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When we look back at this year, extraordinary is indeed an accurate description, and the advancements we’ve made at Doylestown Health certainly merit it. Among many highlights, we reached major milestones of ONE VISION: The Campaign for Doylestown Health. Several programs received national as well as international distinction for outstanding patient outcomes and innovation, creating pioneering models for standards of care that are now recognized as best practice. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring, we added a new dimension to our definition of extraordinary. Under normal circumstances, demonstrating excellence in patient care is one matter. It’s entirely another to set the bar for combating a new disease that is evolving even as we treat it. A successful response to COVID-19 demands flexibility, innovation, and relentless teamwork—and true to who we are, Doylestown Health answered that demand with bold action. Every member of our organization has selflessly stepped in to serve where they are most needed, and examples of extraordinary ingenuity and compassion abound in every facet of our operation.

Cover: The Gratitude Flag is a symbolic banner of thankfulness and support for the healthcare heroes bravely serving the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using colors closely associated with healthcare— surgical scrub green, N95 mask white, and hospital gown blue—the flag is a tribute to each and every member of our healthcare team. It is meant to inspire unity in gratitude, nationwide, to those who serve. #UniteInGratitude

The traditions of excellence and innovation established by our founders, the Village Improvement Association of Doylestown (VIA), continue to guide us. Throughout our history, the steady leadership of the VIA has been a source of strength and inspiration. Of equal importance, the generous and consistent support of our community helps us maintain our independence so we can swiftly meet the challenges of our time and remain relevant and indispensable for future generations and challenges yet to come.

In this issue, we are pleased to introduce you to Dr. Chanchal Khanna, Marge and Rick Volpe, and Andrea and Ed Noonan; their unique perspectives on Doylestown Health, and their commitment to securing our independence and future through philanthropy are a testament to our standard of care. We are also honored to share the extraordinary story of Howard Brown, our first long-term COVID-19 patient to go home after weeks in intensive care at Doylestown Hospital.

With sincere appreciation, we proudly showcase the countless ways our community has stepped forward to support us and the patients we care for. The generosity of our community—your generosity—truly enables the extraordinary and for that, we are forever and profoundly grateful.

James L. Brexler, FACHE President and CEO Doylestown Health

Joan B. Parlee Chair of the Boards Doylestown Hospital Doylestown Health Foundation

message from laura k . wortman Vice President and Chief Development Officer

The progress we have made at Doylestown Health in the

past year is a testament to the power of philanthropy. We celebrated the opening of new, state-of-the-art facilities thanks to partnerships with our generous donors—and the timing for this could not have been better. When COVID-19 arrived, our teams of experts could leverage added capacity and the latest technology and equipment to provide the care our patients needed. ONE VISION: The Campaign for Doylestown Health is comprehensive by design, so gifts of all types and sizes enable us to do many extraordinary things. Among many examples, a grant to purchase equipment that sterilizes PPE (personal protective equipment) allows us to keep our frontline staff safe and conserve scarce resources. The outpouring of support through meals, in-kind donations, and messages of hope has lifted our spirits and renewed our resolve in uncertain times. Through philanthropy, we are truly united by One Vision, as One Health System, and One Extraordinary Community. On behalf of our entire Doylestown Health family, we offer our deepest gratitude for your steadfast partnership and ongoing support as we continue our work to secure the future of healthcare excellence in our community. 1

BOUNDLESS GRATITUDE in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Doylestown Health Foundation invited community members to participate in a virtual rally event—Messages of Hope—to share support for frontline teams and staff at Doylestown Health. Extraordinary notes of heartfelt appreciation and prayers of encouragement poured in. Among them was a message from Andrea and Ed Noonan, who were also inspired to make a gift to strengthen Doylestown Hospital’s COVID-19 response efforts. We recently spoke with them about their support during these unprecedented times. What was your first experience with Doylestown Health?

How do you hope your gift to Doylestown Health makes an impact?

Andrea: We’ve lived in Bucks County for 35 years. Our grandson was born at Doylestown Hospital, and he and our daughter were treated beautifully. Doylestown Hospital is a lifeline in our community, especially in times like these.

Ed: Andrea and I watch the news regularly and as we were learning more about this pandemic, we saw reports of the demand for PPE [personal protective equipment] just skyrocketing. We talked a great deal about what we could do to help that would make an immediate difference. Like another local healthcare institution we support, Doylestown Hospital is a vital part of this community and self-funded. We recognized that in a time of crisis like this pandemic, Doylestown Health would need to marshal resources more quickly and in greater quantities than imagined or budgeted for. So, it was even more important to us that the hospital have immediate support to keep the patients and staff as safe as possible.

Ed: Our friends have also shared their positive experiences with us. We truly value the ready access we have to high-quality healthcare locally; institutions like Doylestown Hospital are the bedrock of this community. What inspired you to participate in the Messages of Hope virtual event? Ed: It was important to us to share our appreciation and gratitude for the healthcare workers putting themselves on the line every day to help people in our community. They take great care of people, and the capable doctors and nurses are always there for us. We take it as a given that we can turn to them, and that’s one of the many reasons we want to support them. Andrea: At the same time, we observed how Doylestown Health was leading the way with the hospital as the “glue” holding the community together. We were encouraged that the hospital was working across Bucks County to protect vulnerable people at the onset of the crisis, especially with senior homes and nursing care facilities.


Andrea: Doylestown Hospital is also a Top 50 heart hospital. That’s a real feather in their cap. We know the doctors and nurses will provide the very best care for patients because it’s what they do every day. That trust is so comforting, because we know we can rely on them if any one of us needs care. Do you believe that Doylestown Health’s position as an independent health system sets it apart? Ed: We know of and admire the Village Improvement Association of Doylestown (VIA). They are actually quite extraordinary with the tradition they began! In an era of healthcare consolidation, having a community-funded hospital is important. Decisions can be made for the community, by the community.

In these uncertain times, what do you hope for the future of Doylestown Hospital? Andrea: We are grateful that we can give back and we hope that it makes a difference for people in our community for a long time. Ed: I think it’s extremely encouraging that Doylestown Health is independent. Just like any other business, the hospital needs to spend cash, and people depend on them for their livelihoods. The ongoing capital campaigns are important, certainly, as is the annual and unrestricted support for times like these. I hope that folks in our community will continue to do what they can to support the hospital so it remains a vital and essential part of our community.

“At a time when our lives and our very society hang in the

balance, we are thankful beyond words to the healthcare workers who are selflessly protecting and caring for us at great risk to themselves and their families. We are fortunate that there are such angels among us. Our prayers are with you and our gratitude is boundless.” Message of Hope from Andrea and Ed Noonan


AN EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY under normal circumstances , the phrase “I don’t feel good” is not immediate cause for alarm. But as Howard Brown said these exact words to his wife, Lisa, cases of COVID-19 were on the rise in Bucks County. In the days and weeks that followed, Howard tested positive and battled this unpredictable new disease. While his life hung in the balance, Lisa and her family placed their faith, hope, and trust in the teams at Doylestown Hospital to save his life.

All things considered, life was normal in mid-March of this year. Howard and Lisa Brown were looking forward to their youngest son’s upcoming high school graduation in June, the return of his brother from college, and an array of other typical family activities. National news of the novel coronavirus and the disease it caused, COVID-19, was concerning, but not yet prevalent enough in Bucks County to cause significant worry. Howard, an attorney, kept up with the busy pace at his solo law practice and Lisa continued to engage with patients and colleagues through her job as a patient transport coordinator for Doylestown Hospital. Lisa and Howard Brown with sons Josh and Evan


The Moment Life Changed Normal life came to a halt on March 31 when Howard said to Lisa, “I don’t feel good.” Given Lisa’s position at Doylestown Hospital, and with her father’s input as a family practice physician, Howard was quickly isolated at home. When he tested positive for COVID-19 just a few days later, his fever and other symptoms were still manageable. Eight days from the onset of symptoms, the Brown family’s physician, Robert Grabowski, MD, was concerned that Howard’s condition was not improving and recommended he go to the hospital immediately. On April 7, Lisa watched Howard leave the driveway and make the short drive to the Doylestown Hospital Emergency Department alone.


AN EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY continued Uncertain Times As Howard arrived at Doylestown Hospital, Bucks County was rapidly nearing a total of 1,000 cases of COVID-19. Doylestown Health had been on alert since January, and had already taken a lead in several statewide COVID-19 response groups. With the recent opening of the Woodall Center for Heart and Vascular Care, Doylestown Hospital’s capacity to accept patients from the predicted surge of novel coronavirus cases had increased. Preoccupied with worry and the knowledge that she and her son Josh had also tested positive for COVID-19 (although they were mostly asymptomatic), Lisa waited anxiously for news of Howard. The first phone call from Doylestown Hospital was from Matt, a nurse in the Emergency Department, who explained the admissions process. “He told us to seal off Howard’s at-home isolation room for three days, and then ‘Lysol the hell out of it,’” Lisa remembers.

Even with these innovative approaches, on Friday, April 10, nurses in the COVID ICU called Lisa to facilitate one last video visit before Howard was placed on a ventilator. “My sons had a hard time even staying in the room. It was difficult to see him like that,” Lisa recalls. Over the next 24 days, the ICU teams drew upon every resource possible in a race to save Howard’s life. “It was heart-wrenching and emotional for our ICU team to care for him when he was so very sick on a ventilator, being turned onto his stomach every day by the proning team, often anxious and struggling to breathe,” said Terri Long, MSN, RN, CCRN, NE-BC, Director, Critical Care and Cardiology Services. “Howard received the best evidence-based treatment, including medications and therapies to help him win the battle against COVID-19,” she added. Dr. Szekely, who oversaw Howard’s treatment in the ICU at Doylestown Hospital says, “We have an incredible multi-disciplinary team which meets every day to develop a game plan for each

Once it was determined that his body cleared the virus—a huge step—Howard was transferred to the “clean” ICU where speech, physical, occupational, and respiratory therapies could begin in earnest along with dialysis. Lisa was cleared to return to work in patient transport at Doylestown Hospital the day before Howard’s transfer to inpatient rehabilitation. She herself was permitted to transport Howard from his hospital room to Moss Rehabilitation, a comprehensive inpatient facility affiliated with Doylestown Health and located onsite. “We could focus on moving forward and getting him ready to come home,” she recalls. “It was a huge relief!” Now at Moss Rehab, Howard was weak but making progress each day. Sandy Horgan, RN, Howard’s nurse remembers: “The first day I met Howard, he was very anxious. When one struggles to breathe for as long as he did, anxiety is a perfectly normal feeling.” Visits from Lisa and his sons, Josh and Evan, lifted his spirits as they stood outside the solarium window in full view

Lisa made a gift to Doylestown Health Foundation along with her letter. “In Judaism, the number 18 holds a special meaning,” she wrote. “It means chai, or life. Therefore, please find my gift as a multiple of 18, for saving my husband’s life.” Deeply touched by the exceptional care Howard had received, Lisa’s parents, Carol and Horace Barsh, MD, made a gift while Howard was in the COVID ICU. Jane Brown, Howard’s mother, also gave a gift to Moss Rehabilitation. Ellyn Halper, Howard’s sister, answered the call for an urgent need and made an in-kind contribution of hundreds of N95 masks to Doylestown Health. “We are honored that members of Howard’s family stepped forward in support of Doylestown Hospital in the midst of all that was going on with Howard’s care and recovery. That they took the time to recognize our caregivers and offer their generous support is truly meaningful to all of us,” says Laura Wortman, Vice President and Chief Development Officer. A Triumphant Sendoff On May 28, the Doylestown Hospital lobby was the backdrop for a truly memorable celebration. Although their faces were masked, the eyes of those present glistened with tears of joy and pride as they gathered to witness a moment months in the making. After seven weeks at Doylestown Hospital, Howard was discharged with great fanfare into the arms of his family and friends. “Watching Howard reunite with his family, no longer separated by windows, was remarkable,” says Sandy Horgan, who, along with her colleagues, will always remember the happy tears shed that day.

