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with care

Philanthropy Report


with care

A t Doylestown Health, we firmly believe that placing the needs and best interests of the patient first

empowers everyone in the organization to lead with care. Our founders led with this philosophy as they established the Village Improvement Association of Doylestown (VIA) in 1895. They knew that leading with care meant developing relationships with members of the Doylestown community to advance their mission.

We are proud of the ways in which every dimension of care continues to be meaningfully represented and integrated within Doylestown Health. In this issue we feature stories and insights from our supporters connected by this powerful theme. It is an honor to highlight the rich legacy of the VIA and everything they have made possible through four decades of the Bucks County Designer House & Gardens. The impact of their giving allows us to advance new initiatives and positions us to address the healthcare needs of our community for years to come. Theirs has been an extraordinary partnership, one that endures the test of time. Also in this issue, we interview longstanding supporters Jeanne and John Hubbard for their take on what it means for Doylestown Health to lead with care and how that has evolved over time. Finally, we are pleased to welcome new donors Steve Novello and John Conway to the Doylestown Health family. They bring new perspective to the value of leading with care through their personal experiences and observations.

As we embark on a number of transformational initiatives to set the stage for our next century, we salute all of our donors and friends who have supported us. We also invite long-standing and new friends alike to join us in shaping our future— one where leading with care remains a top priority.

On behalf of our physicians, associates, volunteers, and the entire Doylestown Health family, please accept our deepest gratitude for all you do to support us now and in the future.

James L. Brexler, FACHE President and CEO Doylestown Hospital Doylestown Health

Joan B. Parlee Chair of the Boards Doylestown Hospital Doylestown Health Foundation

message from laura k . wortman Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Doylestown Health’s rich history is filled with examples of

forward-thinking donors who have helped shape who we are today. Long-standing partners in philanthropy and the generosity of our community have allowed us to take the next steps— investing in improvements that benefit the patients and families we serve. As we look to the future, I am optimistic that this strength and relentless pursuit of excellence will help us write the next chapter and launch the most transformative phase in our history. The Doylestown Health Foundation is grateful to recognize Doylestown Health’s senior leadership team and Boards for pledging their unanimous early support for the initial phase of our comprehensive campaign. Through their commitments, they are our own examples of what it means to lead with care. We are also extremely grateful for the generosity of our community, patients, families, and friends. Time and again, our supporters demonstrate their unwavering commitment to Doylestown Health through gifts of time, talent and treasure. Together, we will build a future that is truly worthy of our past.



with care


PARTNERS IN PHILANTHROPY healthcare champions Jeanne and John Hubbard are the embodiment of a quintessential partnership. Married for 37 years, their personal and professional lives have taken them around the country and around the world landing in the Doylestown area not once, but twice. Doylestown Health Foundation recently spoke with them about their ongoing involvement and philanthropic support.

Q Jeanne and John, how did you first become acquainted with Doylestown Health? A Jeanne: When we lived in Montgomeryville in the late ’80s, we got to know Doylestown Hospital

“ Running a hospital is an

through a few trips to the emergency room. Over a period of ten years, we saw the growth really begin.

extremely costly endeavor.

John: Back then it was a very nice community hospital. We moved out of state and when we returned to the area after nearly five years, we knew we really wanted to get more connected with the community and Doylestown Health became the conduit because of Jeanne’s involvement with caregiving for our parents.

In order to keep up with how healthcare is evolving

Q Jeanne, what was it like to return to Doylestown and see all of the changes that had taken place at

you can’t stay static. You

A My parents lived with us the last five years of their lives. They had five specialists between them and I

to grow and meet the needs

Doylestown Hospital?

was their caretaker 24/7. When you’re in the hospital for 66 appointments over the course of a year, we joked that visiting the doctor became our social life. Through that we witnessed the changes firsthand. It was a natural evolution, a natural progression and inspiring to see.

need to invest in facilities of patients and the communities you serve.

