organization needs alumnae sisters to carry that torch of opportunity for future gener-

“These women need us. It’s always been up to alumnae to carry on the legacy that the DIMES created. I think that’s the ultimate goal,” she said. If you are interested in representing your chapter or being part of an alumnae association, please contact Maureen Anderson, director of alumnae engagement. 215-732-5901

click here to register TRIAD

Fall 2017


the love of �ister���

is for a lifetime

By Nancy Hart-Esposito, Assistant Executive Director- Housing


henever Meredith Kawar, Alpha Phi Chapter at Ramapo College went to her cancer treatments or a doctor visit you would often find a DPhiE sister with her. When she participated in Relay for Life events, sisters walked alongside her. And as Meredith made her way to the stage to accept the “Love Award” during last year’s International Leadership Forum, there was not a dry eye in the room. That is because not only was she battling stage four, triple negative breast cancer, but nearly everyone in that room knew Meredith loved us as much as we love her. Meredith Kawar succumbed to that battle April 10, 2017 at age 41. The legacy of how Meredith gave and received love will remain a shining testament to her and our entire sisterhood. Meredith began volunteering right after graduating from Ramapo College. She loved everything DPhiE. Our values and our principles ran deep. A 20-year volunteer who served as chapter operations specialist, team member for programming development, an advisor for the Gamma Lambda Chapter at Caldwell College, an Educational Foundation scholarship committee volunteer and others, Meredith epitomized our founding principle of Love. She showed it in her support of the sisters she knew and the sorority causes she championed. We showed it back by

enjoying her life with her and rallying to her side in times of need. Upon her passing, more than 50 undergraduate and alumnae sisters attended her services to pay homage to her legacy of love to our sisterhood. “Meredith was a ray of sunshine to everyone she touched,” said Stephanie Cockerl, Delta Rho Chapter at Cornell University. “Her love for DPhiE will forever be her legacy.” We often forget how fragile life is until something happens that touches us in a personal way. Meredith’s death shocked all who loved her. But love is not so fragile. When nurtured love is strong and everlasting, like sisterhood itself.


Every visit, every phone call ended the same way … ‘I love you.’


Fall 2017


elta Phi Epsilon sisters are leaders on their campuses, communities and workplace. Connect with local undergraduate and alumnae leaders by attended Engage U. Spend a day growing and learning about the exciting future in store for DPhiE! All members and volunteers are welcome. Learn more and register at

2017-2018 locations & dates SUNY Binghamton

Central Michigan University

Binghamton, NY

Mt. Pleasant, MI

Novembe� 1�

Octobe� 21 Capital University Columbus, OH

Octobe� 14

Johnson and Wales University Providence, RI

April 7 Widener University Philadelphia, PA

Februar� 24 Emory University Atlanta, GA

Februar� 10 Nova Southeastern University Fort Lauderdale, FL

Februar� 17 TRIAD

Fall 2017


Chapte� Chartering &

future colonies By: Hannah Ford, Coordinator of Panhellenic Outreach

Centennial Chapter�

Meet the two campuses who are (and will be) home to Delta Phi Epsilon’s two Centennial chapters- receiving their charter during our 100th year of sisterhood.

Univer�it� of R�ode I�lan� Chapter: Zeta Theta Charter date: April 30, 2017 Location: Kingston, RI Panhellenic Community: Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Xi Delta, Chi Omega, Delta Zeta, Kappa Delta, Phi Sigma Sigma, Sigma Delta Tau, Sigma Kappa, Zeta Tau Alpha Installed by: International President, Stacy Segal International representatives in attendance: Director of Communications and Events, Andrea Alhadari; Coordinator of Communications and Events, Gabrielle Centrone; Director of Financial Services, Letty Scanlon; and Collegiate Development Consultant, Gabriella Vasquez This past spring, Delta Phi Epsilon chartered our third active chapter in Rhode Island with the installation of the Zeta Theta Chapter at University of Rhode Island. With a warm welcome from the Panhellenic and Greek communities alike, we knew our new chapter would be an excellent addition to URI’s already impressive line-up. The Alpha Upsilon Chapter at Johnson & Wales University, Gamma Xi Chapter at Rhode Island College, Connecticut Alumnae Association and New York City Alumnae Association were onsite to assist with the initiation ritual. “I joined DPhiE at Rhode Island College but ended up transferring to URI. While the change was exciting, it was difficult to leave my sorority behind. When it was announced that DPhiE would be colonizing on campus, I was ecstatic to be involved with DPhiE again. It was incredible to see how many women on this campus wanted to learn more about Delta Phi Epsilon over the course of recruitment. I am looking forward to see what is in store for this coming semester and the future of Zeta Theta!”

- Marisa Cape��, chapte� �residen� @URIdphie



Fall 2017

Delta Phi Epsilon is scheduled to join a thriving community of 23 Greek chapters at NAU, which includes eight National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities. The campus is located in Flagstaff, AZ and enrolls more than 30,000 students. The majority of NAU Greek students live in Mountain View Hall, a 574 bed, suitestyle living facility that houses 18 of the 23 organizations on campus. Delta Phi Epsilon members will have the ability to move into Mountain View the year following our colonization.

Fast Facts Average chapter size at NAU: 207 Closest alumnae associations: Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas Closest active chapter: Zeta Eta Chapter at California State University, Los Angeles Follow our colonization efforts through social media: @NAUdphie #NAUdphie

�ecor� �reaking

DIMES for DPhiE 2017 Compiled by Molly Wolff, Coordinator of Development

DIMES for DPhiE, the Educational Foundation’s largest annual campaign, hit a new milestone this year. Here is a glimpse into the overwhelming support from sisters and friends who invested in the future of Delta Phi Epsilon.

larges� �i�� total chapter� �epresente� 120

total �ll-in chapter� 63


state with the most donors

�e� donor�

New Jersey


top fundraising chapter Psi Chapter at University of Georgia

total �umbe� of donor�

1,840 (48% increase from 2016)

total �umbe� �undraise�

Restricte� Scholar�hip Endowment� $12,688.86

top undergraduate fundraiser

Laekin O’Hara, Delta Pi Chapter at Pennsylvania State University

top alumna fundraiser

Melissa Keesing, Beta Rho Chapter at University of Illinois – Chicago

$202,337.49 *

Learn more about these scholarships by visiting


Fall 2017


2017 �ducational �oundation



he Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation nearly doubled its giving this year, with more than $100,000 in scholarships awarded in honor of our Centennial. Past International President and Foundation Board Member Dawn McNulty (Phi Sigma Chapter at Northern Illinois University) served as chair of the scholarship committee. “The Educational Foundation Scholarship Committee had the pleasure and true honor to read the applications of almost 100 academically diligent undergraduate and graduate sisters this year. What struck us most was their commitment to the pursuit of purpose in life and their deep appreciation of the benefits of sisterhood. We are ecstatic to double our giving compared to 2016. The commitment within our sisterhood to the importance of education is paramount to our efforts and we extend deep appreciation to all donors,” stated McNulty.

