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Inside: e: What you need to know aboutt parking in Downtown Victoria ria VicPD’s Mental Health Strategy New Year’s Resolution – Achieving Balance While Staying Mentally Fit 10 reasons to start a Matcha habit

Artist Applications open until Feb 17 July 11-16, 2017

2 | Downtown Victoria Magazine | Jan 18, 2017

organizations and developers to look at what our businesses need. What they need is a multi-faceted, complex transportation plan to combat some of the ongoing problems. Recently, the DVBA sat with the Mayor and key city employees to come up with 28 action items to start sorting out this growing issue. Some action items will take time as we work through the intricacies and develop partnerships with key officials and stakeholders while others are simple.

We are adding traffic counters to bike lanes, yes bike lanes, not the devil, just another mode of transportation for the thousands of new condos, townhouses and homes which are currently under development. We are working with key developers to add public parking space in their new developments and to include things like car share, monthly parking and public parking. We are advocating for better and more effective transit, where applicable, and trying for a faster way into downtown.

One of the easiest and most effective solutions is communication. Hence the start of the ongoing conversation you will Not any one of these items will fix our hear from the DVBA. City’s transportation issues; however, a combination of actions will alleviate the • The DVBA will be producing a map stress some business owners and cusavailable for public use with all the tomers feel when they come Downtown. Photo: Darren Stone, Times Colonist Photographer current parking structures, lots and street parking. Statistics show parkade • We are working on a parking lot usage has increased by 47% which will be “park and ride” for Transportation is a complex and compedestrians and of course, public transit. commuters with a short shuttle ride plicated issue in any urban centre. Add Fixing any one thing in this complex maby those parking for three into downtown. in construction demands, increased trix will not solve the problems, but will hours or less. • We are working with Modo Carshopping, increased densification and continue to compound current issues. Share to produce a program that a city that is growing from a smaller city Picking apart any one of these pillars Those are our shoppers, restaurant gowill work for businesses and help to a larger Capital City and you have a is simple to do and not productive for ers and errand runners and yes they are market that Modo is in three of four difficult situation to navigate. anyone. very much coming into our Downtown. Downtown parkades. Interestingly, What an amazing problem to have, that most people do not know Modo is Transportation encompasses all modes The DVBA has been working hard beso many people want to come Downeven here! of transport, from bikes, to cars, to hind the scenes in partnership with other town and be part of the vibrancy of this

Catching up with Kerri Milton


Field Trip Friday On Jan 6, the DVBA team toured the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort as part of Field Trip Friday.



We will continue to strive to help fill those vacancies and in turn find ways for consumers, residents, business owners, commuters and tourists to all live, work and play in our Capital City’s Downtown.

OFF LENSES Director of Sales and Marketing, Nicole MacKinnon showing DVBA staff an ocean view room

Kerri Milton is the Executive Director of the DVBA.

Welcome to Downtown Victoria

DIAMOND OPTICAL Locally Owned and Operated – DOWNTOWN VICTORIA – 1320 Douglas Street • 250.380.6919

One final fact, according to the latest Colliers report, retail vacancy has gone from 11% at the end of 2015 to 5.45% at the end of 2016! Our Downtown vacancy rate reduced by half in just one year!

Opening in February - Saatva Spa at 1411 Government St. Cobb Salad at Lure Restaurant

Lure Express: Half chicken sandwich, artisan greens and tomato and caramelized ionion soup

Have business news to share? Send it to us at

3 | Downtown Victoria Magazine | Jan 18, 2017

Canada’s Best Places for Business 2016 Councillor Margaret Lucas City of Victoria

Holidays Downtown • •

Profit ranked Victoria in the Top 25 Places to do Business in Canada. It stated that Victoria is Canada’s best city for a well-balanced and successful lifestyle and Victoria’s vibrant economy has a number of thriving sectors; technology, tourism, retail, professional services, and government.

The Business Hub fosters local innovation and connectivity by sponsoring and/ or participating in the following events: •

The article also noted the implementation of the new Business Hub aimed at helping businesses navigate the City’s business processes and help connect businesses with relevant agencies in the community.

• • • • Our thriving Business Hub has been the go to place for enterprising startups: • •

Business Hub at City Hall

assisted with the removal of park benches to deter smoking added additional bicycle lock up stations in Victoria provided resources to find affordable office space.

Victoria Small Business Service Providers Multicultural Business Connector The Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Marketplace Mixer Young Entrepreneurs Society “Inspiring Entrepreneurship” Futurpreneurs “Rock my Business Plan”.

The main goal of the City Hall Business Hub is to make it easier to do business in Victoria. We boast enterprising start ups to established leaders and the Business Hub’s mandate is to connect and support these businesses to accelerate the development of our downtown economy.

Carollers roamed Downtown Victoria singing holiday favourites.

If you have a question to submit to Councillor Lucas, please email One of your questions could be featured in an upcoming edition of the Downtown Victoria Magazine.

Blue and white lights lit up the trees in Centennial Square.

number of inquiries – 344 number of inquiries related to starting a new business – 237 • the most common inquiry was from home occupation business owners at 41% • the most common city resources utilized was business licensing at 47%. As we enter into 2017 cheers to yesterday’s achievements and tomorrow’s new beginnings! The Business Hub has supported ex-

In its first year Victoria’s Business Hub isting businesses in Victoria by helping was the proud winner of the 2016 Open rectify business issues such as: for Business Award through the Ministry of Small Business and Red Tape Reduc- • extended loading zone parking tion. hours

Santa came to Downtown Victoria spreading joy and holiday cheer.

