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Gracious living ahead New Community Center Enhances Life at Pine Run Retirement Community

JOIN US Honorary Chairs Pat Gorsky Board Member Doylestown Hospital

Alex Gorsky Chairman and CEO Johnson & Johnson

Doylestown Health looks forward to celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2023.

Chairs Angela Clark Community Member

The One Vision Campaign lays the groundwork for our second century. To honor our centennial, we are growing to meet the expanded health and wellness needs of our community.

Retired Chairman and CEO Merck & Co.

Transformational renovation and expansion across the Doylestown Health campuses are underway. Campaign projects include:

campaign Committee

• A new Center for Heart and Vascular Care • Surgical Suite renovation and expansion • A new Outpatient Pavilion featuring an Ambulatory Surgery Center • Main entrance renovations, improved wayfinding and space dedicated to community education • A new Community Center at Pine Run Retirement Community

Richard Clark

Joseph Auteri, MD James Brexler Kieran Cody, MD Louis Della Penna Steve Hirt Jeanne Hubbard John Hubbard, PhD William Marshall

To learn more about how your gift can make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless patients and families for generations to come, call 215.345.2009 or visit

Geoff Nye Joan Parlee Donald Parlee, MD David Smith, MD Marvin Woodall Laura Wortman Ex-Officio

President’s Perspective Doylestown “Comprehensive” Health There are two things we hope you appreciate as you read this issue of Dialogue, and there is one word that describes them: Comprehensive.

It is with these and a vast array of other routine and specialty services in mind that we recently launched One Vision: The Campaign for Doylestown Health to raise funds for Doylestown Health’s second century of healthcare excellence.

Doylestown Health is a system of care that provides comprehensive services. We have many parts, such as the hospital, retirement community, urgent care, home care, skilled nursing and outpatient services. There are 450 physicians who offer a wide network of primary care as well as specialists and subspecialists with capabilities to provide complex treatments and procedures.

The campaign is comprehensive, casting a wide net for new construction, renovations and programs that will impact the entire health system, beginning with the new, 100,000-square-foot Center for Heart and Vascular Care that will open in 2019. Also next year, we will complete the new Community Center for the Pine Run Community. Our 500 “Villagers” will enjoy new dining and educational venues as well as a fitness center and pool.

For example, our endovascular surgeons have new technology to bypass blockages in the carotid artery and vastly improve the quality of a patient’s life. TCAR (Transcarotid Artery Revascularization) is a minimallyinvasive technique that also reduces the risk for stroke and other problems caused by clots.

One Vision is also transformative and ambitious. We are investing in people and programs for the future of healthcare and our community, and we are so grateful that others share our vision. Our goal is to raise $75 million. As we make our campaign public and invite the entire community to participate, we are so pleased to report that we have $30 million in pledges and gifts already in hand.

While we’ve long been among the pioneers in robotic surgery for gynecology, urology, and general surgery, our physicians are now expanding the use of robotics in colorectal and hernia procedures. Robotic surgery results in less blood loss, scarring and pain, as well as faster recovery. In the complex realm of spine surgery, our physicians advocate for conservative treatments as a first step. However, when it is clinically appropriate, we are prepared and equipped to provide minimally-invasive microdiscectomy to relieve chronic back pain. This 30-minute procedure, followed by outpatient therapy and exercise, can return our patients to a normal life.

It takes vision to build a comprehensive health system, vision that is not new to us. It was present at our founding in 1923 by the women of the Village Improvement Association of Doylestown, and it is evident today in the quality and compassion of the care and caregivers – and investments of our donors – who are preparing Doylestown Health for even greater things to come.


The Village Improvement Association of Doylestown (VIA) founded Doylestown Hospital, and today VIA members continue to oversee the governance of Doylestown Health. To learn more or become a member, visit / Dialogue | 215.345.2121 | Fall 2018



Reversing the


Transcarotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR) Helps Veteran Beat the Odds

Vincent Donovan, 84, has survived two wars, three heart attacks and a quadruple bypass. He served in Korea and Vietnam and has battled cardiovascular disease for years. A regular at the gym and on the golf course, Vincent lives in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. He has an active lifestyle and chooses Doylestown Heath for heart and vascular care. Vincent’s cardiologists, Lawrence T. Bish, MD, and James Kmetzo, MD, told him that blockages in his carotid arteries were severely limiting the flow of oxygen-rich blood to his brain, increasing his risk for stroke.

For information about giving opportunities: 215.345.20 09 | Gifts@

Though I had no symptoms, I had a 90 percent blockage in one carotid artery and a 70 percent blockage in the other. Coordinated Heart and Vascular Care

“Vincent’s anatomy and medical conditions made carotid surgery more challenging and risky, so TCAR was a good option for him,” says Dr. Rao. “This new technology is another tool to help treat carotid artery disease.”

“Though I had no symptoms, I had a 90 percent blockage in one carotid artery and a 70 percent blockage in the other,” says Vincent, “Dr. Kmetzo told me it was time to take action. He referred me to Atul Rao, MD, a fellowship-trained vascular surgeon at Doylestown Health.”

Exploring Options “Dr. Rao thoroughly explained my various options. When I was unsure about the best option, he took his time and even called my daughter at my request,” says Vincent, “One of my three daughters has a doctorate in nursing. After speaking with Dr. Rao, I called to let her know that he would be contacting her – she said she had to call me back because she was already on the phone with him!” After a few discussions about Vincent’s care, both his daughter and Dr. Rao agreed that the new TCAR procedure was the best treatment option for him.

About Carotid Stenosis Carotid artery stenosis is a narrowing or blockage caused by a fatty plaque buildup (atherosclerosis) on the inner artery walls. “Carotid artery revascularization (restoration of blood flow through narrowed or blocked carotid arteries) has traditionally been accomplished via a surgical technique known as an endarterectomy. More recently, advances have allowed for carotid stent placement as an alternative in select patients, many of whom are considered high risk for surgery,” explains Dr. Rao. “Typically, this minimally-invasive carotid stent placement to open the narrowed artery is done through the groin; wires and catheters (thin, flexible tubes) have to be threaded through the femoral artery all the way to the neck, which can be challenging. Plaque can potentially be loosened, causing problems, including strokes.”

The Minimally-Invasive TCAR Difference “Minimally-invasive transcarotid artery revascularization (TCAR) allows us to open a blocked carotid artery through a small incision at the base of the neck,” says Dr. Rao. Using the advanced ENROUTE® Transcarotid Stent System, surgeons no longer need to thread a wire all the way from the groin.


Dr. Rao and his partner Dr. Eisenberg performed the TCAR procedure in the new Endovascular Hybrid Operating Suite at Doylestown Hospital, which uses cutting-edge technology for complex minimally-invasive endovascular and open vascular procedures. The new state-of-the-art Hybrid OR is part of Doylestown Health’s $100 million planned expansion of facilities and services. Rather than flowing to the brain as it normally would, the neuroprotection system used during TCAR redirects blood flow from the carotid artery, through a tube and outside of the body where it passes through a filter to remove debris before it is returned to the body via the femoral vein in the groin. “Once reverse blood flow is achieved, we can open a blocked artery by inflating a tiny balloon or placing a wire mesh stent to prop the artery open. Any debris that may break off during the procedure can be trapped in the filter instead of traveling toward the brain and potentially resulting in a stroke. Previous neuroprotection devices used for transfemoral artery stenting consisted mainly of fine mesh basket-like filters to trap any debris; however the reversal of flow is an exciting and potentially safer alternative way of protecting the brain from hazardous particulate matter blocking up small blood vessels,” says Dr. Rao. The flow reversal system has not yet been compared headto-head with open carotid surgery or carotid stenting from the groin, notes Dr. Rao. An initial Food and Drug Administration (FDA) trial showed a very low stroke rate with TCAR, as low as or even lower than was seen in previous clinical trials of carotid surgery and carotid stenting, he notes.

Back to an Active Lifestyle Less than a week after his surgery, Vincent was busy shopping. He is currently participating in rehabilitation to improve his strength, and making plans to return to the golf course and gym. “I received outstanding care at Doylestown Health,” says Vincent, “The procedure was painless and the recovery was easy. Dr. Rao came by before and after my procedure and again the next day. The techs, nurses and doctors – everyone was excellent. I couldn’t be happier!”

See Vincent’s story and learn about the TCAR Procedure at TCAR / Dialogue | 215.345.2121 | Fall 2018





New Horizons in Robotic Surgery

Doylestown Health surgeons are using robotic technology to perform more complex procedures through smaller incisions. “Robotic arms allow greater freedom of motion than the human hand,” says Christopher Bruce, MD, who specializes in robotic colorectal surgery at Doylestown Health. “The increased dexterity allows for suturing and precise movements through tiny incisions.” Robotics in Action “Robotic technology enhances what we can do laparoscopically,” explains Ob/Gyn Scott Dinesen, DO, chair of Doylestown Health’s Robotics Committee. “We have better visualization than ever before with three-dimensional, high-definition views, and the robotic arms have wristed joints that bend and rotate 360 degrees.” “For patients, this means less blood loss, scarring and pain and a faster return to an active lifestyle,” explains surgeon Brian Pellini, MD, medical director of MinimallyInvasive Surgery at Doylestown Health. “The recovery from minimally-invasive surgery is typically less painful in part from the smaller incisions, so patients don’t take as much medication to manage post-surgical pain,” explains Doylestown Health colorectal surgeon Robert Akbari, MD. “Given the current opioid addiction epidemic, that’s an important benefit.”

At Doylestown Health, specially trained surgeons use the Intuitive da Vinci® Surgical System to provide minimallyinvasive options for colon and rectal, general, gynecologic and urologic procedures. The surgeon sits near the patient at an ergonomically-designed console using joysticks or finger grips to maneuver robotic arms and instruments. “We control four instruments with two hands and can fine-tune the system making it more or less sensitive to our hand movements,” says Dr. Bruce.

For information about giving opportunities: 215.345.20 09 | Gifts@

For patients, this means less blood loss, scarring and pain and a faster return to an active lifestyle Dr. Pellini in the Robotics OR Suite Display Simulation

Two Hands Control Four Instruments

Personalizing Care with Robotics in General Surgery

Helping Prevent Pregnancy Loss

“Robotics has opened the door for minimally-invasive hernia surgery and other complex operations that involve suturing and tissue manipulation,” says Dr. Pellini, who is fellowship trained in advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgery. “We use this technology for abdominal procedures, such as hernia surgery and gastrointestinal procedures including hiatal hernia repairs, reflux surgery and colon surgery. “Hernia surgeries can be open, laparoscopic or robotic. We tailor the approach to the patient, considering the hernia’s size and location and the patient’s medical and surgical history,” says Dr. Pellini. “For instance, patients with diabetes or other healing issues may benefit from smaller incisions away from the repair site to help decrease infection risk.”