Thank you the following alumnae who served on the scholarship review committee: • Dawn McNulty, Phi Sigma Chapter at Northern Illinois University; Chairperson • Kristi Rankin, Alpha Zeta Chapter at Lake Superior State University • Linda Blockus, Epsilon Alpha Chapter at Dartmouth College • Lynn Reeves, Psi Chapter at University of Georgia • Meredith Kawer, Alpha Phi Chapter at Ramapo College of New Jersey • Toby Tamarkin, Sigma Chapter at The Ohio State University

degrees pursued hold/have held a leadership team position: 18




political science/ criminal justicde




undergraduate scholarships: 30 graduate scholarships: 10 repeat recipients: 7



Janet Adeola Epsilon Iota Chapter at SUNY College at Geneseo Master of biomedical sciences at Rutgers University

Leanne Calviello Epsilon Iota Chapter at SUNY College at Geneseo PhD in clinical neurosciences at University of Cambridge

Cheyenne Borkowski Alpha Eta Chapter at Montclair State University Master of Arts in school counseling at Centenary University

Chelsea Day Phi Psi Chapter at Keene State College Master of social work at University of Connecticut

Elsa Bravo Alpha Gamma Chapter at Florida International University Developmental Science Doctoral Program at Florida International University

Shannon Haggerty Gamma Epsilon Chapter at University of New Haven Juris Doctor, Family Law Concentration at Quinnipiac University

Olivia Neumann Omega Chapter at University of Miami Medical School at University of Miami

Ashley Roehrig Omega Chapter at University of Miami Exercise physiology

Bridget Simmons Phi Chi Chapter at University of Maryland – Baltimore County Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at University of Maryland – Baltimore County Brittney A. Sizemore Zeta Zeta Chapter at Young Harris College Juris Doctor, Mercer University



Fall 2017

recipients Compiled by Molly Wolff, Coordinator of Development


Madelyn Aug Lambda Chapter at Adelphi University Music education

Martina Hukel Gamma Epsilon Chapter at University of New Haven Criminal justice, national security and chinese

Sara Reh Gamma Chi Chapter at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale Architecture

Mary-Lyn Buckley Delta Sigma Chapter at Rider University Digital media and journalism

McKenna Johnson Alpha Sigma Chapter at Saint Francis University Health sciences and physical therapy

Leigh Erin Schlecht Phi Lambda Chapter at Emory University Comparative literature and interdisciplinary studies

Heather Callahan-Williams Gamma Omega Chapter at University of North Georgia Exercise science and spanish language

Candace Katen Zeta Gamma Chapter at Kutztown University Elementary education

Emily Elizabeth Shannon Gamma Omicron Chapter at Georgia Southern University Political science, psychology, spanish and justice studies

Dorothy Morgan Carroll Gamma Mu Chapter at Ferrum College Political science and international relations

Emily Katzenberger Gamma Zeta Chapter at Webster University Philosophy

Toni Sichel Delta Nu Chapter at Temple University Advertising

Fabiola Cuellar Gamma Delta Chapter at Texas A & M – Kingsville Communication sciences and disorders

Katherie Kontos Alpha Delta Chapter at Seton Hall University Social and behavioral science

Marlana Rose Smith Zeta Alpha Chapter at Tennessee Technological University Secondary education and history

Betty Leung Epsilon Delta Chapter at SUNY Binghamton Human development

Lauren Sopher Alpha Theta Chapter at Stockton University Social work and behavioral Neuroscience

Dana Matuson Gamma Chapter at Syracuse University Newspaper and online journalism and spanish

Kandys Temes Alpha Gamma Chapter at Florida International University Hospitality and tourism management

Caroline Dille Alpha Sigma Chapter at Saint Francis University Occupational therapy Emma Donahue Alpha Theta Chapter at Stockton University Psychology Jessica Fugett Gamma Lambda Chapter at Caldwell University Health sciences Emily Gazzara Alpha Theta Chapter at Stockton University Health sciences Olivia Harwick Zeta Gamma Chapter at Kutztown University Art education

Amy Orlov Delta Eta Chapter at University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Philosophy, politics and economics Alexis Pettay Gamma Zeta Chapter at Webster University English Megan Prangley Gamma Omicron Chapter at Georgia Southern University International studies, spanish and chinese

Emily Trinh Phi Eta Chapter at Northeastern University Computer science, cognitive psychology and mathematics Samantha Warwick Beta Iota Chapter at Saint Cloud State University Criminal justice, sociology and forensics Michelle Zarifis Epsilon Rho Chapter at Hofstra University Political science and drama


Fall 2017


chapte� & �lumnae ��ociation



phoenix alumnae association We honored our Founders and celebrated our Centennial year February 18, 2017. Twenty-one association members and two DPhiE moms gathered at Seasons 52 in Phoenix to reminisce about our history while looking forward to the incredible future of DPhiE. Seven members of the Phoenix Alumnae Association visited Northern Arizona University March 9, 2017 to support the extension presentation, which resulted in DPhiE’s selection to join the campus this fall.


california alumnae association

Our very busy year began with our chartering of the new Zeta Eta Chapter at California State University, Los Angeles. This was followed by several events throughout the state supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, several women’s marches throughout the state; several Centennial celebrations in Humboldt, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and San Diego. We have one more Centennial celebration the undergraduates of CSULA are scheduled to hold this fall.

epsilon upsilon recognized alumnae association

We held a Centennial celebration with the active chapter. For more than a decade, sisters of Epsilon Upsilon Chapter at Humboldt State University have built a strong relationship with the mayor of Arcata, California. Mayor Susan Ornelas not only created a proclamation for our event, she presented it in person that evening.

los angeles alumnae association

Women from all over Southern California came together to celebrate Centennial March 18, 2017. We were very fortunate to have Ida Landau’s granddaughter, Chela, join us for a luncheon celebration. She read a letter that Albert Einstein wrote to her grandmother and we spent a wonderful afternoon sharing memories and singing songs from our various chapters.

san francisco alumnae association

We are proud of the continuing support of the Northern California Chapter of the CFF. In March of this year, local alumnae joined undergraduate women from Humboldt State University to volunteer at CFF’s annual Breath of Life Gala. In May, we volunteered at CFF’s annual Great Strides Walk.

Connecticu� epsilon upsilon chapter

Humbold� State Univer�it�

Holding a milestone philanthropy event, Deepher Dude, we surpassed our goal and raised more than $1,000. We also celebrated the Centennial during our annual formal April 15. Our town’s mayor proclaimed April 15th as Delta Phi Epsilon Day to celebrate such an amazing organization in our community.



Fall 2017

alpha pi chapter

Sou�hern Connecticu� State Univer�it�

We held a Centennial Celebration in conjunction with Gamma Theta Chapter at University of Connecticut- Stamford. We signed letters, told stories of our past and made new memories.




1917 Club

gamma epsilon chapter

Univer�it� of Ne� Haven

We had the honor of being visited by Past International President Arleen Honick during our celebration March 5 where she addressed the audience. We then received an award for Outstanding Philanthropy Event of the Year for our Deepher Dude event, which raised more than $11,000.

gamma theta chapter

delta kappa chapter

Univer�it� of Florida

We received recognition from Panhellenic for upholding the second highest campus grade point average (GPA). Many of our sisters have been accepted into honor societies, such as Cicerones and Florida Blue Key. One of our sisters, Shir Ibgui, competed at the UF Homecoming Pageant and won the title of Miss Congeniality and Crowd Favorite.

Univer�it� of Connecticu�-Stamfor�

Our DIMES for DPhiE bake sale was a huge success this year. Not only did we raise a large sum on behalf of our chapter, but we expanded our campus presence more than ever.

connecticut alumnae association

We celebrated Centennial in various ways this year. On Founders’ Day we went to New York City for The TODAY Show and our bench dedication ceremony. We also held a Centennial celebration luncheon. Sixty-three active and alumnae sisters from six different chapters attended. Past International President Arleen Honick served as our guest of honor.

alpha gamma chapter


Our sisters have been incredibly involved in our campus community. Most notable are sisters who have been elected to lead organizations; Krista Schmidt as president of student government and Natalia Quintero-Riestra as Panhellenic president.

beta nu chapter

Florida International Univer�it�

Wesle� Co�ege

Our sisters were recognized for their leadership this year. Kaitlyn Montalvo was awarded Phenomenal Woman during a women appreciation ceremony. Kelsey Fitzpatrick was elected our student government’s vice president, and Jennifer Jankowski was selected to lobby Capitol Hill for the Collegiate Housing Infrastructure Act.