Q John, as President and CEO of BioClinica, you witness the rapid pace of change in healthcare. How

We want to make that

A It’s one thing to bring in the latest approaches and technologies, but what I’ve been really impressed

program to the next level.”

have you seen Doylestown Health stay relevant? What is unique about Doylestown’s approach?

with is Doylestown’s focus on recruiting top talent with fantastic credentials from leading medical centers who are a good fit with this culture. Where healthcare is going—the care of patients will become even more multidimensional. Doylestown Health has embraced that. You feel a personal connection here like you are part of a family. That softer element makes this a really special place. It’s not just an experience that’s shared by a few—it’s that way with everyone who comes here.

happen and take the heart

John Hubbard



with care


Q What inspired you to give to Doylestown and what led to your

generous gift to support Friends of the Heart Institute in their $1 million commitment to the Center for Heart and Vascular Care?

family and friends because they are so emotional too. The Heart-toHeart volunteers have been through a similar personal experience. They also sense whether you need rest, food, etc. They were amazing to us.

took my dad through valve surgery and he gave us one more Christmas with my father. For my mother, we had to make a decision for end-of-life care. We needed hospice, and Doylestown was exceptional. Our contributions just became a huge thank you to those areas.

John: Running a hospital is an extremely costly endeavor. In order to keep up with how healthcare is evolving, you can’t stay static. You need to invest in facilities to grow and meet the needs of patients and the communities you serve. We want to make that happen and take the heart program to the next level.

A Jeanne: We are deeply grateful for the Heart Institute. Dr. Auteri

Our gift to Friends of the Heart Institute is in honor of the volunteers that were so helpful. The hospital’s Heart-to-Heart volunteers recognize the panic, fear, lack of sleep and sit down to help you and sometimes just listen. There are times you don’t want to talk to your


Q What does it mean to “Lead with Care”? In your experience, how

have you observed physicians, nurses and others leading with care at Doylestown Health?

A Jeanne: No matter intellectually what you know about a disease or

stage of life—sometimes you feel really alone. There could be millions of people with the same thing but you can still feel isolated. Physicians and nurses who share some of their life story within the context of whatever you are going through by giving you an example like, “I know what end-stage dementia looks like—this is the progression.” I think that is leading with care. Someone who can reaffirm you and it boosts you at that moment. That happens here all the time. John: I think of leading with care on a variety of levels. Primarily because caregivers start the interaction with you as a human being and not just as a patient. They are learning about you as an individual before they provide healthcare support. You relate to them as a professional and a person. I think it gets back to the culture of Doylestown Health and the incredible personal relationships.

Friends is an organization consisting of dedicated community volunteers, Doylestown Health associates and members of the medical staff committed to advancing the highest quality cardiac and vascular care to patients and their families. The late Herman Silverman founded the group in 1978 as the $100 Heart Club and partnered with distinguished physicians and community members to raise funds vital to launching a much-needed heart program at Doylestown Hospital. Since then, over $2 million has been raised for the advancement of heart and vascular care. In 2017, their volunteerism was recognized with the Hospital Award for Volunteer Excellence by the American Hospital Association. Friends of the Heart Institute pledged to take a leadership role in the upcoming renovation and expansion of heart and vascular facilities, services and programs. An ambitious $1 million fundraising goal has been set. With the support of membership contributions, donations and event participation, all monies given over the next five years will be directed to this exciting and transformational initiative.





comfort . peace . love . What more could anyone ask for when it comes to caring for aging parents? Beth Ann Hirschmann, her seven siblings and their extended family experienced all of this and more when their parents, residents at Pine Run Retirement Community, suddenly experienced dual health crises.