FREE MOVIE TICKET With same-day purchases of $75 or more (before taxes)* at your favourite Bay Centre store(s). On now, while quantities last or until February 2nd, 2017. Details at or Guest Services.

4 | Downtown Victoria Magazine | Jan 18, 2017

VicPD Mental Health Strategy Acting Chief Constable Del Manak Victoria Police Department

This practical application is key and must be done with mutual respect, professionalism and accountability.

I wanted to start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year from all of us at the Victoria Police Department.

As a community, we must acknowledge and embrace the role that mental health issues play in the quality of life of our citizens and the vibrancy of Victoria and Esquimalt. That is why VicPD has developed this mental health strategy with our key partners.

This week we kicked off the new year by launching our new VicPD Mental Health Strategy. This strategy demonstrates the Victoria Police Department’s recognition of the impact of mental health on the lives of all citizens in our communities, and on our own employees.

Photo: Bowen Osoko, Communication Coordinator, VicPD

As part of our strategy, we also recognize the overlap between mental health and substance use. For this reason, we have specifically acknowledged the link and prevalence of mental health and substance use throughout our strategy. This success of this strategy will be measured primarily in its effective application in our communities. In The strategy clearly lays out how we intend to take a proactive person-cen- fact, its real value will be determined by how it is put into effect for the bentred approach to addressing mental efit of our citizens and employees. illness in our communities.

By working together, we can build enduring partnerships that help address this pressing issue both now and in the years to come. If you would like to look at the strategy in more detail, it can be found on our website at We look forward to a successful year here at VicPD. There are a lot of things that we are working on for the citizens of Victoria and Esquimalt and I look forward to keeping you informed of these over the coming months. Del Manak is the Acting Chief Constable for the Victoria Police Department

Parking in Downtown Victoria Here are Downtown Victoria’s top picks for where to find parking downtown. •

• • • • • •

Chateau Victoria. There is a small Robbins Parking lot at the back of the hotel Robbins Parking lot 64, on Store St. between the Janion and Ocean River Sports. Robbins Parking lot 145 at Chatham and Store St., across from Mark’s Work Warehouse. Royal Athletic Park Royal Theatre Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre The Bay Centre Victoria Conference Centre Wharf St. parking lot

Remember, parking is free on Sundays and holidays and the first hour is free when you park in a parkade. For information on parking in Downtown Victoria, please visit

10 reasons to start a matcha habit Kip Home




1312 Government St Victoria See Our Hours on @/HempandCo/

Another New Year, another resolution. If your resolution is to do something healthy for yourself this year, then Just Matcha Tea Shop has an easy delicious solution for you. Matcha is a shade grown, stone ground, powdered green tea which is full of amazing heath benefits. Matcha can be drunk straight up or in a latte; it mixes very well with an amazing amount of flavors. Love espresso drinks? You can have the same drink using matcha instead – great taste and very good for you! It is a win win. Matcha is simple to make, almost as easy as instant coffee. Simply add sifted matcha to water and mix with a milk frother. It doesn’t get much

easier than that. Here are just 10 reasons to start a matcha habit: 1. boosts metabolism — I need this for the crazy amount of food I seem to eat. 2. replenishes phyto-nutrients 3. keeps your body maximally hydrated 4. employs plaque scrubbers — matcha is treat for your teeth and gums

5. antioxidant blast repairs free radical damage caused by oxidation of cells. 6. huge l-theanine intake creates a super-relaxed yet intense focus for work. 7. fights fatigue — caffeine + amino acids = dynamite energy. 8. sweetens your breath — pretty much the opposite of coffee. 9. great for skin — matcha’s high polyphenol content can inhibit UV radiation-induced skin damage. 10. detoxifies the body — matcha’s massive chlorophyll content helps to naturally remove heavy metals and chemical toxins from the body. Start 2017 off with a new habit - try matcha at Just Matcha and do something good for your body and soul. Kip Home is the owner of Just Matcha

5 | Downtown Victoria Magazine | Jan 18, 2017

Handling Customer Feedback with Ease Jonathan Do Royal Bank of Canada Many business owners and leaders would be quick to agree that customer feedback is an important aspect of running a successful business.

Musk. He was recently tagged on Twitter by a Tesla customer and entrepreneur Loic Le Meur on an experience that he had with his Tesla at a local supercharger that had no available spots to charge his car despite the fact that the vehicles at the supercharger were parked idle after being fully charged. Imagine going to a gas station and finding cars parked at the all pumps with nobody moving. Elon Musk responded right away and said this is unacceptable and action would be taken as this type of behaviour took away from the spirit and the intent of the experience that Tesla wanted to create for their customers. Within six days the company introduced an idle fee of $0.40 for each minute a car was parked at the supercharger after the customer was notified by the Tesla app that the vehicle had completed its charge cycle.