delaware alumnae association

We hosted our Centennial gala at the Schwartz Center for the Arts in Historic Downtown Dover this past spring. Active association members, alumnae of our local undergraduate chapter (Beta Nu Chapter at Wesley College), alumnae from other chapters, DPhiE family members and even a DPhiE legacy celebrated with us. We are now focused on expanding our association and connecting with Delaware Deephers across the state.


omega chapter

Univer�it� of Miami Miriam Khiari served as the Panhellenic president; Noor Bittar and Lindsey Spring were both elected as vice presidents on the Panhellenic executive board. Both were also recognized at the 2016-2017 AGLO Awards. Noor received the Outstanding Junior of the Year and Lindsey received Outstanding Sophomore of the Year.

beta tau chapter

Nova Sou�heastern Univer�it�

In March we hosted our 12th annual fashion show philanthropy event. Funds raised were donated to our sister’s father who is battling brain cancer. We raised nearly $10,000, which went directly towards payment for a major operation he had undergone a few weeks prior.

gamma beta chapter

Florida Atlanti� Univer�it�

Tamara Fakhoury earned the highest grade point average out of all sororities on campus this year. Candace Funsch founded the American Marketing Association on campus and several sisters were selected as Greek life ambassadors.

alpha gamma alumnae association

We spent this past year planning for Centennial and support-


Fall 2017


ing our sisters including our second Alpha Gamma alumnae cruise scheduled to set sail in September. More than 30 sisters are scheduled to attend with friends and family. We also held an Educational Foundation fundraiser in honor of Centennial and the D4D campaign this past spring.

tampa bay alumnae association

Our Centennial celebration was held at the Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club in Tampa March 26 with representatives from more than 13 chapters in attendance. International Executive Director Nicole DeFeo served as our guest of honor.

alpha epsilon chapter

Kennesa� State Univer�it�

We hosted Knock Out ANAD (National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders) , a dodge ball tournament to raise money for ANAD. We also hosted our second annual pancake sale, DeltaPhi Hop, to raise money for CFF. We are proud to have been named the 2017 Greek Week champions.

The City of Tampa proclaimed March 26 as Delta Phi Epsilon Day with a proclamation from city council.

Georgia gamma omicron chapter

Georgia Sou�hern Univer�it�

Our sisters Savannah Freeman and Brett Thompson were elected as Panhellenic president and vice president of finance, respectively for this year. We also held Delta Phi Hop, which was the first philanthropic event held at our house. We raised more than $1,600 for CFF.

psi chapter

Univer�it� of Georgia

This year we placed first in the Educational Foundation’s D4D Chapter Challenge. We held a Donutpalooza event benefitting CFF with the theme, “Donut Worry, Breathe Happy.” It featured a donut eating contest and a donut decorating buffet, which raised more than $5,000.

gamma omega chapter

Univer�it� of Nort� Georgia

Our chapter has three remarkable leaders serving as officers on our Panhellenic council. Lynn Spain as executive vice president, Annie Johnson as vice president of communications, and Abby Thomas serving as vice president of scholarship of Panhellenic.

metro atlanta alumnae association phi lambda chapter

Emor� Univer�it�

For the second year in a row, Phi Lambda won the prestigious Dean’s Cup and won individual awards including New Member of the Year and Excellence in Community Service, Philanthropy, Sisterhood, Leadership, Membership and Risk Management.



Fall 2017

The theme for our year was connections and civic responsibility. One of our favorite events this year was a shoe party where sisters made 10 pairs of children’s shoes for Sole Hope (www. We also celebrated sisterhood across the state by attending the Georgia Centennial celebration in March. In May we welcomed Sara Sermprungsuk into our sisterhood as our newest alumna initiate. Service



1917 Club

psi alumnae association

We were pleased to welcome alumna initiate Kelly Agee into our sisterhood February 26. We enjoyed attending the Centennial celebration hosted by our active Georgia chapters and connected with the undergraduates of Psi who we will be supporting during fall recruitment at UGA.


beta rho chapter

beta psi chapter

Brandei� Univer�it�

On March 19, 80 sisters and alumnae from our chapter came together to celebrate Delta Phi Epsilon’s Centennial. In addition to fun activities, we welcomed back two of our chapter’s founders and they gave a speech on the history of Beta Psi.


Univer�it� of I�inoi�- Chicag�

This year we took a new approach to ANAD Week by incorporating our campus resources in promoting awareness for our philanthropy. This also resulted in a record-breaking fundraising total.

delta xi chapter

Univer�it� of Marylan� gamma alpha chapter

Sou�hern I�inoi� Univer�it�- Edwardsvi�e

International President Stacy Segal served as the guest of honor for our celebration weekend. Hundreds of sisters and alumnae returned for a formal dinner, reaffirmation ritual and viewing the official proclamation from the City of Edwardsville honoring our Centennial.

This past semester, we were recognized for our philanthropic programming initiatives, our focus and dedication toward academic achievement and the successes in bridging inter council divides with our school’s William E. Kirwan 2017 Most Improved Chapter of the Year Award.

gamma chi chapter

Sou�hern I�inoi� Univer�it�-Car�ondale

Our sister and past chapter president, Kaitlin Friend, was elected Panhellenic council president. We were also recognized with the highest participation during Greek Week’s Red Cross Blood Drive.

phi sigma alumnae association

In January we hosted our Centennial celebration. It was our largest gathering of sisters to date and included a philanthropic visit to Bernie’s Book Bank as well as a donation to the Educational Foundation. In May our newest member, alumna initiate Brittany Morin, was married and shared her special day with several women.

Ma�achuse�� phi eta chapter

Northeastern Univer�it�

We received the Outstanding Collaboration Award for our Greek and community partnerships. Additionally, Stephanie Hallinger and Erin Argano are vice presidents of our resident student association. Becky Jones and Courtney Engleman serve as executive vice president and treasurer on Panhellenic council.

phi phi chapter

Tow�on Univer�it�

Congratulations to our sisters elected into Panhellenic positions; Michele Reda as academic chair and Brandy Coates as diversity chair. Additionally, Jordan Arian-Nejad was named Emerging Greek Leader and Ayana Bowman was given the Vice President for Student Affairs Award at the annual Greek awards.


Fall 2017


phi chi chapter

Univer�it� of Marylan�, Baltimore Count�

We were thrilled to host our Centennial celebration because many alumnae, including a few of our chapter’s founders attended. We ended the year with the announcement that one of our sisters, Fabiha Mahmood, was elected Panhellenic president.


gamma rho chapter

Univer�it� of Maine

We raised $1,100 dollars for the CFF with our carnival and our new event, Capture a Cure, which is a capture-the-flag tournament. In addition, we participated in our university’s dance marathon for the Children’s Miracle Network. We raised $3,935.

alpha psi chapter

Lawrence Technological Univer�it�

We received the Chapter of Excellence Award at the Presidential Ball. We were recognized for the highest GPA in Greek life, our work with philanthropy, and numerous other volunteer activities. This is the third year we have received an award for outstanding performance on campus and in the community.

Michigan beta phi chapter

Central Michigan Univer�it� delta eta chapter

Univer�it� of Michigan

This year we created a new philanthropy event called DPhiEATS. This is a late night food sale where we sold chicken nuggets and mac and cheese from our basement and back porch. This event was a huge success and we raised $2,000.

epsilon lambda chapter

Michigan Technological Univer�it�

We took first place in womens’ groups during Winter Carnival, our schools biggest winter-themed tradition. We raised more than $1,000 for CFF through our Teeter Totter event, a 36-hour outside event in the frigid Upper Peninsula temperatures.

alpha mu chapter

Univer�it� of Michiga�-Dear�orn

Our chapter received four awards this year; Excellence in Chapter Development, Excellence in Public Relations, Excellence in Service & Philanthropy and Outstanding Greek Organization (third year in a row). Additionally, Taylor Sorgatz was awarded Greek Woman of the Year.



