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Annual Report 2011-2012

INTRODUCTION ....................................... 06 WHO WE ARE .......................................... 07

WHAT WE DO ............................................................................................................................................................... 09 Campus Life Business Services / 09

Student Counseling Center / 21

Educational Support and Disability Services / 10

Student Development and Leadership / 22

International Services / 12

Student Financial Assistance and Education / 24

Interprofessional Student Learning and Service Initiatives / 14

Student Government and Groups / 26

Office of the Registrar / 16

UM Housing / 29

SMC Campus Center Building Operations / 17

University Recreation and Fitness / 30

SMC Campus Center Event Services / 18

Wellness Hub / 32

Student Communications / 20

Writing Center / 35

STUDENT EMPLOYMENT .................................................. 36 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ..................................... 38 REFLECTION ..................................................................... 40 THE YEAR IN REVIEW. ...................................................... 41


Mission The Office of Student Affairs advances the mission of the University of Maryland by providing essential services and educational programs to help students achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals. We advocate for students’ needs, facilitate student involvement, and encourage students to accept the responsibilities of membership in a broader community. Operating within the framework of student development, we are committed to promoting a welcoming and inclusive University environment that values diversity, prepares students for meaningful professional engagement in the world community, and reflects an appreciation for the dignity of all people.


Priorities • Deliver services and programs in a student-centered manner • Promote a campus climate that celebrates diversity • Collaborate with all campus constituencies to continuously enhance the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and financial well-being of students • Evidence quality in all operations, strive for continuous improvement, and create a collaborative, caring, and participative work environment

Core Principles We believe that students … are the reason we are here … are the most important constituent with whom we deal … are not an interruption of our work―they are the purpose of it … compliment us when they ask for help … are deserving of courteous and attentive treatment


Introduction It gives me great pleasure to share the first annual report of Campus Life Services with you. It highlights the many achievements of the last year working with our diverse and talented students. This has been a year with many positive outcomes. We continue to work on initiatives that make our University a vibrant and dynamic community where students flourish. This annual report documents our ongoing commitment to interprofessional student engagement, learning, and success. We support this commitment through the use of direct and indirect assessment in order to measure progress toward goals and to ensure sound evidence-based decision making. We have also highlighted a few of the many activities that we have undertaken as separate units in Campus Life Services and as the organization as a whole. Our assessment process allows us to reflect critically upon what we have done well and to welcome the challenges and opportunities to do better. We welcome your feedback as well. As important as it is to provide services and programs that meet our students’ needs, we know that we have to do more at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. What lies at the heart of our work is the staff’s commitment to create a learning environment outside of the classroom where students are thriving not only in their academic pursuits, but also in their development as health, human services, and legal professionals. We work to create professional leaders who are prepared to serve and make a difference in our world. As always, we look forward to the year ahead supporting our students in their academic, service, and professional pursuits. Sincerely, Flavius R. W. Lilly, MPH Assistant Vice President

6 Academic and Student Affairs

Who We Are

Campus Life Business Services Educational Support and Disability Services International Services Office of the Registrar SMC Campus Center Building Operations SMC Campus Center Event Services Student Communications Student Counseling Center Student Development and Leadership Student Financial Assistance and Education Student Government and Student Organizations Student Learning and Service Initiatives UM Housing University Recreation and Fitness Wellness Hub Writing Center


Meet LaTasha Hudson Campus Life Services challenged LaTasha to explore topics she couldn’t always find in a classroom. The mother of two children and a full-time student, 39-year-old LaTasha knows a thing or two about prioritizing and maintaining academic-life balance. LaTasha and her husband help others strive toward life balance as marriage educators for families and couples. To continue her professional growth, LaTasha is pursuing her masters of social work at the University of Maryland. This year LaTasha participated in many programs hosted by Campus Life, but the one that stands out most is the President’s Student Leadership Institute. LaTasha enjoyed learning about the importance of marketing yourself and is in the process of creating her own elevator speech. “I want to be ready for the next opportunity and perhaps someday start my own business,” she says.



Campus Life Business Services MISSION

Campus Life Business Services strives to enhance the daily experience of the University community by providing quality support services that meet the personal, academic, and professional needs of the students, faculty, and staff.