Life in the Balance The quick progression of the disease and Howard’s rapid decline necessitated a transfer from the COVID unit to the COVID ICU within a matter of days. “Horrifying is the best way to describe it,” says Lisa when recalling the severity of her fifty-one-year-old husband’s condition. “Why him?” she remembers wondering at the time. Les A. Szekely, MD, FCCP, DABSM, Director, Clark Center for Critical Care Medicine, along with his colleagues, also questioned why Howard, an otherwise healthy person, was in multiple organ failure and declining so quickly. “Our critical care teams experimented with every method we researched and thought might work,” he recalls. Working 14-hour days, they raced to find new treatments that could halt and reverse the progression of the disease. In Howard’s case, “we initially used the prone positioning and a cocktail of medicines and vitamins, and when he did not show improvements, we quickly resorted to two doses of convalescent plasma,” said Dr. Szekely. “When Howard continued to deteriorate, we administered an experimental medication yet unproven, currently investigational, and reserved only for the treatment of the most serious COVID-19 cases with threatening respiratory failure.” 6

individual patient. This team includes intensivists, nurses, respiratory therapists, nutritionists, and an ICU pharmacist, among others.” According to Siddavatam Naveen Reddy, MD, a hospitalist with the ICU team, “Howard was pulled back from the clutches of death by this awesome team at Doylestown Hospital.” Turning the Corner After a month, the critical care team was now cautiously optimistic as Howard’s condition improved. The treatments seemed to be working. “Manuel Jimenez-Serrano, MD, on the critical care team was the first one to give us a glimmer of hope after all that time,” Lisa says. “He said he’d see Howard in his office in four to six weeks.” Every day was a step forward, but the exciting possibility of Howard’s recovery was tempered by the reality of the surprising and severe turns COVID-19 could take. “I try to prepare families for the rollercoaster ride that this illness can take you on—two steps forward, one step back. Howard really hung in there,” says Dr. Szekely.

while Sandy observed. “Howard waved while talking to them on the phone,” she says. “I could see and hear the profound emotions shared through that window—warmth, hope, and longing.” Enduring Gratitude With Howard’s outlook improving and his return home on the horizon, Lisa found time to write a heartfelt letter of gratitude addressed to “the amazing staff at Doylestown Hospital.” Lisa thanked the critical care teams—physicians, ICU nurses, technicians, therapists, chaplains—and many others involved in Howard’s care. “They will forever be a part of our story,” she says. “I know that every single person who has been a part of his journey is invested in him and rooting for him.” At one point early on in Howard’s illness, Lisa was asked if she wanted to transfer him to a bigger hospital. “I have never been prouder of where I work,” she wrote. “The care that my husband received rivals any of the Philadelphia teaching hospitals. The doctors and nurses were outstanding in their communication with me, especially difficult since I couldn’t physically be with my husband. I challenge you to find better care.”

Unexpected Silver Linings Now a grateful patient, Howard continues his progress with outpatient rehab and pauses at times to consider all that’s transpired. “I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone,” Howard shares, “and I certainly don’t recommend it as a weight loss plan!” With time to reflect, Howard is navigating the complex feelings of lost time and profound gratitude for the gift of life. “I got to hit the reset button,” he says. “Things were good before, but this experience has given me new perspective and it’s made me a better father, husband, son, brother, and friend.” Howard is profoundly grateful to be able to convey his own thanks to the clinical teams that came together to save his life. “ It’s been truly humbling, and I’m so grateful for the incredible doctors and nurses at

Doylestown Hospital. They gave me my life back.” ~ Howard Brown Learn more about how you can make an impact on patients like Howard Brown with a gift to the Clark Center for Critical Care Medicine. Visit DoylestownHealthFoundation.org/ClarkCenter 7



through volunteering and her support of ONE VISION: The Campaign for Doylestown Health, Dr. Chanchal Khanna deepens her connections with patients at Doylestown Hospital and fellow Villagers at Pine Run Retirement Community.


retired pathologist and member of the Doylestown Health medical staff for over twenty years, Chanchal Khanna, MD, enjoys being active at Pine Run Retirement Community. “Moving to Pine Run five years ago was easy,” says Dr. Khanna. “It’s in a country setting where I can enjoy nature and stay close to family.” Dr. Khanna also draws inspirations from her surroundings: “This place helps me stay active with gardening, going to the fitness center, and my volunteer work at the Doylestown Hospital Cancer Institute,” she says. Dr. Khanna and her late husband, also a physician, emigrated from India in the 1960s and practiced in New Jersey and Pennsylvania hospitals. During her tenure at Doylestown Hospital, Dr. Khanna witnessed great progress. “Advanced testing used to be outsourced,” she recalls, “and now complex tests are done right in the hospital. It’s a benefit to patients.” Pine Run Retirement Community’s distinction within the Doylestown Health network is also important to Dr. Khanna. High-quality healthcare is readily accessible for residents, backed by the clinical expertise of Doylestown Hospital. This integration allows Dr. Khanna to stay engaged in the healthcare community. “It’s my hospital,” she shares proudly. “Our community hospital has care as good as, or better than, that of a university hospital. The physicians and nurses are of the highest caliber.” A pathologist does not usually have an opportunity to interact directly with patients. “I was very well-versed in many types of cancer,” she recalls. “I often thought about the patients and the impact that a cancer diagnosis would have.” In retirement, Dr. Khanna eventually realized her desire to work hands-on as a volunteer in Doylestown Health’s Cancer Institute. Volunteering in the Cancer Institute connects Dr. Khanna to her own experience of losing her mother to the disease. “She died quite young in her early fifties back in India and I couldn’t be there to support her in-person,” she remembers. With this in mind, Dr. Khanna empathizes with the patients she helps. “They touch my heart,” she says. “I might only offer them a cup of tea or a blanket, but I’m inspired by their courage. I get more out of it than I can give to them.” Staff in the Cancer Institute are grateful for Dr. Khanna’s presence in the Outpatient Infusion Center. “Dr. Khanna is a sweet soul who cares deeply for people,” says Laura Heacock, MSN, CRNP, Doylestown Health’s survivorship clinic nurse practitioner. “As a pathologist who


has diagnosed thousands of cancer patients, she understands the gravity of that diagnosis. She has such compassion for them and is such a hard worker.” In addition to her volunteer work, Dr. Khanna also found a way to combine her passion for people and health with a generous gift to ONE VISION: The Campaign for Doylestown Health, the comprehensive philanthropic campaign advancing growth in all facets of Doylestown Health. An early priority of the campaign, the new 37,000-square-foot Pine Run Community Center features multiple dining venues, entertainment galleries, a swimming pool, and fitness facilities. Dr. Khanna enjoys all the amenities in the new center, but her favorites are the fitness facilities and indoor pool. She says sharing this with others promotes healthy bodies and healthy minds, “which are all necessary for a healthy society!” Maria Santangelo, Executive Director of Pine Run Retirement Community, says, “Dr. Khanna is always thinking of the well-being of our residents. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Khanna offered to help with education and patient care if needed.” The support of people like Dr. Khanna “allows us to improve our facilities and offer more ways for our residents to live healthy, engaged lives in retirement,” says Santangelo. Giving back and volunteering are essential to the way Dr. Khanna views her life purpose. “My father taught me that one must contribute to society. Not just money but time, talent, and skills. It’s a responsibility, a duty—a little something of a bigger picture,” she says. “Deep within all of us we have a longing to make a difference,” Dr. Khanna shares. “As one person, I can’t build a big hospital, but I can add my contribution to others and we can build it together, not just for my generation but for future generations. The women of the Village Improvement Association of Doylestown (VIA) planted the seed and each decade it grows. It’s our responsibility to keep it going.”

For more information about the One Vision campaign, and to learn more about naming opportunities at Pine Run Retirement Community, please contact Doylestown Health Foundation at 215.345.2009 or gifts@dh.org.


UNITING FAITH AND PHILANTHROPY guided by faith and serving others , Marge and Rick Volpe have long supported a wide range of worthy causes. The impact of their giving spans the globe, from building trails in the national parks, to funding entrepreneurs in Rwanda, and now closer to home with their recent gifts to Doylestown Health through ONE VISION: The Campaign for Doylestown Health.