Fall 2017

We welcomed our alumnae March 18 with a Centennial celebration. We held a reaffirmation ritual. Alumnae shared their words of wisdom, and we held an awards luncheon to recognize active sisters. The day ended with a formal event at Riverwood Resort in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

beta phi alumnae association

We joined our undergraduate chapter for a Centennial celebration. We also took time to celebrate our chapter’s local founding. Renewing bonds with the next generation of Beta Phi sisters was inspiring. We are planning ways to better connect with the chapter women when school starts again, so we can support their programming and fundraising efforts.


alpha tau chapter

Winona State Univer�it�

We were thrilled to host a two-day Centennial celebration with guest of honor, International President Stacy Segal. The weekend was filled with social opportunities, DPhiE trivia and sharing memories. We ended the celebration with a formal brunch and grand chapter meeting. Service



1917 Club

beta iota chapter

gamma upsilon chapter

We were thrilled to have 100 alumnae attend our Centennial celebration, held March 18. At the end of the semester we received Sisterhood of the Year at our Greek Gala. We are extremely proud of all we have done.

Our chapter had a lovely time at our Centennial celebration this past spring. We came together for a formal evening to celebrate the DIMES and the legacy they created. Sisters and alumnae celebrated our past 100 years and the bright future of DPhiE.

S�. Clou� State Univer�it�


Campbell Univer�it�

gamma psi chapter

Johnson & Wale� Univer�it�- Charlo�e

We came together for a sister who lost a sibling to cancer and showed support for cancer awareness. We raised funds to assist with funeral costs and the entire campus community wore green, the color of fighting lymphoma.

raleigh area alumnae association

Newly formed with more than 60 area women in our interest group, we are excited to be recognized and are looking forward to our official chartering this September. This year we held multiple meet and greets and are planning to have a more structured, formal event this fall/winter as we kick off as a chartered association.

gamma zeta chapter

Webste� Univer�it�

Elysha Nemeth and Evelyn Whitehead received Women of Webster awards for their involvement and influence on the Webster University campus. In addition, multiple sisters won individual and organizational leadership awards, including Outstanding Contributions to Student Government Association and Best New Student Organization – Love Your Melon, which was founded and led by sisters in our chapter. Those sisters are Emily Mertz, Madison Watts, Lauren Schertz and Emmi Murphy.

zeta beta chapter

Truman State Univer�it�

We won Greek Week’s Overall Philanthropy Award by a landslide. We also won third place overall for the week’s festivities.

st. louis area alumnae association

We are growing and hosting events throughout St. Louis. This year we attended Engage U, hosted by Webster University. We volunteered at our local CFF Great Strides Walk. We are scheduled to continue our Centennial celebration this October and to volunteer for the CFF’s “Reach for a Star Gala.”

Nort� Carolina gamma pi chapter

Nort� Carolina Wesleyan Co�ege

Our Centennial celebration was the highlight of our year with the return of our alumnae and founding sisters. Being able to share and reconnect with our alumnae was such a heartwarming and fun time for all of us as we celebrated our sisterhood in Delta Phi Epsilon.

Ne� Hampshire phi psi chapter

Keene State Co�ege

We held our Centennial celebration in Keene, New Hampshire March 25. We warmly welcomed four of our chapter’s founders from 1984, as well as 70 chapter alumnae.

Ne� Jer�e�

delta omega chapter

Monmou�� Univer�it�

We hosted a Centennial celebration luncheon. The chapter was so excited to meet our alumnae and hear their stories of our chapter’s history. Along with Centennial, our chapter held its annual Lip Sync event where we raised more than $1,300 for CFF.

phi tau chapter

Rutger� Univer�it�-Camden

We proudly accepted four awards at this year’s Student Leader Awards on campus. Rachel Carr was recognized with SGA Outstanding Leader; Alexis Weaver with Leader of Distinction; Erika Winters and Kacey Dougherty with Greeks of Distinction.

epsilon gamma chapter

Steven� Institute of Technolog�

We held our most successful Castle Point King yet. This year we more than doubled our goal and raised $12,000. Our team focused on innovative and new ideas to involve the entire campus, which helped us succeed.


Fall 2017


epsilon chi chapter

special event. We hosted a potluck brunch with more than 120 sisters in attendance.

Cindy Nazario won the Campus Activities Service and Leadership Award at the annual Student Government Awards dinner. In addition, our chapter received a thank you letter from Paterson’s CUMAC for our donation of $200 along with 423 pounds of food collected during a recent food drive.

alpha phi chapter

Wi�ia� Pater�on Univer�it�

Ramap� Co�ege of Ne� Jer�e�

We are proud of Kamila Marek, Jessica Lowrie, Juliana Bermudez and Krista Fuchs for being elected to our Panhellenic council executive board. We also celebrated our third Greek Week victory.

beta eta chapter

Ne� Jer�e� Institute of Technolog�

We received the Outstanding Risk Management Program Award and Outstanding Recruitment Program on campus. Our chapter grew 30 percent in the past year and we took home the Greek Week championship for the seventh year in a row.

beta theta chapter alpha delta chapter

Seton Hall Univer�it�

We were awarded academic excellence for having the highest GPA of all of the sororities. We also won the Philanthropic Event of the Year, Greek Woman of the Year (Megan O’Malley) and Greek Organization of the Year during our campus Greek Life awards.

Kean Univer�it�

We welcomed our largest new member class in our history just in time for Centennial. We held our celebration in spring and were thrilled with our alumnae turnout.

beta mu chapter

Rowan Univer�it�

This year we raised more than $6,000 for CFF during our annual Deepher Dude and CFF Ball. We also hosted ANAD Week during both the fall and spring semester. We are proud of our on-campus leadership, community service events and how we support other Greek organizations.

beta xi chapter

�e Co�ege of Ne� Jer�e� alpha eta chapter

Montclai� State Univer�it�

This year our chapter was very active as members of the Greek community. We were named a 5-Star Chapter on campus (the highest rating you can receive), and our President, Sarah Bombino was awarded President of the Year.

alpha theta chapter

Stockton Univer�it�

At Greek awards we received three recognitions: Outstanding Risk Management Program, Outstanding Chapter Recruitment and Outstanding Chapter President (Victoria Nucci). In addition, our sister Emily Gazzara was elected Panhellenic president.

alpha kappa chapter

Fairleig� Dickinson Univer�it�

Our Centennial celebration was held April 2, 2017. All of our past alumnae were invited and the day turned out to be a very



Fall 2017

We placed third overall in Greek Week and took first place in Airband for the second year in a row. Our strong sisterhood is now also the largest sorority on campus with the addition of our 49-member Delta Kappa class.

gamma lambda chapter

Caldwell Univer�it�

This past April, we hosted our Centennial celebration. We opened the event to all chapter sisters. The event was such a success, in part from the great attendance from undergraduate and alumnae.

Ne� Yor� alpha chapter

Ne� Yor� Univer�it�

Our sisters feel blessed to be on the campus where DPhiE was founded 100 years ago. We held a wonderful Centennial celebration with the New York City Alumnae Association and also held one of our most successful Deepher Dude events to date.




1917 Club

epsilon eta chapter

SUNY Fredonia

In March, we were recognized as the fouth place fundraising team at our campus’ Relay for Life. At the end of the year, we were again recognized by our university and received the Outstanding Service Award and the annual Leadership Awards ceremony.

epsilon iota chapter

SUNY Genese� gamma chapter

Syracuse Univer�it�

In the fall, we hosted our annual haunted house and donated new toys to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Additionally, we received The Generation Advocate award from the Central New York Chapter of CFF.

lambda chapter

Adelphi Univer�it�

At our Greek Gala, our chapter received the following awards: 5-Star and Excellence in Inter-fraternal Relations. Nicole Imperatore received the Emerging Leader Award and Katie O’Brien was awarded Outstanding Alumni Advisor of the Year. Additionally, we won Greek Goddess for the fifth year in a row thanks to our sister Lauren Mangiafreno.

