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About Doyle Buehler Not only is Doyle Buehler a writer, a highly successful

growing online and profitable ecommerce companies,

entrepreneur and a world-recognized professional

founded in Canada, which he expanded extensively

business strategy and marketing consultant, he’s

into the United States, Europe and Australia, where

an engaging speaker who knows how to entertain

he is now based.

an audience. He’s addressed audiences of all sizes, from a small group of business executives to groups

It’s fair to say Doyle Buehler is an innovator, and he

with hundreds of entrepreneurs gathered for a power

is clearly a proven entrepreneur in the online and


e-commerce worlds.

Doyle is a business leader’s leader and understands

He helps businesses grow and achieve their goals

the facets of telling a great story.

by harnessing their knowledge, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit.

He’s lived one, with ups and downs, perks, peaks, valleys and victories. He understands the necessities required to build, grow and even re-invent established






businesses. He knows what it takes to be a leader,

marketing and technology seminars and conferences

and he’s an expert at swimming against the current.

in Canada and the United States and his experience speaks for itself: e-commerce, web development,

In business online, Doyle has tried everything and lived

search engine optimisation, social media marketing,

through it, through the mistakes and the miracles. He

social media training, search engine marketing, and

knows because he’s launched several successful

online advertising are his specialties, which his clients

firms -- startups and retail franchise businesses

and references can attest, their success preceding

in Canada and the United States, among others --

his reputation.

helping countless company executives develop and drive their success through ideas and strategies.

Doyle provides insights into digital marketing,

Doyle also has more than a decade of direct business

providing strategies for growing a business online,

leadership experience, and he has seen wonderful

training in social media, and entrepreneurism and

things happen for businesses online as a result of

business planning. He writes for a number of blogs

his work – including creating improved profits and

and major publications, such as Forbes, on business,

strengthening organisations, both online and off.

strategy, online marketing, web business, digital media, social media, trends and subjects of interest

He is considered a business development expert,

to all entrepreneurs, and his experience has been

and, specifically, has built some of the world’s fastest

) +61 413 106 880

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utilized in various Fortune 500 global industries,

Doyle’s award-winning revolutionary framework allows

including travel, mobile, insurance, pharmaceuticals,

businesses to overcome the clutter and confusion

banking, investment and hospitality, among other

and overwhelming information online. According to


Doyle’s program, businesses no longer need to worry about the intricacies of what to do online because

Doyle was nominated for the Ernest C. Manning

they have new, remarkable platforms that work for

Innovation award for software and operational systems

them, not against them, such as the one he designed.

that he managed and developed for his startup businesses and he is the holder of two international patents for consumer products and online technology customization methods. One of the online businesses that

Doyle was nominated for the Ernest C. Manning Innovation award for software and operational systems

Through Doyle’s presentations, he helps business leaders take back control of their businesses through seven simple steps and his proprietary “Seven Day Online Empire Project” detailed in his book, “The Digital Delusion.” He

he started and led was named as

also provides an enlightening, yet

“Profit Magazine’s Hot 50 Fastest

comprehensive framework of the

Growing Company in Canada” in 2008, as well

specific details entrepreneurs and business leaders

as the “Manitoba Business Magazine’s #1 Fastest

need to follow, implement and understand for the

Growing Company” for the state, in 2009. Doyle also

greatest level of business success online.

has recently won the Smart 100 Innovation Award, meaning it is ranked as among Australia’s 100 most

The reason Doyle’s approach is so revolutionary is that

innovative products. With 100 innovations profiled

he can help every leader navigate online marketing

and ranked each year, it is Australia’s largest awards

hype, distilling his methodology into a manner that

program dedicated to innovation. He is the author of

is easy to understand so his partners can create

the book, “The Digital Delusion: How to overcome the

new and revealing opportunities for businesses in

confusion and clutter for online businesses” named

conjunction with his 7-step platform and through his

after his latest start-up venture, “The Digital Delusion”

anti-agency, which anticipates the future; a future built

-- the world’s first digital anti-agency.

on success, promise and Doyle’s proven strategy.