Marge and Rick Volpe are people of action—the kind of action that creates opportunities for people to lead better lives. While they were raising their four young children in the late 1980s, Rick founded Asset Planning Services, a wealth management firm based in Harleysville, Pennsylvania. Amidst the busyness of family life and building a business, Marge and Rick found time to prioritize their faith and service projects, including annual mission trips to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Their shared love for the outdoors took shape in the stewardship of public lands through multiple trips with Wilderness Volunteers in the western United States. Through Opportunity International, the Volpes traveled to Rwanda to observe firsthand the power of microfinance. “I got such a good feeling about humanity,” Rick recalls about their time in Rwanda. “The microloans are a powerful way to open the door for opportunity, dignity, and hope.” Closer to home, Marge now volunteers regularly at the Indian Valley Library, the Pregnancy Resource Clinic of North Penn, and at Calvary Church of Souderton.



enabling the



UNITING FAITH AND PHILANTHROPY continued When working with clients at Asset Planning Services, Rick and his team ensure they plan for a solid financial future in retirement. “We also encourage them to consider what their wealth can ultimately do for others, and not just for themselves,” says Rick. “Our standard client review commentary includes a quote by Marcus Aurelius: ‘The only wealth which you will keep forever is the wealth you have given away.’ This is something we take to heart.” As pragmatic as they are philanthropic, Marge and Rick consider access to high-quality healthcare an important part of their future and the future of people in the community. “Our first encounter with Doylestown Hospital was the birth of our younger grandson—a joyful occasion!” says Marge. “Our daughter-in-law, Alexii, had a wonderful birth experience and she spoke so highly of how kind and caring the staff was.” Not long after, the Volpes readily accepted an invitation to learn more about ONE VISION: The Campaign for Doylestown Health from friend and colleague Richard Clark, One Vision Campaign Chair. “It was really compelling to hear what Doylestown Health had planned for the new Cardiovascular and Critical Care Pavilion and beyond,” says Rick. The Volpes’ generous gifts played an integral part in reaching a major milestone of the One Vision Campaign with the opening of the Woodall Center for Heart and Vascular Care to patients in January of 2020. Opening its doors proved timelier than anyone could have anticipated. Just months after welcoming the first patients to the new, state-ofthe-art facility, urgent need arose for additional patient capacity due to a new pandemic disease—COVID-19. The flexible features of the new universal, private patient rooms in the Della Penna CVICU/ ICU allowed them to be temporarily re-designated as general ICU/ IMU rooms. This enabled the establishment of three separate units

within the hospital for isolating and treating COVID-19 patients at different levels of severity separate from traditional ICU/IMU patients. Such real-time flexibility allowed multidisciplinary critical care teams to leverage innovative treatment protocols and focus solely on the patients’ needs.

“The generosity of donors like Marge and Rick enabled us to open a first-class facility, which filled a critical need for additional space for patient care as we responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.” Jim Brexler

“Throughout the history of Doylestown Health, support from our community has been nothing short of extraordinary,” says Jim Brexler, President and CEO, Doylestown Health, “and our ability to rise to this challenge is a direct result of our incredible relationship with the people in our community and their willingness to step forward and invest in us.” Laura Wortman, Vice President and Chief Development Officer, adds, “We are so grateful to the Volpes. Their gifts, combined with others, enabled us to open the Woodall Center for Heart and Vascular Care as we planned, and keep us on track with our projections to open the Clark Center for Critical Care Medicine in the spring of 2021.” As researchers learn more about COVID-19, treatment protocols continue to evolve at Doylestown Hospital. “By designating their gifts to our Second Century Fund,” Wortman continues, “Marge and Rick’s gifts have given us the flexibility to meet our most urgent needs without delay.”

Philanthropic investments lay the foundation for Doylestown Health’s second century of care.

Visionary leaders With deep gratitude, Doylestown Health applauds this esteemed group. Our Visionary Leaders represent lifetime giving or leadership gifts of $1,000,000 or more to Doylestown Health. These exemplary individuals and organizations share the same philanthropic spirit that established Doylestown Hospital in 1923. Generous support at this transformational level will lead us into our second century of delivering exceptional care.

The Asplundh Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. John F. McCaughan

Fred Beans Family

Frances McCredy Trust

The Byers Family

The Medleycott Family Foundation

Together, Marge and Rick find deep meaning in their support of Doylestown Health and the way their gifts are put to use to help others. They cite a favorite verse from Proverbs to show the deep connection between their faith and their commitment to philanthropy: “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.”

Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Clark

The Minford Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Conway

Morel Family Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Louis E. Della Penna

Dr. & Mrs. Donald E. Parlee

Doylestown Health Medical Staff

Estate of Catherine R. Price

Friends of the Heart Institute

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin S. Putman

“We truly feel honored and blessed to give back,” say the Volpes, “and we trust the leadership of Doylestown Health to do what’s best for the patients and the community.”

Mr. Eugene Gladston* &

Mr. & Mrs. Larry V. Rankin

Mrs. Wendy Claflin Gladston

Mr. & Mrs. Robin Roman

Mr. & Mrs. Alex Gorsky

Estate of Elizabeth Trossett

Mrs. Jane Hellberg

Village Improvement Association

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Hubbard

of Doylestown

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Marshall

The Warwick Foundation of Bucks County

Mr. & Mrs. Sydney F. Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin L. Woodall

To learn more about the most critical priorities of the One Vision campaign and how you can make a difference, visit DoylestownHealthFoundation.org.

cornerstone society The following friends have generously provided a legacy of care by naming Doylestown Health in their estate plans. Their beneficent vision impacts the healthcare and wellness of future generations. Anonymous Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Applestein Mrs. Julia Bartels Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Bartzer, Jr. Ms. Susan T. Beans Mrs. Patricia G. Bitzer Mr. & Ms. Albert B. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Campana Ms. Ingeburg Chambers Mr. & Mrs. Christopher B. Chandor Mrs. Mary Jane Clemens Dr. Margaret D. Copenhaver Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Counihan Mr. & Mrs. Roger De Socarras Mrs. Coni D. Dungan Mr. & Mrs. Leon Ephross Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ernest Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Ervin Mr. Donald F. Fernandes, Sr. Mr. Bert Fethon Mrs. Frances L. Finkle Mrs. Mary Foster-Quinn & Mr. Michael Quinn Mr. James B. Francis, Jr. Kathleen J. Simons & Gerald E. Fratrik* Ms. Valerie Gardner Mr. Robert D. Gilmore Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. Gilmore

Mr. Eugene Gladston* & Mrs. Wendy Claflin Gladston Mrs. Willetta K. Gourley Ms. Edna B. Graham* Mr. & Mrs. Penrose Hallowell Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Hanson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Hebel Mary C. & Dennis Helf Mrs. Jane Hellberg Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Hirt Dr. & Mrs. Henry B. Holtzman Ms. Yvonne C. Honditch Dr. & Mrs. Marshal W. Hoyt Dr. & Mrs. John W. Hubbard Mr. Glenn F. Kinsey Mrs. Nancy L. LaRosa Mr. Donald E. Leming Mr. & Mrs. William Lieser Mrs. Kathleen W. Mahanes Mr. Tom Manion Mr. & Mrs. William L. Marshall Mr. Richard Martin Mr. & Mrs. John F. McCaughan Dr. & Mrs. Eugene McGonigle Mrs. Judith Melson Mr. Gerald P. Miller* & Mrs. Joan M. Miller Mr. Richard B. Millham, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. John T. O’Neill Ms. Constance L. Ocelus Mr. & Mrs. Ephe A. Olliver Ms. Kathy A. Ottinger Dr. & Mrs. Donald E. Parlee Mr. & Mrs. Larry V. Rankin Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Reif Mr. Joseph Renzetti Mr. & Mrs. Robin Roman Mr. Richard M. Sakulich Mrs. Mary Santucci Mrs. Helen E. Sassaman Mrs. Helga L. Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Schroeder Ms. Liz Serkin Dr. Ann M. Showan Ms. Elizabeth Donnem Sigety Mr. Kenneth L. Snyder & Ms. Cécile Balizet Mrs. Kathryn J. Souilliard Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Spanninger Ms. Carel A. Taylor* Jean & Dan Upton Alice & Robert Vernon Dr. & Mrs. Steven C. Wagner Mrs. Angela Walker Dr. Sirus Zenouzi * deceased




fiscal year

annual DONORS

The following pages reflect the Fiscal Year 2020 Honor Roll and represent new gifts and commitments made from July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020. Doylestown Health Foundation gratefully recognizes those donors who gave in support of critical operating and capital needs. Their generosity

FOUNDERS SOCIETY • $500,000 - $999,999

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE • $50,000 - $99,999

PRUDENCE SUYDAM SOCIETY • $10,000 - $24,999

Named in honor of those whose support was instrumental in the establishment of Doylestown Hospital in 1923, the Founders Society represents an elite circle of dedicated donors who have made annual gifts and commitments of $500,000 to $999,999.

As partners in philanthropy, members of the Chairman’s Circle exemplify the remarkable leadership we rely on with gifts and commitments of $50,000 to $99,999 annually.

Named for the chair of the Relocation Fund Drive that helped establish Doylestown Hospital on West State Street in 1975, the Prudence Suydam Society honors the selflessness and dedication of donors who have made annual gifts and commitments of $10,000 to $24,999.

Mr. & Mrs. Todd Carroll Mr. & Mrs. James L. Clark, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Davidson Mr. & Mrs. Jim Eidson Mrs. Sharon Holloway Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Jacopetti, Jr. John S. McManus, Inc. Johnson & Johnson Matching Gift Program Dr. Chanchal Khanna Dr. & Mrs. Scott S. Levy Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Magri Marvic Supply Charitable Foundation

6 Brothers Foundation American Heritage Credit Union Dr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Auteri Bergey’s, Inc. Ruth Boland Memorial Golf Outing Mr. & Mrs. Jay D. Brodish Bucks County Foundation Bucks County Medical Associates, PC Bucks County Orthopedic Specialists Burns Mechanical Mr. & Mrs. William F. Campbell, Jr. Ms. Emily N. Carey Central Bucks Chinese American Association Mrs. Mary Jane Clemens Dr. Margaret D. Copenhaver Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Corsini, Jr. Mrs. Ella J. DiPete Doylestown Anesthesia Associates, Inc. Doylestown Health Medical Staff Eden Charitable Foundation

Estate of Anna & Edward Fell Mr. & Mrs. William L. Marshall Dr. & Mrs. Donald E. Parlee Mr. & Mrs. Marvin L. Woodall

assures the continued delivery of outstanding healthcare in our community, and an impact that will last for generations to come.

DIGNITARY SOCIETY • $2,500,000 - $4,999,999 Doylestown Health is deeply honored to acknowledge the transformational gifts of the Dignitary Society, which pave the way for innovative and revolutionary healthcare with annual contributions and commitments of $2,500,000 to $4,999,999.

Morel Family Foundation

VISIONARY SOCIETY • $1,000,000 - $2,499,999 With annual gifts and commitments of $1,000,000 to $2,499,999, members of the Visionary Society share in the philanthropic spirit that is at the very heart of our history.