This spring we held some of our most successful philanthropy events in history. During our annual ANAD Week, we put on body positivity workshops and a “Dance with DPhiE” event. We also held our annual Lip Sync Battle for CFF with the brothers of Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

epsilon kappa chapter

SUNY Cortlan�

We held a Centennial celebration April 9. All current sisters as well as our chapter’s alumnae attended. We also developed sisterhood bonds outside our own chapter by assisting the Gamma Chapter at Syracuse University with their recruitment.

epsilon mu chapter

SUNY Brockport

We celebrated our 100th year as a sorority and 30th year as a chapter on campus with a luncheon. A total of 120 active and alumnae sisters attended. We also had the honor of having Past International President Cheryl Lamm as our guest of honor.

epsilon xi chapter

SUNY O�weg�

We currently have two sisters serving on Panhellenic council and another has become Greek council president. We were awarded Prevention Program of the Year during our Greek awards for our alcohol abuse prevention campaign “Moderation Jeneration,” which we hold in memory our fallen sister, Jennifer LaPoint Knighton.

epsilon pi chapter epsilon delta chapter

SUNY Binghamton

At the Fraternity and Sorority Life Awards, we received Highest Panhellenic Chapter GPA, Gold Awards (for new member process, financial responsibility, community involvement), and Silver Awards (for scholarship and academic performance, recruitment, and leadership and involvement). Stephanie Gross was awarded Emerging Sorority Leader.

epsilon epsilon chapter

SUNY Alban�

In order to celebrate Centennial, our chapter hosted an alumnae brunch. Attendance was overwhelming. It even included one of our chapter’s founders. The day was filled with pictures, good food and great conversation.

SUNY Pla�sburg�

We hosted our second annual Lip Sync Battle for CFF with Theta Gamma. We raised more than $700. Our chapter is scheduled to continue this event along with others next year with the goal of raising even more money.

epsilon rho chapter

Hofstra Univer�it�

We are proud to hold one of the highest chapter GPAs on campus and to have placed second overall in Greek Week. Congratulations to Kara Schilder on earning Greek Woman of the Year and Brianna Powell for earning the Anita Ellis Endowed Scholarship, an award recognizing a student who greatly impacts fraternity and sorority life on campus.


Fall 2017


alpha rho chapter

Pace Univer�it�

We were awarded Sorority of the Year for the fourth year in a row. In addition, sisters were awarded Outstanding Transfer Student, Outstanding Greek Senior and Outstanding New Member. Some were also inducted into the Silver Gavel Society and Gamma Sigma Alpha Honor Society.

new york city alumnae association

We played host chapter to the Founders Day Celebration on the plaza of The TODAY Show. We secured a proclamation from Mayor Bill DiBlasio, proclaiming March 17 as Delta Phi Epsilon Day in New York City. We were also honored to be a part of the installation of the Zeta Theta Chapter at the University of Rhode Island.


gamma kappa chapter

Capital Univer�it�

We are proud to have raised the most philanthropic dollars on our campus this year, raising more than $3,000 in one semester. We also participated in community wide events such as Relay for Life and Bexley Greater Clean Up, where we came in first for the most money raised for cancer research and the most bags of trash collected on Earth Day.

gamma nu chapter beta upsilon chapter

Rocheste� Institute of Technolog�

This year we were recognized with the following awards on campus; Outstanding Academic Support Award, Outstanding Panhellenic Executive Board Member (Saige Simon) and Outstanding Panhellenic Delegate of the Year (Dakota Sabotka).

beta omega chapter

S�. Joh�’� Univer�it�

We are proud to have been awarded Panhellenic Sorority of the Year on campus. This was due in part to our increased presence on campus through service, campus involvement and successful chapter programming.

gamma eta chapter

SUNY Bu�al�

We hosted our annual Deepher Dude event at the University at Buffalo in April. Monica Caruana attended and spoke about her experience with cystic fibrosis to remind the audience of what we are supporting. We raised $1681, the most money for the CFF in our chapter’s history.

gamma phi chapter

Shawnee State Univer�it�

Our third annual 65 Roses Gala helped raise nearly $4,000. More than 100 guests attended from the Greek and general campus community.

gamma tau chapter

Univer�it� of Toled�

At Relay for Life in December, DPhiE came in second for most laps completed by an organization. At the annual Greek Awards Night Shelby Barney was awarded a scholarship for exemplifying sisterhood and what it means to be Panhellenic. Rachel Hopkins was awarded Sorority President of the Year.

Pennsylvania eta chapter

Univer�it� of Pi�sburg�

We were recognized on campus with multiple awards including the Excellence in Leadership, Chapter President of the Year (Kaitlin Shields), Greek Board Member of the Year (Onkee Min) and Panhellenic Council Board Member of the Year (Mara Wearden). Recent alumna Victoria Bianco was inducted into the University of Pittsburgh Greek Hall of Fame.

S�. Josep�’� Co�ege

We are proud to share that two sisters were elected into student government; Samantha Stilwagen as president and Angela Vetere as secretary.

delta iota alumnae association

We were excited to celebrate Founders’ Day in New York City. We kicked off the morning at The TODAY Show and then joined guests at the bench dedication ceremony on the NYU campus. In April, we held a Centennial celebration with our undergraduate chapter and continued the celebration into May with a “Sisters and their Legacies” brunch.



Fall 2017

delta epsilon chapter

Drexel Univer�it�

This fall we received the 2016 Dean’s Cup. This award is given to one chapter from each Greek council that has shown the greatest growth and achievement during the previous calendar year. Service



1917 Club

delta nu chapter

epsilon phi chapter

After our record-breaking Deepher Dude event where we raised $25,000 for the CFF, we also raised more than $400 for our local philanthropy, The Philadelphia Police Survivors Fund.

Our campus held its first Greek awards. Our chapter received the Certificate of Scholarship for holding the highest GPA of all Greek organizations as well as Certificate of Achievement- National Philanthropy Event for our Deepher Dude event.

Temple Univer�it�

delta pi chapter

Pennsylvania State Univer�it�

We held a beautiful Centennial celebration at the Nittany Lion Inn in State College, Pa. With more than 150 guests in attendance, we enjoyed our sisters’ company and reflected on the women who brought us Delta Phi Epsilon.

Philadelphia Univer�it�

alpha alpha chapter

Wes� Cheste� Univer�it�

This year we volunteered at the Great Strides Walk in Chester County. Our sisters were granted the opportunity to pair up and meet with a local young woman with CF. We named her our honorary sister for the day.

phi gamma chapter

Indiana Univer�it� of Pennsylvania

This year we received excellence awards from our university in the areas of philanthropy, membership development, community service and campus involvement.

phi pi chapter

Widene� Univer�it�

Mairead Pfeil was elected Panhellenic president for the second year in a row. We celebrated hers and other successes this past April at our Centennial celebration. Active and alumnae sisters came together to celebrate sisterhood with music, dinner and dancing.

phi upsilon chapter

Robert Mor�i� Univer�it�

alpha lambda chapter

Yor� Co�ege of Pennsylvania

We were recognized on campus with the Excellence in Philanthropy Award for our work on events including Bingo for Boobies, Deepher Dude, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research and CFF.

alpha sigma chapter

We received the Outstanding Chapter Programming Award at our Greek Life awards. We were also recognized with having the highest amount of service hours on campus. Additionally, two sisters were also elected into the Panhellenic council; Stephanie Nix as vice president of recruitment and Justine Fernandes as vice president of standards.

S�. Franci� Univer�it�

epsilon omicron chapter

alpha chi chapter

Clarion Univer�it�

This past academic year we completed 1,600 hours of community service. Because of this accomplishment, we were recognized at our Greek Ball with the Outstanding Community Service Award.