James and Betty Hirschmann moved to Pine Run five years ago, when both were in their mid-70s and in good health. Pine Run was James’ preferred choice, because his doctors were part of the Doylestown Health system. He wanted to remain with his physicians and have access to the medical capabilities of Doylestown Hospital. That turned out to be a very wise decision. Changing Needs In April 2016, Betty fell and broke her hip. She underwent surgery at Doylestown Hospital, followed by a stay in the Pine Run Rehabilitation Center. While her mom was recuperating, Beth stayed with dad at his condo and quickly realized he needed support with everyday tasks. With help from Pine Run Senior Director of Villager Services, Maria Santangelo, and social worker, Nancy Pellegrini, the family made the decision to move James to the Pine Run Health Center. “It was a hard conversation to have with dad,” said Beth. “But Maria and Nancy exhibited so much grace in helping him adjust. They also understood how hard this was for our family and extended extra care and support to us as well.” Unfortunately, Betty’s crisis soon became worse. Shortly after her hip was healed, Betty was diagnosed with cancer. She began a two-month journey of tests, procedures, changing symptoms, emergency care, hospitalization, and ultimately hospice as her condition worsened. The Hirschmann family

began a journey of their own as they navigated a myriad of concerns related to both parents. A Network of Care “At every turn, someone was always there caring for my mom, my dad and our family,” Beth recalled. “The interconnectivity of care we experienced at Doylestown Health and Pine Run was incredible. It was as if there was an invisible safety net of care around us all the time. Help would appear before we even knew enough to ask for it.” Beth notes that it was the respect and love displayed for each of her parents that impressed her the most. “The doctors, nurses and staff sacrificed for them, putting in long hours and going above and beyond to help them and to ease our concerns,” she said. Betty Hirschmann lost her battle with cancer in June, 2016. James Hirschmann has since moved back into independent living with the aid of companion services. The family recalls their two-month crisis as a time that showed them what it means to have a village of support. With the hope that others can experience the same love and care, the Hirschmann family has generously invested in the mission of Pine Run with annual contributions of support. “We all want the best for our parents,” said Beth. “Pine Run provides that in every way.”


A GIFT THAT PAYS DIVIDENDS john conway is adept at evaluating a winning enterprise . After a personal introduction to Doylestown Health and the Richard A. Reif Heart Institute through Joseph Auteri, MD, Medical Director, Reif Heart Institute and Chief of Cardiac Surgery, he was inspired to make a leadership gift to support the new Center for Heart and Vascular Care and now serves as a member of the newly created Doylestown Health Foundation Ambassadors Circle. “The fact that someone as distinguished as John chose to join this group of similarly impressive stakeholders in our community is another vote of confidence in our clinical expertise in heart care and across Doylestown Health,” notes Dr. Auteri.


etired since 2015, following 15 years as the Chairman and CEO of Crown Holdings, Inc., John now serves as the company’s Chairman of the Board. Founded in 1892 by the inventor of the bottle cap, Crown is now one of the largest packaging companies in the world, and ranks as the #2 producer of beverage cans globally, in addition to other leading package lines. According to John, “I used to say if you want to kill a conversation at a cocktail party, tell people you make cans for a living.” Through his career at Crown, John has a unique appreciation for the complexities of delivering highquality healthcare. “Similar to healthcare, the business of manufacturing is exceedingly complex. The regulatory requirements, distribution, quality control, customer satisfaction, and health and safety are all intertwined and not something you notice unless you really focus on what’s behind the scenes. Delivering a superior product or service consistently is very challenging,” John says. Over the course of several meetings at the hospital and by conducting the due diligence process characteristic of any CEO investor, John’s favorable impressions of Doylestown Health were confirmed. “I had also heard great things about Doylestown Hospital from my wife Helen, who had excellent outcomes, and also from physician friends and others in the community who know the hospital well,” he continued. “Doylestown Hospital serves such an important function for this part of Pennsylvania and Bucks County. I thought it would be a good thing to help.” Throughout his research John also noted the unique history of Doylestown Health and its position as an independent health system, which he considers to be a benefit to the patients and families it serves. “This area is growing and people need access to a first-rate hospital. The alternative of


traveling to Philadelphia is difficult for a lot of people. It’s far better if we can come here and get quality care,” he notes. Looking ahead, John hopes his gift will “contribute to maintaining the level of excellence Doylestown Health has already achieved. This community is well-served to have Doylestown Health and we are fortunate that the people who have put so much time and effort into it have done such a good job. Lucky us.”