Mr. Eugene Gladston* & Mrs. Wendy Claflin Gladston Mr. & Mrs. Larry V. Rankin

TRUSTEES CIRCLE • $100,000 - $499,999 We are proud to recognize this formative group of donors whom we have entrusted to advance our mission with annual contributions and commitments of $100,000 to $499,999. Advisors Charitable Fund Asset Planning Services Mr. George Ball Fred Beans Family Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Byers, Sr. The Byers Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Christopher B. Chandor Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Clark Mr. Joe Cowhey Cowhey Family ShopRite of Warminster Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Cummings Mr. & Mrs. Louis E. Della Penna Fidelity Charitable Frances McCredy Trust Franklin Street Giving Tree Foundation Mr. Robert D. Gilmore Estate of Edna Graham Dr. & Mrs. Marshal W. Hoyt Dr. & Mrs. John W. Hubbard Estate of Dorothy B. Jones The Keenan Dealerships

Estate of M. Katherine MaGuire Mr. & Mrs. Sydney F. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Brian R. McLeod Mr. Richard B. Millham, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Noonan Ms. Doreen H. Paynton Penn Color, Inc. Mr. James A. Peruto Mr. & Mrs. Kevin S. Putman Mrs. Helen E. Sassaman Mr. & Mrs. Adam H. Schechter Schwab Charitable Fund The Sigety Family Foundation Kathleen J. Simons & Gerald E. Fratrik* Estate of Carel Ann Taylor Mr. & Mrs. John H. Thompson Thompson Organization Village Improvement Association of Doylestown Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Volpe The Woodall Family Trust

Drs. Bruce & Cynthia Maryanoff Norwood Company Pine2Pink Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Robin Roman Ms. Mary Shields McKinney Ms. Elizabeth D. Sigety Silverman Family Partnerships Susan Swartzlander Trust Florence Troemner Trust Clara L. Troemner Trust Jean & Dan Upton Mr. & Mrs. Mark Woodall

PRESIDENT’S CLUB • $25,000 - $49,999 Honoring the hospital leadership of our past and present, the President’s Club recognizes donors who have invested in Doylestown Health with generous annual contributions and commitments of $25,000 to $49,999. Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Applestein The Arcadia Foundation The Asplundh Foundation Mr. & Ms. Albert B. Brown Ms. Anna Carroll Mr. Matthew Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Counihan Mr. & Mrs. Paul DiNardo Doylestown Emergency Associates, PC Doylestown Radiology Associates Mr. & Mrs. Leon Ephross Ms. Elizabeth A. Griffin Mr. Howard E. Heckler Mr. & Mrs. Charles Jebran Jebran & Abraham, PC

Estate of Walter T. LaRue Mr. & Mrs. William Lieser The Medleycott Family Foundation Merck Company Foundation The Minford Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John Mitchell Dr. & Mrs. Jung Park Mr. & Mrs. Gary K. Porter Mr. & Mrs. David E. Rattner Ms. Patricia R. Salmon Mr. Franklin A. Terry Ms. Ashleigh Woodall Ms. Katherine Woodall Mr. William G. Woodall

Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Egan Everence Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Feeney Mr. & Mrs. William M. Goble Mr. & Mrs. Alex Gorsky Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Griffith Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Hanson Estelle Hewlett Trust George Hofmann Trust Dr. & Mrs. James J. Kmetzo Ms. Betty N. Krieghoff Krieghoff International, Inc. Mrs. Mary K. Kulp H. Clay & Eleanor Large Trust Lori’s Gift Shop Mr. & Mrs. David Marshall Mr. & Mrs. John F. McCaughan Mrs. Eileen D. Mulligan Mr. & Mrs. William J. Mullin Mr. & Mrs. Ephe A. Olliver Mr. & Mrs. Randall K. Pope Mr. & Mrs. I. Thomas Saldi

Ms. Maria Santangelo Mr. & Mrs. Frederick E. Schea Mr. Jim Searing & Ms. Gayle Goodman Ms. Elizabeth Seeber & Mr. Christopher Giranda Ms. Liz Serkin Mr. & Mrs. Frank T. Shuman David L. Smith, MD Beth Snyder, DMD & Stuart Wilder, Esq. Edward Steely Trust Mr. & Mrs. Louis Stellar Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Troy UBS Donor Advised Fund Univest Foundation Mildred Van Horn Trust Estate of Anna Mae Wallowitch Mr. & Mrs. James Waters William & Anna Walker Trust Mr. & Mrs. George S. Wozar

Matching gift companies Through their matching gift programs, the following corporations have maximized the impact of many charitable donations to Doylestown Health: Aetna Foundation Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. Bank of America Benevity Community Impact Fund Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

Chubb Charitable Foundation IBM Johnson & Johnson Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Merck Company Foundation Oracle

Philadelphia Contributionship Insurance Company PNC Sandmeyer Steel Company US Bank

* deceased 14



fiscal year

annual DONORS

NORMA MUNSEY SOCIETY • $5,000 - $9,999 In the early days of the 20th century, visiting nurse Norma Munsey helped to establish the first emergency room at Doylestown Hospital and brought healthcare to township schools. This Society honors her pioneering energy with annual contributions and commitments of $5,000 to $9,999. Mr. William L. Antheil III Mr. & Mrs. Matthew B. Asplundh Reba Barnes Trust Ms. Susan T. Beans The Benevity Community Impact Fund Dr. David G. Boland & Dr. Caroline Heise Dr. Douglas N. Boylan & Dr. Angela Boylan Mr. & Mrs. James L. Brexler Mr. & Mrs. David M. Carey Central Bucks Family Practice Central Bucks High School East Central Bucks High School West Mr. & Mrs. William A. Chabot Children’s Village Dr. & Mrs. Kieran D. Cody Mr. & Mrs. Martin Conlon Cornerstone Health & Fitness L.P. Mr. Matthew Costello Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Della-Rodolfa Estate of Betty Diem Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Edgerton Individual donations made through Facebook Ms. Diane B. Glossman & Mr. Richard Magruder

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Grant Dr. & Mrs. Charles R. Grezlak Drs. Steven & Ann Guidera Drs. Susan & Pekka Hakkarainen Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Hebel Mr. & Mrs. James Hirschmann III Mr. & Mrs. Sam Jones Kennedy Automotive Group, Inc. Kids-N-Hope Foundation Dr. Edwin R. Knopf The Lemole Family Charitable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Paul Martino Dr. & Mrs. Richard Mascolo Mr. & Mrs. Gary Mathern Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. McIlhinney Mr. Murray McKinnon Martha Dana Mercer Trust Dr. & Mrs. Michael G. Mooradd Nobadeer Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Steven Novello Mr. Geoffrey Nye Ms. Lillian M. O’Connor Pebble Hill Custom Builders, Inc. Seemon H. & Natalie E. Pines Foundation Mr. & Mrs. George Podhor Ms. Sheri M. Putnam & Ms. Polly Javorski Dr. & Mrs. Atul S. Rao Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Reif

Dr. Sean C. Reinhardt & Dr. Suzanne Reinhardt Mrs. Sandra L. Rickert Mr. Andrew Rouse Dr. Renee A. Sangrigoli & Dr. Robert M. Sangrigoli SEI Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shaw Dr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Sloan Mrs. Cathy D. Stevens Mr. & Mrs. John P. Stover Mr. Kenneth A. Swanstrom & Mrs. Margaret L. Swanstrom* Swartzlander Hulshizer Trust Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Taylor The Taylor Family Foundation Tonamora Foundation UBS Financial Services, Inc. Ms. Janice Van Dolsen Vanguard Charitable Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Walsh Dr. & Mrs. Harlan Weisman Mr. Stephen A. Weissman Dr. MaryAnn Williamson & Mr. Jesse J. Williamson Mrs. Eleanor R. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. Wolf, Jr. Ms. Laura K. Wortman

NEW CENTURY FELLOWSHIP • $1,000 - $4,999 The members of the New Century Fellowship are committed to improving the lives of others through their annual gifts and commitments of $1,000 to $4,999. Mr. & Mrs. Mark Abissi Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Adriaansen Mr. Stephen Albert & Ms. Barbara B. Wachter Allied World Assurance Company Holdings, Ltd. Anchor Health Properties Mr. Mark M. Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Carl Hj. Asplundh III Mr. & Mrs. Carl Hj. Asplundh, Jr. Ms. Jacqueline Asplundh Mr. & Mrs. Keith M. Asplundh Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Auteri Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Auteri Mr. & Mrs. George Baker Dr. & Mrs. William P. Barba III Ms. Susan L. Barger Mrs. Candy Barr Heimbach Ms. Christine O. Bartells Mr. & Mrs. James W. Baskin Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Donald Bean III Mr. & Mrs. John V. Bergen Mrs. Lizanne Bernlohr Mrs. Patricia J. Berry Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence T. Bish Mr. & Mrs. William J. Bishop Mrs. Patricia G. Bitzer Dr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Block Dr. & Mrs. James P. Blore, Jr. Ms. Janet R. Borowy Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Howard Brown Buckingham Valley Vineyards Mr. & Mrs. Benedict A. Bugajewski Mr. & Mrs. Arthur P. Burger, Jr. Dr. Charles B. Burrows Ms. Lynn T. Bush & the Rev. John Bartle CAPTRUST

Mr. Pierre Cassigneul Dr. Alan W. Chang & Ms. Joyce Han Ms. Patricia L. Chapman Chesco Coring & Cutting, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Chierici Dr. Benjamin Chu Mr. & Mrs. William Clark Mr. & Mrs. Neal Cody Colin’s Angels Mrs. Mary Lee Corr Covenant Bank Mr. & Mrs. Curtis J. Cowgill III Ms. Suzanne Crilley Mrs. Mary A. Crozier Mr. & Mrs. James D. Cummings Mrs. Rosemarie Cutler Dr. Karen W. David & Mr. S. Edgar David David Family Charitable Foundation Steve W. Day, Jr., Esq. Mary Delaney Trust Ms. Christine Della Penna Ms. Beth DeMartin Mr. & Mrs. John Dempster Mr. & Mrs. Edward Denton Doylestown Country Club Doylestown Market, LLC Ms. Clare C. Edelmayer Drs. Joshua & Tara Eisenberg Ms. Joyce Elder Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Ervin ExxonMobil Foundation Mr. Matthew Farley Mr. & Mrs. Stuart H. Fellman, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Harry Ferguson Dr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Ferrara Financial Recoveries First Risk Advisors