Emily Horner won the Outstanding International Service Award for her time spent volunteering in Jamaica. Julia Kuehn won Outstanding Member of the Year for Greek Life on campus, and Megan Wurst won the Jodi Latten Award (highest freshman GPA).

Bl�msburg Univer�it�

We had a year full of community service. Our chapter held its first ever Deepher Dude event with seven different fraternities participating in the fun. Additionally, we completed the most community service hours out of all the sororities on campus; a total of 1,407.


Fall 2017


beta beta chapter

Chapter Advisor of the Year and sister Rachel Tuck was elected president of Student Government.

We were Greek Week champions and were awarded Outstanding Greek Chapter of the Year. Jessica Debski was awarded Greek Woman of the Year, and Anika Fanlo received the Community Service to West Philadelphia Award. Maria Mendolia was elected director of philanthropy for our Inter-Greek Council.


Univer�it� of the Science�

zeta gamma chapter

Kutztown Univer�it�

This year was full of service. We volunteered for our local CFF chapter’s gala, Special Olympics of Pennsylvania and the Love your Melon Campaign. We also held our first ugly sweater run for the CFF in the fall and our second annual ANAD week and vigil in the spring semester.

gamma gamma chapter

Schreine� Univer�it�

Alexis Morales was named Student Employee of the Year Award, Sarah Higgerson earned Ambassador of the Year, Jessie Leal earned SGA Senator of the Year and Angie Santos accepted Organization of the Year for her efforts as president of the Organization for Latin Engagement. Tatyana Carnes earned the Greek of the Year, and Bailey Petri was recognized for her work as the treasurer for SGA.

gamma delta chapter

R�ode I�lan�

Texa� A&M Univer�it�- Kingsvi�e

Johnson �n� Wale� Univer�it�- Providence

gamma sigma chapter

alpha upsilon chapter

We raised a record breaking $7,250 for Relay for Life. Out of 28 teams, we came in first for fundraising. Kenzie Savage took the lead and helped us double our goal.

gamma xi chapter

R�ode I�lan� Co�ege

We were honored to receive the Organization Outreach Award from Rhode Island College. It recognizes a student organization that has formed successful partnerships with local, national or international organizations to make a positive impact on society.

This year Gamma Delta raised $200 more for ANAD and doubled the amount of our service hours. We are also scheduled to revive our campus Deepher Dude event this fall.

Tarleton State Univer�it�

This spring we held a Centennial celebration for our chapter and the surrounding Texas chapters. We booked a beautiful venue and enjoyed getting to know our fellow sisters. We had lots of food, fun and photo shoots.

lone star alumnae association

We celebrated DPhiE’s Centennial March 25, 2017 in Austin, with a ceremony and reception that included alumnae and undergraduates from Texas chapters. Funds were raised for the Educational Foundation during the event and we received an official recognition of our Centennial from Texas Governor, Greg Abbott.


gamma mu chapter

Fer�u� Co�ege zeta theta chapter

Univer�it� of R�ode I�lan�

In April, we held our “Puppies and Pancakes” event with Sigma Chi fraternity to raise money for a local animal shelter. The event was a success and we raised $200.


zeta alpha chapter

Tenne�ee Technological Univer�it�

We were thrilled to be recognized for our leadership on campus. Our lead Chapter Advisor, Stephen Dominy, was awarded



Fall 2017

We held our Centennial Celebration with more than 100 sisters in attendance, including many of our founding alumnae. From speeches to Centennial goodie bags, the formal event was a night to remember.


pacific northwest alumnae association We spent the past year celebrating 100 years of sisterhood. We welcomed two alumnae initiates, Emily Roberts and Chaylan Johnson. Sisters came in from Oregon and Alaska for the initiations. We held our Centennial celebration June 10 at Dash Point State Park in Washington.




1917 Club


beta lambda chapter

Univer�it� of Wisconsi�- Steven� Poin�

At the end of fall semester, 2016 we held our 65 Roses Gala. We raised $4,000 for the CFF. Community members, alumnae and active sisters attended the event. We look forward to next semester when alumnae return for our Centennial celebration in October.

beta chi chapter

S�. Nor�ert Co�ege

We had a wonderful turnout for our Centennial celebration this year. Nearly all of our active sisters were present and many alumnae came to reconnect with the group. We enjoyed a relaxed social and reaffirmed our bonds of sisterhood through this amazing yet simple event.

Ontari�, Canada zeta epsilon chapter

Carleton Univer�it�

With DPhiE turning 100 and Canada turning 150, it has been a big year for us. We hosted our Centennial Ball where alumnae from several Canadian chapters, both active and inactive, attended.

Quebe�, Canada beta pi chapter

Concordia Univer�it�

Athena Sita was selected chairperson, and then president, of Concordia’s inter-fraternal council and chairperson of the Students of History at Concordia Student Association.

Chapte� Eternal We honor our Delta Phi Epsilon sisters who have passed away. International Headquarters had been notified of the passing of these sisters between January 1, 2017 and July 7, 2017. To report a sister’s death, please contact the IHQ office at 215.732.5901 or email Badges and other Delta Phi Epsilon artifacts are welcomed donations to the Delta Phi Epsilon archives. Alpha Chapter at New York University Leona Flashner Theta Chapter at University of Denver Regina Flaks Iota Chapter at Florida State University Margaret Fleet Rho Chapter at University of Illinois Mildred Fisher Chi Chapter at University of Texas Norma Schlueter Margie Granoff Mona Robinowitz Rubenstein Shirley Shwiff Lorraine Felsen Cecelia Schwartz Shirley Alter Clarice Seeman Dolores Wyde Lois Bass Yvette Alterman Psi Chapter at University of Georgia Adrienne Rosenthal Delta Zeta Chapter at University of California – Berkeley Carolyn Gold Delta Eta Chapter at University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Nina Wolfson Delta Iota Chapter at Queens College Rhoda Karpay Delta Lambda Chapter at University of California – Los Angeles Janet Breverman Delta Sigma Chapter at Rider University Kerri Durkin Epsilon Beta Chapter at East Stroudsburg University Robyn Deluise Adams Epsilon Iota Chapter at SUNY College at Geneseo Shannon Felt Blumer Epsilon Mu Chapter at SUNY College at Oswego Kelly McGuire Africano Alpha Gamma Chapter at Florida International University Diana Alduncin Jennifer Cordero Alpha Phi Chapter at Ramapo College of New Jersey Meredith Kawer Beta Eta Chapter at New Jersey Institute of Technology Joyce Weigel

Chapters and Alumnae Associations self-report updates. All updates submitted for by June 2 were printed in this issue.


Fall 2017


Membe� announcements

life Adoption�

Alpha Gamma Chapter: Camila Alejandra born to Angela Parra and Yendi Gonzalez Gamma Iota Chapter: Riley Belle Cadieux born to Nicole Silva Beta Phi Chapter: Sabine Joelle Obst born to Colleen Obst 4 Epsilon Upsilon Chapter: Logan William Sweet born to Kimberly Sweet

Phi Gamma Chapter: Javier was adopted by Lisa and Stan Bohenick 1

Alpha Gamma Chapter: James Alvin Fattal born to Ayleen and Danny Fattal

Delta Chapter: Aidan Russel adopted by Martha Jairala


Birth� Phi Eta Chapter: Colin Sullivan born to Cathy and Kevin Sullivan Alpha Epsilon Chapter: Noah Andrew Davis born to Tara and Andrew Davis Epsilon Upsilon Chapter: Matthew Russel Richardson born to Layla and James Richardson Beta Theta Chapter: Robert Matthew Mazur born to Kathryn Mazur and Jacob Watkins Eta Chapter: Patrick McClane Waltemeyer born to Alexandra and Sam Waltemeyer Alpha Nu Chapter: Hunter James Holden born to Stephanie and Erik Holden 2