Easier, Faster Recovery from Colorectal Procedures “In experienced hands, most colorectal procedures can now be done robotically,” says Dr. Bruce. “This includes diverticulitis, removal of cancerous or benign tumors, polyps and lesions and inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis).” “With a robotic colon resection (removing part of the colon), the only incision other than small ones for instruments, is the one to get the specimen out. We use a bikini incision just above the pubic bone, which is virtually scar-free,” says Dr. Bruce. “With less pain, patients take less pain medication, and they walk, regain bowel function and resume their diets faster. After a two or three-day hospitalization, patients generally resume normal routines within two weeks.”

Photos ©2018 Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

Minimally-invasive robotic surgery is available for a variety of gynecologic procedures, including hysterectomy, treatment of deep endometriosis, pelvic adhesions and fibroids. For women who have had second trimester pregnancy losses caused by early cervical dilation, Dr. Dinesen performs a minimally-invasive, pre-pregnancy robotic cerclage, placing a stitch high in the cervix to help prevent early dilation. “Placing the cerclage before pregnancy offers a 98 percent success rate for full-term deliveries, and robotic technology enables our patients to have the cerclage placed in a sameday surgery, recovering in 24 hours as opposed to an open procedure with a six-week recovery,” says Dr. Dinesen, one of a few surgeons nationally who performs the procedure.

Investing in Surgical Innovation As part of the One Vision Campaign, Doylestown Health will create a state-of-the-art surgical suite, adding another critical renovation and expansion that will benefit the health and safety of our patients and advance our culture of innovation and healing. The surgical suite will include over 16,000 square feet, with a total of seven renovated and expanded operating rooms, including rooms specially designed for robotic surgery, as well as orthopedic and general surgery.

Visit to learn more about advances in robotic surgery at Doylestown Health. / Dialogue | 215.345.2121 | Fall 2018


Doylestown Health Foundation In Focus campaign report

Now in the public phase of a $75 million comprehensive campaign, Doylestown Health is ready to begin a bold new chapter as we approach our second century of healthcare delivery.

Campaign Milestones July 1, 2016

June 1, 2018


Quiet Phase Campaign Fundraising

Official Public Launch one vision

Centennial Anniversary Celebration

For information about giving opportunities: 215.345.20 09 | Gifts@

 NE VISION CA MPAIGN LEADERSHIP O L to R: Alex and Pat Gorsky, Joan Parlee, Richard and Angela Clark, Jim Brexler and Laura Wortman

Building for our Future “This campaign is unprecedented and will launch the most transformative phase in our history,” notes Laura Wortman, Vice President and Chief Development Officer. “With One Vision, our generous donors will provide essential funding for signature initiatives such as the new Center for Heart and Vascular Care, the renovation and expansion of our surgical suite and a new Community Center at Pine Run,” she continues.

“The early support of stakeholders has brought us to this point. The anticipated generosity from members of our community will help us reach our ambitious goals.” — Jim Brexler, President & CEO The transformation is already underway to ensure Doylestown Health remains an independent and indispensable part of the region’s fabric for the next generation of patients and a growing marketplace. Currently under construction, the Center for Heart and Vascular Care (see page 10) will open in 2019 and establish a world-class setting for the Heart Institute’s award-winning clinical and patient care.

One Vision and the Second Century Fund Largest philanthropic campaign in

Phase one of the new Community Center at Pine Run Retirement Community (see page 12) opened this summer providing residents with a new “hub” for vibrant living. According to Wortman, “The next phase of priorities in the One Vision campaign includes renovations to the Surgical Suite, an outpatient pavilion featuring an Ambulatory Surgery Center and a new main entrance with dedicated space for community education.” The public announcement of the $75 million campaign was preceded by a quiet phase that yielded more than a third of the final goal in donations and pledges, including two $5 million gifts – the largest ever received by Doylestown Health in over 95 years and made by the campaign chairs Richard and Angela Clark and Alex and Pat Gorsky. “Doylestown Health is so fortunate to have visionary donors like the Clarks and the Gorskys,” notes Jim Brexler, President and CEO. “The early support of stakeholders has brought us to this point. The anticipated generosity from members of our community will help us reach our ambitious goals to continue to serve patients and families in our community and beyond.”

nearly100-yearhistoryofDoylestownHealth to support $100 million in investments and establish an endowment.

Goals: Build for the future, transform

healthcare delivery for the next century, and invest in people and programs to ensure Doylestown Health remains independent, indispensable and relevant.

Giftscanbedesignatedforspecificprogramsor services,ortothegeneralSecondCenturyFund. Donors can make outright gifts of cash, securities,IRAdistributionsormatchinggifts from corporations and businesses. Multi-year pledges withrecurringmonthly orannualpayments(maximum:fiveyears)are encouraged. Planned Gifts, or documented gifts that are

promisedinthefuturewillalsoberecognized. Themostcommontypesofplannedgiftsare: • Bequest

• Life Insurance

• Charitable Gift Annuity • Real Estate • Charitable Remainder/ • Retirement

Lead Trust

Plan Assets

Additional information:

For information about the campaign and available naming opportunities, contact Laura Wortman, Doylestown Health Foundation, at or 215.345.2122. / Dialogue | 215.345.2121 | Fall 2018


leading with heart:


Slated for completion in 2019, the new Center for Heart and Vascular Care will renew Doylestown Health’s commitment to its pioneering model of heart care. The new facility will expand our ability to meet the needs of patients throughout the region, harnessing decades of leadership in heart care. The cardiovascular-focused renovation and expansion will provide 100,000 square feet of space, creating the optimal physical environment for rapid consultation between cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons, electrophysiologists, and interventional and medical cardiologists. The expanded footprint will allow multidisciplinary care teams to reach the next level of collaboration and innovation which are hallmarks of care at Doylestown Health. In addition to housing a comprehensive cardiovascular program on the first two floors, the third floor of the Center for Heart and Vascular Care is designed to accommodate an innovative Center for Critical Care Medicine serving as a new home for the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

Project Highlights • 100,000 square feet of clinical and patient space •3  0 new private patient CVICU/IVU rooms with “zoned”

areas designated for clinicians, patients and families •A  state-of-the-art Endovascular Hybrid Operating Suite

integrates the latest technology and techniques in minimally invasive surgery •2  0 private bays will create distinct areas for pre-procedural

care and post-op recovery, enhancing patient comfort and privacy •N  ew clinical space will accommodate upgraded equipment

and advanced diagnostic and imaging technologies Our private patient rooms are designed to be universal, meaning patients will remain in the same room as their healing progresses–from intensive care to discharge.

• T he configuration of nursing stations and other clinical

functions throughout will dramatically reduce ambient noise •A  new Center for Critical Care Medicine slated for the third

floor will house 30 private universal ICU/IMU beds • T he new Café will offer heart-healthy menu options and

cooking demonstrations •N  atural light, soothing colors and signature artwork will The three-story, light-filled Atrium promotes a hearthealthy lifestyle with space to walk, relax and reflect.

create a more relaxing environment • E legantly appointed family and visitor waiting areas will provide

comfortable spaces to gather in support of loved ones • T he new facility will connect seamlessly with the existing

Doylestown Hospital

For information about giving opportunities: 215.345.20 09 | Gifts@

insight: Behind the Design

 ith Eleanor Wilson, w Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Twenty years ago one of Eleanor Wilson’s first assignments at Doylestown Health was opening a heart surgery center. While surgical techniques and technology have changed dramatically since then, “we’ve always kept our focus on what’s best for the patient in everything we do,” notes Wilson. “In fact, that’s how we developed the one-stop post-op model of care in the Richard A. Reif Heart Institute. We keep the patient in place and the physicians and care teams revolve around them. With this continuity of care the patients and families get to know their physicians and care teams. Our mission is to provide a healing environment and that’s what we did and will do even better in the new facility!” she continued. In keeping with Doylestown Health’s mission, the design of the new Center for Heart and Vascular Care integrates evidence-based design. “What this means is that we are using data from a growing body of evidence that demonstrates the physical environment has a huge impact on patient stress, patient well-being, patient and staff safety and outcomes,” Wilson continued. Early in the design phase, Doylestown Health applied seed money received throught a grant from the Asplundh Foundation to enhance the patient experience. By engaging leading architects, multidisciplinary teams from

the hospital, and holding community and patient focus groups, every detail was designed and chosen to enhance patient safety, privacy, comfort and healing. “The new facility will allow us to provide more privacy for our patients and a better experience,” says Wilson. “Having family present is part of the healing environment of care and with private rooms that include comfortable spaces for families we are helping our patients feel more supported. We’re also preparing patients and their caregivers to go home and feel successful in their treatment plans.” As the first priority of the One Vision campaign, “we will have the resources to make our Center for Heart and Vascular Care one of the very best,” says Wilson. “The way Doylestown Health is governed by our Board and VIA is exceptional. They are so forward-thinking and they want to do what’s right for the community, even if it’s at a greater cost. For example, we haven’t let our bond dictate the budget for this project. The board is extremely supportive and they made sure through their endorsement of the campaign and other means we would do whatever it takes to make this an exceptional place for the patients and families we serve,” says Wilson. “This place is just a gem.”

Joseph Auteri, MD Medical Director of the Richard A. Reif Heart Institute and Chief, Cardiac Surgery

Doylestown Health is a very special place. Our heart and vascular program is nationally recognized and ranks among the best in the region and the state. We have been consistently one of the top 10 hospitals in the nation for survival after a heart attack among approximately 5,500 U.S. hospitals. While our clinical outcomes are excellent, what our patients and their families comment on most is the wonderful experience they have, and the compassionate care they receive. We achieve great outcomes for our patients —lowest mortality in the Tri-State area for Aortic Valve Replacement and Coronary Artery Bypass—and do so in a warm and caring environment. That’s one of the many reasons my colleagues and I choose to practice here. Our physicians and staff perform highly specialized and complex procedures with excellent outcomes, including TAVR— when the aortic valve is inserted through a catheter— and intracerebral clot retrieval for stroke. This is a factor of both the high quality team we’ve assembled, as well as the vision of the cardiologists and administrators who came before us. Doylestown Health is committed to meeting the cardiovascular needs of our community and continues to support us as we adopt new technologies and

Join Us

Doylestown Health has been leading with heart for nearly two decades. Your gift to our Center for Heart and Vascular Care or to our Second Century Fund will ensure the future of healthcare excellence for patients in our community. Major donors ($25,000+) will be recognized on the Campaign Donor Wall.