We all hope that feedback is positive to help us reinforce that we are doing the right thing but equally important is where a business has challenges or could have delivered a product or service differently. The real world challenge is how to turn feedback into an idea and that idea into execution – without being mired in the emotion of how a product, service, or an employee might have missed the mark on delivering an exceptional experience. This speed from customer feedback to implementation is currently unheard of, One recent example of taking feedback and in the age of social media it is critito execution is from Tesla CEO, Elon cal that companies respond to feedback

quickly with authenticity.

How your business brands itself through the online interactions that you have with your customers can be a critical game changer on your branding success. Engaging customer feedback can become a powerful marketing tool to take your business to the next level. Respond quickly A quick response is an acknowledgement of an issue and ideally a resolution. Be careful not to sound defensive on social media and understand when to take the conversation offline. Take the approach that most of your customers are rational and will be patient with you.

Be Authentic, Be Human One of the biggest strengths of Elon Musk is that he approaches customer communication with authenticity using a mix of humour, candor, and personality. Customers establish trust with a brand, but when it comes to small business the loyalty often is to the owner behind the counter. Follow-up with execution and implementation You may not take every customer suggestion or feedback to instant action, but it is important to share ideas that have made it. Ideally thanking your customers for their support in making the business better and sharing photos or videos of how that idea came to life makes a huge difference. Jonathan Do is the Branch Manager at the Victoria Main Branch of RBC.

6 | Downtown Victoria Magazine | Jan 18, 2017

Events in Downtown Victoria Wed, Jan 18

Sun, Jan 22

Victoria Chess Club at the Library | 6-845pm | Main Branch, GVPL

Wonder Sunday: For the Love of Writing | 1-3pm | Royal BC Museum

Powerhouse Proteins: Modern Grains and Legumes | 6-9pm | Cook Culture

From Door to Door | 2:30pm | Congregation Emanu-El

Bike Maintenance 101 - Know your Bike | 5:30-6:30pm | MEC

Victoria’s Story Walking Tour | 10:30am | Visitor Information Centre

Soul Sessions | 7-8:30pm | Nourish Kitchen

Seasonal Baking Series: Intro to Cake Decorating Class | 4:307:30pm | Cook Culture

Sketches of Israel and the Middle East | 7pm | Congregation Emanu-El

2017 Victoria Chinese New Year Gala | 7pm | Royal Theatre

Thurs, Jan 19

Ghostly Walks | 7:30pm | Visitor Information Centre

Getting it Right - How to Build Strong Legal Foundations for your Company and Avoid Common Legal Mistakes | 8:30am-1:30pm | Fort Tectoria

Mon, Jan 23

Backcountry 101 - Digital (GPS) Navigation | 5:30-6:30pm | MEC

Creating a Better Team: Helping Staff to Work with Volunteers | 9am12pm | Volunteer Victoria

Baby Time | 10:30-11am | Main Branch, GVPL

Toddler Time | 10:30-11am | Main Branch, GVPL

Community Connections for Parents: Island Health Nurse | 11-11:30am | Main Branch, GVPL

3-Part Cooking Bootcamp Class | 6-9pm | Cook Culture

Mozart’s “Jupiter” | 8-10pm | Royal Theatre

Bike Maintenance 201 – Brakes | 6:30–8pm | MEC

Tues, Jan 24

WordsThaw Prequel: Writers and the World | 7-8:30pm | Main Branch, GVPL From Door to Door | 7:30pm | Congregation Emanu-El

Fri, Jan 20

The New BC Societies Act for Executive Directors | 9am-12pm | Volunteer Victoria Robert Bateman Centre Tour | 2pm | Robert Bateman Centre Net2Vic: Creating Integrated Campaigns | 5:30-7:30pm | Fort Tectoria

Family Storytime | 10:30-11am | Main Branch, GVPL

Scrabble at the Library | 5:45– 8:45pm | Main Branch, GVPL

Here! Magazine & House of the World Dinner-Discussion Series | 5:30-8:30pm | Hawk & Hen

Pasta Fundamentals Class | 6-9pm | Cook Culture Run Meet Up | 6pm | MEC

Friday Night French Series: Seafood Class | 6-9pm | Cook Culture BalletBoyz | 7:30pm | Royal Theatre Ghostly Walks | 7:30pm | Visitor Information Centre The Nick La Riviere Band | 8pm | Hermann’s Jazz Club The Bump n’ Grind House Winter Edition | 9pm | Victoria Event Centre

Sat, Jan 21

Run Meet Up | 9am | MEC Chinatown Walks | 10:30am | Meet at Government St and Fisgard St Backcountry 101 - Packing for an Overnight Hiking Trip | 11am-12pm | MEC Book Launch: Julie Lawson, Sheryl McFarlane, Sheena Lott | 1:303:30pm | Munro’s Books For the love of words - Stories Spoken Heart to Heart | 2-4pm | Royal BC Museum Robert Bateman Centre Tour | 2pm | Robert Bateman Centre Victoria’s Story Walking Tour | 2pm | Visitor Information Centre Moroccan Comfort Food | 6-9pm | Cook Culture Chinese New Year Banquet | 6-9pm | Golden City Restaurant BalletBoyz | 7:30pm | Royal Theatre Ghostly Walks | 7:30pm | Visitor Information Centre

