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AV Rover SVS 200 AV Rover w/ 2000 Lumens XGA Short-Throw Projector

The SVS 200 AV Rover is a self-contained and secure cart for your projector and AV equipment. The powder-coated steel frame features a locking front door and each panel has plenty of ventilation to prevent overheating. Built-in speakers and amplifier give you ample sound for your presentations. The four rubber casters swivel and lock for easy movement while the open front has steel bars and a locking storage cabinet to keep your equipment safe. The short-throw projector has a high definition output, 3000 hours of lamp life and requires little distance between the cart and projection surface.

Products Feature 1. Projector Brightness: 2000 lumens ANSI 2. Native Resolution: XGA 3. Video Compatibility: NTSC / PAL / SECAM / HDTV (480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i) 4. Lamp Life: 3000 hours 5. Speakers: 3 (270° dispersion) Get Discount - Click Now!

AV Rover SVS 200 AV Rover w 2000 Lumens XGA Short-Throw Projector