For more information about the One Vision campaign, and to learn more about naming opportunities, please contact Laura Wortman, / Dialogue | 215.345.2121 | Fall 2018


Pine Run Community Center: Creating a “Hub” for vibrant living

As the newest addition to the Pine Run landscape, the Community Center—affectionately known as the “Hub”— is the culmination of a vision for a signature space for Villagers to gather for fellowship, friendship and fitness. Designed to celebrate and connect to the natural beauty of the campus, the Community Center will add another exciting dimension to gracious living at Pine Run and serve as the focal point for social life for active Villagers. Residents will enjoy myriad opportunities to nurture the mind, body and spirit. “This project is a focal point of our campus renewal plan and we are grateful for the support we’ve received to bring this to reality. Everyone is so excited,” says Maria Santangelo, Executive Director. “We are thrilled that the first phase of this incredible facility is now open. Vitality and wellness are a huge part of the lifestyle for Villagers at Pine Run and the Community Center will enhance the quality of life for all of our residents and make our incredible community even more interactive.”

“This project is a focal point of our campus renewal plan and we are grateful for the support we’ve received to bring this to reality. Everyone is so excited.”

Project Highlights Situated in the heart of Pine Run’s picturesque 43-acre campus, phase one of the new 36,000-square-foot Community Center includes: •A N  ew dining venues, full-service bar, Grill & Pub, and outdoor deck •B A  n inviting living area featuring a fireplace and vaulted ceiling • M  ultiple activity galleries, library, full-service salon and country store


Phase two of the Community Center which will open in Spring 2019 includes: • F itness center


•E Aquatic center featuring an indoor pool •F A  uditorium and stage

For information about giving opportunities: 215.345.20 09 | Gifts@

phase one A



phase two D



Artist renderings are for conceptual purposes only and subject to variances. / Dialogue | 215.345.2121 | Fall 2018


New Community Center Enhances Life at Pine Run The Villagers at Doylestown Health’s Pine Run Retirement Community are enjoying the first phase of a dazzling, new Community Center and the many opportunities they find there for food, fun, entertainment and a healthy lifestyle. jazz up each season. Calendars will be filled with even more of the cultural and educational experiences the Villagers enjoy.

Dynamic Social Scene “Our Villagers love camaraderie and meeting new people,” says Maria Santangelo. “Our new Grill & Pub opens onto an outdoor deck overlooking the pond and also into a gallery where Villagers can enjoy billiards, cards, book discussions, cocktails, conversation and much more.” If the day is free to savor, Villagers can pick up a cappuccino and relax with a book or newspaper on the deck or in the nearby Werrett Library. Other amenities include a full-service salon and country store. And, when Phase Two opens, Villagers will enjoy a state-of-theart fitness center, indoor pool and auditorium.

Culture and Classes Music lovers like Bill and Mary Lee Lieser are especially looking forward to the new auditorium opening in Phase Two. “We enjoy weekly performances by talented local musicians, and I feel certain that the new auditorium and modern sound system will please both the audience and performers,” says Bill. In fact, the Liesers are so passionate about this project, they made a contribution to the One Vision Campaign that will be recognized in the lobby entrance of the new auditorium. Pine Run’s life enrichment team is eagerly anticipating events in the new space that include a wide range of curated events that

Freedom of Choice Pine Run Village Board President Mary Terpening appreciates the multiple new venues for eating and the expanded menu options available with the opening of the new Grill & Pub, along with the formal dining area, which offers a full-service bar. “We look out on a panorama of spectacular views of the pond and deck from each dining venue,” describes Mary, adding, “it’s gorgeous, and now that the grill is open all day you can have a snack or full meal whenever you want.”

Feeding the Soul “The new Grill & Pub is very popular,” says David Fogel, Senior Director of Dining Services. “Here, Villagers find everything from healthy entrees, custom sandwiches, fresh pastries and seafood to gourmet burgers and cheese steaks.” “For our more health-conscious Villagers, our new Fit Program will feature a Healthy Fit entrée with fresh vegetables and an accompanying nutrition information card,” David explains. “We’ve also added environmentally friendly takeout containers, replacing non recyclables with a sustainable product, along with a specially designed reusable carry bag.”

For information about giving opportunities: 215.345.20 09 | Gifts@

“Our new Community Center is designed for gracious living in retirement, and it has transformed our Villagers’ experiences,” enthuses Maria Santangelo, Pine Run’s Executive Director. Catering to the Community

About Pine Run Retirement Community

Pine Run Dining Services will offer catering for luncheons and family festivities at the new Community Center. The culinary talent also welcomes the opportunity to create specialty menus and craft cocktails for local business groups, charity events and receptions in 2019.

Located on Ferry Road on the border of Doylestown and New Britain townships, Pine Run Retirement Community has 272 cottages and 24 apartments situated on the 43-acre campus. Also located on campus is Pine Run’s 5-story Health Center.

For details, please contact Dave Fogel at 215.340.5188 or

Staffed by Doylestown Health physicians and caregivers, the Health Center offers rehabilitation services and 90 skilled nursing beds as well as a 40-bed, secure dementia neighborhood, known as The

Five Minutes with MARIA SANTANGELO, Executive Director As the newly appointed Executive Director of Pine Run Retirement Community, Maria has a deep appreciation for the distinctive qualities of this community, having served a variety of roles since she arrived at Pine Run in 2010. “The history of Pine Run is really special and speaks to the shared vision of the VIA and Doylestown Health to improve the wellbeing of members in the community,” recalls Maria. “Our residents are from all walks of life and backgrounds and have a real desire to be active in this community. That adds such a richness to life here.” When asked about her hopes for the future of Pine Run, Maria’s vision is clear: “I know that with the support of our community and the One Vision Campaign, Pine Run will thrive long into the future. We walk hand-in-hand with our residents and their families and that kind of relationship is part of who we are and will not change.”

Join Us

Garden. Also housed within the Health Center, the Willows offers an intimate setting for end-of-life care, including comfort care. An additional 107-bed personal care residence, Pine Run Lakeview, is located on Lower State Road in Doylestown. Learn more about active living options at Pine Run Retirement Community, call 800.992.8992 or visit

Favorite book: The World According to Mr.

Rogers — I have it on my desk and quote it often

Education: BSW in Social Work, MSOT in Occupational Therapy, additional DHA(c) Doctoral studies Hobbies/Interests: Kayaking, reading, squash, international travel, and spending time with my nieces and nephews What do you love most about Pine Run? The Villagers and their life stories

Next travel destination: Nepal and the Amalfi Coast of Italy

Best advice you ever received: “Always take advantage of an opportunity that is presented to you” — My father in the airport as I was leaving for Peace Corps Favorite movie: The Sound of Music First job: Peace Corps, Nepal Favorite quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Gandhi

With One Vision, philanthropic investments will allow our new Community Center to provide new opportunities for vibrant living. Your gift to Pine Run or to our Second Century Fund will make a difference to our community. Major donors ($25,000+) will be recognized on the Campaign Donor Wall.

For more information about the One Vision campaign, and to learn more about naming opportunities, please contact Laura Wortman, Vice President and Chief Development Officer, at 215.345.2122. / Dialogue | 215.345.2121 | Fall 2018



It was August 2017 when Johnelle, a healthcare marketing director and mother of two young children, first noticed pain down the back of her leg – a symptom known as sciatica. At first, the pain was mild, and she saw an orthopedic surgeon who prescribed a course of medication and injections, but her discomfort was not resolved. Two weeks later, Johnelle’s condition deteriorated. Suddenly, she found herself in the grip of debilitating nerve pain. Her husband rushed her to Doylestown Health’s Emergency Department, where she was evaluated and admitted.

Conquering Spinal Nerve Pain “It felt like I was being electrocuted with a hot, metal rod,” says 42-year-old Johnelle Whipple of Lambertville, New Jersey, recalling excruciating pain that left her barely able to walk or talk.

Exploring Options Orthopedic surgeon, Guy Lee, MD, visited Johnelle in the hospital. A Rothman Institute orthopedic surgeon, fellowshiptrained in reconstructive spinal surgery, Dr. Lee reviewed her MRI studies and explained that a herniated disc in her spine was pressing against her lumbar spinal nerve root causing sciatic-type pain. Due to the severe nature of her pain and because immobility put her at risk for developing a blood clot, he recommended surgery. “Dr. Lee did a great job putting me at ease,” said Johnelle.

For information about giving opportunities: 215.345.20 09 | Gifts@

Discs are the rubbery cushioned rings in between the bones (vertebrae) that make up the spine. A herniation occurs when the disc’s tough outer layer tears and the spongier inner layer is pushed outward. Herniated discs are very common and usually don’t cause symptoms unless they compress nearby nerves, which can cause numbness, tingling and pain. “Spine surgeons first focus on conservative treatments for sciatica nerve pain, including physical therapy, steroid injections and nerve blocks,” stresses Dr. Lee. “However, if conservative therapies fail, and as long as the patient’s condition is not life-or neurologically-threatening, it is the patient who decides when to have surgery – usually when pain becomes intolerable.”

A Minimally-Invasive Solution Dr. Lee performed a microdiscectomy, a 30-minute minimallyinvasive procedure to relieve the pressure from Johnelle’s nerve root. Minimally-invasive options offer the maximum benefit with the least tissue damage, so people heal faster, notes Dr. Lee. “With microdiscectomy, we make a tiny window to reach the spinal canal where the nerves are, then remove any disc fragments that are pressing on the spinal cord. Many patients experience pain relief as soon as the pressure is off the nerve,” says Dr. Lee, who also removed a portion of the lamina, a bony structure on each of the spinal vertebrae which provides a roof for the spinal canal and protects the back of the spinal cord. By removing a part of the lamina, the pressure is relieved on the lumbar nerve thereby improving the sciatic nerve pain.

Top Caregivers and a Personalized Approach “In an emergency, you don’t get to choose your doctor, but even if I had done my research I would have picked Dr. Lee,” says Johnelle, citing his credentials and the way he connected with her. “Dr. Lee put me at ease, understanding my pain and how upset I was. He was proactive in getting me on the right course.”