DOYLESTOWN HEALTH FOUNDATION AMBASSADORS CIRCLE Drawing on their distinguished careers and experience from a variety of industries, members of the Ambassadors Circle serve in an advisory capacity to the leadership of Doylestown Health. In their role, Ambassadors raise awareness and funds for Doylestown Health and share insights that position Doylestown Health for its next century of success.


with care 7


with care



since the beginning , the women leaders of the

Village Improvement Association of Doylestown (VIA) have personified caring leadership by designing innovative ways to meet the changing healthcare needs of the Doylestown community. To appreciate the Doylestown Health of today, one only needs to know of its origins to fully grasp just how remarkable it truly is. An Auspicious Beginning In 1895, an era of modernization ushered in new ways for the residents of Doylestown to connect and communicate with the outside world. Access to expanded rail travel, electricity and the eagerly anticipated telephone meant that Doylestonians were keeping pace with their contemporaries in many ways. At the same time, challenges with sanitation and water quality provided a stark contrast to the progress being made. Dust from unpaved streets became unbearable as summer approached—traffic kicked up dust clouds which choked and burned the eyes of passersby. Local resident, Mrs. Isabella Watson, dismayed by this situation, decided to take action. Throughout history, great innovators have begun with just that, a difficult challenge or problem requiring bold thinking to address it. Mrs. Watson and a group of 13 like-minded women she assembled were equally ambitious. Keen to make improvements that would benefit their entire community, they established the Village Improvement Association of Doylestown “to promote the health and beauty of the town.” Along with addressing the health concerns brought on by dusty roads, the 14 founders began a tradition of innovation, philanthropy and service to community that stands today as a testament to their extraordinary vision for improving the health of the residents of Doylestown.


DESIGNING HEALTHY COMMUNITIES continued Making Things Happen In its 120 years, the VIA has built a reputation for “making things happen,” notes Joan Parlee, VIA member and Chairman of the Doylestown Hospital and Doylestown Health Foundation Boards of Directors. “The original women who established the VIA saw a need and addressed it and we’ve kept that up,” she continued. “They were really ahead of their time and I think they’d be glad the current VIA continues to change with the times.” In 1923, the visionary women of the VIA established Doylestown Hospital to proactively meet the need for emergency and acute care right in the community. In the early days, the fearless women of the VIA assumed every responsibility for running the hospital. Their involvement “created a sense of community, gratitude and partnership that characterizes the culture of Doylestown Health today,” according to Cory H. Schroeder, current VIA President. “They were trailblazers,” she continued. Just as they are today, the women of the VIA were passionate about their quest to bring the very best healthcare services to Doylestown and provide the leadership and financial resources to sustain it. “The women of the VIA thought, if we can provide healthcare services safely and with high-quality here in Doylestown, then people won’t have to leave our community,” says Joyce Hanson, VIA President-elect and breast cancer survivor. “I’m grateful for that because when I was diagnosed with cancer, it was such a relief to go to Doylestown Hospital for treatments. I had access to the same protocols and therapies offered in larger centers but without the stress of having to travel into the city. The Doylestown nurses and doctors were incredible, they cared about me and supported me in navigating the process.” Designing Women Early on, members of the VIA established a tradition of fundraising to support the ongoing operations of Doylestown Hospital. The


