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➤ BEFORE STONEWALL, from p.37 ‘30s, as well as “Howl� in the ‘50s. What can you say about the suppression of queer culture? ROSENBERG: One of the challenges was a lawsuit about being able send [queer] material through the mail. Allen Ginsberg won a similar lawsuit. SCHILLER: I remember talking to Barbara Grier who was active in The Ladder. She told a story about how hard it was to get women to have their photo on the cover or inside their magazine. Communists were also closeted at the time; people outside the party didn’t know they were in the party, even though they were leaders. Homosexuals, same thing. They were closeted but out. It’s a weird thing. ROSENBERG: Lorraine Hansberry wrote for The Ladder under a pseudonym. For the majority of people, it was repressive and dangerous. We need to remember that and honor that as well. KRAMER: What were your criteria for whom to interview — the film features a mix of well-known and unknown people? How did you find them and get them to agree to discuss their lives and work? ROSENBERG: I contacted lots of people asking if they you knew people over 70. That’s how I found Ted Rolfs, who makes the comment, “From Stonehenge to Stonewall.�

➤ QUEER KINO, from p.38 the men. “Fox and His Friendsâ€? is brilliantly acted by Fassbinder, who makes his character’s pathos quite moving. The series also includes Fassbinder’s last film, 1982’s “Querelleâ€? (June 22 at 9: 15 p.m.). This hothouse drama, based on a Jean Genet novel, drips with eroticism from its first shot of the sweaty, shirtless title character (Brad Davis). Fassbinder’s camera fetishizes Davis, clad in his tight, white sailor’s uniform, in a way that makes him irresistible. When Querelle enters a bar cum brothel, he cheats at a game of dice, inducing Nono (GĂźnther Kaufmann) to sodomize him. As Querelle becomes sexually intimate with several other men, he continuously denies his homosexuality (as do most of the film’s | June 20 - June 26, 2019

He volunteered at the San Francisco Community Center. He was a real find and not on the radar of historians. JosÊ Sarria, Harry Hay, and Audre Lorde, we sought out. SCHILLER: When we started the project, we put ads in print media and sent out press releases. We wanted people to be geographically dispersed as well: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and New York. We had local researchers. We’d put a call out that we were looking for this or that and we’d pre-interview folks so we could find the best people to represent a story from each decade. Donna — who talks about her girlfriend being put in a mental institution — we were in her house and she was flirting like crazy with Andrea. Andrea used her charm to get Donna to let us use her photographs. We had to seduce people to be on camera. KRAMER: What are your thoughts on how things have changed in the 35 years since you made the film? ROSENBERG: Ironically, I think that that moment in 1983, making the film, is now a historical moment for millennials — it’s before they were born. BEFORE STONEWALL | Directed by Greta Schiller; co-directed by Robert Rosenberg | First Run Features | Opens Jun. 21| Quad Cinema, 34 W. 13th St.;

other male characters). Fassbinder’s film addresses issues of masculinity and sexuality in intriguing ways here. An act of violence — Querelle murders a sailor — is steeped in erotic gestures. A scene where Querelle, covered in coal dust, talks with the Lieutenant Seblon (Franco Nero), who desires him, is achingly seductive. And there are phallic and other erotic images throughout the film, including the designs on the brothel’s windows. But for all the atmosphere, the emotions seem lacking. “Querelle� is not Fassbinder’s best film, but it is certainly one of his queerest, and it yields tremendous visual delights. QUEER KINO | Jun. 21-27 | Quad Cinema, 34 W. 13th St.;

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Gay City News - June 20, 2019  

June 20, 2019

Gay City News - June 20, 2019  

June 20, 2019