There for You from Start to Finish Johnelle began physical therapy at Doylestown Hospital immediately after surgery, followed by outpatient therapy. “At first, I was frustrated, but Dr. Lee helped me realize that it would take time to recover,” she recalls. As she approaches the one-year anniversary of her surgery, Johnelle says she’s feeling great and is back to her normal routine. She continues to perform the home exercise program that her physical therapist provided, and does Pilates with the help of a trainer. “Pilates focuses on the same basic principles of my physical therapy and rehab: core strengthening, stretching and low-impact resistance training. The workout is amazing and perfect for what I can do following back surgery,” says Johnelle. “I am eternally grateful for the care I received from the doctors and staff. Everyone was supportive and helpful,” says Johnelle of her Doylestown Health experience and the personalized approach to care that helped get her back on her feet.

“Many patients experience pain relief as soon as the 30-minute procedure to release nerve pressure is complete.” Guy Lee, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Rothman Institute


Spine Experts at Doylestown Health Spine surgeons affiliated with Doylestown Health’s Orthopedic Institute include Guy Lee, MD, Victor Hsu, MD, and Michael Gratch, MD. Specializing in spinal disorders, these surgeons perform a wide variety of procedures including decompression of nerves via discectomy or laminectomy; or stabilization through fusion. These spine surgeons are experienced in minimally-invasive spine surgery, leading to faster recovery.

See Johnelle’s story and learn more at / Dialogue | 215.345.2121 | Fall 2018


Community CALENDAR

Doylestown Health offers a variety of classes, screenings, support groups and special events to promote health and wellness in our community. Events take place at Doylestown Hospital, the Health & Wellness Center in Warrington, Doylestown Health Connections at the Cowhey Family ShopRite in Warminster and other community locations.


FREE BREAKFAST & GIVEAWAYS Mental Health Final Symposium Sat., Oct. 6 − 8 am to 1 pm | VIA Auditorium, Health & Wellness Center Join us for a half-day event hosting community members and esteemed guests on critical mental health topics. Expert speakers from the mental health community will share insight on topics including substance abuse, anxiety and caregiver support, as well as how social media can impact mental health. The interactive sessions allow participants an opportunity to ask questions, engage with mental health professionals and get local resources. Registration required. Free Speakers & Topics


Caregiver Support

Managing Your Anxiety

Donna Duffy-Bell, MA, CPRP, CAADC, Bucks County Dept. of Mental Health/ Developmental Programs

Amy Tielemans, MBA, LMFT, Amy Tielemans & Associates

Marjorie Morgan, Associate Executive Director, Outpatient Services, Lenape Valley Foundation


Julia Helstrom, DO, Doylestown Health Urgent Care and Bucks County Center for Integrative Medicine

Matt Weintraub, District Attorney

Substance Abuse/Opioid Epidemic Brenda Foley, MD, FACEP, Assistant Medical Director, Doylestown Health Emergency Department

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

Social Media’s Impact on Mental Wellness James Mast, MA, Psychotherapist, Penn Foundation

Movement for Mental Health Theresa Moore, LMT, RMP, RYT, CPD, Peaceful Journeys Register today! 215-345-2121

Event Sponsored By

For information about giving opportunities: 215.345.20 09 | Gifts@

Special Events

Register at or call 215-345-2121 unless otherwise noted

8th Annual Ruth Boland Memorial Golf Tournament

Friends of the Heart Institute’s Cardiac Cook-Off

Sat., Sept. 29 – 1 to 8 pm

Thurs., Oct. 25 − 6 to 9 pm

The Bucks Club, 2600 York Road, Jamison Proceeds benefit the Doylestown Hospital and Ruth Boland VIA Nursing Scholarships. For more information or to sponsor the tournament, contact Kathleen Boland at 215-260-3212 or

The Event Center by Cornerstone, 46 N. Sugan Rd., New Hope Join the fun as Doylestown Health cardiologists pair with local top chefs to compete in a “light-hearted” cooking competition to benefit Doylestown Health’s Center for Heart and Vascular Care. Sponsorships and tickets include food, beverage and an opportunity to mingle with Doylestown Health’s own Celebrity Docs. For sponsorships and ticket information, email or call 215-345-2954.

McCaffrey’s Food Markets Annual Fight Cancer Day Wed., Oct. 17 − 7 am to 9 pm Simply Fresh by McCaffrey’s, 200 W. State St., Doylestown Shop Simply Fresh Grocer Fights Cancer Day; where 5 percent of net sales are donated to Doylestown Health’s Cancer Institute. Featuring in-store specials, food tastings, fun-filled activities, raffles, and more! Doylestown Health Foundation approved fundraising event.

Community Blood Drive Fri., Oct. 5 − 6:30 am to 5 pm Conference Room J, Doylestown Hospital Please schedule your appointment online at using sponsor code doylestownhos or call the Heart Institute Office at 215-345-2328.

Wellness Week with Cowhey Family ShopRite & Doylestown Health Connections November 5 to 10 Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster Join us at for a week long focus on health & wellness. Enjoy informative discussions, health screenings, a cooking demonstration, samples, giveaways and more. Get inspired to be a healthier you with ShopRite and Doylestown Health Connections.

Diabetes Classes Mon., Nov. 5 – 1 pm OR 5 pm 4-week series

Circle of Life: Giving Full Circle Auction & Gala Fri., Nov. 9 − 6:30 to 10 pm Doylestown Country Club, 20 Country Club Ln., Doylestown Join us for the Circle of Life Gala featuring live and silent auctions. Proceeds benefit Doylestown Health’s Cancer Institute and Doylestown Hospital Hospice, offering people hope, comfort and essential care at the most critical times in their lives. To learn more or for sponsorship opportunities: CircleOfLife or call 215-345-2124.

Red Cross Holiday Blood Drive Mon., Nov. 26 − 2 to 7 pm Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster Give the gift of life this holiday season. Registration requested. Walk-ins welcome. To register, call 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767).

Diabetes & the Eye Tues., Nov. 6 – 10 to 11 am

Blood Pressure Screening Wed., Nov. 7 – 10 am to Noon

Light The Night Walk

Diabetes Screening

Sat., Oct. 6 − 4:30 to 8 pm

Thurs., Nov. 8 – 10 am to Noon

Central Park, Doylestown Join Doylestown Health’s Cancer Institute at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night Walk to celebrate, honor and remember those touched by cancer. The walk helps fund research and support for cancer patients and their families. Register to walk with the Doylestown Health team and help us bring light to the darkness of cancer. Visit LightTheNight.

Healthy Shopping for Diabetes: ShopRite Tour Fri., Nov. 9 – 11 am to Noon

Meals Made Well: DiabeticFriendly Cooking Demo Sat., Nov. 10 – Noon to 2 pm All events are free. For more information or to register, call 215-672-1870.WEL

BMW Raffle Support Doylestown Health’s Cancer Institute and Doylestown Hospital Hospice by entering for a chance to win a 2019 BMW 320i Sedan or $20,000 cash! Only 650 tickets will be sold. Drawing to be held on Nov. 9 at the Circle of Life Gala. Winner need not be present. For details or to purchase tickets, visit DoylestownHealthFoundation. org/Raffle or call 215-345-2124. Raffle Tickets: $100 each / Dialogue | 215.345.2121 | Fall 2018




Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children Program

To register, call 215-345-2168.

Massage Therapy for Wellness

Tues., Sept. 18, Oct. 2, Thurs., Nov. 15, Nov. 29

Tues., Sept. 11, Dec. 11 − 10 am to 1 pm

Conference Room J, Doylestown Hospital

Diabetes Education Mon., Sept. 10, 17, 24, Oct. 1, 8 OR Oct. 15, 22, 29, Nov. 5, 12 – Noon to 2 pm (I) OR 6 to 8 pm (J) Conference Room follows time, Doylestown Hospital A comprehensive five-class program recognized by the American Diabetes Association. Fee may be covered by insurance and includes attendance by a support person. Registration required.

Keep on Track: Managing Diabetes Mon., Sept. 24 − 6 to 7 pm

Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster Join The Spa at Cornerstone for a FREE personal 15-minute massage and learn the benefits of massage for tension, circulation, and relief to tight, painful muscles. Appointments required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

Taking Charge of Your Breast Health Wed., Sept. 12 − 6 to 7 pm

Conference Room A, Doylestown Hospital For those who have attended the 5-week diabetes education program. Review healthy eating, monitoring, medication and exercise, followed by a Q&A session. Bring most recent A1C result. Registration required. Free

Warminster Township Library, 1076 Emma Ln., Warminster Join Donna Angotti, MD, FACS, medical director of Doylestown Health’s Breast Center. Learn about breast cancer risk reduction, detection and novel treatments. Registration required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

Pre-Diabetes Program

Clearing the Air: Quit Smoking

Wed., Sept. 26 and Oct. 3 OR Wed., Nov. 7 and Nov. 14 − 6 to 7:30 pm

Wed., Sept. 12, 19, 26, Oct. 3, 10 OR Wed., Nov. 14, 28, Dec. 5, 12, 19 − 7 to 8:30 pm

Conference Room I, Doylestown Hospital For the person who has a fasting glucose of 100 to 125. Two-part class, topics include physical activity, weight loss, meal planning, food labels, shopping for and preparing healthy meals and glucose monitoring. Registration required. Fee: $40

Conference Room G/H, Doylestown Hospital

Tues., Sept. 25 , Oct. 2, 9, 16, 23 − 6:30 to 8 pm Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster This five-week program is designed to help you quit smoking comfortably. Learn about quitting aids. Patches included for those attending two or more sessions. Supported by the SEPA Regional Tobacco Project. Registration required. Free

ADVANCE DIRECTIVES My Wishes Workshop® Tues., Sept. 11, Oct. 2, Nov. 6, Dec. 4 − 10 am to Noon Thurs., Sept. 27, Oct. 18, Nov. 29, Dec. 20 − 6 to 8 pm

Thurs., Oct. 18 Health & Wellness Center, Warrington One in ten children will be sexually abused before the age of 18. Nine times out of ten, they’re abused by someone they know, love or trust. Stewards of Children® is a two hour facilitator led training which teaches adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibility to child sexual abuse. This training, provided by the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children, helps adults keep the kids in their lives safe from abuse. Registration required.