Sin City Improvised Serial | 8pm | Victoria Event Centre

Wed, Jan 25

Story Club | 3:30-4:30pm | Main Branch, GVPL South Island Gender Variant Drop-In | 6-7:30pm | Main Branch, GVPL Kitchen Basics! | 6-8pm | Victoria Public Market Bike Maintenance 201 - Wheel Truing | 6:30-8pm | MEC Backcountry Skiing and Avalanche safety night | 6:30-9pm | Ocean River Sports The Library is Sherlocked | 7-8:15pm | Main Branch, GVPL In the Heights | 7pm | McPherson Playhouse

Chinese New Year Celebrations | 11am–2pm | | Chinatown Wonder Sunday: For the Love of Writing | 1-3pm | Royal BC Museum Story to Screen | 1-5pm | Cinevic In the Heights | 2pm | McPherson Playhouse

Vancouver Giants vs. Victoria Royals | 5:05pm | Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre

Fri, Jan 27

SOHO Summit | 8am-6pm | Victoria Conference Centre Introduction to Twitter | 10-11:30am | Main Branch, GVPL Family Storytime | 10:30-11am | Main Branch, GVPL In the Heights | 7pm | McPherson Playhouse Ghostly Walks | 7:30pm | Visitor Information Centre

Ghostly Walks | 7:30pm | Visitor Information Centre

Mon, Jan 30

Backcountry 101 - Digital (GPS) Navigation | 5:30-6:30pm | MEC Baby Time | 10:30-11am | Main Branch, GVPL

Tues, Jan 31

Small Business Information Session | 9–11am | Victoria City Hall

In the Heights | 7pm | McPherson Playhouse

Tam Plays Sibelius | 8-10pm | Royal Theatre

Ladies Night at the Market | 5-7pm | Victoria Public Market

Ghostly Walks | 7:30pm | Visitor Information Centre

Bike Maintenance 101 - Flat Repair | 5:30-6:30pm | MEC

Sun, Feb 5

Victoria Chess Club at the Library | 6-8:45pm | Main Branch, GVPL Women & Words | 6:30-8pm | Nourish Kitchen Victoria Writers’ Society Meeting | 7-8:45pm | Main Branch, GVPL NABS Vancouver Island Gala | 7-10pm | Sticky Wicket Pub

Thurs, Feb 2

Toddler Time | 10:30-11am | Main Branch, GVPL Bike Maintenance 201 – Drivetrain | 6:30-8pm | MEC

Fri, Feb 3

Family Storytime | 10:30-11am | Main Branch, GVPL Ghostly Walks | 7:30pm | Visitor Information Centre

Sat, Feb 4

Wonder Sunday: Our Multicultural World | 1-3pm | Royal BC Museum Love, Poetry and Chocolate | 1:304:30pm | Main Branch, GVPL Tam Plays Sibelius | 2:30pm | Royal Theatre Ghostly Walks | 7:30pm | Visitor Information Centre

Mon, Feb 6

Backcountry 101 - Digital (GPS) Navigation | 5:30-6:30pm | MEC Baby Time | 10:30-11am | Main Branch, GVPL Melody of China | 6:30-8:30pm | McPherson Playhouse

Tues, Feb 7

Emergency Preparedness Workshop | 1-3pm | Victoria City Hall Robert Bateman Centre Tour | 2pm | Robert Bateman Centre Scrabble at the Library | 5:45– 8:45pm | Main Branch, GVPL

Backcountry 101 - Packing for an Overnight Hiking Trip | 11am-12pm | MEC

Run Meet Up | 6pm | MEC

Run Meet Up | 6pm | MEC

Victoria Tea Festival Revival | 10am4pm | Nootka Court

Seattle Thunderbirds vs. Victoria Royals | 7:05pm | Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre

Sin City Improvised Serial | 8pm | Victoria Event Centre

Robert Bateman Centre Tour | 2pm | Robert Bateman Centre

Sin City Improvised Serial | 8pm | Victoria Event Centre

Wed, Feb 1

Artist Demonstration: Ken Faulks | 2-3pm | Main Branch, GVPL

Open Word: Readings and Ideas: Jordan Tannahill | 7:30pm | Open Space

Commercial Real Estate for Newcomers | 3-5pm | Main Branch, GVPL

The King – Donny Edwards | 7:30pm | McPherson Playhouse

The Mystery of Grafton Tyler Brown Curator’s Talk | 3-4:30pm | Legacy Art Galleries

For more event information, visit

Sat Jan 28

Black History Month Kick-Off | 123pm | Main Branch, GVPL

Queer Abilities Drop-In | 5-6:30pm | Main Branch, GVPL

Tying Demo | 6-9pm | Robinson’s Outdoor Store

Scrabble at the Library | 5:45– 8:45pm | Main Branch, GVPL

Backcountry 101 - Packing for an Overnight Hiking Trip | 11am-12pm | MEC

This is That | 8-9:30pm | McPherson Playhouse

Run Meet Up | 9am | MEC

Robert Bateman Centre Tour | 2pm | Robert Bateman Centre

Run Meet Up | 9am | MEC

Live @ Lunch: Lizard Invasion | 121pm | Royal BC Museum

Taxation and Filing | 7-8:30pm | Main Branch, GVPL

Over the Top: A Live Comedy Dubbing | 8pm | Intrepid Theatre Club

Love is in the Air | 2pm | Royal Theatre

Bike Maintenance 101 - Customize Your Bike | 5:30-6:30pm

Sun, Jan 29

Blue Rodeo | 8pm | Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre

The Online Advertising Blueprint & Winning the Moments That Matter: Breakfast with Google | 7:30-9:30am | Harbour Towers Hotel & Suites