“ The women of the VIA created a sense of

community, gratitude and partnership that characterizes the culture of Doylestown Health today.” Cory H. Schroeder, VIA President

members of the VIA apply the same passion and purpose to their largest annual fundraiser, the Bucks County Designer House & Gardens. Since 1971, this event is a highlight of the spring season in Bucks County, showcasing some of the finest examples of historic and residential architecture, including emblematic stone farmhouses. “Our goal is to select homes that are unique to Bucks County and have a long history—like the VIA!” notes Georgia Ford, VIA member and former Designer House Chair. “We start planning a year in advance for the next house,” says Ford. “It takes our entire membership of 300-plus and additional community volunteers to staff all of the planning subcommittees and run the house for the month. It’s a huge, yet rewarding, undertaking to chair the Designer House,” she continued. “We have incredible support from everyone involved from our designers to our volunteers. It allows us to grow our support for the hospital in a really meaningful way.” Net proceeds from the month-long fundraiser are primarily designated to support the mission of Doylestown Health and fund other causes such as scholarships, direct family assistance, postsecondary education for women, and community-interest groups in need of financial and other types of assistance.

Expanding Impact The impact of the VIA’s philanthropy can be felt in all corners of Doylestown Hospital. Over the past 40 years, the Designer House proceeds have allowed the VIA to invest in Doylestown Health’s highest priority capital projects and programs. To date, the VIA has contributed more than $3.5 million, a notable achievement for an exclusively all volunteer-led organization. VIA funds were instrumental in opening Doylestown Health’s new Emergency Department in 2010. The VIA made an unprecedented $1 million pledge in 2011 of Designer House proceeds that launched the renovation and expansion of labor, delivery and postpartum facilities at Doylestown Hospital to meet growing demand from the community. Renamed the VIA Maternity Center in 2013, patients seek to celebrate one of life’s most important milestones in this facility that seamlessly blends clinical excellence with a nurturing and healing environment and also honors the VIA’s longstanding commitment to women and families. Proceeds from the 2017 Designer House will fund equipment needs for the new Endovascular Surgery Suite, an essential component of Doylestown Health’s innovative plans for the future. According to Jim Brexler, President and CEO of Doylestown Health, “the VIA’s founding vision carries on in everything we do. They work selflessly to continually improve and support what we’re doing at Doylestown Health. The impact of the VIA is just too great to measure. We owe them a deep debt of gratitude for all they have done and continue to do for us.” When asked to reflect on all that the VIA has accomplished, current President Cory Schroeder’s response is infused with the same boundless optimism and future thinking of the founders. “It takes my breath away to think of all that we’ve done. It makes me so very proud of the VIA and Doylestown Hospital. I can’t wait to do more and like always, there’s so much more to be done.”

All contributions to Doylestown Health have a significant impact on our ability to deliver the highest quality of healthcare to those in need. Philanthropic support is used to enhance patient care, launch new programs and services, train and honor our medical staff and volunteers, and bring Doylestown Health’s mission of health and wellness out into the community. Here are some of the many ways that investments from our donors have a real life impact:

New Equipment, Programs and Services




Patient Care and Free Care • Annual support for the Ann Silverman Community Health Clinic to provide free medical and social services to uninsured, eligible residents of Bucks County. • Spiritual and emotional print materials to help support grieving individuals. • Genetic testing for patients of Doylestown Health’s Cancer Institute. • Free wigs for breast cancer patients. • Medications for Doylestown Hospital Hospice patients.

• • • • •

Support for Doylestown Health’s Integrative Medicine Program, including free acupuncture sessions for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Broselow carts for the Emergency Department and the Carol and Louis Della Penna Pediatric Center to respond quickly and efficiently to pediatric medical emergencies. Funding for the Walk with a Doc Program. Support of Doylestown Hospital’s Intensivist Program. Phototherapy for newborn jaundice.


Community Outreach and Education • • • •

Treatment handbooks for breast cancer patients. Program supplies for Doylestown Health’s Pediatric Outreach services. Support materials for the Cancer Institute’s “Survivorship Week” events. Patient care resources for “Joint Jaunt” participants.