A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming Active: How to Reach 10,000 Steps Tues., Sept. 25 − 10 to 11:30 am WREC @ Warminster Community Park, 1100 Veterans Way, Warminster Learn the origins of the 10,000 steps recommendation and tips on how to reach the correct amount of steps for your personal health needs. We’ll take a short walk in Warminster Community Park to get you started. Registration required. To register, call 215-672-7870. Free

Flu Shot Clinic Wed., Sept. 26 − 10 am to 1 pm Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster Flu season is fast approaching. Schedule an appointment to receive your FREE flu shot and speak with a ShopRite pharmacist about the flu vaccination and prevention tips, as well as a registered dietitian for tips on foods that can boost your immunity. Take home easy recipes and a sample! Appointments required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

Warrington Room, Health & Wellness Center

Blood Pressure Screening

Mon., Oct. 8, Nov. 12 − 10 am to Noon

Wed., Oct. 3, Nov. 7 − 10 am to Noon

Doylestown Hospital Home Health, Suite 200, 4259 W. Swamp Rd., Doylestown Take the first steps toward completing an advance directive, a legal document that allows you to spell out your decisions about end-of-life care. Learn the vocabulary, reflect on your values and explore goals for treatment in this interactive workshop. Registration recommended. Free

Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster Registration requested. Walk-ins welcome. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

For information about giving opportunities: 215.345.20 09 | Gifts@

Healthy Lifestyle

Register at or call 215-345-2121 unless otherwise noted

HEALTHY HOLIDAY EVENTS Managing Holiday Stress

Season’s (Healthy) Eatings

Healthy New Year Celebration

Thurs., Nov. 8 − 7 to 8 pm

Thurs., Nov. 15 − 1 to 2 pm

Northampton Township Library, 25 Upper Holland Rd., Richboro Don’t let stress take over your holiday! Join Doylestown Health to learn how to track your stress, identify your stressors and take back control with tips you can start using today for a stress-free holiday season. Registration required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

Warminster Township Library, 1076 Emma Ln., Warminster Join ShopRite dietitian Linda Brophy, RDN, LDN, to learn ways to make your favorite holiday recipes healthier with smart ingredient swaps. Holiday recipe booklet and samples included. Registration required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

Tues., Jan. 15 − 10 am to 1 pm Christ’s Home Community Center 800 York Rd., Warminster Join Doylestown Health, Christ’s Home, ShopRite and other health providers as we ring in the new year with a healthy new you! Enjoy free health screenings, wellness presentations, giveaways and more. For questions or directions, call 215-672-1870. Free

Is Your Gut Healthy?

It’s Time to Invest in Their Future

Tues., Oct. 9 − Noon to 12:30 pm OR 1 to 1:30 pm

Wed., Nov. 7 − Noon to 12:30 pm OR 12:45 to 1:15 pm

Conference Room J, Doylestown Hospital Join Doylestown Health nutrition expert Deborah Davis, MBA, RDN, LDN, CSO, to learn how to use good nutrition to keep your digestion humming along and help prevent illness. Registration recommended. Free

Conference Room J, Doylestown Hospital It’s no secret that the cost of college escalates each year. Join American Heritage Credit Union to learn about educational savings accounts that can deliver earnings and provide tax advantages. Registration recommended. Free

Living with Low Vision

Maximizing Memory

Thurs., Oct. 11 − 10 to 11 am

Tues., Nov. 13 − 10 to 11 am

Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster Learn how to live a rich life with vision loss. Includes demo of white cane use, smartphone apps and resources for the blind and visually impaired. Presented by Sheryl Fitzgerald, from the Bucks County Association for the Blind, and Doylestown Hospital Home Health. Registration required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster Join Pine Run Lakeview Associates to learn how to protect brain function and improve memory. Find out factors affecting memory and how to combat a decrease in cognitive function. Registration required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

Memory Workshop: Forgetfulness or Alzheimer’s? Tues., Oct. 16 − 6 to 7:30 pm Warminster Township Library, 1076 Emma Ln., Warminster Feeling forgetful? Pine Run Lakeview Associates will examine the difference between forgetfulness and memory impairments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Talk with a ShopRite registered dietitian about the MIND Diet and foods that affect brain health. Registration required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

Why Change is Hard and How to Overcome It Wed., Oct. 17 − 11:30 am to Noon OR 12:30 to 1 pm Conference Room J, Doylestown Hospital Have you struggled to lose those extra five pounds, quit smoking or begin an exercise routine? Learn what’s really holding you back and how to start with small steps to make healthy changes last. Registration recommended. Free

The Power of Habit Wed., Nov. 14 − 11:30 am to Noon OR 12:30 to 1 pm Conference Room J, Doylestown Hospital Creating good habits can positively transform your life. Learn insight into habit formation, how to break bad habits and how you can take actionable steps to create better habits. Registration recommended. Free

What is Dry Mouth? Wed., Nov. 28 − Noon to 1 pm Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster Dry Mouth is a condition that may be a sign of disease and can lead to serious health problems. Learn about the causes of dry mouth, prevention and treatment options with Laurence Stone, DDS, and Mathew Cherian, DDS. Registration required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free / Dialogue | 215.345.2121 | Fall 2018


Healthy Lifestyle Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Screening

Understanding the Medicare Maze

Wed., Dec. 5 − 10 am to 1 pm

Wed., Sept. 19 − 6 to 7:30 pm

Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster Cholesterol test will be completed by finger stick (non-fasting). Registration required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster Jim Waters, APPRISE Counselor for the Bucks County Area on Aging, will conduct a talk about Medicare to help new enrollees make an informed decision about your coverage. Registration required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

Improving Cholesterol Naturally Tues., Dec. 18 − 10 to 11 am Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster ShopRite dietitian Linda Brophy, RDN, LDN, will discuss the “TLC Program” of lifestyle changes that help lower cholesterol, including which foods to eat more often and which to eat less often. Registration required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free


BEREAVEMENT PROGRAMS Doylestown Hospital Hospice provides a comprehensive bereavement program for individuals who have lost loved ones. For more information on living with loss, support groups, educational offerings, locations and community resources, please call 215-345-2079 to speak with one of our bereavement coordinators, or visit Who Am I Now?

Wed., Oct. 3 and Thurs., Oct. 4 − 6 to 10 pm

Wed., Sept. 26 − 1 to 3 pm Thurs., Nov. 8 − 10 am to Noon

Conference Room C, Doylestown Hospital

AARP Smart Driver Refresher Course Sat., Sept. 15 (J), Nov. 17 (C), Dec. 8 (J), – 8:30 am to 1 pm Conference room follows date, Doylestown Hospital Participants may be eligible for discounted car insurance. Pre-registration required. Please bring a valid driver’s license and your AARP card if you are a member. Refresher class participants must bring their certificate from the 8-hour Standard AARP Smart Driver class.

Gain insight into grief and loss, better understanding of the grief process, develop coping strategies and become familiar with resources and support in our community. Registration required. Free

A Woman’s Tea: Honoring Ourselves, Our Mothers and the Important Women in our Lives Thurs., Oct. 11 − 10:30 am to 1:30 pm

Fee: $15 for AARP members (with card), $20 for non-members, paid to instructor the day of the class. Checks are payable to AARP. To register call 215-345-2121. For information on other AARP class locations, call 1-877-390-886 or visit

The Talking Teacup, 301 W. Butler Ave., Chalfont Enjoy a special breakfast at the Talking Teacup. We’ll share memories and stories which honor the important women in our lives without whom we would not be who we are. Registration required. Fee: $8.95 to $13.95 (plus tax and gratuity)

Medicare Enrollment Counseling with APPRISE

Can You Let It Go? Releasing Anger and Guilt after a Loved One Dies

Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster Appointment required. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the Bucks County Area Agency on Aging at 267-880-5700. Free

Medicare Open Enrollment: Are You Covered? Tues., Sept. 18 − 10 am to 12:30 pm Smyth Hall, Christ’s Home Retirement Community, 1 Shepherd’s Way, Warminster Janine Slabicki and Jim Waters from APPRISE, a service of the Bucks County Area on Aging, will discuss Medicare enrollment and coverage options. Q&A session follows program. Registration required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

Wed., Oct. 17 − 10 am to Noon Join bereavement coordinators for a discussion on residual emotions and loss. Do guilt and anger serve a purpose? Do they have any positive benefits? Can we learn to forgive ourselves and move forward? Join us in tackling this challenging topic. Registration required. Free

Coping with the Holiday Season Wed., Nov. 14 − 1 to 3 pm Join Doylestown Hospital Hospice as we explore the challenges and changes associated with loss in the holiday season and New Year. Meet others who are coping with a new loss, and learn about coping strategies and support resources. Registration required. Free

For information about giving opportunities: 215.345.20 09 | Gifts@

Healthy Lifestyle

Register at or call 215-345-2121 unless otherwise noted

CORNERSTONE FITNESS AND SPA CLASSES Cornerstone Fitness and Spa is a community partner. The following classes take place at Cornerstone at the Health & Wellness Center in Warrington unless otherwise noted. Aqua Yoga 8 week session begins Sept. 24 | Mondays − 9:30 to 10:15 am Relieve stress and increase flexibility, performed in the warmth of our healing pool. Fee: $69 per person

Arthritis Foundation© Aquatic Exercise 8 week session begins Sept. 25 | Tuesdays or Thursdays − 11:30 am to 12:15 pm Created by the Arthritis Foundation, this class is specifically designed for people with arthritis and related conditions. Held in our warm healing pool, it has proven to reduce pain and stiffness, build strength, and increase range of motion, balance and endurance. This program can benefit participants of all levels—from those who are already exercising to those who have been sedentary due to limited mobility. Fee: $69 per person

Beginner Bootcamp 6 week session begins Sept. 26 | Wednesdays − 6 to 7 pm Don’t be intimidated by the name! Boot camp workouts aren’t reserved for just the elite exercisers; they can help anyone get an extra metabolism boost. This class is ideal for those new to exercise and who want to break a sweat, tone the body, and burn calories. This group helps beginners get a start on the wellness journey! Fee: $99 per person

Chair Yoga 8 week session begins Sept. 27 Thursdays − 11:45 am to 12:35 pm This yoga class allows participants to use the support of a chair – seated or standing – to perform gentle stretches designed to increase flexibility, range of motion and balance. For all fitness levels. Fee: $69 per person

Introduction to Meditation 4 week session begins Sept. 26 Wednesdays − 7:45 to 8:45 pm Find out what meditation is, what the benefits are and how the different styles vary. Appropriate for anyone wanting to learn how to improve their quality of life and how to set yourself up for successful meditation practice with tips for stretching, breathing, etc. Different styles will be discussed each week with an opportunity to practice at home. Fee: $60 per person

The Myth of Aging: Tools to move out of pain and into freedom

Beginning T’ai Chi and Qi Gong: The Yang 13 Posture Form

Lower Body | Sun., Oct. 21 − 11 am to 1 pm

6 week session begins Sept. 27 | Thursdays − 6:30 to 7:30 pm

Lower Body Focus: Low back, hips, legs, knees, ankles and feet.

