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The Kamloops Thompson Honour Choir gets together to pose for a group photo on the beach in Sunnybrae, B.C.

Singing the way to a Technicolor Christmas Consistently drawing large audiences, the acclaimed choral groups, Kamloops Thompson Children’s Choir and the Kamloops Thompson Honour Choir present: “A Technicolor Christmas�, an evening of top caliber symphonic chorus at the Sagebrush Theatre. Kamloops Thompson Honour Choir is an award-winning choir, currently with 54 members, comprised of students in grades five to eight from throughout the Kamloops School District. This mixed choir sings three and four part harmonies with instrumental accompaniment, as well as a cappella selections. The choir is directed by Christy Gauley, the accompanist is Deborah Wilms and the membership is managed by Leah Clare. This year marks the choir’s 36th anniversary. The year’s highlights






FinE CoFFEEs & tEAs

include a trip to Victoria where members sang in front of the Parliament Buildings. The Honour Choir also teamed up with Western Canada Theatre for this year’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The Kamloops Thompson Children’s Choir, was formed as a preparatory choir to the Honour Choir, to maintain and encourage high choral performance standards. Musically gifted children are recommended to the membership by their school music teacher with the choir currently consisting of about 40 children in grades three and four. Directors, Jayne Latta and Jennica Alpaugh, accompanist Cheryl Copeland and manager Leah Clare, provide a challeng+#")!EARLUG'#$ECINDD ing repertoire that includes a variety of age and message-appropriate songs, which expand the







student’s vocal technique and skill. Besides having received standing ovations for their performances, The Children’s Choir has also been featured on Vancouver based writer and entertainer, Ishdafish’s CD of children’s songs. The memberships meet at the Henry Grube Education Center to rehearse for their two formal concerts held each year. The group also tours various schools in the district, allowing the choirs to showcase their talents, develop performance skills and encourage other students to pursue future memberships. During their tenure with the choirs, children learn the skills necessary to work as part of a team, while developing their music knowledge and self-confidence. – continued on page 2


light lunChEs

229 Victoria Street 250-372-3565 449 Tranquille Road 250-376-0058 Royal Inland Hospital (Front Entrance) FoRmERly Cowboy CoFFEE

 n December 8, 2011

naturalhealth d i r e c to ry exercise your brain by Knitting! Knitting is therapeutic, relaxing and self-satisfying.

Donna’s yarn & crafts 250-376-3381 • Fortune shopping centre

Intuitive Healing - Michele Gieselman offers Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Workshops

#2-231 Victoria Street • 250- 851-0966 www. • Gift Certificates Available Breath Integration Counselling & Training Centre

Create the life you want! Lynn Aylward and Cory Erlandson Counselling, Body Work, Training Centre & Sunday Spiritual Service

#204 - 535 Tranquille Road • 250-554-6707 Registered Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher


News for Americans living in Canada Cathy McLeod, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Revenue announced in Question Period recently that the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has agreed to show leniency to American citizens who are living in Canada and have not filed annual US tax returns. “This situation has been causing great anxiety among Canadians with dual citizenship,� said McLeod. “The Finance Minister has been working closely with American officials on a common

sense solution and we appreciate their engagement, particularly the US Ambassador.� Under this new policy, if US citizens living in Canada file tax returns late and owe no taxes, there will be no penalties for failing to file. In addition, those who fail to report regarding their bank account can retroactively file a report along with an explanation as to why they were late. If the IRS determines there is reasonable cause, no penalty will be imposed.

Wow Kamloops, that’s a lot of tickets!

Craniosacral Therapy • Visceral & Myofascial release • Osteopathic Techniques. Private & semi private yoga sessions. Gift certificates.

Darlene fair: 405-153 Seymour Street • 250-318-6300

The fOCuS IS On SuCCeSSful AgIng!

Discover all natural, non-invasive facials for successful aging. Healthy skin is beautiful skin!

301-141 Victoria Street (above Bikini Bills) • 250.828-0909

Pratt’s Compounding Pharmacy

• Corn and Lactose Free Medications and Supplements • Gluten-Free Medications • Bio-Identical Hormones • Topical Pain Gels Chris pictured at left

100 - 321 nicola Street • 250.374.7226 Paul laviolette, hhP, ACTP, RCRT

Trigger Point massage, Senior’s Trigger Point chair massage, Advanced Reflexology, Workshops on Self-Treatment for pain.

rooms For rEnt

213-141 Victoria St. • 250-319-7292 •

Audra’s Image & Wellness Day Spa Wellness Professionals wanted 2 rooms for rent

280 W. Victoria St. • Call Audra 250.372.3626 Mighty Oak Midwifery Care BC Registered Midwives. Services covered by BC Care Card. Personal family-centered maternity care. • • 250-377-8611

The PIlATeS TRee - 250.320.BODY (2639)

Christine Waterman: Building strength from the inside out. We offer: mat, reformer class, privates & semi privates

#101-409 Seymour St. • DYnAMIC Massage Works with Brittanya Beddington Holistic Wellness or Stone Therapy Massage Foot or Back Scrub with Massage

e: P: 250-320-0475

Melanie Roberts, RMT is pleased to announce the opening of Maximum Health Massage Therapy

For rEnt

6 - 665 Tranquille Rd. • 778-470-5758 or book appts. at fRequenT ADVeRTISIng WORkS!