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Fisher Dr. Brenda A. Foley Bill & Georgia Ford Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Ford-Hutchinson Mrs. Mary Foster-Quinn & Mr. Michael Quinn Mr. & Mrs. Patrick E. Fowles Mr. James B. Francis, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gan Mr. Christopher Garges Gateway Communications Services, Inc. Mr. Richard Gazda Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Adelene Gegnas Dr. & Mrs. Eric Gejer Ms. Robin Geller Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Giedgowd Mr. Gerard Gifford Mrs. Marianne S. Gilmour Mr. Kyle Given Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund Mr. David Gordon Ms. Maureen L. Gore Grant Thornton LLP Dr. & Mrs. John J. Gribb Mr. David R. Gross Dr. & Mrs. Francis Grzywacz Dr. & Mrs. James C. Guarino Mrs. Helen Hammes Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Hardiman Dr. John D. Harding & Dr. Linda Kruus Mr. & Mrs. John C. Hare Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Harkins Dr. & Mrs. Brett M. Harrison Ms. Beverly M. Harvey Hatzel & Buehler, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Steve B. Hazzard, Jr. Mary C. & Dennis Helf Mrs. Patricia H. Herstine Mr. Carleton A. Holstrom Holz & Henry, Inc. Herbert S. & Eleanore L. Howard Charitable Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hoy Independence Fire Sprinkler Company, LLC Ms. Anne G. Jeffrey John Paton, Inc. Ms. Joan M. Kelley Mr. & Mrs. Tim P. Kelly Mr. & Mrs. George W. Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kentopp Mr. & Mrs. George Kieffer Mr. Walter Carl Kinzinger Mr. & Mrs. Timothy C. Kiorpes Marie J. Kister Trust Mr. & Mrs. Fred Klaessig Mr. Timothy Kline Mr. Bevan William Kohan Dr. Paul Kolosick Dr. & Mrs. Andrew E. Krick Dr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Kube Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Kuhnle Mrs. Kathryn Lambert Dr. & Mrs. Richard D. Lang Mr. & Mrs. Tom Lavery Ms. Deborah Lebel-Hagan Mr. & Mrs. Norman Leister Mr. Robert C. Lengel Mr. & Mrs. Donald Levi Mei Ling & Zhangwen Wu Lockton Companies Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Long Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F.J. MacAniff Mrs. Kathleen W. Mahanes Dr. & Mrs. Eric A. Marchant Ms. Lianne Marotta Mr. John Mattiola Dr. & Mrs. Michael May Dr. & Mrs. James B. McClurken Mr. & Mrs. William F. McElroy, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Joseph F.X. McGarvey, Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Eugene McGonigle Mr. John L. McKeever III Dr. Elizabeth McKenna & Mr. Philip McKenna Mr. & Mrs. J. Bruce McKissock

Mrs. Judith Melson Mr. & Mrs. George Miller Ms. Mary Beth Mitchell Dr. Cyrus J. Morgan & Dr. Sarah R. Goodyear Morgan Stanley Gift Fund Mr. & Mrs. C. Scott Moyer Mr. Peter R. Moyer Mr. & Mrs. Chris A. Nardo, Jr. Ms. Elizabeth Nesi Network for Good Dr. Kayson Nyi & Dr. Corinne A. Nyi O’Brien & Ryan, LLP Ms. Dianna O’Hara Mr. John O’Hara OOKA Japanese Restaurant Mr. Robert J. Opdyke Ms. Kathy A. Ottinger PA Health & Wellness Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Pack Mrs. Marsha K. Page Mr. & Mrs. Phil A. Paino Mr. Michael Parlow Mr. & Mrs. Donald D. Parzanese, Sr. Ms. Christine Passarelli Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Patalak, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Dick Patterson Ms. Michelle A. Pedersen Dr. Mary Ellen Pelletier & Mr. Joel Pelletier Penn Medicine Mr. & Mrs. Edward Peppel Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Petersen Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Phillips Memorial Hospital Mr. & Mrs. John F. Pickett Pinnacle ENT Associates, Doylestown Division Dr. & Mrs. Stanley A. Plotkin PNC Bank Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Poretta Mr. & Mrs. Joe H. H. Porter Mr. & Mrs. Brian R. Price

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Price Pro-Active Performance Marion Prochazka Charitable Remainder Trust Quatrefoil Consulting Mr. & Mrs. Donald Rapp Dr. & Mrs. John B. Reiss Mr. Brian Shivy & Ms. Sandra Reiss Shivy Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. Ms. Sharon Rimmer Mr. Doug Riva Ms. Joyce Rivas Mr. & Mrs. David E. Robinson Mr. & Mrs. James B. Roehm Mr. & Mrs. David Ross Dr. Christine Roussel & Mr. Edward Roussel Mr. Richard M. Sakulich Mrs. Mary Lou Sander Mrs. Mary Santucci Mrs. Barbara L. Schneider Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Harris A. Schwartz Scrubs & Beyond, LLC Seiden Family Trust Ms. Linda Miller Seifried & Mr. Michael R. Seifried Mr. & Mrs. Willard Shelly Mr. Jim Shute Dr. & Mrs. David A. Silberman Mr. & Mrs. Mark W. Simon Mr. & Mrs. John Small Mr. Richard C. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Smolen Mr. Kenneth L. Snyder & Ms. Cécile Balizet Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Sperry Dr. & Mrs. Paul D. Spiro Mr. & Mrs. John W. Stahl Mr. & Mrs. John F. Stangl Mr. & Mrs. Jack Stanton T. Rowe Price Charitable Techtmann Family Holiday Party

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Thomson Titan Mobile Shredding Dr. & Mrs. Alfonso Tobia Dr. & Mrs. John W. Tomlinson Dr. Mary B. Toporcer & Mr. William Luce Mary B. Toporcer, MD, PC Tracorp Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Trauger Ms. Patricia Trymbiski Mr. Richard “Butch” Turner Mr. & Mrs. George H. Turner Mr. & Mrs. John Upright USI Insurance Services, LLC Dr. Thomas H. Vikoren & Dr. Laura Fitzpatrick Village Improvement Association Designer House Committee The Waldman Family Charitable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Mark Waldman Mrs. Donna Walker Mr. & Mrs. John F. Walko Mr. & Mrs. John Walson Warrior Culture Gear Mr. Douglas Watson Mrs. Barbara Weand Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Weber Mr. & Mrs. Vernon C. Wehrung Mr. & Mrs. David H. Werrett Mr. & Mrs. Ernest J. White Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. White Mr. & Mrs. Robert Whitlock Dr. & Mrs. Robert Willard Mr. Lewis Williams Mr. & Mrs. Earl Winfield Mr. & Mrs. David B. Woffindin Women’s Club of Heritage Creek Mr. & Mrs. Harrison Woodruff Mr. Richard G. Wright Mr. & Mrs. F. David Yates Dr. & Mrs. David J. Young YourCause Mr. & Mrs. Matthew R. Yunaska

* deceased




fiscal year

annual DONORS

PAULINE B. YOUNG PARTNERSHIP • $500 - $999 In 1942, Mrs. Pauline Young came to Doylestown Hospital as a private duty nurse. By 1951, she was hospital superintendent and then director of nursing. We are grateful to recognize annual gifts and commitments of $500 to $999 that honor her dedication to advancing healthcare. Mr. & Mrs. Peter Achorn Mr. & Mrs. Peter P. Ackourey Mr. & Mrs. John D. Albee Dr. & Mrs. James C. Alden Mr. Robert B. Allahand Mr. Jim Andrusko Dr. Donna Angotti & Mr. Peter D. Webster Ashfield Atticus Limited Liability Company Mr. Brian W. Barker Ms. Angela Barry Dr. & Mrs. Horace Barsh Mr. & Mrs. James D. Beck Mrs. Sarah Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Bitzer Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Blanchard Mr. Matthew Borzio Mrs. Maggi Ruth Boyer Dr. Christopher Bruce Buckingham Pediatrics, P.C. Dr. & Mrs. Joe D. Burek Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Burpee Ms. Marybeth Burton CallisonRTKL Ms. Ruth Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Carr Gang Chen & Qunming Chen

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chernoff Chester Valley Engineers Ms. Jill Chwal City Cleaning Company, Inc. CJT Associates, Inc. Clemens Foundation Mr. Jeremy Cohen The Kurt & Gina Conti Family Foundation Lt. Cols. Janice & Bill Cope Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Corrigan Mrs. Cecelia Crocker Mrs. Cathy Damico Mr. & Mrs. Harry R. Dannehower III Delaware Valley Pain & Spine Institute Delta Products Mr. Pat Devlin Ms. Terri Dinney Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Dixon Mr. Thomas Doblmaier Charles H. Dorsett, Jr., Esq. Dr. Lorraine Dougherty & Mr. Neale Dougherty Mr. Brian Doyle Doylestown Family Dentistry Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Eichfeld Ms. Edi-Neuza Eisenbraun

Epstein Family Charitable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Evans Mr. Nathan Fabros Mr. & Mrs. James R. Ferguson Mrs. Maryann D. Ferraro Mr. & Mrs. Albert A. Fowler Ms. Carolyn S. Fox Mr. & Mrs. Roy Gifford Mrs. Lisa Godshall Ms. Edna B. Graham* Mrs. Audrey S. Groman Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Gruver Haines & Kibblehouse Group, Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Hale Mr. & Mrs. John Hamill Dr. Steven G. Harper Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hazen Ms. Patricia Healion Hearthstone Community Association Mr. Andrew Heath Mrs. Erma P. Hill Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Hirt Mrs. Tania Hoyer Dr. Kim Ingham IQVIA IUEC Local 5 Mr. David M. Kearney Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Keenan

Keystone Aluminum & Glass Company, Inc. Dr. Michele J. Kopach Mr. William Krempa Ms. Marilyn Lang Mr. Steven J. Lannetti Mr. Harold I. Lazaar Lentzcaping, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lichtenstein Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Lis Mr. & Mrs. Eric Luthi Keying Ma Mr. & Mrs. George T. Magnatta Ms. Elise Maizel Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Makowski, Jr. Mechanicsville Cemetery Land Association Midas Auto Service Experts Middle Bucks Institute of Technology Faculty and Staff Mr. George R. Miller III Mr. & Mrs. Russ Miller Mrs. Vivian Miller Ms. Susan Minio Modern Palate, LLC Ms. Lora L. Mohr Mr. Thomas Molnar Mrs. Maureen Moore Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Moore Dr. William D. Moore Ms. Christine L. Murphy Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Mustin Newtown Middle School Mr. Gregory A. Nieto Ms. Karen C. Nilsen Mr. & Mrs. Donald I. Noll Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Noreika Mrs. Judith Oaks PayPal Giving Fund Ms. Margaret Pendino PennEngineering PetroTech IT Professionals Philadelphia Contributionship Insurance Company Mr. & Mrs. Ken Poley Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Post Post & Post, LLC Prudential Financial