Marian Lipinski, MBA Director


• Successfully implemented the required Photo Mail-in program for new 2011-2012 students • The One Card system was awarded PCI compliance status which provides an official security validation to all One Card customers using credit cards for deposits and purchases • Upgraded the Crema Coffee kiosk in the School of Medicine which provided an expansion of services and facility improvements • Discussed opening a University store in the SMC Campus Center and the management of textbook purchases

Donaldson Brown Conference Center Total Guests

{ 1,200 9

Educational Support and Disability Services LEADERSHIP


The mission of the Office of Educational Support and Disability Services (ESDS) is to coordinate services that assist students with qualifying disabilities to obtain all types of reasonable accommodations through an interactive process involving the student, ESDS, and the school.

Deborah Levi, MA, LGSW Assistant Director

ACCOMPLISHMENTS 1. Revised all departmental content including request forms, grievance procedures, accommodations process, ADA statements, and Web content to provide a more streamlined and efficient process for students 2. Created a binder to train faculty members on the procedures and services 3. Enhanced interprofessional relationship with the Francis King Carey School of Law by merging students and accommodations into the ESDS system

Total Accommodations Provided




COACHING ESDS began providing coaching sessions to students in the spring of 2012. Coaching assists individuals in their personal and professional growth through the development of realistic and relevant goals. The office is currently working with the Wellness Hub on an accepted proposal to provide incoming GPILS students with four coaching sessions during the fall.

NOTE TAKERS ESDS hired 15 students to be note takers for students with disabilities. These students were paid to take notes on their lectures and share these notes with a peer student with disabilities.



• Alternative Text


• Time-and-a-Half Testing

• Chronic Illness

• Double-Time Testing

• Deafness

• Class Attendance (Excused When Necessary)

• Low Vision

• Testing In Location With Minimal Distraction

• Learning Disability

• Breaks During Exams

• Mobility

• Assistive Technology

• Psychological Disability

• Note Taker/Reader • Physical Assistance • Repeat Test Questions • Alternative Time for Test • Answer Sheet Modification • Extra Time on an Assignment


International Services

Meet Jingjing Chen Jingjing is a first-year MPH student with extraordinary experience, having been a gynecological oncologist in China. She has recently been offered a research associate position in the School of Medicine. “As an international student it’s not always easy finding work” she says. The Office of International Services helped me secure my new job by being a resource as to which steps need to be taken for employment.”



The Office of International Services (OIS) assists international students, scholars, and their families by advising on federal immigration regulations and providing advice and support on personal, academic, and cultural matters.


Amy Ramirez, MA Director

NEW VOLUNTEER TRANSLATOR INITIATIVE The volunteer translator initiative is designed to identify existing language resources on campus and make them available to the University community. Currently volunteers can speak nine languages: Arabic, Assamese, Bengali, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.

QUICK FACTS • OIS serves international students, faculty, fellows, staff, visitors, and their families by advising on immigration, academic, and cultural matters, and by offering programs that address their concerns • OIS has international students and scholars from 86 countries around the world • This year for the first time OIS offered programs for international students and scholars related to employment topics and acclimating to life at UM for new J-1 scholars. OIS also offered coffee hours to promote socialization • Top five countries for UM Sponsorship: China, India, South Korea, Canada, and Taiwan • OIS sponsors 257 students and 552 faculty, staff, fellows, and visiting scientists/scholars


Interprofessional Student Learning and Service Initiatives MISSION

The Office of Interprofessional Student Learning and Service Initiatives is committed to educating students through interprofessional opportunities that emphasize community engagement and social responsibility while actively supporting personal and professional development.


