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244,100 99,600 Square feet of existing and under construction co-working space in downtown

Square feet of co-working space delivered 2016 and 2017

442% Increase in co-working space from 2015-2019


“Downtown Raleigh is an energetic, thriving area. Great restaurants, great entrepreneurial community, and a lot of talent. When hosting customers and partners, and when recruiting new team members, being located near Glenwood South is a huge benefit. There’s a reason people are relocating in droves to the area, and Raleigh keeps making all of the national awesomeness lists - and we’re proud to be part of that. - KARL RECTANUS, CO-FOUNDER AND CEO

Lea(R)n is a B Corp team of educators, researchers, and technologists committed to equitable access to education that works for teachers and students. Lea(R)n developed LearnPlatform—the first and only comprehensive edtech management system. LearnPlatform equips administrators to organize, streamline, and analyze all facets of the education technology so they can make informed instructional, operational, and financial decisions; meet and maintain federal and state compliance reporting requirements; and measure impact. Lea(R)n has doubled in size every year since its inception in 2014 and recently attracted major investors during a round of series A funding.

2018 State of Downtown Raleigh Report  
2018 State of Downtown Raleigh Report