Gamma Iota Chapter: Nicole Silva engaged to Matthew Cadieux Zeta Beta Chapter: Megan Steighorst engaged to Isaiah Winkelmann Alpha Chi Chapter: Janine Kubrak engaged to Matthew Yost Alpha Iota Chapter: Lynna Do engaged to Sandy Ramirez Epsilon Zeta Chapter: Maria DiKun engaged to Matthew Perez Gamma Zeta Chapter: Casey Serr engaged to Nick Newton 5 Gamma Zeta Chapter: Katherine Young engaged to Kayley Withers 6 Delta Iota Chapter: Maria Coscia engaged to Danny Montanez Beta Lambda Chapter: Lexi Springer engaged to Ashton Terry

Gamma Beta Chapter: Raylan Laurence Stoddard born to Danielle and James Stoddard Beta Lambda Chapter: Triplets Isaac, Ethan and Leo born to Celina Rodriguez-Torma 3 Gamma Upsilon Chapter: Annalyn Rae Sueling born to Emma and Andrew Sueling Gamma Alpha Chapter: Sawyer Andrew Gumble born to Samantha and Andrew Gumble

Alpha Gamma Chapter: Vanessa Peña engaged to Allan Pasos

Mar�iage� Epsilon Mu Chapter: Machaela Jordan married Timothy Lantz Zeta Alpha Chapter: Madeline Cothern Minor married David Minor


4 2


TRIAD Fall 2017




Membe� announcements Beta Zeta Chapter: Susan LeGalley married Kyle Mote Beta Omega Chapter: Meghan Opperman Terzulli married Daniel Terzulli Beta Lambda Chapter: Cindy Tesch married Lester “LC” Coghill 7 Alpha Pi Chapter: Marylou Cirivello McGinley married Kevin McGinley Epsilon Omega Chapter: Kayla Hayden Fleming married James Fleming 8 Epsilon Eta Chapter: Kristen Catalano Helling married Ed Helling Gamma Upsilon Chapter: Sarah Edery Martin married Steven Martin Epsilon Upsilon Chapter: Sam Barton married David Caudill Alpha Pi Chapter: Marie Dougenik Pinheiro married Joshua Pinheiro Gamma Kappa Chapter: Kathryn MacFarland married Kyle O’Neill 9 Psi Chapter: Ada Barber married Chad Huff Alpha Alpha Chapter: Susan Mathieson married Nick Laurila 10

Alpha Phi Chapter: Lenore Brady promoted to Senior 911 telecommunications specialist with Travis County Sheriff’s Office. Phi Phi Chapter: Florence Frenkel achieved doctorate in educational policy and leadership from Hofstra University. Alpha Pi Chapter: Katie Chappell, selected for BusinessWest’s 40 Under Forty 2016. Beta Eta Chapter: Kristina Marie Ippolito featured in an exhibit, “Women Can Build.” Phi Mu Chapter: Ellen Redler Alper honored with Ladue Local Hero Award by the Ladue Horton Watkins High School Distinguished Alumni Committee and Ladue Education Foundation. Delta Chapter: Phyllis L. Kossoff honored with President’s Medal of Excellence at Teacher’s College Academic Festival 2017. 11 Alpha Gamma Chapter: Linette De Los Santos named Miss Florida USA 2017. 12 Alpha Mu Chapter: Kristin McDonough awarded 2017 Outstanding Student Organization Advisor from University of Michigan-Dearborn. Gamma Epsilon Chapter: Jessica Pena awarded Outstanding Trans-Media Sports Coverage Emmy® for role as associate producer for 2016 Rio Summer Olympics. Alpha Iota Chapter: Lynna Do received Community Impact Award from Junior Leagues of California State Public Affairs Committee.



Alpha Upsilon Chapter: Laura Bullock published children’s book, “Where Do You Live, Animal Friend?” Delta Chi Chapter: Jill Madenberg published book, “Love the Journey to College,” with daughter Amanda.

Gamma Omega Chapter: Dezmone Valentine awarded Fulbright Scholarship.

Member announcements can be submitted year round through and are printed at the discretion of the editor. Announcements in this issue were submitted between August 1, 2016 and June 16, 2017.

11 10 7






Gamma Chapter at Syracuse University Sierra Alexis Pizzola Priscilla Lou

Monica Riefkohl Julie Fowler Bethany Brown Alica Luo

Eta Chapter at University of Pittsburgh Sarah MacDonald Danielle Tyler Emily Hawker

Phi Pi Chapter at Widener University Julia Brady Jessica McCallister

Omega Chapter at University of Miami Katelyn Erin Burke Olivia Neumann Harley Amber Dante

Phi Tau Chapter at Rutgers University-Camden Jamie Aydt Rebecca Barrows Kristen Hearn Christophina Richards Erika Winters Kacey Dougherty Alexis Weaver Gabrielle Urban Karisa Marcus Kayla Jolivet Kristin Monckton Victoria Anstey

Delta Eta Chapter at University of Michigan Jacqueline Leah Katz

Phi Upsilon Chapter at Robert Morris University Claire Grazioli

Delta Kappa Chapter at University of Florida Alexa Engel Ashley Shapiro

Phi Phi Chapter at Towson University Kay-Lee Handlin Rebecca Biegel Ayana Bowman Dana Katzenberger Christina Pergantis Ashlin Bird Sarah Degler Emily Ziemianski Taryn Puhl Sarah Gorski Madison Scanlon

Lambda Chapter at Adelphi University Marissa Lucci Psi Chapter at University of Georgia Reagan Reese

Delta Xi Chapter at University of Maryland, College Park Shelby Brown Amanda Schaefer Delta Pi Chapter at Pennsylvania State University Jadyn Izumi Kaitlyn Torres Delta Sigma Chapter at Rider University Amanda Pepe Ashley Farewell Paishants DePalma Alexandra Cottone Mary-Lyn Buckley Phi Gamma Chapter at Indiana University of Pennsylvania Samantha Lutz Phi Eta Chapter at Northeastern University Olivia DeFlumeri Emily Round Molly Woodbury Kelly Eng Rebecca Jones Sarah Kaplan Alexandra Kownurko Phi Lambda Chapter at Emory University Annamarie Cetinski Brittany File Rachel Askowitz Danielle Rieder Darsani Reddy Analee Carpenter Leigh Schlecht Priya Elangovan Katrina Peed Mollie Fiero



Fall 2017

Phi Psi Chapter at Keene State College Mackenzie Sisson Sarah Bushnell Rachel Murphy Epsilon Epsilon Chapter at SUNY Albany Ashleigh Roche Chelsea Weintraub Samantha Estepa Epsilon Iota Chapter at SUNY Geneseo Marissa Toran Laura Shanklin Claire Shanklin Epsilon Gamma Chapter at Stevens Institute of Technology Nicole Maetta Victoria Maglaras Chistina Caches Ashna Manhas Epsilon Lambda Chapter at Michigan Technological University Hanna Christensen Kelsey Saladin Epsilon Mu Chapter at SUNY Brockport Gabrielle Branche Kelly Cunningham Emily Galligan

Fall 2016-Spring 2017 Academic Year

Epsilon Xi Chapter at SUNY Oswego Alexa Shumway Epsilon Omicron Chapter at Clarion University of Pennsylvania Katlyn Bonifay Alexandria Schweon Epsilon Pi Chapter at SUNY Plattsburgh Taryn Carozza Paige Martin Epsilon Phi Chapter at Philadelphia University Miranda Braun Dana Shapiro Taylor Stucchio Mikayla Yoshida Brianna Reese Epsilon Chi Chapter at William Paterson University Melissa Gonzalez Devyn DelBalso Alpha Gamma Chapter at Florida International University Natalie Hernandez Alyssa Rey Lauren Shepard Iliana Menendez Melissa Sanchez Ornella Esposito Kandys Temes Alpha Delta Chapter at Seton Hall University Jenna Kuhn Julianna Cianfano Lilli Wofsy Mary Bonatakis Samantha Horner Alpha Epsilon Chapter at Kennesaw State University Alexis Majerus Andria Pino Katie Ferguson Alpha Eta Chapter at Montclair State University Kimberly Alfonso Melissa Pometti Stefany Pucci Jacqueline Gentile Alpha Theta Chapter at Stockton University Victoria Lorraine Nucci Theresa Leigh Messina Jessica Nita Lek Amanda Marie Gonzalez Alpha Kappa Chapter at Fairleigh Dickinson University Brittany Carolla Juliana DiPietro Alpha Lambda Chapter at York College of Pennsylvania Rachel Harclerode Alpha Mu Chapter at University of Michigan-Dearborn Elena Mendoza