Keeps your Wellness business top of mind by advertising in the Echo’s Natural Health Directory Call 250-374-eChO (3246) for more info. When one of our advertisers asks you where you saw their ad...

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Maria Wetterstrand (L) and Donna Nelson of Impark accept some toys from Tanner Frilund in trade for his tickets on November 24 as Impark offered a one-day, four-hour event during which anyone who had an unpaid Impark parking violation notice could have it waived by making a toy donation to The Salvation Army. Those with multiple unpaid violations had to bring an equal number of toys to match the number of Impark parking violation notices they would like waived. Impark received over 675 toys from Kamloops alone!

Childrens’ choirs delight

– continued from page 1 While the choirs are sponsored in part by our School District, music specialists who contribute to a vital niche in our arts community foster these groups. Many parents who volunteer their time and undertake various fundraising activities to enable choir members to raise funds for their expenses join these dedicated local teachers. Expanding the possibilities of their choral performance, this year the Winter Concert at the Sagebrush Theatre will include an adult guest choir. Comprised of 28 members from the Kamloops area, this mixed community choir has dubbed themselves, “Serious Optionâ€?. From these three talented ensembles, audience members, young and old, can look forward to hearing uplifting, seasonal favorites and a varying repertoire that includes selections of classical, pop, folk, jazz and world music. Don’t miss Technicolor Christmas at the Sagebrush Theatre on December 11 at 6:30 p.m. with admission by donation! Jody Tippett, freelance !-

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If the World

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ount Theat the Param and 4:30pm 10th. we all day, December lude: community atre on Satur inc n As a global ers ma apt Hu Ch common: in Global day the a share Welcome to on Detionalities; Rights Day Village; Na ny Ma Reth. es; 10 Ag ; cember Languages ial-cause Air and civil and soc ligions; Food; acd an ns ing tio ool isa organ Water; Sch n rights ney and tive in huma Literacy; Mo icspecial ctr Ele le ns; edu sch Possessio memothe Past; events to com eed, ity; Village in . Ind Future; rate the day Village in the ildren exan n Ch 2011 has bee Teaching Vilyear for bal ry Glo ina ord the tra About . w the Calhuman rights lage; and Ho the de. Ma re We To a child, s culation very big by doworld is a Admission is many food bank place with so nation and ny ma reciatso faces in not a big items are app man many to Though it is ate Hu places, too aning behind ed. Celebr ne me e alo th , let ok bo picture, Rights Day! it is deep. know. you So what if ld a chi could show over 7 population – the world’s age, lanexplore how ional billion – and cat mic and edu would guage, econo and culture the status, food hin if looking wit break down KWUU]WVM ]VQ\ML KWVĂ…VM[ WN all sm In a very nity of 100? VS MĂ…\[ ][ \W \PQ _WZTL Q\ JMV ies and culntr cou er of oth ghnei oor t-d tures as nex we should om bors with wh live in peace. te animaThe 25 minu World Were tion, “If the 100 People,â€? a Village of on the chil(2009) based by David J. ren’s book up a positive ves Smith, ser tpromotes cri message and ut global isabo ing ical think lts adu d en an sues in childr m es are 3:30p alike. Show tim

As a global community we all share a day in common: Human Rights Day on December 10th. Many civil and social-cause organizations active in human rights schedule special events to commemorate the day. Indeed, 2011 has been an extraordinary year for human rights. There are To aan.child, the world is a very an, Ir camp in Semn People d the world. n many faces in so many untry aroun bigfuplace l humaso with nta me nda eir r more of th Rà HH DUHIRUFHGW WHGDQGWKH\places, too many to picture, let alone a refugee. know. So what if you could show a child the world’s population (over 6 billion) and ? explore how age, language, economic be treated yourself� is: and educational status, food and culture ng with people.would break down if looking within andments.


nts say that you don’t really


have to listen to.

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or playing music. t a group of people. often wrong. an entire group that are VLQVILWK\WZÂź[WNĂ…KM

“zee-no-foe-be-uh�)? hines.