For beginners of all ages and abilities, this is a 6-week introduction to the ancient Chinese martial art, exercise and moving meditation known as T’ai Chi Chuan. This dedicated series is designed so that students will learn several postures each week and by week 6, perform the complete 13 posture Yang form. With regular practice students can expect some health benefit within 1 or 2 weeks. Fee: $89 perperson

CORE Balance Training 6 week session begins Sept. 24 | Mondays and Wednesdays − 1:30 to 2:30 pm This class is designed to improve balance, make strength gains and sharpen cognitive skills for older, active adults. Integrated into the training will be Tai Chi, circuits, obstacle courses, and walking outside (weather permitting). No two days are ever the same. Exercises are done with or near a chair for support as needed. Prerequisite: must be able to walk 10 feet independently. Fee: $178 per person

Upper Body | Sun., Oct. 21 − 1:15 to 3:15 pm Upper Body Focus: Shoulders, arms and hands, neck, back and jaw. Come with your aches and pains and move into freedom and ease. Learn targeted exercises and poses to help relieve pain in many common areas of the body. Leave with poses and exercises to practice at home. Fee: $45 per session or $80 for both

Yoga Gently 8 week session begins Sept. 28 Friday − 10 to 11 am

Chair Fit 8 week session begins Sept. 28 | Fridays − 10:30 to 11:25 am Chair Fit is a low impact cardio and strength class in which participants use a chair for balance and assistance. This class provides just enough support and simplicity to be the perfect exercise prescription for seniors, those who may be returning to exercise after an injury or adults looking for a change from a more sedentary lifestyle. For all fitness levels. Fee: $69 per person

A softer, gentler approach to a yoga practice. Appropriate for all levels, including beginners and seniors who can get up and down from the floor without assistance. Fee: $69 per person

Register for all Cornerstone classes listed here at 215-918-5900. / Dialogue | 215.345.2121 | Fall 2018


For information about giving opportunities: 215.345.20 09 | Gifts@

Cardiac Connections

Register at or call 215-345-2121 unless otherwise noted




Walk With A Doc Wed., Sept. 19 − 8 to 9 am | Wed., Oct. 17, Nov. 14, Dec. 12 − Noon to 1 pm Doylestown Hospital Campus Walking for as little as 30 minutes per day can improve your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and reduce your risk for coronary heart disease and many other health conditions. Free parking is available in the Doylestown Hospital Parking Garage or at First Baptist Church with shuttle service to Doylestown Hospital campus.

Each Walk With A Doc Event Includes: • Brief health discussion by a Doylestown Health clinician • 30- to 45-minute walk around the Hospital campus • Refreshments, giveaways and more!

Registration encouraged for each event. For more information or to register, call 215-345-2121 or visit Free



Your Heart & Salt

Stroke Risk Screening

Wed., Sept. 26 − 11 am to Noon

Wed., Oct. 17 − 4 to 6 pm

Conference Room J, Doylestown Hospital Join Stephanie Gatt, RN, MSN, CRNP, heart failure coordinator from Doylestown Health, to identify sodium in your diet and learn about its negative impact on your health. Learn about foods that have a high sodium content and ways you can keep your food heart healthy yet still delicious. Free

Conference Room J, Doylestown Hospital

The Big 3: Understanding Metabolic Syndrome

Wed., Oct. 24 − 10 am to 1 pm Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster Sponsored by Doylestown Health and the American Stroke Association, this free screening includes risk assessment, a check of blood pressure and pulse, and auditory evaluation of blood flow in the neck. Appointments required. Free

Tues., Dec. 11 − 11:30 am to Noon OR 12:30 to 1 pm

Emotional Adjustment After a Stroke

Conference Room J, Doylestown Hospital “The Big 3” is more than just an NBA reference. In heart health, “The Big 3” refers to the number of risk factors that raise your risk for heart disease and other problems, commonly referred to as Metabolic Syndrome. Learn risk factors for Metabolic Syndrome, how to screen for metabolic issues and tips to help you prevent “The Big 3.” Free

Tues., Oct. 2 − 10 to 11 am Smyth Hall, Christ’s Home Senior Community, 1 Shepherd’s Way, Warminster Dan Leichter, PsyD, from MossRehab at Doylestown Hospital, will present a discussion for stroke victims and their caregivers on challenges after a stroke and the emotional adjustments necessary to cope with these situations. Registration required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free / Dialogue | 215.345.2121 | Fall 2018


Support Groups Doylestown Health offers both hospital-sponsored and community support groups. For more information, call 215-345-2657 unless number is listed.

Ostomy Cancer

Lyme Disease

Thurs., Oct. 4, Nov. 1, Dec. 6 − 12:30 pm

Sun., Oct. 14, Nov. 11 − 7 pm


Prostate Cancer

Doylestown Health Hospice offers a comprehensive bereavement program open to all members of our community who have sustained a recent loss. Seminars, monthly support groups and leisure activities help individuals connect with others as they face the challenges of creating a new normal. For more information regarding our program, please call 215-345-2079.

CANCER SUPPORT Call 215-345-2022. Support groups meet in the Cancer Support Community Office, Doylestown Hospital unless otherwise noted. Blood Cancer Thurs., Sept. 20, Oct. 18, Nov. 15, Dec. 20 11 am

Brain Cancer Tues., Sept. 25, Oct. 23, Nov. 27 12:30 pm

Breast Cancer Tue., Sept. 11, Oct. 9, Nov. 13, Dec. 11 − 7 pm

Cancer Bereavement Tue., Oct. 2, Nov. 6, Dec. 4 − 7 pm

Colorectal Cancer Thurs., Sept. 6, Oct. 4, Nov. 1, Dec. 6 − 11 am Cancer Support Community Office, Health & Wellness Center

Gynecological Cancer Networking Group

Pancreatic Cancer Thurs., Sept. 13, Oct. 11, Nov. 8, Dec. 13 11 am Tue., Sept. 18, Oct. 16, Nov. 20, Dec. 18 7 pm Conference Room A, Doylestown Hospital

CARDIOVASCULAR Heart Failure Thurs., Oct. 11 − 2 pm Conference Room I, Doylestown Hospital

ICD (Implanted Defibrillator) Tues., Oct. 16 − 6:30 pm Conference Room J, Doylestown Hospital


Multiple Sclerosis Thurs., Sept. 13, Oct. 11, Nov. 8 − 7 pm

Conference Room I, Doylestown Hospital

Parkinson’s Disease Tue., Sept. 11, Oct. 9, Nov. 13, Dec. 11 1:30 pm Warrington Room, Health & Wellness Center

Scleroderma Mon., Sept. 24, Nov. 26 − 6:30 pm Conference Rooms G & H, Doylestown Hospital

MATERNAL HEALTH Breastfeeding Mother’s Thursdays − 10 am

Thurs., Oct. 4, Nov. 1, Dec. 6 − 2 pm

Conference Room I, Doylestown Hospital

Moss Rehab Day Room, 1st Floor, Doylestown Hospital



Conference Room I, Doylestown Hospital

Adult Diabetes

Perinatal Loss

Wed., Sept. 12 (J) , Nov. 14 (C) − 7 pm Conference Room follows time, Doylestown Hospital

Alzheimer’s Disease Family/Caregiver Wed., Sept. 12, Oct. 10, Nov. 14, Dec. 12 3 pm

Tue., Sept. 11, Oct. 9, Nov. 13, Dec. 11 − 7 pm

Mon., Sept. 24, Oct. 22, Nov. 26 – 7:30 pm Chapel, Doylestown Hospital

SELF-HELP Alcoholics Anonymous Saturdays – 11 am; Sundays – 8:30 am (Nov. 17 - Conference Room I)

Pine Run Lakeview Contact: Maureen Riley at 215-489-5872

Conference Room C, Doylestown Hospital

Tue., Sept. 25, Oct. 23, Nov. 27 − 7 pm

Mondays – 7:30 pm

Conference Room A, Doylestown Hospital

Better Breathers Tue., Oct. 2 − 10:30 am Conference Room J, Doylestown Hospital

Gamblers Anonymous Conference Room I, Doylestown Hospital

Nicotine Anonymous Thursdays – 6:30 pm Conference Room H, Doylestown Hospital

Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue

Thurs., Sept. 27, Oct. 25, Nov. 22, Dec. 27 11 am

Tue., Sept. 18, Oct. 16, Nov. 20 − 6:30 pm

Living with Cancer

Insulin Pump

Tue., Sept. 11, 25, Oct. 9, 23, Nov. 13, 27, Dec. 11 − 11 am

Conference Room J, Doylestown Hospital

Conference Room I, Doylestown Hospital

Wed., Oct. 17 − 7 pm Conference Room I, Doylestown Hospital

My Spouse Has Cancer Tue., Sept. 18, Oct. 16, Nov. 20, Dec. 18 − 7 pm

For information about giving opportunities: 215.345.20 09 | Gifts@

Concerned About Cancer CANCER SURVIVOR EVENTS Honoring our Survivors Doylestown Health’s Cancer Institute and Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia invite cancer survivors to enjoy fellowship and refreshments during one or all of our Cancer Survivor events! Registration is required for each event. To register, visit HonorSurvivors. All events are free.

Uniquely You Painting Tues., Oct. 2 − 6 to 8 pm Enjoy a guided abstract painting session where self-expression is encouraged! Painting materials free for survivors.

Your Story Be the author of your own story! Join us for a journaling workshop with Janet Fallon. Journals provided free of charge to survivors.

Alternative Therapies Thurs., Oct. 4 − 6 to 8 pm Alternative therapies such as acupuncture, reiki or massage are offered to help relax the body, reduce stress and enhance well-being.

