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Phoenix Commercial Collections is one of the UK’s leading providers of enforcement and debt recovery services. Our recovery solutions are professional, effective and fully supported by our proven systems, which are advanced, robust and measured against the highest performance standards.

Tailor-made collection services you can trust


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Phoenix is an established and trusted recovery partner that has strong relationships amongst both public and private sector organisations. Our aim is to deliver a highly professional, ethical, and cost effective service, that fully meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients.


Phoenix - The Collection You Can Trust Professional debt recovery & enforcement solutions

As a debt collection organisation operating within a sensitive and political environment, we place great emphasis on the manner in which we operate and the perception that our actions may have on both our clients and customers alike. Our position in the market place has been developed through providing a professional service where the conduct and integrity of our staff is respected and sustained. We recognise that our reputation as an organisation is founded upon the members of staff that we employ and we therefore aim to provide high quality knowledgeable staff to deliver the service our clients require. Our systems and procedures are further enshrined within our ISO9001 policies and procedures and are specifically aimed at

delivering a quality service by focusing on the processes that we operate. The combination of these factors ensures that we manage your debt recovery requirements ethically and professionally, maintain the highest standards of quality, and offer the most effective recovery solution(s). We can plan effectively for your recovery requirements, and respond rapidly as the need arises, We provide: • Fully operational IT systems in place with effective controls • A pool of experienced debt collection / enforcement staff and an effective “back office” administrative team

• Established and effective processes and procedures necessary to deliver a quality collection service • Both the potential and flexibility to respond to changing organisational and business requirements • An array of reporting suites that enable clients to obtain “real time” management information of debt progress • Assured transparency and accountability – Our case tracking system keeps you informed on all payments received, telephone conversations, and correspondence – giving you peace of mind concerning our team’s actions and processes at all times • Secure online web access • Effective partnership working.


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In order to meet your recovery requirements, Phoenix offers a range of enforcement, debt collection, tracing and supplementary services.

Enforcement Services

• Council Tax • National Non-Domestic Rates • Parking Penalties (TMA 04) • Commercial Rent Arrears • Arrest Warrants • Specialist Projects. Debt Collection Services

• Sundry Debt Collection • Housing Benefit Overpayments • Former Tenant Arrears • Consumer Debt • Business to business debt. Tracing Services

Whatever the reason for your search, without the best tools and technology at your fingertips, this can be a long, complex and expensive course of action. Using the latest industry software, our specialist tracing service can process all ‘gone away’ accounts and provide accurate, up-todate information on the whereabouts of your debtors. All cases are processed quickly.


Service Portfolio Flexible solutions from an experienced service provider

Tracing Services available: • International Trace Enquiries • Consumer Tracing • Personnel Screening • Trace and Employment • Credit Reports • Business and Limited Company Tracing and Credit Checks • Status and Lifestyle Assessment Reports Doorstep Recovery Services

Phoenix provides a complete, flexible and effective Doorstep Recovery Service that delivers rapid results. Having exhausted other recovery methods, we can transfer aberrant payer accounts to our team of highly trained and experienced Doorstep Recovery Agents. Our field agents have a local working knowledge of different areas throughout England and Wales, and will call upon the premises of the debtor to: • Collect payment(s) in full • Establish a suitable repayment schedule (if full payment is not possible) • Establish the debtor’s lifestyle whilst assessing their ability to pay • Determine what further action should be taken.

In those cases where financial recovery is not possible, we will deliver to you a full report on the circumstances. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not outsource any part of our Doorstep Recovery operation, or have any reciprocal arrangements in place with other organisations.

of Local Authorities, which helps to ensure that the collection of Government revenue is maximised. Phoenix has designed a range of inspection services to aid Local Authorities in maintaining a constant “current status” record of their empty properties

Debt Management & Consultancy

Inspection Service Options can include: • A one off ad hoc exercise to reduce a backlog. • A supplemental service to support the excess workload of your own in house inspectors. • An annual exercise to update your records for regular monitoring by your own inspection team. • A bi or tri annual inspection service.

Whatever your debt management challenges may be, you can trust Phoenix to provide the appropriate debt management consultancy to help you fully understand the processes involved. We can provide structured project management and specialist support teams to work with you on all areas of debt recovery, arrears collection and payment enforcement. Phoenix can provide you with a range of workshops and training sessions covering the foundations of debt management, as well as other fields from generic management to specific, technical debt management activities. Empty Property Inspections

Phoenix undertakes extensive National NonDomestic Rates (NNDR) projects on behalf

Supplementary Services

• Process Serving • Issue & Monitoring of Fourteen-Day Letters • Application & Monitoring of Attachment of Earnings • Application and Service of Committal Proceedings • Application & Monitoring of Insolvency Proceedings


© Phoenix Commercial Collections

Phoenix Commercial Collections applies the highest professional standards and is fully ISO 9001:2000 accredited. Our accreditation underpins our business objectives and provides a visible commitment by which our organisation measures performance and continuous improvement.


Quality Exceeding your expectations

Phoenix’s commitment to quality and customer care is achieved, delivered and maintained through applying consistent performance standards in the measurement of quality, and in the service we provide to our clients.

Our recovery personnel are trained in awareness, understanding and application of the following: • Equal Opportunities and Diversity, • Race Relations, • Health and Safety.

Complete Accountability

Peace of Mind 

An assigned Phoenix Client Account Manager will facilitate our working partnership with you. Phoenix account managers all have significant expertise in client liaison and administration and they will work in partnership with you to ensure that meaningful account management and dialogue is maintained.   Professionalism   Our service will be responsive to your needs and those of the debtors against whom we are acting. Throughout the recovery process, we will adhere strictly to specified guidelines, as well as our own codes of practice. 