X. ol detention.


of 100 people

It’s a small world for kids the lIttle



the confines of one united community of 100? In a very small world, it benefits us to think of other countries and cultures as next-door neighbors with whom we should live in peace. The 25 minute animation, “If the World Were a Village of 100 People,� (2009) based on the children’s book, David J. Smith, serves up a positive message and promotes critical thinking about global issues in children and adults alike. Show times are 3:30pm and 4:30pm at the Paramount Theatre, 503 Victoria Street, on Saturday, December 10th. Admission is by donation and food bank items are appreciated.

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No one got out of jail free!

The Thompson Nicola Cariboo United Way is pleased to announce that the RCMP Jail and Bail Event held Thursday, November 25, at the Tournament Capital Centre (TCC) raised $40,070 for the United Way Community Fund. Brenda Aynsley, United Way executive director, thanks Superintendent Yves Lacasse for his leadership of the event. Lacasse and his team managed to round up and arrest 57 well-known local offenders who were found guilty and fined by Judge Tony Ryan. All were charged with being community boosters and fined a minimum of $500. The most prolific offender was Becky Clements, branch manager Interior Savings Credit Union who raised bail of over $3000. Other notable prolific offenders right behind her were Vince Cavaliere, Doug Wittal and Dr. Todd Ring. Pictured here from L-R are Andrew Neuner, Interior Health vice president, RIH emergency Dr. Todd Ring, along with KCBIA general manager Gay Pooler, who was feeling a little elfish as she was taken away!

s ’ n o s a Sreeetings G

Connie Swanson

Carol Bone

Gibraltar Law Group

Manshadi Pharmacy

Lunch: Monday - Friday Dinner: Monday - Saturday Group Events | Christmas Parties Saturday, January 21 Wine Dinner with Hester Creek Winery 326 Victoria Street • 250-374-2913

An ipad.

Tickets to see Shania Twain in Vegas.

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Teck helps the homeless

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Independently owned and operated by Edge Publishing, the Downtown Echo is distributed weekly throughout downtown Kamloops. We focus on activities and events at the neighbourhood level, and on larger events with direct impact on our neighbourhood. The Downtown Echo is available free to you because we are advertising supported. Please support the local businesses that support this newspaper through their advertising - remember when you shop locally, the money you spend remains in our community. Disclaimer: The publisher will not be responsible for errors or omissions. Due care and attention is used in checking advertising copy for accuracy and legitimacy, but no warranty is implied or given by the publisher. The publisher reserve the right to refuse any advertising or editorial submissions which they believe to be inconsistent with the concept of this publication. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the contributors/writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the publisher.

Teck Resources Ltd: Highland Valley Operations presented a cheque for $50,000 to United Way on November 24 at the Kamloops HAP Housing Board meeting in support of the Kamloops Homelessness Action Plan (HAP). This will support the plan’s goals of helping individuals bridge to financial independence through life skills training and programs. Pictured here (L- R) are Danalee Coates, community development coordinator of the United Way; Peter Martell, environment & community affairs of TECK; Jacqui Schneider, senior community affairs officer of TECK; Nicole Beauregard, City of Kamloops; Blake Collins, City of Kamloops; and Tangie Genshorek, HAP coordinator.

Charity yoga event helps kids in need The holiday season can be a busy and stressful time of year for many. Take time out for yourself and destress with yoga. A local Kamloops yoga teacher and business owner is choosing to give back just before Christmas by offering a community yoga class. On Friday, December 16th Lynn Roberts, director and owner of Innergy Corporate Yoga Inc. will be leading participants through a 60-minute yoga class at Let’s Move Yoga Studio, 925 McGill Road. The holiday-themed class will focus on detoxifying twists, stress-busting stretches for the whole body and much needed rest and relaxation. “It’s so important not to let stress

take over your life during the holidays,” says Lynn. “We know how harmful stress is, both physically and mentally. We need to take time out for ourselves and just reconnect to our breath again.” After the yoga class, Lynn will be handing out free meal replacement shakes and chocolate samples and leading participants through a free 15-minute health seminar on the benefits of nutritional cleansing, which include ridding the body of harmful toxins, improved energy, better sleep and weight loss. “Since I started regularly cleansing my body, I have noticed weight loss, more energy, and I need far less sleep at night,” Lynn says. “I

feel better now than I did in my early 20’s and I love helping other people get the results I got.” Admission to yoga is on a first come, first served basis, is by donation and all proceeds go to the Children’s Wish Foundation of BC. Lynn has two children herself and feels strongly about giving back to this much needed foundation, especially during the Christmas season. Staying for the health seminar and samples after yoga is optional. For more information or to speak with Lynn Roberts about this Charity Yoga event, please contact Innergy Corporate Yoga at 250-572-4162 or

%FDL#VJMEJOH(BNFTGPSCPBSEHBNFGBOT Dominion • Eaten by Zombies! Thunderstone • Ascension Star Trek • Resident Evil

contact us at:

PHONE: 250-374-ECHO (3246) FAX: 250-374-3247 EMAIL: snail mail: #1 - 219 Victoria St, Kamloops, BC V2C 2A1

334 Seymour St • 250-377-0745

DOWNTOWN echo December 8, 2011 n  Business profile

Legends will keep your game on

Kamloops is known for its many top-notch golf courses and when the sun is shining, you can be sure that the balls are flying all over town. The problem has always been though that once the frost sets in, our area golfers have to trade in their clubs for a pair of skis and a snow shovel. Once spring comes, they dust off the clubs, start practicing that swing again and head out on the links only to realize that they have lost most of the improvement that they gained the year before. At this time each year, Kamloops golfers have their bags packed up and are dreaming of the days when they will once again be out with their buddies laughing, swinging and shooting their balls. Thanks to Dave and Karen Burrows they do not need to dream any longer. It may be cold, 100% toaccommo100%but proceeds go to in, proceeds Legends alsogocan cloudy and windy outside elizabeth Fry Society elizabeth Fry Society at the Burrows’ Legends Indoor Dave and Karen date parties and groups for functions and other video games. Golf, downtown Kamloops’ Calendars are Burrows $20 at: want you toCalendars are $20 at: Their giant are the ultinewest entertainment facilities, Ruby Room, 265screens Victoria Ruby Room, 265 Victoria come in and takeDoctor a mate gamers fantasy and their it is always the perfect conditions Love, 463 Lansdowne Doctor Love, 463 Lansdowne for a great game of golf. swing at their private function room would be ultimate ‘Call of Duty’ play “Our state of the art facilnew facility. the off room. ity includes six simulators, a Stop by and check out the licensed snack bar, and a retail and reception area which makes different world-class golf cours- all new Legends Indoor Golf it the perfect place for playing 18 es, take lessons or just practice Facility. It is the perfect place to keep up on your game throughholes, practicing your swing or their swing. “Our facility integrates the lat- out the winter months, enjoy taking a lesson,� explains Dave Burrows who along with his est technology in swing dynam- some time out with friends, wife Karen owns and operates ics analysis, ball spin and control throw a company gathering or Legends. “We are the perfect tracking and club fitting tech- birthday party and practice your place to enjoy golf year round, nology by HDGolf,� continues swing. It is also a great gift relax after work, enjoy an eve- Dave. “We have teamed with idea for those golfers on your ning of golf with friends or host local golf teaching profession- Christmas list. Legends Indoor als to offer the highest level of Golf is conveniently located at a unique and fun event.� Legends Indoor Golf is open enjoyment, game improvement 202-450 Lansdowne Street inside seven days a week from 10am and development opportunities Lansdowne Village between to in golfers of all ages and experiBooster and Dollarama. until 8pm, 10pm onNext weekends bout Nov. 19 Armstrong. Next bout Nov. 19Juice in Armstrong. ence levels.� can reach them by phone at and 6pm on Sundays. It atcan Details DetailsYou at In addition to being the ulti-tournamentcityderbydolls 250-377-4653. accommodate six groupstournamentcityderbydolls of golf1.16 oct 20.indd 1 Orozco, freelance Tanya ers at once who can play on 21 mate place to get a game of golf

get your tCDD 2012 CalenDar toDay!

get your derby doll calendar today!

'033&/5 #&%300. $03/&36/*5"15


get your derby doll calendar today!

Calendars are $20 at: Ruby Room, 265 Victoria Doctor Love, 463 Lansdowne 100% proceeds go to elizabeth Fry Society Away bout in Armstrong Nov. 19. Watch for a home bout this spring!

give the nurturing touch of an exclusive aveda aromatherapy spa package or treatment this holiday season gift certificates available online at

ardeo / ardeo / v.NovDec2011.indd TC 1.8V 1 to glow. 2 to burn. 3 to be on fire.


267 Fourth Avenue, Kamloops 250.374.8881 Open Mon-Sat 9am - 5pm

11/9/11 1:41:02 PM

 n December 8, 2011


PIT Stop dinner and donations

Use Downtown Gift CertifiCAtes to bUy... Art, gluten-free foods, homemade soups & baking, teas and french press coffee! Downtown Gift Certificates are available at: At Second Glance Books Golden Buddha • Genesis Kamloops Florist Ltd. Fresh Healthy Cafe • KCBIA

Pictured here: Christina Grono of The Art We Are

For more info go to or call 250.372.3242 ProudLy SPonSored By tHIS CommunIty mInded BuSIneSS

New Year's Eve Party! Ring in the New Year with Central Station Pub!

sat. dEc. 31

central station pub c/c • DJ- Music

• Party Favors • Champagne at midnight Reserve Early! No Cover.