5 1.

great reasons why you should hire Doyle as your speaker at your next event: 4.

Every delegate will leave feeling inspired empowered and motivated to put what they’ve

Doyle has the ability to modify his style depending on the target audience. He’s as comfortable presenting to a group of leading hands from

learned into practice.

the autmotive insudtry as he is presenting to






group of CEOs and Senior Excecutive from the


financial services industry.

approach to his speaking. Every presentation is tailored to meet your specific needs.



Doyle is super easy to work with, he’s low maintenance and he doesn’t have complete

Doyle is not a taking head but instead he’s an

meldowns when things don’t go to plan. Doyle

engaging communicator, with over 12 years

is 100% committed to making your event or

speaking experience.

conference as successful as it can be, for you and the delegates. Doyle has a ‘can do’ attitute.


) +61 413 106 880

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Doyle Buehler is an expert in business development, ideation and creation, and one of the most impactful ways he helps his business peers plan, develop and grow their ventures is through his engaging, informative and experience-laden presentations and speaking engagements. His topics are based on his real-life experiences of having created world-leading ventures and teams that surpass expectations, and he offers fascinating, yet fun, perspectives based on the years in the trenches. The following are Doyle’s core themes, but he’s happy to tailor presentations for individual audiences based on their specific needs.

Organsing and leveraging online businesses to connect with audiences, increase sales and create loyal customers

success on the Web. For business leaders that really want to get past the hype and develop a strong business strategy to become world-class, Doyle helps you identify what to do differently to generate revenue and financial success while

Doyle addresses how online business leaders

avoiding the stumbling blocks and hurdles that

can bring their organisations from breakthrough

permeate the marketplace.

to well-built while turning them into a modern, yet long-lasting online empire. Whether operating

Keeping clear of the key problems and issues most businesses encounter online

online or developing a plan and strategy to move there, Doyle offers a step-by-step insight for leaders and entrepreneurs and what they need

Being invisible online; having no relevance to

for a successful execution.

their target audience; and not being found online.

Finding the right online business strategy to gain audience and engage consumers online

Doyle helps business leaders identify strategies for what to do and when; how to grow a profitable business; knowing where to start or what to do next; developing a clear strategy.

Businesses are invisible. If your business is not “there” and can be found when someone is

Digital marketing integration

looking then customers will simply find your competitors who are there and waiting. Doyle

Business leaders and entrepreneurs hear it all

provides relevant and proven strategies for

of the time, many times before. With so many

building an online empire and bringing a business

disparate elements in the online world, how

from burgeoning to breakthrough, from mediocre

do leaders combine online business worlds

to mega successful.

into a unified platform that allows businesses to accelerate their growth? Through Doyle’

Overcoming online clutter

innovative 7-setp platform, he helps business leaders easily identify successful growth and

Avoid the information, the hype, the overwhelming technologies,




revenue driving strategies.


misinformation online to bring your business

) +61 413 106 880

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Why You Should Hire Doyle as a Speaker at Your Next Event. Doyle is at the intersection of digital innovation and entrepreneurship. He creates revolutionary frameworks that allow businesses to overcome the clutter and confusion and overwhelming information online. As he can clearly explain, businesses no longer need to worry about the intricacies of what to do online, because they have new, remarkable platforms that work for them, not against them. Through his presentations, he helps business leaders take back control of their businesses through seven simple steps and his proprietary “Online Empire Project” detailed in his book, “The Digital Delusion.”



digital framework has been awarded a Smart

comprehensive framework of the specific details

100 Award from Anthill Online. He is also

entrepreneurs and business leaders need

an author, coach, consultant, educator and

to follow, implement and understand for the

business advisor, as well as an accelerator and

greatest level of business success online.

an inspiration to those who long for the success





he has attained and the results he has produced. Doyle helps every leader from those managing

Because of his extensive experience – more than

startups to those running the world’s top firms

12 years of building online businesses -- and his

navigate online marketing hype, distilling his

credibility in developing clear online strategy, he

methodology into a manner that is easy to

has helped some of the best companies develop

understand so his partners can create new and

even more successful businesses and make

revealing opportunities for businesses.

more money.

