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Kindermann 35mm AF Projector Multi Voltage Projector w/ Cooling Fan #8021

One of the few multi voltage projectors available in the US. The Kindermann 8021 35mm AF projector has superb German optics and uses all European standard and LKM magazines, the standard of over half the world. The Kindermann 8021 35mm slide projector has fast, quiet and precise electronic autofocusing. This Kindermann slide projector provides remote control manual focus override and forward / reverse

Products Feature 1. Auto Focus for correction of slides that may go out of range due to heat. (Hand focus the first slide the projector does the rest) 2. Multi Voltage 115v, 125v, 220v, 50-60Hz 3. Remote control for focusing slides and for forward / reverse slide change 4. Halogen Lamp 24V / 250 Watt Lamp 5. 90mm f2.8 Multi-Coated Projector Lens, Interchangeable Lenses of 50-150mm focal length are available Optionally Get Discount - Click Now!

Kindermann 35mm AF Projector Multi Voltage Projector w Cooling Fan #8021