126 4th Ave • 250-372-3388

Plus size styles perfect for any party

The Kamloops United Church is hosting their 10th annual PIT (People in Transition) Stop Christmas dinner on December 18 to help those less fortunate have a warm holiday meal. In addition to the dinner, the church is also looking for item donations for gift bags that they hope to give out during the dinner. Items they are looking to have for the gift bags include nail clippers, gloves, long underwear, warm

socks, tooth brushes and paste, travel-size shampoo and conditioner, combs, washcloths, canned fruit snacks, juice boxes, chocolates, kettle corn and Mandarin oranges. Other possibilities are toques, scarves, towels and transit tickets. New items are preferred. If you would like to donate any of these items, please drop them off at the Kamloops United Church located at 421 St. Paul St.

awesome undergrad Kelsey Gilker, assistant administrator at the Kamloops Arts Council, was just awarded the TRU Foundation Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship.

Honouring Emily Carr

Join the Kamloops Art Gallery as they honour the 140th Anniversary of the birth of Emily Carr, along with galleries and museums all over Canada. The film Winds of Heaven explores the spirit that informed the life of one of Canada’s most celebrated and irrepressible painters. Attend the screening or pick up a copy of the internationally acclaimed film at the Gallery Store. Emily Carr began painting in an era when women didn’t, at an age when most people shouldn’t; traveling to remote locations that few professional adventurers chose to go. Not only did she adopt the painting techniques of Modernism, when such ideas were considered dangerous, Carr chronicled the extraordinary art and culture of native peoples, who were invisible to the dominant culture. Community viewing is on Thursday, December 15 with doors opening at 6:30pm, film beginning at 7:00pm for this free movie at the Kamloops Art Gallery, 101- 465 Victoria St.

Let us bring you

Comfort & Joy 2 Dz boutique

Dresses that flatter your curves


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DOWNTOWN echo December 8, 2011 n 

Nominate your favourite artist or arts organization

Five years later, the category for the annual Mayor’s Gala for the Arts is Artistic Innovation in the Arts. Throughout past years, there have been key individuals who have generously contributed their time and effort to and have valuably impacted the arts within Kamloops. In recognition of this exceptional involvement, the Mayor’s Gala for the Arts was created. Following each Mayor’s Gala, the recognition and loyalty of these individuals does not diminish or

weaken. It grows stronger. The intention of this award ceremony is not only to recognize individuals during a single occasion, but to strengthen our community support and loyalty as well. It is our duty to continue to promote these individuals, as their contributions have allowed the arts in Kamloops to flourish. The deadline for nominations is anytime before or on the day of Friday, December 9. Applications that arrive after the deadline will

not be considered. Submissions will be accepted by fax or electronically and should be typed, not hand written, clear, concise and legible. Please make sure to include all requirements listed on the nomination form and guidelines, as incomplete submission packages will not be considered. These documents are available on the City of Kamloops, Western Canada Theatre, Kamloops Symphony or Kamloops Art Gallery websites. Nomination

packages can be faxed to: 250374-7099 or emailed to info@ with Mayor’s Award for the Arts in the subject line. The goal is to acknowledge and celebrate artistic innovation, cultivate a greater visibility and appreciation of the value of the arts, encourage excellence in the arts and build relationships within the arts community. For more information contact Lacey Stark at 250-372-3216 ext 24 or lacey@

safe for the season!

With the holiday season upon us, City of Kamloops Community Safety and the RCMP want you to ensure your vehicle and your valuables are not at risk.

DO pay attention to your surroundings when you are placing items in your vehicle (make sure you are not being observed)


DON’T leave your items unattended for long periods of time (where possible, take things home between trips)




       #")""'!+!#'#*"'#*"*'$!"'+#$% " '&%'$!'#%#("#('+#(%#!+&#$$" "&#*" '%''')"(

3 in 1 Gift Certificates Mon-Thurs & Sat 9-5:30 Fri 9-8

Choose from fashions and accessories, hair styling services or great day spa treatments.

#3 - 319 Victoria St • 250-374-9755


 n December 8, 2011 safe, sustainable, inspired

Gifts, toys, games, science kits, puzzles and more for children & adults.

Best Beauty Buys Sahali Centre Mall 250-372-3339


• Ethically produced • Fair trade • Organic • Speciality • Non-battery • Recycled plastics • Wooden • Independent • Locally owned

Sahali Mall

Get an early Start FOr ChriStMaS!

December 1 - 31

Safari Jeff’s Human Nature Exhibit Fun, educational and interactive – for the whole family. Live animals and activity stations. $5 admission, under 3 years old are free – 25% of proceeds to Kamloops Autism Program. Open Mon-Wed plus Fri 9:30-5:30. Sat. and Sun. 125pm. Closed Thurs.

Great ideas for the whole family.