Courtney J. Jones, MBA Director

Accomplishments 1. The Office of Interprofessional Student Learning and Service Initiatives was founded in December 2011 2. The Safe Space program was introduced to help identify LGBTQ-friendly staff, faculty, and students on campus 3. The President’s Fellows, an interprofessional group of UM students authored a white paper on urban renewal and presented their findings to UM staff, faculty, and students 4. More than 70 students applied for the President’s Student Leadership Institute, while 26 completed the year long certificate program requirements



Total Program Attendance

= 1,554

NEW! DIVERSITY CELEBRATIONS Hispanic History Month―José Galvez, the first Chicano to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize for photography was honored LGBT History Month―The first University wide Coming Out Day American Indian Heritage Month―The director of Native American cancer initiatives, Linda Buransstipanov, presented on American Indian cancer health inequities and disparities Black History Month―Civil rights activist Dr. Helena Hicks shared her role in the historic 1955 Read’s Drug Store sit-in in Baltimore Women’s History Month―UM students performed the Vagina Monologues to an audience of more than 120 people Asian American and Pacific Islander Month―Internationally renowned artist Bertrand Mao showcased his Chinese calligraphy and paintings


Office of the Registrar MISSION


The mission of the Office of the Registrar is to provide accurate and up-to-date information in a friendly and timely manner to prospective and current students as well as alumni, staff, faculty, employers, and state and federal agencies.


LEADERSHIP Tom Day Registrar




SMC Campus Center Building Operations MISSION

Building Operations supports food services, SMC Campus Center Event Services, and URecFit by managing the physical plant, custodial, and operational aspects of the SMC Campus Center.


Kate McManus Director

NEW INITIATIVES Started a “Living Wall” in the SMC Campus Center Green Room | Continued to manage the beehive on campus at the Old St. Paul Cemetery | Began a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) pick up site on campus | Centralized Campus Life employees in Suite 302 | Actively participate on the sustainability committee with UM Go Green programs

Meet Tiffany Hodges Tiffany Hodges is from Rockville, Md., and is a physical therapy student concentrating in orthopedic outpatient therapy. Tiffany is involved with several student groups on campus, including but not limited to CompassionKnit, Project Jump Start, and the Ronald McDonald House―all while holding down a part-time job on campus. One of Tiffany’s favorite memories with the Ronald McDonald House is making snowflakes with children during the holidays. “It’s a great feeling to be involved and give back to the community” she says.


SMC Campus Center Event Services MISSION

The Southern Management Corporation Campus Center houses space for a wide range of activities to complement the University’s academic mission. The event space can be utilized for many different occasions, ranging from retreats to receptions to a formal dinner.


Caitlin Sloane Lead Event Coordinator

EVENT FEEDBACK “Great venue, great staff, great food, and great atmosphere. Thank you all for your help―the event went very smoothly and was enjoyed by all!” ―Holly Bowman, Office of Communications and Public Affairs “Everyone I dealt with was EXCEPTIONAL!! What a pleasure to have everything so perfect, in a world where employees don’t seem to care about the reputation of the company they represent. THIS WAS TERRIFIC!” ―Carol Blanchard, University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenbaun Cancer Center “Thank you so much. Event Services was amazing about responding in a timely manner and took great care meeting to discuss event details and then confirming details post-meeting but prior to the actual event. There were a lot of things to consider for the event, more than I originally thought, but Event Services facilitated the room reservation process, thinking of things I had not even considered. Thanks for everything.” ―Cyurry Choi, School of Pharmacy Student


Dental School Graduate School Francis King Carey School of Law School of Medicine School of Nursing School of Pharmacy School of Social Work Administration Affiliate (not UMMC) UMMC External URecFit Classes Student Organizations Total Events

July - Sept. 2011 5 8 2 80 8 2 5 141 7 50 5 33 38 384

Oct. - Dec. 2011 2 9 3 73 13 0 11 170 4 19 4 18 33 389

Jan. - March 2012 3 6 3 71 9 0 6 179 8 44 2 21 56 408

April - June 2012 7 7 13 82 10 1 12 165 10 38 4 35 39 423




Student Communications MISSION

Student Communication promotes and provides visibility to Campus Life programs, services, and events.


Jenny Owens, MS Assistant Director

REDESIGNED CAMPUS LIFE WEBSITES Student Counseling Center | URecFit| | Educational Support and Disability Services | Dining | Housing | Safety and Policies | Interprofessional Student Learning and Service Initiatives | Diversity Initiatives | Presidential Initiatives | Student Development and Leadership | Student Groups | Student Government | Writing Center | Office of International Services | Student Financial Assistance and Education | Office of the

CAMPUS LIFE WEEKLY • Jan. to May: 291 submissions • Average submissions per week: 17 events • Average number of subscribers: 8,790 (8,676 students and 76 faculty/staff)