Lunch & Learn - How a Wellness Plan Can Save You Big Bucks | 12pm | Engaged HR

Love is in the Air | 8pm | Royal Theatre

Babar & Three Fun Fables | 2:30pm | Royal Theatre

Robert Bateman Centre Tour | 2pm | Robert Bateman Centre

Family Literacy Week: Fun with ABCs | 10:30-11:30am | Main Branch, GVPL

Ghostly Walks | 7:30pm | Visitor Information Centre

Artist Presentation & Video Screening | 7pm | Robert Bateman Centre

Business Circle | 7:30-9am | Nourish Kitchen

Foundations of Non-Profit Financial Management- Part 1: Working with In House Financial Staff | 9am-12pm | Volunteer Victoria

Vancouver Giants vs. Victoria Royals | 7:05pm | Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre

Business Circle | 7:30-9am | Nourish Kitchen Community Connections for Parents: Island Health Nurse | 11am | Main Branch, GVPL Lunch ‘N Learn: Successfully Immigrating New Hires | 11:30am12:45pm | Fort Tectoria

‘Life After Dating’ Launch Party & Singles Mixer | 7pm | Bard & Banker

Calgary Hitmen vs. Victoria Royals | 7-9pm | Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre

The Fab Four: A Group Show Aleksandra, Irena Gendelman, Michael Rozenvain and Sabina present new works to ring in the New Year, each artist portraying the optimism and renewal that comes with a fresh start. Aleksandra takes the gloom out of rainy days by adding splashes of colours with bright umbrellas and reflections. Irena Gendelman paints enthusiastic dancers who leap across the canvas. Michael Rozenvain captures the essence of Paris and the cobbled streets of Europe. Sabina goes back to nature with a riot of blooms and peaceful lakes. On daily from Jan 7-30, 2017 at West End Gallery.

Multicultural Business Mixer with Philip Bisset-Covaneiro | 5:307:30pm | Regus Victoria Chess Club at the Library | 6-8:45pm | Main Branch, GVPL Movie Night at the Market - Bridget Jones’s Baby | 7pm | Victoria Public Market Emergency Preparedness Workshop | 7-9pm | Victoria City Hall

Thurs, Jan 26

Toddler Time | 10:30-11am | Main Branch, GVPL

Quatre Ballerines by Irena Gendelman

Colourful Umbrellas by Aleksandra

Autumn Sailing II by Sabina

7 | Downtown Victoria Magazine | Jan 18, 2017

New Year’s Resolution – Achieving Balance While Staying Mentally Fit Darlene Hollstein With a New Year comes the pressure of New Year’s resolutions. While I appreciate the concept of goals, I believe in striving for a balanced lifestyle keeping myself physically and mentally fit. For me, that means maximizing each hour of my work day so that my free time is reserved for living in the moment and spending quality time with my family.

Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival Kerri Milton Busking is a creative form of entertainment which is defined by: “…anything that people find entertaining. Performers may do acrobatics, animal tricks, balloon twisting, caricatures, clowning, comedy, contortions, escapology, dance, singing, fire skills, flea circus, fortune-telling, juggling, magic, mime, living statue, musical performance, storytelling or reciting poetry or prose, street art such as sketching and painting, street theatre, sword swallowing, and ventriloquism.”. The Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival will be welcoming a variety of performances from a wide array of artists. Buskers festivals are as eclectic as the performers and range from very small to huge affairs that involve multi-stages and lots of equipment. The Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival will encompass both, with small “pitch stops,” (the place where a performance occurs is called a pitch) and larger scale stages including an evening stage with an incredible view of the Downtown. The Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival is now accepting artist applications for the festival from now until February 17th. There will be a panel of judges, led by talent coordinator Michele, choosing who will be the main stage

acts and who will be populating our Pitch Stops; this will allow for a larger variety of performers and unique performances. Michele comes to us with experience managing international acts and has a great network of talented artists. Busking is all about the organic growth of musicians which will be the feel of the new Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival. We want to take it back to the roots and the origins of busking and focus on how that brings vibrancy to the street level. If you have a talent, or know someone who does and you are looking to share it with the world, meet people, make a little money and have a great time, please go online www. and fill out the application. The Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival will take place from July 11-16th. More information is available on Facebook at If you require any assistance as an artist please contact Talent Coordinator, Michele Montgomery at Michele@ Anyone interested in joining in the fun as sponsor, vendor or volunteer should contact Events Manager, Ian Piears, at

While I work out regularly, the art of staying mentally fit can sometimes present more of a challenge. The idea of setting time for ourselves is often overridden by the guilt of prioritizing oneself over commitments with work, kids and aging parents. However, if you are not mentally and physically fit, you will not be able to be your best version of yourself to those around you. So to kick start the New Year, I thought I would share one of my favourite techniques in staying fit mentally. The first step is to maximize your lunch breaks for quality experiences focused on relaxation. Once a week, use one of your lunch breaks as a means of making your mental health a priority and proactively scheduling “me time.” Giving yourself 20-30 minutes of pampering provides clarity, an extra boost of confidence and endorphins that will help you conquer any task that comes your way.