Unique lry Fashion Jewe 25-50% OFF

One of a kind with you in mind


beachin’ s clothing & gift 5625 8.471. Sahali Mall 77

december events


Open December 1 Kamloops Hospice Gift Shop and Tree of Life - Every item has been hand-made by Hospice Auxiliary members. Many one-of-a-kind items sell out within hours. While visiting you can commemorate those you love who are no longer here with a coloured light on the Hospice Tree of Life.

December 9 & 10 The Pinegrove Residents Auxiliary Piñata Raffle - Crafted by the residents, these piñata are too beautiful to break. But they will be filled with goodies none-the-less and 6 lucky winners will get to take them home. These one-of-a-kind piñatas will be up for raffle Dec 9 and 10 with the draw on the 11th. You have to see these to believe them.

saturDay, December 10 Santa arrives December 10th – come and get your photo taken!

saturDay, December 10 from 11am-12:30pm Now, We open 7 days a Week!!

BC’s ONLY Tupperware Store

Located in Sahali Mall Store Hours Mon-Sat 9:30am-5:30pm Earning Opportunity, Home Parties & Fundraisers!

Spa Products • Skin Care to Advanced Anti-aging Mention this ad for free skin analysis and samples. 250-377-3940 or 250-572-3940

Magic Show for Children - Take a break from shopping chores to give your children a chance to play under the guidance of Enriched Daycare where play is always fun and educational.

December 10 & 17 from 9:30am-2pm The Farmers’ Market Comes in out of the Cold - Farmers clear out their winter produce, sells their preserves and offers their crafts inside the comfort of Sahali Mall.

saturDay, December 17 from 12-4pm Performers from the Long & McQuade Music Program- Parents, families, friends, everyone welcome. Long & McQuade brings the Christmas spirit into the mall.

sat, Dec. 17 from 11:05-11:45am Kamloops Symphony Lead Cellist and His String Group Perform - Martin Kratky and friends provide beautiful Christmas music to sooth the most harried shopper. 250-374-3033 • 945 Columbia Street West • Plenty of free parking

christmas hOUrs: Monday to Thursday 9:30am-8:00pm, Friday

9:30am-9:00pm, Saturday 9:30am-5:30pm, Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm

DOWNTOWN echo December 8, 2011 n 

Holiday fun at Wildlife Park The BC Wildlife Park in is about to launch its 14th annual Wildlights Celebration. The highlight of this year’s event will be a new and spectacular laser light show debuting nightly at 6:30 and 8:30pm. Also new this year are photos with Santa! The park is also featuring their traditional family favourite activities, everything from nightly performances by Uncle Chris the Clown by the log cabin (except December 18, 24 and 31) to wolf feeding at 7:00pm each night. Enjoy holiday treats from the Blue Heron Cafe and the log cabin and don’t forget the challenging holiday maze. Ride the Wildlife Express Mini Train and enjoy the wagon ride through North America’s wildlife. Say hello to the animals at the Home Hardware Double H Corral

Family Farm including the latest additions, the pot-bellied pigs. There will be hundreds of thousands of lights on display throughout the park and special indoor activities for the kids. Catch the Wildlights Special Bus running Saturdays (December 10, 17 and 24) from Lansdowne Exchange at 6:10 and 7:10pm, and receive a 10 percent discount at the gift shop. The festival runs nightly from December 9 to January 2, every day except Christmas Day from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. Tickets may be purchased in advance at each Senor Froggy location or online at The BC Wildlife Park is located 15 minutes east of Kamloops on the Trans Canada Highway, and take exit 390 or 391. For more information call 250-573-3242.

Win WCT tickets and more! Western Canada Theatre (WCT) is hosting a raffle draw to take place over the next three months. Tickets will be sold at Sagebrush Theatre through current and upcoming productions. The raffle draw date is February 6, 2012 at 12:00pm in the Pavilion Theatre Lobby. WCT was able to work with a variety of extremely generous and fantastic organizations and as a result was able to put together

three amazing raffle prizes. Prizes include a WestJet flight for two to Halifax, custom piece jewelry by Doug Andrews at Karatristics, a Run Club gift certificate, and dinner for two at Ric’s Grill plus two Western Canada Theatre three packs. For more information please contact Lacey Stark marketing and special events assistant at or 250-3723216 ext 24.

Goessman Denture Clinic A Proud Tradition of Denture Crafts Professional Personalized Denture Services Allen E. Goessman 603 St. Paul Street, Downtown


If the World Were a Village of 100 People...

