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Data Center HVAC Finding the Right Energy-Efficient Solution

Data Center HVAC The key to meeting data center HVAC goals is to find highly trained specialists with decades of experience. A broad service offering can help with a number of HVAC requirements.

Data Center HVAC The 3 Primary Goals of Data Center HVAC:  To save money on energy costs;  Minimize system downtime; and  Reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Data Center HVAC

Consultants can help manage all aspects of HVAC systems. • Installation • Maintenance • Service • Replacement • and Upgrades

HVAC Requirements are;

Data Center HVAC

 Around-the-clock daily support  Factory-Trained support of your data center cooling systems  Services, equipment and technology for leak detection and refrigerant recycling  Preventive maintenance & management of service contacts  Green HVAC initiatives  Building Management Systems

24/7/365 Support

Data Center HVAC

Data Center HVAC provides service; • Whenever you need it. • Guaranteed emergency response time. • Have your operation back online ASAP!

Data Center HVAC Cooling System Support Your data center HVAC is serviced by factory-trained professionals who understand how to manage climate-sensitive environments. Specific humidity and temperature must be maintained for systems and equipment to function properly.

Data Center HVAC

Lead Detection and Refrigerant Recycling Services A leak in an HVAC system can be devastating! It is important to have the required technology and expertise to ensure all HVAC systems opertaing efficiently. Data center consultants should be well versed in refrigerant recovery. Capture the refrigerants and reuse or recycle.

Data Center HVAC Lead Detection and Refrigerant Recycling Services  Preventive maintenance is an absolute requirement for data center HVAC.  Prevents costly downtime.  Improves reliability and efficiency.  Reduces need of emergency service.

Green Solutions

Data Center HVAC

Data center HVAC accounts 50% of total power usage of the facility.  Power and Cooling are prime targets for Green Solutions.  Energy-Efficient systems save you money and promote good environmental stewardship.  And, several utility rebates and government incentives exist to help lower energy costs.

Building Management Systems

Data Center HVAC

Data center Building Management Systems (BMS) can help your operations to; ďƒ˜ Conserve energy and optimize resources; ďƒ˜ Control and monitor building functions to get highest performance levels from all systems; ďƒ˜Control costs, ensure systems availability, reduce security risks and maintain optimum levels of facility.

About the Author Arnie W. Evdokimo is Chief Executive Officer of DP Air Corporation, a leading provider of data center design, build and maintenance services based in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information about BMS integration, visit today.

Data CenterHVAC: Finding the Right Energy-Efficient Solution