hand cream and nail cuticle oil. Your hands will feel amazing for the rest of the day. • Enjoy some peaceful moments at Teavana on Fort Street - our secret quiet haven where you can discover delicious new tea blends with up to 10 complimentary iced and hot tea samples daily. • Relieve your tired feet with a herbal crystal mud foot bath at My Foot Reflexology. Choose from a selection of floral and herbal scents to relax and rejuvenate, then enjoy a foot soak that is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. • Get outside! A dose of fresh air can do wonders in providing clarity • Unwind with an express mani/ and Downtown, with its mild climate, pedi experience at Cali Nails. Enjoy the is a great place to enjoy the outdoors; luxurious massage chairs while your Whether it is a walk along David Foster nails are coated in the latest trendy Way, a run around Beacon Hill Park, or a shade of gel polish. stroll to your favourite shop. • Decrease stress with a 30-min• No budget to travel, experience ute power workout at GoodLife Fitness. culinary travel right here Downtown! If you have a bit more time, their 60-min- Broaden your culinary horizon and ute lunch hour Yoga class is the perfect inspire your taste buds by exploring a place to unwind, release the mind while new restaurant each week showcasing increasing flexibility and stamina. flavours and culinary techniques from • Enjoy some VIP treatment with a around the world. blow-out styling at Eco Chic AVEDA Spa & Salon. We have all had that morning Please share your how you stay fit menwhen our hair just didn’t make the priori- tally and physically Downtown at twitter. ty list. com/baycentrevic by February 4th, 2017 • Visit L’Occitane for a quick pam- to win a $100 Bay Centre gift card. per session with their complimentary signature hand massage which includes Darlene Hollstein is the General Manager at The Bay Centre. a one-minute hand scrub followed by a hand massage using their Shea Butter

8 | Downtown Victoria Magazine | Jan 18, 2017

Don’t Let Winter Put a Freeze on Your Health Dr. Jennifer Dyck, ND As the air gets crisper and we even see the occasional snowflake, the sounds of sneezing and sniffling abound as the cold and flu season is in full swing. To add, there is a bustle around town with shoppers looking for winter tires and warmer parkas. I once heard a friend say, there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. We can be smart and wear the right clothes to fend off winter weather, but we often need a bit more help to defend ourselves against the stress and sickness that go hand in hand with this time of year. Here are five simple tips to keep you healthy and happy this winter: 1. D-fend Yourself! Vitamin D can modulate the innate and adaptive immune responses and a deficiency in vitamin D is associ

ated with increased autoimmunity as well as an increased susceptibility to infection. It becomes even more important to take in supplement form as our exposure to UV light from the sun diminishes as of December. To add, it is estimated that two-thirds of Canadians do not have optimal Vitamin D levels- this could be you! 2. Spice Things Up In the culinary field, several spices have been used for centuries to help ward off and treat cold and flu infections. Recent research has shown that oregano of the species origanum vulgare is antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antibacterial due to it high content of carvacrol. The oil extract is too potent to be used full strength, so a blend of oregano oil with olive oil in a one-to-four ratio is ideal to allow for proper assimilation in the body. 3. Hold the Salt and Sugar Please Salt- specifically the sodium component- and sugar are both detrimental to our health when ingested in excess. And unfortunately both salt and sugar are pervasive in the foods we often crave in the winter months. Without an abundance of fresh fruits

and vegetables, we rely more on packaged and processed foods, which inevitably have higher levels of both salt and sugar. Keep sodium under 2000mg per day, and less if you have higher than normal blood pressure. Aim to keep added sugars below the 25 gram mark per day. Both of these can be a challenge, but I encourage you to give it a try!

part whole grain can provide you with healthy soluble and insoluble fibre, vitamins, minerals, water, and antioxidants.

Most of us know that washing our hands and keeping our distance from those who are sick are two important ways to prevent exposure to the cold and flu, but other lifestyle factors that can minimize this include getting enough sleep, 4. Cherish Your Liver staying hydrated, eating foods low in salt The most commonly suggested herb and sugar, actively managing our stress for liver health is milk thistle- Silybum levels, and providing our bodies with marianum. Several scientific studnatural immune boosting herbal and nuies suggest that substances in milk tritional support. I encourage you to give thistle protect the liver from toxins, my 5 Health Tips a try in order to help including certain drugs, which can you have a healthy and happy winter. cause liver damage in high doses. Choose a good quality supplement The information in this article is not a substitute containing silybin, the major active for medical advice. Please seek the care of your constituent of milk thistle. health care practitioner when starting a supple5. Keep a Happy Colon With the rounds of festive parties, dinners, and leftovers, we can enter January feeling bloated, tired, and a little down. Our intestines are easily exposed to the toxins and inflammatory foods and drinks we ingest. Consuming meals that are 2 parts vegetables, 1 part protein and 1

ment regimen. Dr. Jennifer Dyck, ND has a special interest in digestive health, hormone balancing, brain support, and natural pain relief. More information about Dr. Jen can be found at www.

The Existence Project Marko Curuvija Exclusive dealers for Sigma, Brian May & Rolling Stone guitars. Showcase of local luthiers.