A short animation about the world’s people

Saturday, 10 December 2011 | Paramount Theatre, Kamloops

3:30pm & 4:30pm

Admission by Donation + Food Bank Item

Great People – Exceptional Companies

HEad offiCE - KamlooPS 600 - 235 1st avenue Branches in Prince George & Kelowna 250-374-3853 • Temporary • Permanent • Contract • Executive Search • Since 1992...

s ea d I t if G s a tm is hr C t a re G • Irons Bobbin Winders much more! • Snap Sacks & its K of ns To • rs Blade Sharpene

y a D g in p p o h S s ’ n e M . 11 • 12-4pm Sunday, Dec

Come in and

20% tomfafs Chrrisics in fab cember De

Tea & Shop

fill your ladies

wish list

free giifntg wrapp

s a tm is r h C f o s y a D 12

40% off. m is offered at Each day 1 ite d see what it is. Come in an

Sunday, Dec.

18 • 12-4pm

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Heather’s Fabric Shelf 4 - 685 Tranquille Road (beside Baskin Robbins) 250.376.7630 •

10 n December 8, 2011


259 Tranquille Road (next to Adultz) 250-554-1501


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Only 20 min from Kamloops

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Lessons, learn to Ski or Snowboard! Gift Cards - You choose! Tube Park Tickets - Have a Party! Lift Tickets - Singles or Ticket Packs Tickets Available at



Plenty of Christmas activities n Simply Christmas at the n The Kamloops Choristers and Old Courthouse Gallery, 7 West their guests “Polished Brass� on Seymour St. New works by local Dec. 9 at 7:30pm at St. Andrews artists and continuing with “Tiny Presbyterian Church, 6th and Tidings,� small handcrafted stock- Douglas St. Admission by donaing stuffers and token gift items. tion. FMI contact Loretta at 250No HST, free parking, handicap 376-9826. accessible. Open 10-5 Tues to Fri, n Christmas: Unwrapped 10-4 Sat. Open to noon Dec. 24. presented by the TRU Actors n Adopt a Family for Big Workshop. Dec. 8-10 and 15-17. Brothers Big Sisters of Kamloops Tickets at the TRUAWT Box and make a families Christmas a Office. FMI and reservations call little merrier. Most of the hamper 250-377-6100. recipients are single mothers and n Christmas Luncheon for truly are in need. FMI call 250- Royal Inland Hospital Retirees on 374-6134. Dec. 9, from 11:30am to 1pm at n Parking survey - give your ABC Country Restaurant, 1835 opinion on the increase of down- Rogers Way. RSVP by Dec. 2. to town parking meter rates by going 250-828-2724. to n “Save the Date� on Dec. 13 n Tournament City Derby Dolls at 7:30am for WINC members calendars are now available at and friends to meet with Santa at The Ruby Room, 265 Victoria St., the Alzheimer Society Resource DoctorLove, 463 Lansdowne St., Centre, 543 Battle St. Proceeds All A-Board Games, 334 Seymour to Investors Group Walk for St. and The Echo, 1-219 Victoria Memories. RSVP to 250-377-8200 St. 100 percent of the proceeds go or to Elizabeth Fry Society. n Annual Christmas Charity n Christmas gift wrapping Networking Evening presentbeing offered by The Canadian ed by Kamloops Business and Cancer Society at Aberdeen Mall Professional Women’s Club on to Dec.24. FMI call 250 374-9188 Dec. 15 from 5 to 8pm at Lynx’s or email Grill, 1200 Summit Dr. FMI or To volunteer, call 250-374-9188. RSVP call Donna 250-828-1945. n Out of the Cold homeless n Artist David Langevin at the shelter volunteers needed. If Hampton Gallery, 167 4th Ave. interested in helping out on this until Dec. 15. David’s landscapes worthy cause call Maybelle at 250- and trees are filled with an inner 376-4161. glow of light. FMI 250-374-2400. n Winter Wonderland n Christmas Dinner for adults, Burlesque on Dec. 8 at the Blue presented by the Francophone Grotto, 319 Victoria St. Doors Association on Dec. 17 at 348 8pm. For ages 19+. FMI or if Fortune Dr. Potluck dinner and gift interested in performing visit: face- exchange. FMI 250-376-6060. n Toastmasters - Learn to n Social Mixer presented by conduct meetings and give Kamloops Immigrant Services on impromptu or prepared speeches. Dec. 8 from 4-6pm at Kamloops Overlander club meets Tues. 7Immigrant Services, 109 Victoria 9pm at Maurya’s, 165 Victoria St. FMI 250-372-0855. 11/18/11 4:03:44 St.PMHigh Country Achievers club n The B3 Kings on Dec. 8 at meets Thurs. 7-9pm at Desert 7:30pm at Kamloops Convention Gardens, 540 Seymour St. Centre, 1250 Rogers Way. Morning Sun club meets Thurs. Tickets at Kamloops Live Box 7-8:15am, at Desert Gardens. Office or 250-374-5483. FMI go to www. n CMHA Youth Clubhouse invites youth aged 13-18 to join n The Art We Are, 246 Victoria them at 857 Seymour St., Mondays St. 250-828-7998. Haiti Fundraiser to Fridays from 4:30pm to 9:30pm with The Wild Oaks, Taryn Iadarola for fun activities, exciting nights and City of Sparks at 7pm on Dec. out, movies and more. For more 9. Poetry Slam on Dec. 14 at 8pm info call 250-374-0440.