Madeline Smerdon Alpha Pi Chapter at Southern Connecticut State University Alyssa Korzon Katherine Cullina Lauren Gingras Yarelis Canales Alpha Sigma Chapter at Saint Francis University McKenna Johnson Kayla Albert Caroline Dille Alpha Phi Chapter at Ramapo College of New Jersey Kamila Marek Sara Alexandra De Hanes Katrina Federico Victoria Paige Canavan Alexus Fuentes Alexa Bomba Beta Eta Chapter at New Jersey Institute of Technology Elaine Gamolo Beta Mu Chapter at Rowan University Katelyn Danielle Dunitz Carly Nicole Sanchez Brooke Ashley Corbet Jessica Nicole Cagno Nicole Elizabeth Chillemi Tessa Grace Verrillo Beta Xi Chapter at The College of New Jersey Samantha Hagel Mina Belfert Allison Kollmer Christine Castelluber Danielle Galloway Jessica Ramsey Victoria Germano Beta Phi Chapter Central Michigan University Erin Jacobs Beta Theta Chapter at Kean University Fernanda Morin Sarah Grimm Ashley Brown Courtney Collins Kayla Olsen Cheyenne Murphy Alexandra Correggia Aurelia Alberto Beta Lambda Chapter at University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point Madyson Main Beta Tau Chapter at Nova Southeastern University Katherine Silver Jacqueline Garcia Vanessa Mezquia Beta Chi Chapter at St. Norbert College Holly Hammann Regina Kautzer

Beta Omega at St. John’s University Carmela Hopkins Aria Laucella Gamma Alpha Chapter at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville Elizabeth Penick Keri Teague Allison Buck Ashley Farthing Jennifer Phillips Sarah Welton Gamma Gamma Chapter at Schreiner University Sarah Higgerson Gamma Delta Chapter at Texas A&M University-Kingsville Ashley DeLeon Kailey Hill Kristi Johnson Gamma Eta Chapter at SUNY Buffalo Carly Acker Gamma Iota Chapter at Bridgewater State University Jennifer Dowling Samantha Cole-Reardon Gamma Kappa Chapter at Capital University Molly Catherine Bayer Audrey Clara Covert Cora Leigh Reiff Shelby Jean Williams Gamma Tau Chapter at University of Toledo Emily Musallam Rachel Hopkins Sydney Mag Gamma Rho Chapter at University of Maine Emily Baker Linley Wakeland Meredith Roderka Gamma Chi Chapter at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Andrea Storey Mikayla Korando Erica Kelly Sara Reh Gamma Omega Chapter at University of North Georgia Katie Scudellari Mackenzie Sharp Christina Horton Florence Rollins Zeta Alpha Chapter at Tennessee Technological University Elizabeth Hill Sarah Sholly Zeta Beta Chapter at Truman State University Alli Friedhoff

Chapte� roster Alpha Gamma Eta Lambda Psi Omega Delta Delta Delta Epsilon Delta Eta Delta Iota Delta Kappa Delta Nu Delta Xi Delta Pi Delta Sigma Delta Omega Phi Gamma Phi Eta Phi Lambda Phi Pi Phi Tau Phi Upsilon Phi Phi Phi Chi Phi Psi Epsilon Gamma Epsilon Delta Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon Zeta Epsilon Eta Epsilon Iota Epsilon Kappa Epsilon Lambda Epsilon Mu Epsilon Xi Epsilon Omicron Epsilon Pi Epsilon Rho Epsilon Upsilon Epsilon Phi Epsilon Chi Alpha Alpha Alpha Gamma Alpha Delta Alpha Epsilon Alpha Eta Alpha Theta Alpha Kappa Alpha Lambda Alpha Mu Alpha Pi Alpha Rho Alpha Sigma

New York University Syracuse University University of Pittsburgh Adelphi University University of Georgia University of Miami Indiana University Drexel University University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Queens College University of Florida Temple University University of Maryland-College Park Pennsylvania State University Rider University Monmouth University Indiana University of Pennsylvania Northeastern University Emory University Widener University Rutgers University-Camden Robert Morris University Towson University University of Maryland-Baltimore County Keene State College Stevens Institute of Technology SUNY Binghamton SUNY College at Albany LaSalle University SUNY College at Fredonia SUNY College at Geneseo SUNY College at Cortland Michigan Technological University SUNY College at Brockport SUNY College at Oswego Clarion University of Pennsylvania SUNY College at Plattsburgh Hofstra University Humboldt State University Philadelphia University William Paterson University West Chester University Florida International University Seton Hall University Kennesaw State University Montclair State University Stockton University Fairleigh Dickinson University-Madison York College of Pennsylvania University of Michigan-Dearborn Southern Connecticut State University Pace University Saint Francis University

Alpha Tau Alpha Upsilon Alpha Phi Alpha Chi Alpha Psi Beta Beta Beta Eta Beta Theta Beta Iota Beta Lambda Beta Mu Beta Nu Beta Xi Beta Pi Beta Rho Beta Tau Beta Upsilon Beta Phi Beta Chi Beta Psi Beta Omega Gamma Alpha Gamma Beta Gamma Gamma Gamma Delta Gamma Epsilon Gamma Zeta Gamma Eta Gamma Theta Gamma Iota Gamma Kappa Gamma Lambda Gamma Mu Gamma Nu Gamma Xi Gamma Omicron Gamma Pi Gamma Rho Gamma Sigma Gamma Tau Gamma Upsilon Gamma Phi Gamma Chi Gamma Psi Gamma Omega Zeta Alpha Zeta Beta Zeta Gamma Zeta Delta Zeta Epsilon Zeta Zeta Zeta Eta Zeta Theta

Winona State University Johnson and Wales University-Providence Ramapo College of New Jersey Bloomsburg University Lawrence Technological University University of the Sciences in Philadelphia New Jersey Institute of Technology Kean University St. Cloud State University University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Rowan University Wesley College The College of New Jersey Concordia University University of Illinois-Chicago Nova Southeastern University Rochester Institute of Technology Central Michigan University St. Norbert College Brandeis University St. John’s University Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Florida Atlantic University Schreiner University Texas A & M- Kingsville University of New Haven Webster University University at Buffalo-SUNY University of Connecticut Stamford Bridgewater State University Capital University Caldwell University Ferrum College Shawnee State University Rhode Island College Georgia Southern University North Carolina Wesleyan College University of Maine Tarleton State University University of Toledo Campbell University St. Joseph’s College Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Johnson and Wales-Charlotte University of North Georgia Tennessee Technological University Truman State University Kutztown University Massachusetts Institute of Technology Carleton University Young Harris College California State University, Los Angeles University of Rhode Island


Fall 2017


Non-Profit US Postage PAID Bolingbrook, IL Permit No. 2530

Delta Phi Epsilon Sororit� 251 South Camac Street Philadelphia, PA 19107

Change Service Requested

To Delta Phi Epsilon Parents: While your daughter is in school, she will be receiving the TRIAD at her home address. Please remind her to update her address with the International Headquarters when she graduates so she can continue to enjoy the TRIAD.

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