Employee Trainings and Scholarships • • •

Financial support for nurses seeking their BSN. Scholarships for Doylestown Hospital’s exemplary teen volunteers. Support for our clinical teams to learn new skills, therapies and approaches to care through continuing education.



with care



in the game of golf , a “mulligan” is the equivalent of a do-over. As a

golfer, Steve Novello appreciates just how much this term applies to his own life.


hortly after moving to Doylestown four years ago with his wife and younger daughter, Steve experienced severe chest pain. Attributing it to the stress of the move and the less than ideal eating he had done lately, nonetheless his wife took him straight to the Emergency Department at Doylestown Hospital. “Thank God she got me there, because it was the dumbest thing you could possibly do, not going in an ambulance when you’re having a heart attack,” says Steve. The next four days were a blur but Steve noted that, “everyone here cared about me, cared about my wife, cared about my daughter. I’ve never experienced that at a hospital, ever.” As he recovered, Steve developed a rapport with Steven Guidera, MD, Interventional Cardiologist and Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab. They share an affinity for golf and play together occasionally. The next close call came for Steve two years ago on New Year’s Eve. “I was feeling severely ill and we rushed to Doylestown Hospital,” Steve shares. “It turned out that I actually tore my esophagus that night!” Joseph Minissale, DO was the gastroenterology specialist on-call when Steve came in. According to Dr. Minissale, “Steve’s situation was life-threatening. The location and severity of the tear, in addition to the blood thinners he was on, made it tough to stop the bleeding. With my colleagues in the Heart Institute who knew Steve’s history and our outstanding care teams, we could act without hesitation to address his condition.” According to Steve, “I knew I was in good hands again.”

Doylestown Health’s Honor a Caregiver program provides patients and families a unique opportunity to pay tribute to the doctors, nurses, and volunteers who go above and beyond to provide exceptional care. Honor a Caregiver donations are a meaningful testament to those committed to bringing health, healing and hope to our community, while also ensuring that future patients continue to receive the same extraordinary care, kindness and compassion. These gifts provide Doylestown Health with immediate impact and long-term sustainable support for continued growth and

Continuing Steve’s cardiac care is MaryAnn Williamson, MD. “She’s my cardiologist and an amazing one at that. I think she’s smart about everything and knows the right thing to do and I should do a better job doing it,” Steve says with chagrin.

enhancements for our entire health system, and

As the primary caregiver for his mother, Steve also deeply appreciated the compassion with which his mom was treated at Doylestown Hospital. “The nurses had tears in their eyes because they could see how much she was struggling due to her dementia. I could tell they looked at my mom not as just a patient, but as my mom.”

• Enhance programs and services.

• Attract and retain the best physicians,

Through Doylestown Health Foundation’s Honor A Caregiver program, Steve made special gifts to share his appreciation and gratitude for Dr. Guidera, Dr. Minissale, and Dr. Williamson. “I think it’s easy to give back” says Steve.

allow us to:

nurses and caregivers.

“ You invest in things that you really want to see succeed but also to say thank you. By doing this I hope they can help someone else the way they helped me.”

• Support innovative clinical training and

patient education programs. • Fund state-of-the-art equipment and

technologies. To learn more, or to honor someone special, please visit: DoylestownHealth.org/HonorACaregiver or contact 215.345.2802 or donations@dh.org

Steve Novello


FISCAL YEAR 2017 SUMMARY Impact of Philanthropy

+243851 6 5 +72265 Figures include new pledge commitments and cash contributions made between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.



total contributed $4,364,523

total contributed by service line

• Reif Heart Institute - 50.83% • Doylestown Hospital (Unrestricted) - 37.76% • Cancer Institute - 3.73% • Hospice - 2.34% • Other Priorities - 5.34%


giving by the numbers Number of Gifts - 2,944

Number of Donors - 1,999 Average Gift - $1,483


total contributed by gift type

• Major Gifts - 65.30% • Planned Gifts - 22.19% • Special Events - 6.60% • Annual Gifts - 5.91%



circle of life auction The celebrated Circle of Life Auction and BMW Raffle raise more than $100,000 annually to benefit Doylestown Health’s Cancer Institute and Doylestown Hospital Hospice.