Sigma DMC-1STE $


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The Existence Project is a Victoria-based movement to connect the humanity within us all through personal narratives, community building and storytelling. Mental health, addiction and poverty are interwoven in a debilitating web of stigmatization, marginalization and struggle that impacts our selves and our community on many levels. Understanding these social ills through our personal and community perspective is a crucial step towards creating meaningful dialogue and transformative action in making a safe, progressive and vibrant community.

Story-writing workshops that seek to create harmony and understanding between different groups of people using creative expression as a medium. conceptions of mental health, addiction and poverty while furthering an understanding of ourselves and the Each workshop consists of 8-10 individuals from the financial ‘mainstream’ places we live in. and ‘fringe’ of society. Two and a half hours in length, participants will be facilitated through a process to create and share, within the group, a story based on their lived experience where they are the main character. With the permission of the authors, stories are to be further shared through a blog and social media with a public audience. Eventually, published, written copies of these stories may be drafted into a storybook for wider distribution

Our Vision is to see this communal program strengthen community bonds and connection between the general public and all groups facing marginalization and stigmatization in Victoria. Our hope is to act as a model for healing and reconnection in other cities around Canada, and the world. Learn more at Marko Curuvija is the Founder of the

Our belief is that storytelling and direct Existence Project. Marko@theexistenThe Existence Project facilitates “Lived experiential connection play a Experience Storytelling Workshops” - erful role in de-stigmatizing common

9 | Downtown Victoria Magazine | Jan 18, 2017

What Small Businesses Should Know About Mobile Marketing and Consumer Media Consumption Matt Cromwell Get in the Loop How long has it been since you last checked your phone? When was the last time you looked at an app, social media or your email on your phone?

- 95% of smartphone users have looked for local information - 88% of these users take action within a day, indicating these are immediate information needs - 77% have contacted a business, with 61% calling, 50% looked up the business on a map, and 65% visiting the local business

My guess is you answered “just a few minutes ago”, or within the hour. If you How Are Businesses Responding To did, you are not alone; consumers spend nearly six hours a day on digital This Shift to Mobile? media, with three of those hours spent It is estimated only between 20-30% on their smartphones. of businesses have a mobile marketing strategy in place, meaning there is a missed opportunity for local businesses to capture this audience. Depending on which study you look at, research shows that mobile advertising is growing 34% annually between 2015 and 2018, according to Zenith. eMarketer estimates mobile ad spend in Canada grew 55% from 2015-2016 to over $3 billion – and is expected to grow at a double digit rate until 2020. Despite a growth in time spent on mobile media, some businesses are missing out on the mobile audience as mobile ad spend lags behind meHaving a mobile marketing strategy is dia consumption on mobile devices. extremely important. It’s all about your This means, that although people are audience and staying current with consumer habits especially since we spending more time on their phones businesses are not yet putting in the now live our lives with all the information we need right at our fingertips effort to connect with them through their mobile devices. simply through our mobile device. Is your business and brand where your customers are looking?

It’s about: - Virtually all 18-34 year old millennials (97%) are mobile users and 92% of 35-54 year olds are mobile users. - How, depending on the study group and age group, people check their phones 30-150+ times per day - Users spend nearly three hours a day on their mobile phones - And 89% of media time on mobile is on mobile apps. As a small business owner these consumer behaviors can have a big impact on you, here’s why:

What This Means For Your Business This equates to an opportunity for your business to connect with consumers through their mobile phones to capture their attention and turn them into repetitive customers. In a more connected world competition for consumer attention is stiff. The best way to think about “mobile marketing” is to remember that your business (likely) has not changed much as you are still selling the same product (or similar) as few years ago.

What has changed is HOW you can now connect and communicate with consumers to sell your products. What is the HOW? The HOW is coming up with a mobile and digital strategy to convert audiences who spend time on their phones into a customer. If you don’t consider how consumers are interacting with your business from their mobile phones you may never get a chance to convert them into a (repeat) customer again.

The business that does consider HOW consumers now get information and takes steps to implement a mobile and digital strategy will capture this audience and increase the successes of turning them into a paying, repeat, customer. It is easy to get stuck doing nothing because of the paralysis due to so many options in the digital / social landscape; GetintheLoop, a mobile marketing company, has had success helping businesses with their mobile marketing efforts because it is easy to use as an all-in-one program that includes mobile apps, social media, email, and radio to connect local businesses with local consumers.

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The first step to connecting with your audience is starting with “HOW” and taking small steps to build a mobile presence. Tomorrow you will wish you started today. HOW are you going to change that? Matt Cromwell is the CEO of Get in the Loop.


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10 | Downtown Victoria Magazine | Jan 18, 2017

What you need to know about parking in Downtown Victoria We love the commercial-only parking benefit with the cargo van. It’s amazing for our deliveries since we don’t have to find and pay for street parking. It’s also a great perk for employees to use for personal trips,” says Carla Smart, co-founder.

Nicole Huk Parking downtown is at a premium in most major Canadian cities. As costs soar and space diminishes, drivers taking matters into their own hands by bending the rules and ignoring signage have had to face hefty fines and parking tickets. Up until now, Victoria hasn’t suffered the same parking squeeze but with ongoing construction of new developments, there will continue to be a shortage of parking in the immediate future. Daily commuters may be asking, “If I can’t park my car, how will I get to work every day?” Thankfully, Victoria has reliable public transit and extensive bike lanes, but hopping on a bus or cycling every day isn’t always convenient— sometimes you just need a car.