When Will I Feel Normal Again? Managing Fear of Cancer Recurrence Thurs., Oct. 25 − 6 to 8 pm Conference Room A, Doylestown Hospital Join psychologist Pamela Ginsberg, PhD, PC, for a 2-part series focused on learning how to manage fear effectively. This program is designed to help survivors develop skills and strategies to cope with fear about cancer recurrence, and to decrease feelings of anxiety. To register, call Rachel Saks at 267-885-1580. Free

call 215-345-2121 unless otherwise noted

Prostate Cancer Detection & Treatment

FITNESS Cancer Fit: A Fitness Program for Cancer Survivors 12 week session begins Sept. 25 Cornerstone Fitness & Spa, Health & Wellness Center, Warrington Are you a cancer survivor who is looking to increase your quality of life after treatment and become fitter, faster and stronger? The 12-week program includes: • Consultation with a Cornerstone Club certified personal trainer and cancer fitness specialist. You will review your health history with the trainer and set your own goals. • Group personal training sessions, 2 times per week • Complimentary passes for you and a guest

Wed., Oct. 3 − 7 to 8:30 pm

Register at or

Participants must be at least 4 weeks post-treatment and within one year of finishing treatment services (surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation). Contact Rachel Saks at 267-885-1580, or Free

SCREENINGS & SUPPORT Look Good, Feel Better Tues., Sept. 18 − 7 to 9 pm Doylestown Health’s Cancer Institute, Suite 307, The Pavilion The American Cancer Society program for women undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment. Includes a step-by-step makeover learning session led by a cosmetology professional using products donated by the cosmetic industry, a 12-step skin care and makeup lesson, nail care techniques, as well as professional advice on how to deal with hair loss using wigs, scarves, hats, hairpieces, and other accessories. To register, please call 1-800-227-2345. Free

Thurs., Sept. 27 − 6 to 7:30 pm VIA Auditorium, Health & Wellness Center Join Albert Ruenes, MD, from Doylestown Health Urology, for a discussion on advances in the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer. Talk with ShopRite registered dietitian Linda Brophy, RDN, LDN, to learn how to maintain a healthy weight to lower your risk for prostate cancer. Registration required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

Oral Cancer Screening Sat., Oct. 20 − 10 am to Noon Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster HealthLink Dental Clinic will be on-site to share information about their free dental clinic for low-income adults and veterans, and provide oral cancer screenings. Appointments recommended. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

Lung Cancer Screening Thurs., Nov. 15 − 5 to 7 pm Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster Find out if you qualify for a low dose CT scan to detect lung cancer and get resources to help you quit smoking. Current or past smokers ages 55-77 can make an appointment to meet with Doylestown Health’s lung navigator Maureen Hickey, RN, BSN, OCN Appointments required. Call 215-672-1870. Free

Respiratory Wellness: Tips to Prevent Lung Cancer Thurs., Nov. 29 − 6 to 7 pm VIA Auditorium, Health & Wellness Center Join pulmonologist, Pinak Acharya, MD, to discuss measures you can take to prevent lung cancer. Special focus on lung screenings and smoking cessation will be reviewed. Q&A will follow the presentation. Registration required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

Cancer Support Community (CSC) at Doylestown Hospital is located on the first floor, around the corner from the Main Lobby. We offer social and emotional support to people living with any type of cancer, and to their families and friends. Free of charge! The Doylestown Hospital suite is open Tuesdays, 10am to 9pm and Thursdays, 10am to 2pm. To become a member or register for a program, call 215-345-2022 or e-mail / Dialogue | 215.345.2121 | Fall 2018




‘Tis the Season…to be Healthy? Wed., Nov. 14 − 3:30 to 4:30 pm 73 Old Dublin Pike, Doylestown Calling all kids! Join Robin Klein, RDN, LDN, and Doylestown Health’s pediatric outreach manager, Ashley Heidler, BSN, RN, CPN, to learn how to make your holidays a balance of safe, healthy and delicious! Children will learn holiday safety tips and create their very own homemade “healthy” holiday recipe! Additional giveaways include exclusive coupons, recipes and more! Registration/appointment required. Free

Car Seat Check Mon., Sept. 17 − 2 to 6 pm 100 Progress Dr., Doylestown (Drive-thru behind building) Three out of four kids are not as safe in their car seats as they should be; is yours one of them? Celebrate the kick-off of Child Passenger Safety Week with Doylestown Health, join us for a FREE Car Seat Check-Up! Installing a car seat can be a challenge. FREE car seat checks are performed by a certified technician. Car seats should be installed prior to appointment. The technician will check the seat and educate on proper installation and selection of car seat. Please bring car seat and vehicle manual. Children are encouraged to attend. Registration/appointment required. Free

The Hospital by Doylestown Health 500 Union Square Dr., New Hope Visit the “Hospital” by Doylestown Health at the Bucks County Children’s Museum! This educational exhibit features kidsized hospital equipment and interactive displays. For more information and a full list of educational events happening at the exhibit, visit No registration necessary. Educational programs are free, but museum admission fees apply.

PARENT POSITIVE SPEAKER SERIES Lenape Middle School Auditorium Join us for a fall speaker series for parents! Parent Positive is a collaboration among CB Cares Educational Foundation, Doylestown Health, the Central Bucks School District and the Central Bucks Family YMCA to offer free education for local families on important health topics affecting the community. For a full list of events, visit DoylestownHealth. org/ParentPositive. Free  

Fire Safety: Battling Burns & Blazes Sat., Oct. 13 − 10 am to Noon Sound the alarm! Join Doylestown Health and Eagle Fire Company for a blazing, fun-filled morning! Explore a fire engine and equipment, discuss fire and burn prevention tips, and participate in hands-on, interactive activities designed to ”spark” understanding of fire and burn safety! No registration necessary.

Teddy Bear Clinic Fri., Nov. 23 − 10:30 am to 1 pm Join Doylestown Health to experience a doctor’s visit without fear. Children can “treat” injuries with gauze and bandages, use a stethoscope to listen to their heartbeat, and feel the “hug” from a pediatric blood pressure cuff. Bring your favorite furry friend to the Teddy Bear Clinic for a check-up! No registration necessary.

For information about giving opportunities: 215.345.20 09 | Gifts@

Childbirth & Parenting PARENT EDUCATION Registration required unless otherwise noted.

Prepared Childbirth Classes Learn about the labor process from one of our certified educators. Sessions include practicing comfort measures, relaxation and breathing techniques, as well as a discussion of medications, Cesarean birth and more. Please bring a pillow, blanket and yoga mat to class. Tour of the VIA Maternity Center is included. We offer two choices for classes at Doylestown Hospital. Fourweek series (INCLUDES Babywell program): Once a week on Mon., Tues., Weds., or Thurs., 7 to 9:30 pm OR One-day class (DOES NOT include Babywell program): Sat. or Sun., 9 am to 3:30 pm. Fee: $100 per couple. For a full list of dates, call 215-345-2121 or visit

Babywell Wed., Sept. 26, Nov. 14 Thurs., Oct. 4, Nov. 1 (C), Dec. 13 Tues., Oct. 30, Dec. 4 – 7 to 9:30 pm Conference Room J (unless otherwise noted), Doylestown Hospital Nurse educators teach how to care for, feed, protect and comfort a newborn. (If you are registered for a WEEKNIGHT Childbirth class, Babywell is included in your program and you DO NOT need to register for this class.) Fee: $20 per couple

Register at or call 215-345-2121 unless otherwise noted

Breastfeeding Education

Sibling Education

Tues., Sept. 25, Oct. 23, Nov. 20, Dec. 18 Mon., Oct. 8, Nov. 5, Dec. 3 – 7 to 9:30 pm

Sat., Oct. 6, Nov. 3, Dec. 1 – 10 to 11 am

Conference Room C, Doylestown Hospital Come and learn about the many benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby from one of our breastfeeding educators. Attending a class with your partner is a great way to gain your confidence as you learn the basics of breastfeeding. Proper latch and positioning, breast milk collection and storage will be discussed. The class is very relaxed and your questions are encouraged. Fee: $30 per family

Breastfeeding Mothers’ Group See page 26

Childbirth Refresher Tues., Sept. 11, Nov. 13 – 7 to 9:30 pm Conference Room C, Doylestown Hospital This class is for parents expecting a second or subsequent child and includes a discussion and review of the labor and birth process, birth options and medical interventions, and a video on maternity anesthesia. Tour of VIA Maternity Center is included. Fee: $30 per couple

Pregnancy & Nutrition: Am I Really Eating for Two? Thurs., Nov. 1 – 6 to 7 pm Conference Room I, Doylestown Hospital Join a Doylestown Health nutrition expert to discuss healthy eating during pregnancy and how food choices can impact the health of mother and baby. The discussion will include how to read nutrition labels, incorporating whole foods into your diet, important nutrients for pregnancy and breastfeeding, healthy weight gain, choosing good fats and carbohydrates and more. Registration required. Free

VIA Maternity Center Tour Mon., Sept, 24, Oct. 8, 22, Nov. 5, 19, Dec. 3, 17 – 7 to 8 pm Meet in Main Lobby, Doylestown Hospital Please note: If you are planning to take a Prepared Childbirth class at Doylestown Hospital, a tour is included. You do not need to sign up for this tour. Free

Conference Room J, Doylestown Hospital This class is designed to reduce a child’s separation anxiety and deal with feelings of jealousy toward the new baby. Children ages 3 to 11 attend along with an adult. (Please bring your child’s favorite doll or stuffed animal to class.) Free

Grandparenting Mon., Sept. 17, Oct. 15, Nov. 12, Dec. 10 7 to 8:30 pm Conference Room G/H, Doylestown Hospital Come learn the latest in newborn care, parenting styles and baby safety to help the next generation grow up healthy and safe. Registration required. Fee: $10 per person

MATERNITY CARE COALITION Maternity Care Coalition is a community partner. Please call 215-348-9770 or visit for more information. Babysitting Workshop Sat., Oct. 20 – 9 am to 3 pm Conference Room A, Doylestown Hospital For children ages 11 to 14. This sixhour interactive program is designed to help young people become more qualified, responsible babysitters. Email to register or call 215-348-9770. Fee: $65

Building the Family Thurs., Oct. 4, Nov. 1, Dec. 6 – 7 to 9 pm Children’s Village, Doylestown Hospital A monthly parenting support group for parents and their children up to age 5. This group provides parenting information and education, social connections and hands-on support. Free

Focus on Motherhood Children’s Village, Doylestown Hospital This six-hour one day program prepares expectant moms and dads for childbirth/ newborn care. For class dates or to register: KDwyer@maternitycarecoalition. org or 215-348-9770. Free / Dialogue | 215.345.2121 | Fall 2018



Doylestown Health Nutrition Services Doylestown Health nutrition experts offer personalized nutrition plans to those with a current medical condition or are interested in preventive health and weight loss. Our nutrition team specializes in nutrition therapy for diabetes, weight management, cardiovascular disease, digestive and eating disorders, pregnancy, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Most insurance plans are accepted. To schedule an appointment, call 215-345-2168. Nutrition Services include: •

Individual nutrition therapy

A Healthy Weigh: weight management and healthy lifestyle program •

Nutrition counseling for kids, teens and families

Disease prevention through diet and nutrition Metabolism testing Body composition measurement

Two convenient locations: The Pavilion at Doylestown Hospital and The Health & Wellness Center in Warrington.