doylestown health foundation gratefully acknowledges the many individuals, corporations, foundations, and local businesses for their unwavering support throughout the year. This solid combination of community support and invaluable partnerships allows us to truly lead with care and fulfill our mission of improving the quality of life for all those we serve. Partnerships with our community take many forms and yield extraordinary results. Doylestown Health offers a full range of high-quality services in a variety of convenient settings, bringing healthcare and wellness far beyond the walls of the hospital to the workplaces and homes of those who count on us for preventive care and treatment. Across Bucks County, philanthropic partnerships also connect us with our closest friends and supporters throughout the year. From the galas to the greens, proceeds

doylestown health golf classic Over the course of the Golf Classic’s 26 year history, over $1.1 million has been raised to support Doylestown Health’s most crucial needs, including top campaign priorities.

from our signature events and fundraisers benefit the patients and families we serve. Doylestown Health Foundation is pleased to share highlights of these champions

of care .


community outreach The Carol and Louis Della Penna Pediatric Center supports educational outreach programs such as a Teddy Bear Clinic, Nutrition, Car Seat Safety, Summer Safety, and Poison Prevention.

celebrating philanthropy Doylestown Health proudly celebrates the generosity of our donors and friends at this year’s signature recognition events:

pine run festival

Cornerstone Society Luncheon

animal - assisted activity program

Doylestown Health is grateful for the special four-legged members of our care teams. Along with their handlers, these therapy dogs bring joy, comfort and companionship to patients and families alike.

Special Recognition Reception

One of the most notable and impactful community events held on the 43-acre campus, Pine Run’s Annual Fall Festival is a celebration of talents and community fellowship upheld by the bubbling energy of children and the joy of tradition.

doylestown health foundation is proud to recognize the people and organizations who have hosted events to benefit our patients , services and programs . celebrating generosity Left to right: Debbie Dailey Double D Dance, Fred Beans Ford Drive 4 UR Community, Cornerstone 5K, Doylestown Country Club Women’s Charity Day

doylestown health clinical staff At Doylestown Health, extraordinary physicians, nurses and medical teams deliver the highest quality of clinical care with personal attention and compassion. They are more than clinical care providers, they are teammates, trusted-advisors, and friends. They truly exemplify “Leading with Care.”





as the philanthropic arm of doylestown health , Doylestown Health Foundation raises funds to safeguard the future of excellence in patient care and improve quality of life. Philanthropy allows us to improve the essential and enable the extraordinary. As a non-profit health system, Doylestown Health relies on each and every philanthropic gift, no matter the size, to deliver the highest level of patient care with the most advanced technologies and treatment options. We are grateful for the generous support we receive from our donors through annual and leadership gifts, planned giving, and corporate partnerships. Gifts to Doylestown Health have a significant impact, yielding advances in medicine and refined delivery of care for the benefit of our patients and families. Your investment in Doylestown Health will help us realize our ambitious vision for the future: to remain a place where science and technology meet grace and humanity to improve the quality of life for all members of the community. To learn more about Doylestown Health and our expansion, or to renew your support today, please call 215.345.2122 or visit DoylestownHealth.org/LeadingwithCare.


doylestown health foundation Laura K. Wortman Vice President | Chief Development Officer Garrett Owen Director, Donor Relations Jeanne Szyszko Director, Donor Engagement Patricia Morrison Database Manager Dawn Pattyson Development Specialist Theresa Sheehan Development Events Coordinator

To opt-out of future development publications, please email donations@dh.org

Profile for Doylestown Health

Doylestown Health Philanthropy Report 2017  

As Doylestown Health embarks on a number of transformational initiatives to set the stage for its Second Century beginning in 2023, there ar...

Doylestown Health Philanthropy Report 2017  

As Doylestown Health embarks on a number of transformational initiatives to set the stage for its Second Century beginning in 2023, there ar...