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What you need to know about building your online success

What are the 7 Deadly Digital Delusions?



Guru-speak and buzz words get results



Social Media and Facebook are Strategies

Online works in isolation


Advertis is dead a ineffecti online

The Major Challenges Facing Your Business Do You Exist?

Business Leaders know that they need a combination of the 3 Digital Elements that are the foundation of a complete and effective digital strategy.

Your Online Empire Sweet Spot

Too Vague

You need to find out now:

Awareness & Relevance

How do I leverage my business effectively to overcome the clutter of online information, the overwhelming technology and social media hype, so that I can increase sales, promote loyalty and build a successful business online?

Are You Relevant? No Direction



“Expert� Level Not Understood

Too Complex

Your Digital Domain Industry Elements Your website is not the only Rockstar. Each element needs to be as important as the next, in order to be effective. What elements do you have? Which ones are you missing? Are they all working together?


How We Achieve Success Content Planning & Creation Discovery & Strategy DAY


7 Deadly Digital Delusions



Social & Sharing DAY


Video Content and Visuals DAY



Website Alignment


7 Day Online Empire Framework 3 Key Digital Elements


Online Lead Generation & Sales Funnel



Advertising, Analytics & Advanced Dashboards

The Leader in Your Industry

sing and ive

5 C

I don’t need a “sales funnel” for ROI; sales will come in time


Online is “easy”; just write a good story


Customers will always be able to find me

Become the Leader In Your Industry The 7 Day Online Empire Project Framework INPUTS


DAY 1 Audit Brand Essence

Content Review & Brand Inputs

Strategic Alignment with Social Channels

Brand Essence, Visuals & Core Content

Website Checkpoint & Strategy, SEO Audit

Online Brand Goals & ROI Content Distribution

Brand Exposure, Measurement & Management

Discovery & Strategy

Strategic Alignment and Architecture

DAY 2 Content Planning & Creation

DAY 3 Social & Sharing

DAY 4 Video Content & Visuals

DAY 5 Web Alignment

DAY 6 Online Lead Generation & Sales Funnel

DAY 7 Advertising, Analytics & Advanced Dashboards

Content Plan & Map

Channel Prioritization and Optimization

Video & Image Creation, Integration and Optimised Distribution

Website Congruency & Evolution, Technical SEO

Lead Generation & Conclusion for Online Goals (Sales, Downloads, Leads)

Brand Control, Advertising Points & Brand Development


0 Pts

1 Pts

2 Pts

3 Pts

I have a detailed strategy that covers all business possibilities

I always have an engaged audience online I am always relevant with my audience My customers are always loyal to my business & my offers I have a consistent and continual source of quality leads and sales from my audience My audience and prospects can easily find me online, and before my competitors


What is The Digital Delusion? The Digital Delusion is an “anti” Agency. It is a way of doing business. It is a new way of thinking and implementing for businesses wanting to become Leaders in their industry. We are creating a new awareness and understanding of what is needed to succeed online. It is about mastering the digital domain and creating clarity and confidence online for your business. It is about helping Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders cut through the clutter and confusion of being online, to become remarkable. It is about time.





I know what I am going to talk about online, and when I am going to say it.

Complete this self-assessment to find out where you are at with your business. Tick your choice in each row, then subtotal the columns. Place your total score on The Awesome Scale.


Think I’ve Got It

Online Success Criteria

Unsure It Is Working

The Digital Delusion Mini Audit & Self-Assesment Do Not Do



7 14 The Awesome Scale


Most business leaders have all been to workshops on Social Media, Training in SEO, Consulted on Paid Search, etc. The underlying problem, however, is that very few have ever created the needed integration of all of the online endeavours that you need to know, in order to build and sustain a growing online business. All of these factors cannot be measured and completed in isolation; it is critical to have an integrated strategy for an online breakthrough. This is our Framework. This is what works. This is what we do. This is the Online Empire Project. Get the clarity that you need, now.


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About The Founder, Doyle Buehler

Doyle Buehler (MBA), is the Chief Digital Delusion Destroyer. He is dedicated to getting rid of the clutter and confusion online, to get to the clarity. He is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and business consultant. From several successful start-ups and franchise businesses, to helping other companies succeed with their ideas and strategies, he has spent over 10 years in the business world making things happen – both online and off. He is a Leading innovator in the online, ecommerce worlds. He’s helped businesses grow and achieve their goals through harnessing their entrepreneurial spirit. Skype: doyle_buehler

The 7 Deadly Digital Delusions - The Basics  

Are you confused by the clutter and misinformation in marketing your business online? Why is everything so confusing and overwhelming? Have...

The 7 Deadly Digital Delusions - The Basics  

Are you confused by the clutter and misinformation in marketing your business online? Why is everything so confusing and overwhelming? Have...