Mr. & Mrs. Lou Putnam Representative Marguerite J. Quinn Mr. & Mrs. John Rackas Ms. Harriet Rattner Mr. & Mrs. Harold Reeser Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Reller Diana & Jim Resek Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Riesenberger Robert B. Deibler Elementary School Mr. & Mrs. William R. Robertson Mrs. Jennifer Robinson Rothman Orthopaedics at Jefferson Health Dr. Surabhi Sahay Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Schmauk Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Schreiner Dr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Shaeffer Mr. & Mrs. Saad A. Shamsi Dr. Aleksandar Skuban & Dr. Nina Skuban Mrs. Karen Snyder Dr. Joanne B. Speigle & Mr. Wayne Speigle Ms. Dorothy L. Steele Ms. Sherine Subero Mr. & Mrs. Matthew S. Taylor Mr. Thomas McK. Thomas TSB Family Mr. Dennis Vandegrift Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd J. Vansant VFW Post 175 Harold B. Vikoren, Esq. Mr. & Mrs. William Wadis Mr. Guilin Wang Dr. Yasmine Wasfi Mr. & Mrs. Ron Watson Wealth Advisory Services, Inc. Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Mrs. Maria K. Whalen Dr. Jean Whaley Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Wood Mr. Donald E. Wright Ming Xu & Yuling Liu

swartzlander society • $250 - $499 Local physician and surgeon Dr. Frank Swartzlander was a strong supporter of the Village Improvement Association’s early campaigns to establish a community hospital in Doylestown. The Society named in his honor gratefully recognizes annual contributions and commitments of $250 to $499. Mr. & Mrs. William H. Achenbach Aetna Foundation Reverend Maggie Ainslie Mr. Ben Albence Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Alberts Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Allen Alliance Cancer Specialists, PC Mr. & Mrs. Wilson A. Anton, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Leon A. Banks Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Barndt Mr. & Mrs. Norman Baseman Mr. Brad Baum Mr. & Mrs. Raymond L. Beaudoin Ms. Denise A. Bender Ms. Catherine J. Benner Ms. Heather Bernhardt Dr. Joel Bloom, MD Mr. & Mrs. Chad C. Blue Ms. Christine Boerner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Bond Ms. Vicki Bosler Box Tops for Education Mrs. Karen Boyle-Anastasio Mr. Robert F. Brady Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey T. Bretz Mrs. Marianne Brown Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Brownell Mrs. Marie B. Carota Ms. Carol A. Carrochi Cast & Crew of “To Kill A Mockingbird” Dr. & Mrs. Richard R. Cavanaugh Hong Bing Chen & Yuerong Wen Mr. Dane Christensen & Dr. Leland Wessel Chubb Charitable Foundation Ms. Mary Ann Cianci Mr. & Mrs. Peter Clayton Mrs. Michele Clugston Ms. Lorena Coche

Mr. & Mrs. Leigh F. Cochrane Mr. & Mrs. Wayne D. Cosner Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence S. Davis Ms. Karen L. Dawkins Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Degatano Mr. & Mrs. Jason Della Penna Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Center, PC Mr. & Mrs. Tom Dietterich Dr. & Mrs. Scott A. Dinesen Dinesen & Associates Yu Ding & Guodong Liu Mr. & Mrs. James R. Doherty, Jr. Mr. Frank J. Doll Fei Dong & Le Song Doylestown Health Urology EFB, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. John H. Eichert Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Elko Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Ermigiotti Ms. Sally Fabian-Oresic Mr. Robert Fair Mr. & Mrs. John B. Fetter Wei Gao Giant Food Stores Mr. Peter A. Glascott Ms. Kathleen Goerig Mr. & Mrs. William L. Goldman, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gordon Dr. Jeffrey D. Gould Ms. Mary Jane Grande Mr. & Mrs. Leonard F. Graziano Mrs. MaryLinda C. Guarini Mr. Sean Harrington & Family Ms. Colleen Hasson Mr. Peter Hawley Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey R. Hill Mr. Wayne A. Hoch Ms. Lin B. Hodgdon

Ms. Rae Hofer Mrs. Mariana Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Alfred W. Hopkin, Jr. Mrs. Roberta Huber Lihui Jin & Hongmei Li Mrs. Rosanne Johnson Mr. Cedric Johnson Johnson & Johnson Fort Washington Supply Chain Team Mr. Lyle Kelch, Jr. Mrs. Maryellen S. Keller Mr. Richard S. Kempes Mr. & Mrs. David W. Kerr Ms. Roberta Kim Kitchens by Carol L. Cherry, LLC Mrs. Betty H. Kitson Ms. Cecelia Krajewski Dr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Kraynak Ms. Michelle Krier Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Kronenbitter Mr. George R. Kulp The Lancaster Group, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Stan Lashner Mr. Stephen Lease Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Leeper Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Levy Pu Liu and Shujun Liu Mr. & Mrs. James P. Lofaso Mr. & Mrs. William H. Loftus Mr. & Mrs. William J. Lutz Melissa K. Malamed, DPM Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence K. Mann Mr. & Mrs. David F. Martin Ms. Katherine K. Mata Mrs. Helen M. Mazzei Mr. & Mrs. Michael McClintic Ms. Bridget McEnrue Mr. & Mrs. Patrick A. McGinley Mr. Thomas W. McGinley Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. McIntyre Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. McMullin Dr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Menna Dr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Minissale, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Mino Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Mirsky Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Monahan Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Morris

Ms. Nicole Moulaison Mrs. Joann H. Moyer Mr. Cleon A. Moyer Mr. & Mrs. Gary K. Munkelt Mr. & Mrs. Richard Neddenriep Oracle Ms. Anita E. Orlow Our Lady of Guadalupe - Squires Mr. & Mrs. Garrett E. Owen Mr. & Mrs. Chris Parker Ms. Irene Parks Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Patterson Carla S. Patton, MD Dr. & Mrs. Kumar Penmetsa Mr. & Mrs. Wesley G. Pericone Mr. & Mrs. Brad Phillips Ms. Lorraine M. Pospisil Mr. & Mrs. John R. Post Ms. Shirlee A. Prescott Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Pyrz Ms. Marianne Quinn Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rambaldi Dr. Larry A. Ravetz & Dr. Christine Szarka Mr. W. Calvin Riley, Jr. Ms. Pamela H. Russo Mr. & Mrs. Brian Saks Mr. & Mrs. Anthony T. Samperi Mr. & Mrs. David Samsel Mrs. Helga L. Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Schnell, Jr. Ms. Lynne Schutt Ms. Kathryn Schwartz Mrs. Phyllis Sexton Ms. Gloria Shankweiler Ms. Marinela Shqina Ms. Donna Shull Mr. & Mrs. Louis D. Simmers Mrs. Claire Skidmore Mr. & Mrs. John S. Skoutelas Mrs. Andrea Snyder St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Stefanski Dr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Stella The Oden Sten & Ofrat Gilady-Sten Family Charitable Fund Mrs. Kelly Sterr

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Stevens Ms. Susan Sturdee Ms. Li Tao Mr. & Mrs. Michael Techtmann Mr. & Mrs. George F. Theiss, Jr. Ms. Debra A. Thorrick TIAA Charitable Mrs. Barbara Traumuller Mr. Butch Urich Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Vernon Dr. & Mrs. Jon Walheim Mr. Ronald Warriner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Watson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Weckenman Mr. & Mrs. Brian Welcker Mr. Ernest Werner Dr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Werner, Jr. Mr. Jon Whiteman Ms. Karen Whitney Wiand Guerra King P.A. Mr. Conor Wigginton Ms. Diane Williams Mr. Barry Wintner Mr. & Mrs. Dave A. Wurz Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Wysocki Junkang Xu Xiaojie Yan Mrs. Ramona Zarka Zhongqiang & Zhongling Zheng

Gifts recognized in this 2020 Philanthropy Report represent new contributions and commitments from July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020. We make every effort to accurately acknowledge all gifts. Please accept our sincere apologies for any errors or omissions and contact us at 215.345.2009 or at gifts@dh.org with any questions or concerns. * deceased

* deceased




fiscal year

annual DONORS

Tribute gifts advance the mission of Doylestown Health and provide a meaningful way to honor the memory of a loved one or to celebrate a milestone occasion. With deep gratitude we recognize gifts made in memory of, and in honor of, the following individuals and organizations:

in memory of Lynn Allahand Ann (Nancy) Archer Doug Baker Barney Bauer Marianne Beaudoin Florence Bell Geri V. Bergen Harris Bogdnoff Brandon W. Boger Lawrence J. Boyle Josephine M. Bucciarelli Jeffry Castle Ann Castro Marilyn Chaiken John Patrick Chambers Jack Clauss Matilda Clemens Kenneth G. Conner A. Cooper Martin J. Corr Jack & Freda Costigan Edwin L. Coyle John M. Cunningham George R. Cute, Sr. Ted & Barbara Denton Joann Desris Rigmor Diehl Joyce Dougherty Louise M. Dougherty Bill Drayton Sean Duffy Ronald B. Edwards Roslyn Ehrlich Janet Elliott Gary Leslie Euler Jeanette Felter Leonard J. Fernandez Howard H. Ferraro


Bubbles Fisher Gerald E. “Jerry” Fratrik Claire S. Geiger Diane Ginsburg Colbie McTernan Goldman Samuel F. Grauer Hal & Jean Grim Lois Guinan Margaret Gyuricsko Joseph Edward Hart John P. Harvey Herbert Haselden Hickmott III Edward J. Hirowski Michael Homel Katherine Horger Eleanore L. Howard Patricia Iadonisi Robert E. Jack Jacqueline E. James Julia Johnson Benjamin B. Jones, MD Charles T. Juliana Rick Kazze E. June Kelch Marian W. Kinzinger Albert Kleeman Lynda Knopf Michael Lappe Esther Lerch Dorothy Levy Sweet Lillie David H. Loughran, DO Charles & Helen Maddox Jacob H. Malta Josephine S. Malta Ahmed Mazaheri, MD Mehran Mazaheri Mary M. McDonnell

Paul McDonnell Lorraine McGinniss Harry McNichol Kevin McNichol Robert J. McVan Edward G. Means, Jr. Edward J. Milewski Eleanor A. Milewski Holly Miller Martin Miller Mary Devlin Miller Bob Molesworth Shirley Ann Moore Stan Morrison Ferdinand Mulik Pete & Bridget Murphy Benjamin Nangeroni James Neal Daniel A. Nesi, MD Phyllis Nonnamaker Albert J. Paiste Leo Palau Angelina Pensiero Kay Frances Pettit Nicholas J. Pileggi III Maggie Popkin Frederick J. Presti Alice S. Quinlisk Gunars H. Ramins Ruth V. Ramins William “Bill” Rech Norman E. Reed Kathryn J. Remaily Dennis W. Rickert, Sr. Irmgard Ried Dorothy Roach Marissa Linay Robinson Ada Roll Gene Rossi