In a 2012 survey, Victoria’s rate for monthly unreserved parking was $184.80—about $2,200 per year to park your car. The cost of operating your car is about another $10,000 per year— Modo members only spend a fraction of that when you consider that gas, insurance, maintenance and parking privileges in Resident, Commercial and Permit-Only zones are included with membership. personal errands—when they need it.

passenger van was perfect for a trip to the ferry terminal to pick up a group of arts administrators from the mainland, coming to the island for a meeting of the IMAA Pacific region.”

Vibrant downtown communities thrive when there’s space for everyone. David Geiss, Executive Director of Too many cars on the road increases CineVic, signed up the organization congestion and parking demand, while less than six months ago and has made Modo, formerly Victoria Car Share Codiminishing green space. Thankfully with ready use of Modo’s varied fleet: op, has been providing affordable, conevery Modo removing nine to 13 personLocal businesses can tap into Modo’s venient access to an ever growing fleet ally owned cars from our streets, and “Our new downtown Victoria headquarfleet for a fraction of the cost of owning. Victorians adopting carsharing at faster of cars, trucks, cargo vans, SUVs and more since 1997. Carsharing is a proven ters is located on a mid-block pedestrian MyAccio has been doing exactly that, rates than anywhere else in BC, we can walkway, less than half a block from 2 using Modo’s cargo van to save time and all enjoy a bit more breathing space. and effective transportation option for money. daily commuters who want to leave their Modo cars, and within a few blocks of several more. The cargo van was espeNicole Huk is the Business Development car home to avoid the hassles (and cost) cially useful for our week-long Summer “With Modo we don’t need to buy a com- and Community Outreach Manager for of parking downtown while still having Modo. Film Camp which was held offsite. The pany vehicle for our large weekly trips. easy access to a vehicle—for work or

DVBA work in 2016 Innovation Tree launched in collaboration with the DVBA, City of Victoria, VIATEC, and Government Street Merchants in Sept. 2016

Dragon Alley lights installed in collaboration with Dragon Alley Strata

Car Free YYJ stretched over nine blocks of Douglas St on June 18, 2016

Clean Team member painting over graffiti

11 | Downtown Victoria Magazine | Jan 18, 2017

Leadership in Victoria new generation, bringing renewed ener- from diverse backgrounds and with a gy and new approaches to leadership. diversity of styles whose role is to bring people together, and to combine their Yesterday’s hierarchies and top-down energies towards a shared vision. management are being replaced by Downtown Victoria’s vibrant today’s flexible, peer-managed teams. When it comes to the vibrancy of downatmosphere did not happen on By promoting cross-sector collaboration town Victoria, we can certainly point to its own: it took a lot of dedicated and innovation, downtown Victoria’s the efforts of a few people who became leadership, along with a growing new business and organization leaders leaders because of their formal roles. The real success stories, however, local economy, to make it what it will be in the best position to face the region’s social, economic, and ecologcome from collaborative efforts. Look at is today. ical challenges, right now and in the the Think Local First movement, or the future. But for that to happen, we need enduring charm of Victoria’s Chinatown, Victoria is changing. Thirty years ago, to support and develop the kinds of skills or how the Fabulous Fort campaign has we were not “on the map” for anything refreshed a major shopping street from significant, except for the public service and attitudes necessary to reach our (government) sector. But in the past ten goals. We need courageous leaders who antique-hunters to...well, something for everyone! In each of these cases, sucyears, Victoria’s reputation, both in BC in can be enterprising and collaborative, cessful community action happened beand in the world, has grown significantly, analytical yet empathetic, and focused yet open-minded. cause people from business, the public thanks to many more industries now sector, the non-profit sector, and citizens calling Victoria home. This has also led joined together to overcome challenges to a better quality of life for many (but not Leadership is no longer thought of as a quality possessed by certain special or realize a shared vision. all) residents. Over the last few years, people, who emerge from the masses the founders of Greater Victoria’s most Can this kind of leadership be taught? important and lasting organizations and because of their charisma or talents. Today, leadership is practiced by people Absolutely! At Leadership Victoria, businesses have passed the torch to a Susan Low Leadership Victoria

Downtown snapshots from 2016

we have articulated the skills of community leadership into a framework that lets us look at the personal attributes of leadership, the way leaders work with other people and navigate community systems, and how leaders make things happen. We have found that, while many academic programs focus on the theories of leadership within organizations, there is also a need for leadership learning opportunities that are fully hands-on and emphasize the skills of leadership in cross-sector community settings. It’s not going to be easy, but with the right people at the helm, we can keep on growing downtown Victoria’s already vibrant reputation into a world leader in community involvement and cross-sector collaboration. Susan Low is the Executive Director at Leadership Victoria

Want to contribute? Our editorial philosophy is based on a love of all things downtown with varying perspectives. We’re looking for writers to tell their downtown stories. If you are interested, please reach out to us at

Deuce Days brought thousands of car lovers to Downtown Victoria on July 21, 2016

Capital City Station opened with a ribbon cutting on July 19, 2016

Dine en Blanc was held this year in front of the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort on June 23, 2016

Development at 1515 Douglas underway throughout 2016

Halloween was extra spooky with decor like Market Scare and Bat Centre signs, bat benches, black cats, lighting and more

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