• Average number of click throughs: 12.7% • Average number of opens: 9.9%



Registrar | One Card | Campus Life Weekly | Donaldson Brown Conference Center | Student Communications

1. New assistant director position created February 2012 2. Wellness Calendar evolved into the Campus Life Calendar―all departments can edit and contribute 3. Completed the Writing Center online scheduling form 4. Collaborated with International Services to create the Volunteer Translators Initiative 5. Created a Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr page 6. Worked with CITS to create an online event submission form for Campus Life Weekly

Student Counseling Center MISSION

Our goal is to help promote and maintain the emotional well-being of UM students and serve as a resource to the entire University community.


Emilia Petrillo, LCSW-C Director


• Expanded services by hiring a new full-time counselor to increase availability of evening hours to better meet students’ needs • Decreased average wait period for initial evaluations from three to four weeks last year to one to two in the spring of 2012 • Expanded group counseling to include three weekly Understanding Self and Others groups, one offered in the evenings • Expanded the Bibliotherapy selection, which uses reading materials as an ameliorative adjunct to therapy • Began using the new database program Titanium, Ti, and began to transition to paperless student records

TOP FIVE REASONS FOR STUDENT VISITS 1. Anxiety (69.3%) 2. Depression symptoms ( 48.7%) 3. Stress (48%) 4. Relationship/family concerns (34%) 5. Academic concerns (20%)





Student Development and Leadership MISSION

The Office of Student Development and Leadership is committed to offering educational programs and cultural and social activities, as well as providing leadership opportunities that enable students to develop as knowledgeable and sensitive professionals.

LEADERSHIP Cynthia Rice Director

EXTERNAL LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES • Selected a student candidate for Maryland Higher Education’s student commissioner position • Selected representatives to be on the Maryland Higher Education Commission’s Student Advisory Council • Held the annual competition for the University System of Maryland’s student regent position • Chose two students to serve on the USM Student Council, representing all UM students

STUDENT ANSWER BOOK Collaborated with Communications and Public Affairs to create and distribute more than 7,000 answer books to schools and departments


Total Program Participation 7,410



School-specific New Student Orientation Presentations & Tabling New International Student Orientation Welcome Week Events Fall Fest 2011 Constitution Day USGA Retreat USGA Annual Bullpen Party & Orioles Game Indian Association’s Swagatam Chinese Students and Scholars Association Moon Festival Campus wide Student Organizations’ Monthly Meetings USGA E-Board Meetings USGA Senate Meetings ISO E-Board Meetings USAD E-Board Meetings ISO Dessert Festival IA DiWali Event PanAfrican Festival USGA Fall Formal MSSA Eid Dinner USAD Pre-Kwanzaa Event USAD Black History Month Event IA Holi Event Chinese Students and Scholars Association’s New Year Celebration Kappa Psi Pharm Fraternity Fundraising Wing-A-Thon Chinese Students and Scholar Association’s Seminar

2,500 40 40 1,200 50 100 1,008 80 300 25 14 83 12 18 11 155 246 100 450 26 30 232 229 160 41

UM Student Leadership Symposium



Student Financial Assistance and Education MISSION

Our goal is to provide assistance to any UM student who seeks to obtain funding to finance their educational cost. We believe that all students should develop a spending plan and make wise decisions before borrowing any money to finance their education.


Patricia A. Scott Assistant Vice President


Through verification of all Pell Grant applicants, the Student Financial Assistance and Education office was able to save the Federal Pell Grant Program more than $250,000. During the 2011-2012 academic year, the campus awarded a total of $686,394 in Pell Grant awards.


Last summer, the office switched from using three paper sign-in logs to one electronic sign-in station. Support staff is now able to access each student’s file and search for answers prior to calling the student to the front desk for service. Since its implementation in October 2011, the new sign-in station has processed more than 4,500 office visits.


In January, U.S. Representative John Sarbanes and U.S. Department of Education Under secretary Martha Kanter hosted a discussion on public service loan forgiveness at the University of Maryland.



$142,366,215 5,513 TO



Life Skills® was selected to deliver financial education to UM students. Life Skills® is an online tool that provides interactive educational content on a variety of topics ranging from credit cards and student loan repayment to identity theft and managing graduate school and relationships. The curriculum begins in the fall of 2012.