Teresa M. Rudi Barbara A. Ryan Catino C. Samperi Jerry Santucci Jack Schiller Willie Schloeffel James Schmitt Anne & George Seeber Patricia Senn Martha Shamosh Elizabeth Shutt James G. Skidmore III Catherine M. Smith William Smith Adele B. Smuszkiewicz Wilbur Spector Jane L. Sproat Margaret Swanstrom Patti Thomas Kyle W. Tinsman Phyllis Twesme Jeanne Ann Vasko Bonnie R. Velazquez Isabel Weber Henry Weed Joyce Weed Geoff Weir Frank A. Welsch Joe Whalen Jack K. Witherington, Sr. Phil Woods Claud “Bud” Young Joan Young Gus Zarka Bill Zarkowski Donald Zeitler Helen Zeladonis Anthony S. Ziga Robert Zollner

+48 53 44 2 + 1 +1391028 1 FISCAL YEAR 2020

in honor of Pinak Acharya, MD Alliance Cancer Specialists, PC Karyn Arnold Joseph S. Auteri, MD Mike & Donna Babij Olive Muyi Ban Harold Beardsley Meredith T. Beck Tani Bird James Blue David Boland, MD Brittany Howard Brown’s Recovery Jacqueline Burkhardt, OD Wendy Burkhardt, BSN, RN Lindsey Carter Michelle Chang Daisy Chao Kevin Ciamaichela Wendy Richards Clayton Kieran D. Cody, MD Curtis & Carolyn Cowgill Robert & Catherine Coyle Danielle Cruz Steve W. Day, Jr., Esq. Michelle Decker Zahra DeFour Jeanette DeGregorio Lillian Dempster Doylestown Emergency Associates, PC Doylestown Health Administration Doylestown Health Cardiac Rehab Services Doylestown Health Cardiac Rehab Staff Doylestown Health Emergency Department Doylestown Health Foundation Doylestown Health Hospice Doylestown Health ICU Medical and Nursing Staff Doylestown Health Infection Prevention Doylestown Health Maternity Staff Doylestown Health Medical Staff Doylestown Health MedSurg Staff Doylestown Health Nursing Administration Doylestown Health Visiting Nurse/Home Care Doylestown Health Volunteer Services Chris DiGiacomo

Impact of Philanthropy

Amanda Dimond Aaron V. Diodato, DO Samantha Doccy Joseph N. Dougherty Shannon Dowling Diane Doyle Joseph Ferrara, MD Sherri Fetterman Jean Fitzgerald, MD John Flood Dawn & Steve Ford Henrietta Fridman, MD Sarah Geller Nicole Geracimos, MD Susan Giordano Susan S. Gottlob Jeffrey D. Gould, MD Robert Grabowski, DO Danielle Evans Green Benjamin & Miriam Gross James Guarino, MD Donna Guibilo Steven Guidera, MD John D. Harding, MD Barbara Hebel Christopher Hermann, MD John W. Hubbard, PhD Charlotte Huber Carolyn Ianieri, DO Sandi Ives Carolyn Jarin Manuel Jimenez, MD Aixiang “Jane” Jin Margery Johnson Holly Jones Karen Langley Carey Lear Scott Levy, MD Terri Long, MSN, RN Candice Loughery, MD William L. Marshall Shumi Mazzacano James B. McClurken, MD Joseph F. McGarvey, Jr., MD Jean McGinley Mrs. McGovern Brian R. McLeod Doreen McVaugh

Kevin M. Miller, DO Mary Beth Mitchell Mary Moran Cyrus Morgan, MD Louis Morsbach, MD Nursing Department of Central Bucks School District Elise W. Ochs Garrett Owen Brenda Prabhakar Melissa Prowling Siddavatam Reddy, MD Richard A. Reif Sean C. Reinhardt, MD Anne Richter Joan Robertson Tom Rogers Albert Ruenes, MD Wendy Ryder Sushila & Dayanand Sahay Eric Sam Linda Schwarz Robert & Jeanette Self Colleen Skoglund David L. Smith, MD Terilyn Smith Karen Snyder Randi Stafford Joshua Steere, MD Patti Stover, RN, MSN Lynette Stricker Les Szekely, MD Donald Talenti, DO Kathy Tran-Gast, DO Melchiore A. Vernace, MD Phyllis Ward Ryan L. Wilkinson Robert Willard, MD MaryAnn Williamson, MD Eleanor R. Wilson, RN, MSN, MHA Karen Wisniewski Marv & Dee Ann Woodall Vivian Yeh, MD Anne Marie York Christopher Zikmund

Figures include new contributions and commitments made between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020.


total contributed $13,015,212

total contributed by service line

• Doylestown Hospital (Unrestricted) - 48.41% Century Fund - 28.53% • Second (Supports Priorities of One Vision Campaign) • Heart and Vascular Care - 10.35% • Cancer - 9.14% • Nursing Education - 0.82% • Radiology - 0.78% • All Other Priorities - 1.97%


giving by the numbers Number of Gifts - 3,119

Number of Donors - 2,231 Average Gift - $5,834



total contributed by gift type

• Planned Gifts - 52.78% • Major Gifts (Non-Event Gifts Over $1,000) - 43.78% • Annual Gifts - 2.32% • Special Events - 1.12%

rising to new challenges Since its inception, Doylestown Health’s ability to rise to new challenges has been linked to the generosity of our community. In April 2020, longstanding partners and supporters, Carol and Louis Della Penna and family, committed $100,000 as a giving challenge. In just one month, generous donors exceeded the original goal of the Della Penna Challenge with gifts totaling nearly $125,000. The outpouring of support continued beyond the challenge, with new donors making first-time gifts in record numbers. Together, these gifts helped Doylestown Health meet the needs associated with the COVID-19 health crisis, and support our clinical teams on the front line. COVID-19 Response | Giving At-a-Glance • Della Penna Challenge raised a total of $248,941, nearly 25% more than the initial goal • More than $800,000 has been raised to date for COVID-19-related response efforts (Della Penna Challenge, unrestricted gifts, and other new gifts) • Out of the 750 donors who gave in this time period, more than half are first-time donors We are deeply grateful for the heartfelt support of our community.

For more information about our COVID-19 response and supporting our greatest needs, please visit DoylestownHealthFoundation.org or call 215.345.2009.



operation : thank you

Doylestown Hospital Associates received warm and cozy “WishWraps” donated by Karen Thompson, the founder of LSL Brands, as part of her “OPERATION: THANK YOU” initiative.

One Vision. One Health System. One Extraordinary Community.

as an unprecedented global health crisis began to take root in Bucks County, the Doylestown Health family responded with generosity, thoughtfulness, and support unlike anything the health system had encountered in nearly a century. With profound gratitude, Doylestown Health Foundation acknowledges the extraordinary community that rallied around our healthcare heroes, and the many hundreds who found creative and meaningful ways to help. We are inspired by their generosity, and pleased to highlight their stories here and at DoylestownHealth Foundation.org/OneCommunity.

connecting loved ones

philly strong food truck

nonprofits work together

Larry Borden of Aardvark Mobile Tours, in partnership with Bimbo Bakeries, Dietz & Watson, Herr’s, Entenmann’s, and Ardmore Toyota, provided lunch for our healthcare heroes.

The Minford Foundation and Pine2Pink created care packages for healthcare workers on the front line.

Blake Lertzman, owner of Dtown Tech in Doylestown, and a friend donated ten Amazon Fire tablets to Doylestown Hospital so patients could connect with family.

“ transformational” gifts

Local businesses transformed their operations to make much needed supplies. Byers’ Choice Ltd. went from making carolers to cloth masks; Hewn Spirits converted bourbon and rye into hand sanitizer; Timberlane, Inc. switched from manufacturing shutters to plexiglass face shields; and PennEngineering created fasteners, face shields, and custom equipment.

doylestown health foundation proudly recognizes the generous outpouring of support for our front line heroes from individuals and businesses in our community . v i e w h i g h l i g h t s at : d o y l e s t o w n h e a lt h f o u n d at i o n . o r g / o n e c o m m u n i t y

teen maskmakers David Seasholtz of Civil Air Patrol Squadron 907 made and donated 50 cloth masks to Doylestown Hospital. Eighth-grader Cadette Colette Pugliese of Troop 2105 earned her Girl Scout Silver Award by making and donating 160 masks.

a sign of the times

Sign creator Anthony Arno of Yard-Grams honors frontline workers with this inspiring message. 22

Lawn signs reading “Support Our Doylestown Health Heroes” appeared across Bucks County, sponsored by the Village Improvement Association of Doylestown (VIA) in solidarity with Doylestown Health workers.

an appreciation luncheon benefits of books When visitors were no longer permitted inside the hospital, Krisy Elisii and Glenda Childs of the Doylestown Bookshop donated books to help pass the time.

the gift of self - care

Looking for a way to help tired healthcare workers in need of some self-care, Allison Moore donated hand sanitizers, lotions, and other products from L’Oréal, CeraVe, and La Roche-Posay.

scouts ’ honor

From donating dozens of boxes of cookies, to creating heartfelt video thank-you messages, the Boy and Girl Scouts of America brought much needed cheer and support to Doylestown Health.

Nick and Adrienne Andersch, owners of MeatWagon BBQ, provided lunch to Doylestown Hospital Associates and physicians, along with additional support from Ashfield of Fort Washington, Frankford Candy, and Blommer Chocolate Company. 23

healing through art Doylestown-based art therapists and licensed professional counselors, Johanna Kane and Erica Bucci, donated 50 art relief watercolor kits to nurses, doctors, and staff at Doylestown Hospital.

doylestown health foundation proudly recognizes the generous outpouring of support for our front line heroes from individuals and businesses in our community . v i e w h i g h l i g h t s at : d o y l e s t o w n h e a lt h f o u n d at i o n . o r g / o n e c o m m u n i t y

quilted with care Hanging in the Doylestown Hospital Art Walk, this quilt was handmade by a local group, the Outsiders, from the same materials they used to sew cloth masks.

loyal contributors

a community united

Many local businesses and individuals donated meals to Doylestown Hospital, and restaurants went above and beyond, scheduling multiple or regular deliveries for weeks on end. Jule’s Thin Crust and Bacco’s Bistro made weekly donations in April and May, and Domino’s Pizza donated more than 850 pizzas over the course of 15 weeks. Jersey Mike’s Subs, Manhattan Bagel, Nina’s Waffles & Sweets, and Nat’s Pizza in Doylestown also made regular donations for several weeks.