Your legacy can strengthen the health and well-being of our community. Planned gifts to the One Vision Campaign will help Doylestown Health achieve its $75 million goal—the largest philanthropic campaign in the nearly 100-year history of Doylestown Health.

A Healthy Weigh: Weight Management and Healthy Lifestyle Program Session begins Oct. 16. Register by setting up an individual consultation. Classes are held at the Health & Wellness Center in Warrington and at Doylestown Hospital. A Healthy Weigh is Doylestown Health’s new weight management and healthy lifestyle program. This program incorporates healthy, “real” food into a plan customized to each person’s nutrition needs. The program is divided into 2 phases:

Common types of planned gifts include: • Bequests • Charitable Gift Annuities

Phase 1: offers an initial 8-week program that focuses on the basics of attaining a healthy weight and healthy well-being.

• Charitable Remainder/Lead Trusts

Phase 2: 10 months divided into (5) 2-month sessions which builds on the healthy lifestyle skills learned in the introductory phase.

• Real Estate

Fee: $250 for the first 16 weeks; $110 for each subsequent 2-month series. Must complete the initial 16 weeks to be eligible for Phase 2. Attendees also have the opportunity to earn $50 in ShopRite Gift cards if initial weight loss goals are met.

• Life Insurance • Retirement Plan Assets

Discount rate available to Cornerstone Gym members and Doylestown Health Cardiac Rehab members. Register by setting up an individual consultation. For more information or to schedule an individual consultation, contact Debbie Davis, MBA, RDN, CSO, LDN, at 215-345-2356 or

Intro to A Healthy Weigh Thurs., Dec. 13 − 10 to 11 am OR 6 to 7 pm Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster Get a sneak peak before the program begins to see if this is the weight-loss program for you. Registration required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

To learn more about designating your planned giving support to the One Vision Campaign, please call 215.345.2802 or visit

For information about giving opportunities: 215.345.20 09 | Gifts@

Orthopedic Options

Register at or call 215-345-2121 unless otherwise noted



Get “Ahead” of Neck Pain and Headaches

Balance & Fall Risk Screening

Tues., Oct. 23 − 12:15 to 1 pm

Thurs., Sept. 13 − 10 am to Noon

Conference Room J, Doylestown Hospital Join physical therapist Jennifer Heilman, DPT, for a discussion on the management of neck pain and headaches. Learn prevention strategies and how physical therapy can help if you are dealing with pain. This program is open to health care professionals or anyone who has experienced neck pain and/or headaches. Registration required. Free

Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster Each year, 1 in 3 adults over the age of 65 suffers a fall. Physical therapist Jeannine Greenberg, DPT, PT, from MossRehab at Doylestown Hospital, will be offering fall risk screenings to evaluate your risk of falling and provide recommendations for fall prevention. Appointments required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

Get a HANDle on it!

Are You at Risk of Falling? Lecture and Screening

Tues., Sept. 25 − 12:15 to 1 pm

Fri., Oct. 26, Dec. 21 − Noon to 1 pm

Conference Room J, Doylestown Hospital Learn about common upper extremity repetitive strain injuries including tendonitis and neuropathies that can affect the hand, wrist and elbow. Discussion will include symptoms, treatment options and prevention. Presented by Doylestown Health certified hand therapist Wendy Kennedy, OTR, CHT. Registration required. Free

Conference Room J, Doylestown Hospital Doylestown Health’s physical therapists offer health discussions on fall risks and prevention. Following the lecture, therapists will offer personalized balance screenings. Registration required. Free

Get a Leg Up: Swollen Legs & Compression Stockings Tues., Nov. 13 − 12:15 to 1 pm Conference Room J, Doylestown Hospital Do your legs feel heavy and achy? Do you notice swelling in your legs, especially towards the end of the day? Join certified lymphedema therapists, Morgan Murphy, DPT, and Joanna Earley, PT, for a discussion on the different types of leg swelling and their causes. Also, learn about the benefits of compression garments and the different types of garments available. Registration required. Free

Nondiscrimination Statement

Doylestown Health complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. Doylestown Health does not exclude people or treat them differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. Doylestown Health: • Provides free aids and services to people with disabilities to communicate effectively with us, such as

“Footsteps” Balance Workshop Wed., Nov. 14 − 10 to 11 am Doylestown Health Connections, Cowhey Family ShopRite, Warminster Do you have balance issues? This mini-seminar includes a few simple tests to determine if your balance is impaired. Learn exercises and movements that can be used in the home to improve your balance and reduce your risk of falling. Wear closed toe shoes and comfortable clothing to class. Presented by physical therapists Karen Snow, PT, and Janis Markowitz, PT, MSPT, from Doylestown Hospital Home Health. Registration required. To register, call 215-672-1870. Free

ATENCIÓN: si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística. Llame al 1-215-345-2200. 注意:如果您使用繁體中文,您可以免費獲得語言援助服務。請致電 1-215-345-2200. CHÚ Ý: Nếu bạn nói Tiếng Việt, có các dịch vụ hỗ trợ ngôn ngữ miễn phí dành cho bạn. Gọi số 1-215-345-2200. ВНИМАНИЕ: Если вы говорите на русском языке, то вам доступны бесплатные услуги перевода. Звоните 1-215-345-2200.

• Qualified sign language interpreters

Wann du [Deitsch (Pennsylvania German / Dutch)] schwetzscht, kannscht du mitaus Koschte ebber gricke, ass dihr helft mit die englisch Schprooch. Ruf selli Nummer uff: Call 1-215-345-2200.

• Written information in other formats (large print, audio, accessible electronic formats, other formats)

주의: 한국어를 사용하시는 경우, 언어 지원 서비스를 무료로 이용하실 수 있습니다. 1-215345-2200 번으로 전화해 주십시오.

• Provides free language services to people whose primary language is not English, such as: • Qualified interpreter

‫ةظوحلم‬: ‫ةغللا ركذا ثدحتت تنك اذإ‬، ‫ناجملاب كل رفاوتت ةیوغللا ةدعاسملا تامدخ نإف‬. ‫ مقرب لصتا‬1-215-345-2200‫فتاھ مقر‬ ‫مكبلاو مصلا‬:.

• Information written in other languages If you need these services, contact Doylestown Health’s Director of Risk Services at 215-345-2424.

ATTENTION : Si vous parlez français, des services d’aide linguistique vous sont proposés gratuitement. Appelez le 1-215-345-2200.

If you believe that Doylestown Health has failed to provide these services or discriminated in another way on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex, you can file a grievance with: Director of Risk Services, Doylestown Hospital, 595 West State St, Doylestown, PA 18901. You may also file your grievance by calling 215-345-2200, faxing to 215-345-2067, or e-mailing You can file a grievance in person or by mail, fax, or email. If you need help filing a grievance, Doylestown Health’s Director of Risk is available to help you.

ACHTUNG: Wenn Sie Deutsch sprechen, stehen Ihnen kostenlos sprachliche Hilfsdienstleistungen zur Verfügung. Rufnummer: 1-215-345-2200.

You can also file a civil rights complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights, electronically through the Office for Civil Rights Complaint Portal, available at, or by mail or phone at:

ATANSYON: Si w pale Kreyòl Ayisyen, gen sèvis èd pou lang ki disponib gratis pou ou. Rele 1-215-345-2200.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 200 Independence Avenue, SW Room 509F, HHH Building Washington, D.C. 20201 1-800-368-1019, 800-537-7697 (TDD) Complaint forms are available at

સચના: ુ જો તમે ગ ુજરાતી બોલતા હો, તો નિ :શ ુલ ્ ક ભાષા સહાય સેવાઓ તમારા માટે ઉપલબ ્ધ છે. ફોન કરો 1-215-345-2200. UWAGA: Jeżeli mówisz po polsku, możesz skorzystać z bezpłatnej pomocy językowej. Zadzwoń pod numer 1-215-345-2200.

ប្រយ ័ត្ន៖ បើស ន ិ ជាអ្នកន យ ិ ាយ ភាសាខ្មែរ, សេវាជ ន ំ យ ួ ផ្នែកភាសា ដោយម ន ិ គត ិ ឈ្ន ល ួ គអ ឺ ាចមានស រំ ាប ប ់ រំ ើអ្នក។ ច រូ ទ រូ ស ព ័ ្ទ 1-215-345-2200 ។ ATENÇÃO: Se fala português, encontram-se disponíveis serviços linguísticos, grátis. Ligue para 1-215-345-2200. / Dialogue | 215.345.2121 | Fall 2018


Doylestown Hospital 595 W State St. Doylestown, PA 18901


215.345.2200 | To view the Dialogue Online visit


When you or someone you love is sick or injured, you want comfort, fast. Comfort. You’ll find it in our inviting reception area and welcoming smiles. At Doylestown Health Urgent Care there’s comfort in knowing that you selected an urgent care center staffed exclusively by board-certified Doylestown Health physicians. Open 365 days a year with extended hours; Urgent Care connects to your Doylestown Health medical records for seamless communication. Walk-in or check-in online, whatever is most comfortable for you!

Extended Care Hours. Convenient Location. 4259 West Swamp Road, Doylestown, PA 18902 Monday–Friday 8 am to 9 pm Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 4 pm Major holidays 9 am to 4 pm 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Doylestown Health Dialogue - Fall 2018  

Description: Doylestown Health's Dialogue newsletter provides up-to-date information centered on keeping you well. Published bi-annually, th...

Doylestown Health Dialogue - Fall 2018  

Description: Doylestown Health's Dialogue newsletter provides up-to-date information centered on keeping you well. Published bi-annually, th...