7 seymour street w • 250-372-7323

7 seymour street w • 250-372-7323

DOWNTOWN echo December 8, 2011 n 11 horoscopes nOVemBeR 2011 DeCemBeR 2011

Your Horoscope

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21) A passionate party for two might be just the remedy. It might be best to keep your ideas to yourself kamloops arts council this week. Traffic will be busier than you anticipated, sopresents try to get a head start. You may find that your mate is well aware of the circumstances. CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 20) You can make favourable changes in your home environment. You must look into your options. You need to refrain from being the generous one in the group. Too much talk might lead to hassles. AQUARIUS (Jan 21-Feb 19) Get involved in groups that can offer intellectual stimulation. You will be emotional about money matters. Luck is with you. Be up front if you don’t want to be embarrassed. PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20) Don’t let coworkers get wind of your ideas 7 seymour street w or they might try• 250-372-7323 to take credit for your hard work. Travel will be on your mind, but you should be sure that you’ve got all your work up-to-date. You are better off visiting friends or relatives than entertaining at home. ARIES (Mar 21-April 20)  Friends and relatives may not understand your needs. Empty promises could be likely where work is concerned. Erratic behavior may confuse others, and mood swings may result in KAC 1.8 May-Dec2011.indd 1 isolation. You may have a problem with coworkers if you try to tell them what to do. TAURUS (Apr 21-May 21) Beware of someone who is trying to make you look bad. Your greatest enjoyment will come through social activities and pleasure trips. You will find that superiors may not see situations as you do. Deception is likely. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Do not confront situations unless you are sure you have a good understanding of the dilemma. Talk to an older family member you have helped in the past. If you can include them in your plans, do so. Spend time with friends or family. CANCER (June 22-July 22) You may have to explain your actions to your family. Put your time and energy into home improvement. Limitations with females could lead to unfortunate circumstances. Don’t do silly just to get back at your mate. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) You could be blind to the defects of those you love. Comfort is a necessity. Check your motives. Don’t make promises. Your emotional stability may influence the changes taking place in your personal life. VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept 23) You can have a great time if you go out with the one you love. You’re in the mood to do things such as competitive Where Golf Always in confide Season in anysports, or perhaps a night on the town. You areisbest not to one right now. Don’t push your opinions on others this week. LIBRA (Sept 24-Oct 23) You must be sure not to be frivolous, because as the saying goes, easy come, easy go. Family responsibilities are escalating. Your nerves are frazzled. Travel for business or pleasure. SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22) You can get ahead if you present your ideas to superiors. Be sure that you have all the facts before you take action. You can gain valuable cultural knowledge through dealing with foreigners. Try to curb your habits, or you could find yourself in an awkward financial position. Horoscopes courtesy of astrologer Michael Thiessen. For daily horoscopes go to

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Christmas is Coming Shorten your holiday list

gift cards • clothing • accessories for the hard to buy golfer

Campbell Creek

.*/*4503"(& 8&4503&:063$-655&3 40:06%0/¾5)"7&50 First Month Free • Low Monthly Rates • Video Monitoring

7 seymour street w • 250-372-7323

4/20/11 4:55:41 PM

We’ve moved 600 - 235 1st Ave

Central offices available that include central reception, individual furnished offices, kitchen, etc.

For more information call Karen 250-372-3053 or visit our website

Christmas is Coming LEGENDS INDOOR GOLF Where Golf is Always in Season

Shorten your holiday list Gift Cards, Clothing & Accessories for the hard to buy golfer

Located in Lansdowne Village near •Coopers Foods Automatic Sensor Lighting • 24-Hour Security 7am to 7pm Access 250-377-GOLF (4653) • 74 Units Total • Spotless Storage Units • All Paved Access

Located in Lansdowne Village near Coopers Foods 250-377-GOLF (4653) • Â…%BMMBT%S 0GGUIF-BGBSHF3PBE&YJU

Hours: Mon, Wed, Thurs 9-8, Tues 8-8, Fri-Sat 10-10, Sun 10-6 RES 1.8 June 8, 2011.indd 1

Hours: Mon, Wed, Thurs 9-8, Tues 8-8, Fri-Sat 10-10, Sun 10-6

12 n December 8, 2011



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Downtown Echo, December 8, 2011  
Downtown Echo, December 8, 2011  

News for Kamloops Downtown Front- Kamloops Honhour Choir has a Technicolor Christmas Business- Legends Indoor Golf