140 STUDENTS PARTICIPATED IN NEW PROGRAMS The Office of Financial Education and Wellness hosted seven programs including: • How to Assess Benefit Packages With New Job Offers • Networking 101 • Investing 101



Student Government and Student Organizations USGA MISSION

The USGA works toward enhancing the quality of life for all students. It addresses student concerns that may arise throughout the school year, such as parking and safety issues. Furthermore, the USGA promotes the free exchange of ideas and advocates for student rights.


Shannon O’Conner, MA USGA President Cynthia Rice Director and Student Advisor

Meet Amjad Zauher Amjad is a fourth year pharmacy student who is excited to be graduating later this year. Amjad spends his free time helping School of Pharmacy Admissions with orientations, open houses, student welcome days, and recruiting, while serving on student panels at various events. Amjad volunteers his time because he wants students to truly understand what it takes not only to get into graduate school but to be successful. He also manages to find time to have a part-time job at URecFit and participate in several student groups.

University-wide Student Groups University Student Government Association Indian Association International Student Organization Chinese Student and Scholar Association Jewish Student Association Muslim Student and Scholars Association United Students of African Descent Graduate Student Association

After graduation Amjad, would like to continue onto a fellowship and focus on promotion of new drug studies in both laboratory and clinical settings.


Meet Deanna Lassegard Deanna just graduated in May of 2012 with her masters in social work, specializing in clinical and aging populations. Interested in hospice work, Deanna is currently interviewing for her first job out of grad school. During her time as a student, Deanna worked as a housing community assistant, answering questions from students, helping with operational issues, and planning activities for tenants. “I’ve really enjoyed my job because I’ve meet so many people from other schools and it’s helped with school expenses” Deanna says. “It’s a great place to work.”




Our mission is to complement and support the academic experience of the diverse community of scholars who are members of our professional schools and interdisciplinary graduate school by providing on-campus housing options that are affordable, safe, and conveniently located.

Margaret Schotto, MS Director

THE YEAR IN REVIEW • Hosted a fall and spring picnic for all on-campus housing students • Purchased and installed new gym equipment at the Fayette Square Apartments • Installed washers and dryers at Fayette Square • Switched to a cleaning company that uses only “green” cleaning products • 100 percent occupancy at Fayette Square and 98 percent occupancy at Pascault Row (first time since Fayette was built)



Online Community Classifieds was re-launched in June of 2012 as a resource for students looking for housing offcampus. Students can post adds looking for roommates, and apartments or other housing.


University Recreation and Fitness MISSION


URecFit supports the University community in pursuit of physical, leisure, and wellness activities. URecFit provides quality facilities and diverse programming that promote active sustainable lifestyles.


Bill Crockett, MS, RCRSP Director Julia Wightman, MEd Associate Director


• 3,715 visits per week on average • Hours of operation increased 3.8 percent per week while participation increased 13 percent • More than 190,238 total visits to URecFit’s facilities―an increase of 12.9 percent from the previous year • 3,661 unique total users • Students accounted for 63 percent of visits • New programs including: Yoga Privates, Yoga Series, Group Exercise Instructor Certifications, Morning 5K Runs, Qigong and Tai Chi Series, Women on Weights, Aqua Party and Masters Swim • 121.5 hours and 27 total facility rentals • More than $404,000 in student wages and more than 130 students employed • Annual University Wellness Fair drew more than 1,200 visitors

FITNESS • 2,165 group exercise classes with a total participation of 20,144 • 604 fitness and personal training sessions • Hourly use counts for the Fitness Center and Strength and Conditioning Room: 98,407



• Established Sport Club program • Hosted 363 intramural games with 603 students and 118 member participatants • Incorporated new technology IMLeagues • The School of Medicine won this year’s Poe Cup with the most intramural championship points for the season

AQUATICS • Pool attendance increased by 3 percent • Weekly aqua fitness programming increased by 275 percent

COMPARISON OF VISITS OVER TIME FY 12―190,238 FY 11―168,565 FY 10―128,714

Meet Tara McDonald Tara graduated in May of 2012 from the School of Social Work with a specialization in families and children. Starting in July, Tara began working work as an outpatient child and adolescent therapist for the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Tara worked at URecFit for a year and a half while she was a student at UM. “Working at URecFit was great!” she says. “It introduced me to new people and helped supplement college loans which reduced my 31 stress level.”

