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Downtown’s Best Hotspots for the Digital Nomad

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ore than ever, our workforce needs flexibility and adaptability in office space. The traditional concept of offices won’t go away any time soon, but the growing number of startups and reliance on freelance workers require a different type of office. Coworking is not necessarily a new concept to Salt Lake City – we first wrote about downtown coworking spaces in our spring 2015 issue – but we are witnessing a sort of coworking renaissance. Over the past year, a number of significant players have entered the coworking scene and still others are poised to open or expand in the coming year.


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But why coworking space? With ever-increasing technology, remote work is becoming much more prevalent across industries. This affords flexibility like never before to work from anywhere. While staying home may seem appealing, it is often difficult to maintain motivation and it can stunt workers’ potential for ongoing professional development. Coworking space is designed as a social environment. Whether you have a private office or just community access, the proximity to other members allows you to meet other professionals from different industries. Most spring / summer 2019

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Downtown Magazine - Spring/Summer 2019  

Downtown Magazine - Spring/Summer 2019