Doyle’s strategies – also outlined in his book

Doyle helps business leaders and entrepreneurs

“The Digital Delusion -- cut through the noise,

develop proper strategy that gets to the essence

clutter and misinformation, and immediately get

of their business and create a clear content plan

to the core level of understanding of what exactly

that maps everything out for success. Doyle

is important for growing a business online.

quickly shows you how to get social and share

The level of misinformation and overwhelming

what you have to say; develop visuals that show

amounts of information are just too difficult to

your brand and message powerfully; re-align

navigate otherwise.

your web presence to fit with your new strategy; create a proper sales funnel and communication

Doyle has grown his own (wildly) successful

channels that get results; and expand your reach

online business, named one of top 50 fastest

through advertising and measurement.

growing businesses at the time and his new ) +61 413 106 880

* 9


Testimonials Overall, very


Stanley Chin , Melbourne

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Doyle’s worksho p was absolute ly insigh tf u l and actionab le. I thou g h t I knew about th a lot e online space, b course u t of this cha nges co Thanks n s ta n tly. to Doyle , I know him as m I can trus y source t of inform ation Alina L eang, M elbourn e

rmation Great info together. well put


pics All aspects and to kshop were covered in the wor In particular, extremely useful. the online the breakdown of was clear marketing strategy and exceptional. Tony Chiu, Sydney

Doyle’s insight into a structured ap proach, has helped us re-eva luate our position and dire ction in a very positive way.




Ed Mackay

Director of Suga r Free Solutions Pty Lt d

Love the intimate and relaxed s etting. D o y le speaks at a very personal le v e l without using jarg on, makin g it so easy to u nderstan d and to g involved et with activ ities. Lin Wee , Melbou rne

es Doyle provid e… there is non clarity where ling I arrived fee with d, and leave overwhelme ks Doyle. a plan. Than ch, David Pea


) +61 413 106 880

* 10

Really en joyed it – well able to unders tand by someone (me) who doesn’t know mu ch about this world. Ariel En




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Most entre their pren head eurs s in t still h come h e san ave s to t d wh heir o Doyle e n n it line s pulls trate no p this b gy; u n ches ook a w s ith he of meth fers a odolo gy fo prove result r driv n s onli ing s ne. eriou s Glen Key P




Direc tor Of In fluen ce

There are so many unanswered questions online; a




tremendous amount of confusion that limits success.

implementation plan for

Doyle’s groundbreaking, current and relevant book


helps entrepreneurs and business leaders cut through

to get the most out of all

noise proliferating the web and create a clear path for

of their online activities

online success.

while getting past the


clutter and confusion of all things digital.

“The Digital Delusion: How to overcome the

“The Digital Delusion” brings years of Doyle’s real industry expertise, experience, successes and failures

misinformation, confusion and clutter online to become the leader in your industry” is one of the most

If you are successful in

innovative exposition of its kind; the type of book that

business but not seeing the same level of success







and paths of those



seeking real success



in the digital age.

inspiring “The Digital Delusion”


“The Digital Delusion”

the breakthrough you

brings years of Doyle’s


real industry expertise,

The book addresses

experience, successes


and failures together so

question that we all

that business leaders





can move beyond the

“How do I, as an

hype and confusion




overcome the clutter


of online information,




the social media hype,

Many businesses are failing to get the leads and sales online that they were

the overwhelming technologies, the misguidance


and misinformation online, to ignite my business success?”