Wellness Hub MISSION

Our mission is to assist students in achieving a state of academic-life balance within the dimensions of physical, emotional, social, cultural, ethical, intellectual, environmental, and financial wellness.


Hillary Edwards Coordinator


Touring the Market

20 Years Later: History of CIM

Food Politics


Insider’s Guide to Happiness

Git Er Done!

From the Fish’s Mouth

Breast-feeding at School/Work

Credit Café

Relaxation Techniques

Mental Health Screening Day

Elegant Abstracts

Day Hike in Shenandoah

Graduate School Survival Tools

Integrated Medicine

Unscripted Happiness

Paddle the D.C. Monuments

Empty Waters

Healthy Relationships

Going Green on the Gridiron

Build a Bee House

Grads on Track Series

Maternal and Child Health Panel

Amish Genetics

MBSR Class Series

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Fueled by Zeke

Counting Your Chickens

Real Food Fast: Real Food Farm

Snooze or Lose

Joy Amongst the Tribe

Limitless: Understanding Nootropics

Puppy Love

The Future of Pharmacists

Creative Leadership: Tai Sophia

Saving the Bay

The Art of Assertiveness

Grads on Track: Last Mile Motivator

Emotional Eating

Sun, Soil, Soul at Boordy

Finding Happiness in the Workplace

Assessing Benefits

The Pursuit of Happyness

Mood Booster: Food & Happiness

Baltimore Toxic Tour

Starting Your Own Garden

Rock Climbing at Carderock, Md.






Meet Tam Kelley Tam Lynne Kelley is pursuing her Masters’ in social work with a graduate certificate in global health. During her time here, Tam has participated in many Campus Life events. “I think they’ve been awesome and help break down silos” she says. “It’s nice to have so many services and programs all in one place. The SMC Campus Center is almost as valuable as my classes.” A Wellness Hub program that stood out for Tam was the bus tour of toxic sites in Baltimore. The tour visited urban development sites, most of which were inhabited by minorities and low-income citizens and have been disproportionately affected by dangerous environmental policies. “It was incredibly moving. It’s critical for students to know what the city is like firsthand. Programs like this help you see the bigger picture.”

It’s nice to have so many services and programs all in one place.


The Writing Center MISSION

The Writing Center is committed to helping registered UM students become skilled, successful, and self-sufficient writers through one-on-one consultations, online writing resources, and a variety of workshops and events. We believe in educating people, not editing papers.


Clancy Clawson, MA Coordinator

ACCOMPLISHMENTS • Writing Center coordinator position created and filled • New room dedicated to writing consultations • Web-based scheduling application created so students can schedule appointments online • Workshops hosted on creating resumes, APA style, and how to self-edit




Prewriting Drafting Revision Grammar Mechanics Self-editing Strategies Citations

Topics Covered

ESL Assistance Article Publication Cover Letters Personal Statements CV Development ResumĂŠs Database Research Test-Taking Skills Microsoft Applications 35

Meet Aaron Burgess Aaron is a modern day Renaissance man. He teaches group exercise classes for URecFit in addition to being a diversity fellow for the Office of Interprofessional Student Learning and Service Initiatives. A social work student, Aaron is very interested in public health outreach with a concentration in special populations affected by HIV and AIDS. Aaron’s biggest take-away is friendships. “My participation in Campus Life has helped me develop relationships and friendships much faster than just meeting people through class,” he says.


Student Employment Number of students employed by POSITIONS Aqua Fitness Instructor Campus Life Services during the Aquatics Program Specialist BioPark Administration Specialist 2011-2012 Academic Year BioPark Operation Staff


Number of hours worked


Communication Fellow Community Service Associate Diversity Fellow Facility Supervisor Fitness Assistant Fitness Program Specialist Group Exercise Instructor Housing Community Assistant Information Desk Attendant Intramural Sports Supervisor Intramural Sports Official Lifeguard Membership Services Specialist Note-taker Office Assistant One Card Office Attendant Patron Relations Assistant Personal Trainer Safety Education Programs Instructor Service Learning Fellow Social Media and Marketing Coordinator Sports Desk Attendant Sports Program Specialist Swim Instructor Therapeutic Recreation Aide Wellness Class Instructor Wellness Fellow 37

