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To Downtown Phoenix, With Love

Love letters to our city

Lovely reader, The story of any city is a story of love. So what if you could write to your city - to take just a moment and put pen to paper, confessing your true feelings for the space, the community and the memories made? In late January 2014 we asked our Downtown residents, visitors, employees and admirers to pause for a moment and write a note to Downtown Phoenix, With Love. A letter template and some heart stickers were provided, and the Love Drop Mail Box was deployed to markets, parks and everywhere in between. The following pages are a record of what’s been collected so far. The project isn’t done, however. There’s still time to take a second and share your love for our city. We hope you write. With Love, Downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix,

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Produced by Downtown Phoenix Inc. 2014

To Downtown Phoenix With Love  
To Downtown Phoenix With Love  

Love letters to Downtown Phoenix