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Hi everyone! Here’s the latest fortnightly newsletter from DOWYM.

1 Prepare for Christmas with a 4-week discipleship course We’re pleased to announce that we will be running the YDisciple 4-week Advent discipleship programme for teens and young adults, which will help us prepare for Christmas. YDisciple was developed by the Augustine Institute, which has a number of programmes ideal for journeying with young people, taking them deeper in their faith lives, and exploring the beauty of the Catholic faith. For further information about YDisciple, and the Augustine Institute, check out: The course will run on four consecutive Thursdays, starting on 28th November and ending on 19th December. Please see our events page on Facebook for further info:

2 Catholic Voices media training day On Saturday 23rd November the Westminster Youth Ministry will be hosting Jack Valero from Catholic Voices for a media training day for 16 to 26 year olds. If you’ve yet to hear about the amazing work Catholic Voices does in helping to train and equip people to defend the faith in public, you can find out more here: The day will include theory and practical sessions, and will finish with Mass in St Aloysius Catholic Church. For further information about this event, and to book your spot, please email (Bookings are essential).

3 End of the Year of Faith On National Youth Sunday, there will be a big Mass, presided by Archbishop Vincent Nichols. This will be followed by a get-together in the Hall. The day coincides with the end of the Year of Faith, so come along and hear what the Archbishop has to say!

Blog we like “The call to holiness is universal, but Jesus started with only 12 disciples. Out of those 12, he picked only three to experience the Transfiguration with him. That instant of revealing himself, shining in all his divinity, was to prepare them for the sufferings and trial of the cross that lay ahead. It was a big moment of revelation, and he only shared it with three of his disciples.” For all those youth workers or parish volunteers who are feeling discouraged and overburdened, check out this blog post:

Food for thought Fighting against a sense of desperation only makes things worse than they already are. Instead of allowing the despair to feed on yourself, do something positive and proactive to break this pattern. When you allow yourself to become angrier, this will cause your anger to be even more destructive. The more intensely you feel your frustration, the more frustrated you will become. The exit consists in quickly and decisively breaking the pattern. Try to identify the moment in which the negativity is rising up inside yourself and do something that has no relation to the source of the frustration, to the point of taking it as far as possible from that focus. Do not strengthen the negativity by fighting it. Instead, make it irrelevant and impotent, and turn your attention and energy in a radical and different direction. It is positive, funny, comical, creative, silly and joyful all at the same time. Smile, give a good laugh and be enthusiastic about life, even when you do not have reason for it. By breaking the negative pattern, you will create many reasons to smile.

Saint quote “Holiness consists simply in doing God's will, and being just what God wants us to be.” St Thérèse of Lisieux

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DOWYM Newsletter 25 October 2013  

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