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The 200-plus hours we spent in these exhaustive conversations alone, as well as David’s thousands of hours of deep reflection and writing outside of these sessions to record the raw version of his memories, reflect David’s fierce commitment to articulating every detail and nuance of his inner and outer experiences as precisely and accurately as possible. As a result, this book is truly David’s book and reflects his experiences, insights, and perspectives. The same determination that allowed David to survive and evolve through the difficult, at times strange events recorded in his memoir is what allowed David to persist through the long and difficult process of writing his story. This remarkable book you now hold in your hands is the result. Doug Childers May 2012


Dummy: a Memoir  
Dummy: a Memoir  

David Patten was born in 1954 with a cognitive disorder (later diagnosed in the Autism Spectrum) that profoundly challenged his ability to p...