Professional Development SELECTED PRESENTATIONS AND APPOINTMENTS Bill Crockett • Campus Representative for USM Council System Staff • University Staff Senate Member • Chair of UM’s Maryland Charity Campaign Hillary Edwards • Presented at the Mid-Atlantic College Health Association on supporting breast-feeding in higher education William Griffin • Executive Board for RAD Program Courtney J. Jones • Presented “Inspiring Interdisciplinary Student Enrichment and Leadership Among Graduate Students” at the American College Personnel Association National Conference, Louisville, Ky., March 27, 2012 Jenny Owens • Presented on social media at NIRSA Region 1 Conference in Syracuse, N.Y. • Selected for the NIRSA Annual Conference Program and Fitness Committees Anna Roskowinski • Selected for the NIRSA Annual Conference Expo and Student Professional Development Committees • Presented on “Networking Skills” at the NIRSA Annual Conference • Secretary of the Kinesiology Affiliate Program Group at Pennsylvania State University Margarett Schotto • Co-presented “Who Says you Can’t Have Kids, Cake, and Committee Meetings Too” at the Association of College and University Housing Officers Annual Conference and Exposition Julia Wightman • Instructs Campus wide CPR and AED Sessions for Emergency Wardens and Building Coordinators


CONTINUING EDUCATION • Sara Griggs was accepted in to the MS Recreation and Park Management program at Frostburg State University • Jenny Owens and Courtney J. Jones were both accepted into doctorate programs at the University of Batimore • Christina Manato is pursuing her BA in Business Technology Administration at UMBC • Betsy Lane is pursuing her MS in information systems at UMBC




Jennifer Guy Aumiller Douglas Chay Ray Dudeck Hillary Edwards Jolé Gibson Sharron Graves Sara Griggs Courtney Jones Deborah Levi Laniara McCoy Nicole McDaniel-Smith Monique Ogarro Jenny Owens Anna Roskowinski Jenna Silverman Caitlin Sloane

Jolé Gibson Jimmy Heiner

Jenny Owens



Bill Crockett Hillary Edwards Courtney Jones Deborah Levi Flavius Lilly Jenny Owens Amy Ramirez Roger Ward

Tisa Silver Canaday Hillary Edwards Sharron Graves Sara Griggs Betsy Lane Deborah Levi Jenny Owens Anna Roskowinski 39



Students are the reason we are here. Their input and experiences drive our decisions, and they are the most important individuals we deal with.


FLAVIUS R. W. LILLY, MPH Assistant Vice President Academic and Student Affairs


THE YEAR IN REVIEW • URecFit had a record 190,238 visits • The UM shuttle was conceptualized and initiated • Campus Life Services hired more than 180 student employees • The Office of Interprofessional Student Learning and Service Initiatives was founded • Merged Francis King Carey School of Law students and accommodations into the ESDS system • International Services launched the Volunteer Translator Initiative • A new position, assistant director of student communications, was created • Many individual departments launched new websites on an improved template • Student Financial Assistance and Education implemented Life Skills®, an online financial education program to begin in the fall of 2012 • The Office of Global Education moved into the SMC Campus Center • A living wall and CSA pickup site were established in the Green Room • UM Housing launched a new online community classifieds portal to help students find housing • Sport clubs were introduced at URecFit • The Writing Center started Web-based scheduling to improve accessibility for students



Bruce Jarrell, MD, FACS Chief Academic and Research Officer, Senior Vice President, and Dean of the Graduate School Roger Ward, EdD, JD, MPA Chief Accountability Officer and Associate Vice President Flavius Lilly, MPH Assistant Vice President


STUDENT SPOTLIGHTS Aaron Burgess Jingjing Chen Tiffany Hodges LaTasha Hudson Tam Lynne Kelly Deanna Lassegard Tara McDonald Amjad Zauher

Jenny Owens, MS Assistant Director



Campus Life Services Annual Report 2011-2012  
Campus Life Services Annual Report 2011-2012  

Campus Life Services Annual Report 2011-2012