His book is at the intersection of digital innovation and You are not alone.

entrepreneurship. Doyle has been building a unique


) +61 413 106 880

* 12


“The Digital Delusion” and Doyle help you become the business leader not a business follower, and meets the growing demand for the entrepreneur to make sense of the online, digital domain for their business. To this day, many businesses of all sizes, and entrepreneurs, believe that simply being online creates an enormous audience, and money in the bank; part of the delusion. This is further reinforced by the so-called “guru’s” and “experts” that tout the singular message that online is easy. Businesses are failing and finding out that they have been deluded into believing this. Businesses spend millions every year in online marketing only to be essentially and completely no better off. With little success being found online, many businesses are subsequently failing to fully address

While other books exist about specific channels online,

their audience, creating a vicious cycle that leads to a

there are none that address the major components

poorer business opportunity.

together, and address the key ingredients of a successful online strategy. Putting a Facebook page

Online is hard and difficult. Competition online is

together, while a noble cause, must be put in place

fierce. Customers are fickle, with little attention span.

with a better understanding of the strategy behind it.

No longer can an entrepreneur or business simply

Having a Facebook page, “because everyone else

build a website and “they will come.” Today, the

has one,” is not an effective strategy in which to build

successful websites and entrepreneurs know how to

your online empire.

engage consumers at multiple levels, coordinate the masses of information and utilize the key components

This book is not just about social media, Facebook nor

and tools to build an online strategy.

SEO; it is about developing your underlying strategy



What Is The Ultimate Benefit of the Book for the Reader?

that works with your business. Social media is just a tool to use in your arsenal online, just like search engine optimisation, paid search advertising, videos and sharing and everything else that goes along with

“The Digital Delusion”allows you to understand,

building an engaged audience online.

comprehend and build a working, successful online strategy, as well as an effective implementation plan

This book discusses the integration of all of these

to carry out your individualized strategy. The book

areas, for a smooth, streamlined strategy that makes

removes the delusions that currently exist with online

the operation of your online business second nature.

businesses, and allow the reader to develop a sound presence online that works.

The book addresses the needs of the business entrepreneur to build a breakthrough for their online empire through a unique, seven-day framework. It captures and identifies the delusions in the digital world, and how to overcome them. This framework is

Let online expert Doyle Buehler

further enhanced by numerous exercises and online

be your coach and guide through the

business philosophies that further develop a complete

world of digital marketing. Practical,

online strategy for nearly any enterprise. Success

down to earth, and full of “how-to”

online is seemingly fleeting for all online businesses,

advice, this book will help you become

except for some unique, core brands that seemed to

the leader in your field or industry.

have mastered what they need to do.

Matthew Michalewicz Author of ‘Life in Half a Second’

“The Digital Delusion” is the answer for business owners and entrepreneurs to understand what is essential online and how to put the pieces together to make and build their business successfully online.




The Digital Delusion is not an agency. In fact, it is an anti-agency. It is a way of doing business. It is a new way of thinking and implementing for businesses wanting to become the leader in their industry. We are creating a new awareness and understanding of what is needed to succeed online. It is about Mastering your Digital Domain and creating claroty and confidence online for your business. It is about helping Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs get to where they want to be, and cut through the clutter to become remarkable online. It is about time.

We’ve taken everything that is “bad” about Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Management, Online Strategy Development, Website Design & Development, Paid Search Advertising, and everything else in the digital domain, and turned it – on it’s head. We’ve kicked out the parts that are costing you time, money and resources and focusing on the things that actually work. The things that make your business stand-out. The things that can make

implement effectively. To become remarkable.



It is about giving you all the tools that you need to understand and


you the leader in your industry. The things that make you remarkable.





D ig it al D el u si



industry, with all of your online activities?


Can you imagine what it would be like to be the leader in your


Are You Ready To Get Sh*t Done? Contact Me Now To Find Out More. Doyle Buehler



1 300 681 911 +61 413 106 880 Skype: doyle_buehler


Doyle Buehler Speaker And Media Kit For The Digital Delusion Online  

Doyle Buehler Speaker, Press and Media kit for the Digital Delusion. Not only is Doyle Buehler a writer, a highly successful entrepreneur...