Our commitment to a confidential, secure and fair process will ensure that your recovery requirements are managed ethically and professionally. Quality Assurance 

To ensure we meet the highest quality standards, Phoenix is: • A member of the Association of Civil Enforcement Agencies • A member of the British Parking Association • A member of the Credit Services Association • Licensed by the Office of Fair Trading • ISO 9001:2000 Accredited.


© Phoenix Commercial Collections

Our position in the market place has been developed through providing a professional service where the conduct and integrity of our staff is respected and sustained.


Performance Achieving success on your behalf

Collection Rate

We have experience of delivering excellent returns across all socio-economic bands, whilst maintaining the reputation of our clients and the respect of their debtors. Once we’ve discussed your debt profile in more detail, we can provide you with relevant, comparative examples of our successful recovery methods and the anticipated rates of return. Speed of Process

We can plan effectively for your recovery requirements, and respond rapidly as the need arises. Phoenix will ensure that your accounts receive priority attention through the application of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and through strict controls including:

• Vetting, prioritising and issuing of cases for collection • Proactive follow-up letters to promote compliance with payments and agreements • Proactive telephone calls to encourage compliance with payments and agreements • Proactive tracing and scoring to bring absconder cases back into the active collection stream • Prompt responses to postal and electronic requests for information, instalment requests, or general enquiries • Consistent and routine monitoring and evaluation of collection results compared to agreed contractual targets • Strict adherence to contractual obligations and agreed benchmarks • Regular reporting and analysing of collection trends and staff performance.

Unique Approach

Our recovery processes are aimed at continuity and efficiency whilst allowing time for debtors to respond either by making payment or highlighting queries that may affect the client’s position, while providing full customer care for those addresses where the debtor is no longer resident. The monitoring of correspondence, telephone calls and doorstep visits which are an integral part of our administration system, enables us to provide a correct response on every instruction, while ensuring that our clients receive the benefit of all this information if we are unable to collect. Phoenix has the capability, resource and expertise to deliver a first class, flexible, service that provides a level of service that can fully meet and exceed your expectations.


© Phoenix Commercial Collections

Phoenix has specialist knowledge and extensive experience of providing innovative, bespoke solutions for the professional recovery of Local Authority Debt.

Working in Partnership

We take our responsibility of being your representative seriously and will seek to act at all times in a manner that maintains and enhances your public image. We recognise the challenges and responsibilities that today’s Local Government faces in terms of a duty of “Best Value,” Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) and Best Value Performance Indicators (BVPI’s) and aim to provide you with a service that underpins the achievement of your service performance objectives. We will work with you in partnership to ensure that the service we provide is one that you will be proud of and which complements your organisation’s vision and core values. Strategic Objectives


Best Value Your first choice in the public sector

Phoenix will establish and maintain recovery solutions specific to your requirements and that are compliant with your Revenue collection policies and strategies. Through our approach to collection and enforcement, we aim to provide you with a service that underpins the achievement of your strategic objectives.

Value for Money

Phoenix offers a competitive and cost effective service. We combine unique software packages and effective processes with our experienced and professional staff to ensure that collection is maximised and that the cost of the service to our clients is minimised. Service Quality

Phoenix is ISO9001:2000 accredited in recognition of the quality procedures that we apply to service delivery. Throughout the debt life cycle, we aim to adhere at all times to guidelines and codes of practice. Our staff are effectively trained to incorporate our policies concerning Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety and Race Relations within their operational roles, treating customers at all times in a professional manner and with dignity and respect. Service Delivery Outcomes

Our staff are effectively trained to consider and apply any local guidelines concerning “vulnerable” persons and to operate within a defined “anti poverty strategy” particularly when visiting customers in their homes with a view to levying distress. If we consider that our recovery process would cause unnecessary hardship, we will normally consult with you in the first instance to determine whether an alternative course of action should be taken.

We will seek to work in partnership with you to develop business strategies that will help in the alleviation of poverty. In particular, we aim to: • Offer flexible and affordable payment terms to customers in genuine hardship and within the scope of your guidelines and local policies • Maximise Revenue collection on your behalf by applying effective processes that are sensitive to the needs of customers particularly in cases of genuine hardship • Develop and maintain regular and affordable payment arrangements with customers through positive dialogue and effective communication channels • Provide clear and concise information regarding our charging arrangements for fees that will provide you with the assurance that our fees and charges are fair and reasonable and in compliance with statutory provisions.

Industry Body Representation

We conform to the codes of practice defined by the Credit Services Association and the Association of Civil Enforcement Agencies and are a full member of the British Parking Association with selective members of our management team holding direct membership with the Enforcement Services Association. Commitment to Excellence

We strive to achieve excellence at all times and aim to exceed your expectations. We are committed to continuous improvement both in terms of our collection performance and through our intention to operate as a learning organisation. Through the provision of our service, we aim to effectively meet your service needs and demonstrate our ability to respond rapidly to changes in statutory provisions and industry developments to ensure that our service remains “second to none”.

Service Accessibility

Phoenix is actively opposed to all forms of discrimination whether direct or indirect. We have a strong commitment to the provision of Equal Opportunities and Diversity which is communicated to our staff through our induction programme and enshrined within our operational procedures.

We routinely scrutinise our business practices and procedures and operate in an ethical and fair manner. Our rigorously enforced standards of professionalism ensure that we remain a trusted recovery and enforcement partner for Local Authorities and many private sector clients. 11

© Phoenix Commercial Collections

Our regional capabilities allows us to provide a seamless service. Bolton Office

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