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Online  Advertising  Planner  Worksheet     The  Online  Empire  Project     Day  7:  Advertising  &  Analytics        

The Digital  Delusion  –  Online  Advertising  Planner  Worksheet  

                                              Prepared  by:    

Doyle Buehler    

Building Online Influence For Business Growth

Online Advertising  Planner  Worksheet     The  Online  Empire  Project     Day  7:  Advertising  &  Analytics  

Prepared by: Doyle Buehler May 2013 1 300 681 911

The Digital  Delusion  –  Online  Advertising  Planner  Worksheet  

Online Advertising  Planner  Worksheet     Online  advertising  is  a  critical  component  of  a  proper  online  platform  for  your  business.   A  successful  campaign  requires  a  number  of  key  understandings,  in  order  to  be  able  to   work  properly  and  in  symmetry  with  your  existing  business.  Advertisements  can  be   extremely  targeted,  in  order  to  capture  specific  people  that  are  interested  in  what  you   have  to  offer.     Here  are  some  of  the  key  components  that  need  to  be  understood,  prior  to  engaging  in   any  online  advertising  campaigns.     Client  Name       Client  Website       Campaign  Name/Identifier       Expected  Campaign  Run  Dates           1. Advertising  Network  Requested    


___ Google  Adwords   ___  Bing   ___  Yahoo   ___  Facebook     ___  Linkedin   ___  Youtube   ___  Other  _____________  

2. Approx. Budget  Spend   $/Day  ______     $/Week  ______     $/Month  _______  

The Digital  Delusion  –  Online  Advertising  Planner  Worksheet  

3. Type of  Advertising  Spend   ___  ROI  (CPC)   ___  Branding  (CPM)   ___  Retargeting     4. Approximate  Campaign  Timeline     Start  Date            

End Date    

5. Landing Page  Details  (as  required).  For  example,  will  you  be  using  a  new  landing   page,  or  making  changes  to  an  existing  landing  page.  What  kind  of  structure   would  it  need  to  have?  Is  it  a  product  page  or  a  general  information  page?  It  is   imperative  to  have  a  landing  page  that  is  consistent  and  congruent  with  the   actual  advertisement  as  well.  It  also  should  have  the  same  look  and  feel  of  your   brand  experience,  whether  that  is  in  the  words  you  use,  or  the  images  that  you   have  for  both  visual  ads,  as  well  as  for  the  landing  page.   Please  describe  your  landing  page:                         Landing  Page  Links  (what  page  or  pages  will  traffic  be  directed  to):                

The Digital  Delusion  –  Online  Advertising  Planner  Worksheet  

6. Main Campaign  Marketing  Message            

    7. Associated/Related  Keywords  (top  of  mind)                  

8. Ad copy  and/or  Banner  Image  Concepts  (detail)  


9. Target Customer  

Customer  Profile/Persona            

Customer Behaviours    

      The  Digital  Delusion  –  Online  Advertising  Planner  Worksheet  

10. Selected Banner  Images  (sizes)   ___  Vertical  rectangle:  240  x  400   ___  Mobile  leaderboard:  320  x  50   ___  Banner:  468  x  60   ___  Leaderboard:  728  x  90   ___  Square:  250  x  250   ___  Small  square:  200  x  200   ___  Large  rectangle:  336  x  280   ___  Inline  rectangle:  300  x  250   ___  Skyscraper:  120  x  600   ___  Wide  skyscraper:  160  x  600   ___  Half-­‐page:  300  x  600   ___  Large  Leaderboard  (970x90)  


11. Banners To  Be  Supplied   ___  By  Client   ___  In-­‐House   ___  3rd  Party  _________________  

12. Advertising &  Campaign  Goals  &  Outcomes/Objectives  


13. Expected (Draft)  Marketing  Copy          

The Digital  Delusion  –  Online  Advertising  Planner  Worksheet  

14. Specific Products/services  that  you  want  to  advertise  


15. Other Campaign  Support  Questions  

Are there  any   seasonal  variations  in   your  business?  If  so,   when,  and  why?    

Do you  offering  or   discount/promotion   on  your  product?  

Do you  have     competitors  in  the   market  for  advertising   of  your   products/services?  If   so,  please  specify.   What  is  your  overall     competitive   advantage?  Why   do/should  people  buy   from  you,  as  opposed   to  your  competitors?         Do  you  have  any   slogans  or  sayings   that  you  use  on  your   site  or  in  existing   marketing  materials?    

The Digital  Delusion  –  Online  Advertising  Planner  Worksheet  

16. Other Campaign  Notes  

The Digital  Delusion  –  Online  Advertising  Planner  Worksheet  

The Digital Delusion Online Advertising Planner Worksheet template  

Learn some of the key steps to designing an effective online advertising campaign, through such platforms as Google Adwords, Facebook ads, L...

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