In the early days of the health crisis, groups of neighbors and friends banded together to sew masks and caps for healthcare workers and patients at Doylestown Hospital. Over the weeks that followed, they kept in close touch and delivered a steady stream of homemade cloth masks that shored up the hospital’s supply. We are grateful for the combined efforts of Byers’ Choice Ltd., Mask Makers of Doylestown, PPE Makers of Doylestown, and Doylestown Neighbors United in offering their tireless support and invaluable aid.

grassroots giving Across neighborhoods, kids and teens found ways to give back, like raising money through a streetside lemonade stand or organizing a donation drive through the Knights of Columbus.

a special party In lieu of the traditional “retirement tea” that was canceled due to social distancing, a retiring Associate received a special sendoff with donations of flowers from Botanical Blueprints, meals from Max’s Catering, and cupcakes from Mmm Cake.

dinner for heroes

central bucks cares Outstanding community support came from students across the Central Bucks School District. Seniors of Central Bucks High School East used their class funds to donate meals to Doylestown Hospital. Fourth-grade students of John Barclay Elementary sent notes of gratitude and encouragement. Kindergarteners from Linden Elementary and Pine Run Elementary sent hand-drawn “masks” to inspire healthcare workers. Holicong Middle School collaborated with Honey Baked Ham Company to donate 200 meals. And eighth-grade students from Tohickon Middle School organized and delivered 200 bags of treats. 24

Members of Doylestown Country Club donated funds to provide prepared meals for Doylestown Hospital Associates and their families.

home away from home Chris Nardo and C&N Bank donated PPE and provided meals for healthcare workers on the frontlines housed in the dormitories of Delaware Valley University. Supported by our partnership with the university, these special accommodations were arranged for the greater protection of workers’ families.

neighbors to the rescue When Doylestown Health asked, our community answered with hundreds of donations of masks and medical equipment, amounting to thousands of invaluable items that helped to protect healthcare workers and patients alike at a critical period. 25

spotlight On December 17, nearly 275 guests gathered to celebrate the impact of philanthropy through ONE VISION: The Campaign for Doylestown Health. Marvin and Dee Ann Woodall, together with their family, helped dedicate the Woodall Center for Heart and Vascular Care, a world-class facility made possible with their generosity. Donors and guests also applauded the reveal and illumination of the new three-story major donor wall in the Gorsky Atrium of the Cardiovascular and Critical Care Pavilion. This graceful installation proudly recognizes major donors and their steadfast support.

Message on Major Donor Wall: Each of us will one day be judged by our standard of life, not by our standard of living;


by our simple goodness, not by our seeming greatness. ~ William Arthur Ward



Cash Gifts and Pledges



$9.5 MILLION Remaining

Planned Gifts


With One Vision, Doylestown Health Foundation gratefully recognizes the significant partnership of our donors whose generous support has advanced our strategic priorities and launched a new era of philanthropy at Doylestown Health. Since the launch of the comprehensive campaign on July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2020, our community has responded with $65.5 million in giving.

Two years since the public launch of ONE VISION: The Campaign for Doylestown Health, our Doylestown Hospital and Pine Run Retirement Community campuses have been visibly transformed with the completion of the earliest signature capital priorities, the Woodall Center for Heart and Vascular Care and the Pine Run Community Center. With the opening of the Cardiovascular and Critical Care Pavilion in December, Doylestown Health’s nationally recognized cardiovascular program now resides in a stateof-the-art facility that matches our nationally ranked programs. For residents of Pine Run, gracious living has been enhanced by the full complement of amenities featured within the Community Center. Our momentum continues with the construction of the Clark Center for Critical Care Medicine and the Ambulatory Center. Both facilities, opening in the coming year, will expand our capability to provide expert, compassionate care to patients in our community. Visionary projects and programs demand equally bold investments, and philanthropy will continue to play an integral part in fulfilling the vision for our future. Our newly created Legacy Endowment Fund will establish a permanent source of funding to support new initiatives and our most urgent needs, among other priorities. Endowments will also support Doylestown Health’s ability to remain independent well beyond our centennial year. As healthcare grows more complex, the importance of endowment funding is even more relevant. We are thankful for the incredible partnerships and generosity of our donors. We invite you to join us and help secure our vision, One Vision, for our second century of care.


s 3








$100,000 UP TO ­$ 1 MILLION


$25,000 UP TO ­$ 100,00




$10,000 UP TO ­$ 25,000



$1,000 UP TO ­$ 10,000



UNDER $1,000

by our measure of giving, not by our measure of wealth;

giving at a glance


Campaign highlights July 2016

April 2017

September 2017

June 2018

October 2018

August 2019

October 2019

january 2020

december 2020

February 2021

Campaign quiet launch

Groundbreaking for Pine Run Community Center

Groundbreaking for Cardiovascular and Critical Care Pavilion

One Vision campaign public launch

Groundbreaking for Ambulatory Center

Establishment of Legacy Endowment Fund

Grand opening of Pine Run Community Center

Opening of Woodall Center for Heart and Vascular Care

Projected opening of Clark Outpatient Rehabilitation Center in the newly constructed Ambulatory Center

Projected opening of Clark Center for Critical Care Medicine

• More than 18,000 gifts received to date for the One Vision Campaign • Nearly 5,500 donors have made campaign contributions • Over 3,500 new donors have supported One Vision since its launch on July 1, 2016 27




as the philanthropic arm of doylestown health , the Doylestown

Health Foundation raises funds to safeguard the future of excellence in patient care and improve the quality of life for all members of the Doylestown community. In a recent interview, Laura Wortman, Vice President and Chief Development Officer, shares more about the role of the Foundation—with a special focus on giving in this unprecedented year.

Q How has philanthropy played a part in building Doylestown Health? A The tradition of philanthropic support at Doylestown Health was born with our founders, the

Village Improvement Association of Doylestown (VIA), and their unwavering dedication to the concept that people in our community should be able to get the best healthcare possible right here in Doylestown. We are fortunate that the community has stepped forward to support Doylestown Health, which has grown from an eight-bed hospital in 1923 to the healthcare system we are today, serving thousands across the region.

Q How has the role of the Foundation expanded and changed with the inception of ONE VISION: The Campaign for Doylestown Health?

A As Doylestown Health has grown and expanded, so has the role of the Foundation. This

campaign is our most ambitious fundraising effort to date with a goal of $75 million. We have a clearly defined vision and strategy for the second century of care at Doylestown Health and the Foundation will continue to play a major role in realizing that vision. Because the campaign is comprehensive, we are raising funds for long-term strategic priorities—facilities, programs, and people— across Doylestown Health. This is in addition to raising funds annually through leadership and planned giving, special events, and other projects.

Q How does this year compare to others in terms of philanthropic giving?

A We are proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish


Q What were some of the ways the COVID-19 response impacted fundraising efforts this year? A Instead of slowing us down, the pandemic created new opportunities for our partners in philanthropy to get involved in meaningful ways. The Foundation is a connector—channeling the goodwill of our community into action to meet the immediate needs of the hospital.

Some of our donors even shifted their business operations to produce essential safety equipment for us to prevent shortages. We received and organized donations of food, medical supplies, PPE, comfort items for our clinical teams, and incredible messages of support. We are proud to feature some of these stories in this issue of the Philanthropy Report, and many more can be viewed on our website. It’s exciting to demonstrate to our donors that they are making a difference.

Q Does philanthropy impact Doylestown Health’s ability to remain independent? What are the advantages to being an independent health system in an era of healthcare consolidation?

A Philanthropic investments have been, and will always be, a vital part of Doylestown Health’s success and standing as an independent health system. Our independence is a strength, and gives us the flexibility to innovate and act quickly when needed. Our response to COVID-19 is a great example. Since construction of the Clark Center for Critical Care Medicine is still underway, we have an opportunity to incorporate lessons learned from COVID-19 and realtime feedback from physicians and care providers. We are already making enhancements to the construction of the new ICU that will elevate care, comfort, and safety for patients. Philanthropy truly enables the extraordinary at Doylestown Health and we are grateful for every gift and every donor.

doylestown health foundation Laura K. Wortman Vice President & Chief Development Officer Garrett Owen Director of Development Jeanne Szyszko Director, Development Communications & Events Patricia Maddox Senior Executive Assistant Peter McConnell Manager, Development Communications Bryan Powers Development Specialist, Gift Processing & Database Management

The Doylestown Health Foundation proudly congratulates the Village Improvement Association of Doylestown (VIA) on their 125th Anniversary. The VIA, an all-women volunteer organization formed in 1895, established Doylestown Hospital in 1923 for the benefit of the community. The VIA continues to oversee the governance of Doylestown Health—an award-winning, nationally recognized, and independent nonprofit healthcare system—today. To watch a video celebrating the history of the VIA, visit DoylestownHealthFoundation.org/VIA.

Gillian Schmerl Development Coordinator, Communications & Events Theresa Sheehan Manager, Development Events To opt out of future Development publications, please email gifts@dh.org or call 215.345.2009.

215.345.2009 | gifts@dh.org | DoylestownHealthFoundation.org


this year at Doylestown Health. As always, all of our achievements have been supported by philanthropy. When COVID-19 hit Bucks County, and the hospital’s

needs became more urgent and more specific, the response from our community was inspiring. Since March, we received over $800,000 in donations from 750 donors, hundreds of whom were first-time donors answering the call for help. That kind of support stands out among the many things that make this community so remarkable.

lt ea



O ne

E xt ra


ar y


in rd


595 West State Street | Doylestown, PA 18901

O n e V i si o n

C o m m u nit y




l th

Th am


ig n

fo r D o y l e s to



Thank you to Doylestown Health’s partners in philanthropy. Please enjoy this token of our appreciation for our extraordinary community members, who support excellence in healthcare.

First-Class Mail Presorted U.S. Postage Paid Doylestown, PA Permit No. 253

Profile for Doylestown Health

Enabling the Extraordinary - 2020 Philanthropy Report  

When we look back at this year, extraordinary is indeed an accurate description, and the advancements we’ve made at Doylestown Health certai...

Enabling the Extraordinary - 2020 Philanthropy Report  

When we look back at this year, extraordinary is indeed an accurate description, and the advancements we’ve made at Doylestown Health certai...